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Letters to Purvi Pt. V
by Lalitha Mehta

The correspondence is between me and a lonely housewife in Calcutta, who has since become a very close friend.

* * * * *

Darling Purvi,

I hope you enjoyed my last letter (a really long one, wasn’t it!). I am dying to know how you liked it. Did it excite you? Did your nipples grow into stiff little points and your cunt become wet and squishy? Did you finger yourself and stick a couple of fingers into your hole? Or was Uday with you and did he fuck you like crazy when you had both finished? I really hope so!!

I have a positively sexy new experience to tell you about. Don’t worry, I have plenty of normal good sex almost every week, but I really like to tell you about the unusual sex encounters I am having or have had because just telling you makes me re-live the experiences all over again and that is really yummy.

Anyway, remember the time I slept with Sunil for a night and told Rajesh about it and then he wanted me to go in for a threesome? Well, Rajesh stopped talking about it because he suddenly found that it was just about all he could mange keeping both Mona’s and my hole well filled. Incidentally, Mona has moved into a large hostel; in the city, but Rajesh is her ‘local guardian’ and therefore she can join us without any problem whenever we like. She’s also gone out with a couple of guys from her college for a few films, etc. We’re waiting to see which one she’s going to finally let between her legs!! If he turns out to be broad minded perhaps we can have some combined sessions later.

Anyway, let me tell you about this fun time I had recently. It happened while I was on my annual marketing trip to Europe. Now, though I have been going there for five years now, I have never had any sex while there, mainly because I always thought of being faithful to Rajesh. Two things made me change my mind. Firstly, Rajesh hadn’t minded in the least about Sunil (very unusual for a man) and secondly, I was sharing him anyway with Mona, whom he had fucked first!! Also, I hadn’t been able to get the idea of a threesome out of my head.

Well, while I was in Germany this trip, I got to satisfy my curiosity --- and how!!

I was having dinner with Franz one night, at one of the fanciest restaurants in Bonn. Franz is the owner of the company who buys my products in Germany and we always have dinner together at least a couple of times on each of my visits. Nothing serious, just business entertainment.

Let me tell you about Franz. He’s blonde and handsome -- those lovely Aryan looks --- Very fair, tall, muscular. Blue eyes, beautiful manners, etc. He’d been married for about five years to this lovely blonde model but they had just gotten a divorce about a year earlier. While earlier I had had dinner with the both of them, now of course there was just the two of us.

I had dressed up of course. Some gold, a blouse that was low-cut by Indian standards (though not really daring by Western standards) and a beautiful Kanjivaram that looked quite exotic and striking in that restaurant. I like to dress in saris when abroad as you tend to stand out. Also, to really carry off Western clothes well, you need to have their kind of figure, which I certainly don’t.

Well, there we were, chatting like any two old friends about a variety of things. And then I noticed something unusual -- Franz kept stealing a quick glance at my cleavage whenever he thought I wasn’t looking. And then I understood --- since his wife had moved out, poor Franz had obviously not been getting all the sex he needed. Poor chap!!

Well, maybe it was the wine, or the atmosphere, but we fell to discussing even more intimate topics. Like he told me about his wife and how glorious she was in bed (they had basically separated because of a loss of interest in the marriage). In fact, they still went out together occasionally (and probably fucked, too). Then, remarking about a woman at a nearby table who was having a quiet dinner with two handsome men, we got to talking about sexual adventures. And Franz, after a while actually admitted that he and Helga (his ex-wife) had been quite adventurous in this area. In fact, they had even tried out a threesome with an old school buddy of his.

I could feel Franz’s eyes moving over me as he talked about the experience. And I could also feel a warmth that was growing between my thighs, centered deep within my belly -- an actual craving for a stiff cock!! I paused for a moment and thought as clearly as I could about what I was about to do -- then threw caution to the winds. Suddenly I realized that I had wanted Franz for a long time now, and all I really needed was to have him over me, his chest grinding down against my nipples, his muscular crotch pounding into mine, my legs wrapped about his tight ass while his dick rammed into my soppy cunt.

The sudden sexual image of the two of us together was so real that I think I went a little red with the excitement. Franz leaned forward, concerned and asked me if I was all right. Taking a deep breath, I looked up deep into his eyes and told how the thought of having two lovers at the same time was really turning me on.

Franz hesitated and then, like the gentleman he is, asked whether the wine was getting to me and would I like to go back to the hotel. I simply smiled and placed a hand on his muscular thigh. Franz looked at me for a long moment and then asked the waiter for a telephone and the bill, in that order. Then I watched as he called up someone with whom he had a short conversation in German, his eyes on me all the while, smiling.

We must have gotten to his house in about ten minutes. All the time he was the perfect host, never touching me until we were just outside his front door, when I felt the hand he had on my back drop to my behind, where he held a buttock.

The door was opened by a dark-haired man. While we were still in the doorway, Franz introduced me to Otto, his school friend whom he had spoken of earlier. It was Otto whom he had telephoned while we were in the restaurant and now Otto had come over. I admired Otto while we were going in, letting my eyes sweep over the muscular chest that was exposed by the dressing gown that he wore.

As the door closed behind me, I was rapidly swept into an embrace by Otto. His lips pressed gently to mine and his warm tongue was inside my mouth almost immediately. His large strong hands then covered my ass, pressing my crotch against his body, where I could feel a really large lump. Moaning into his mouth, I held his hips and rubbed my groin into his. Meanwhile, Franz was equally busy, cupping my breasts from behind and tweaking the nipples through my blouse till I was almost mad with desire.

I quickly determined that Otto was the more romantic of the two, while Franz, with his fast hands, was more interested in quick satisfaction. That was fine with me, because the appeal of a threesome is the variety. Otto picked me up and lowered me gently onto the bed, kissing me again on the lips while Franz went back to work with his hands under my sari. I was being happily approached on two fronts by tongues and fingers, a nice prelude of what was yet to come. Since Franz and Otto had worked as a team before, they were able to put their expertise to work right away.

While I lay in bed and received twice the attention that any woman could hope for, the men came at me from both sides. I was expertly undressed by two expert cocksmen who knew exactly what they were doing and then I watched in hot anticipation as they stripped off their own clothing. Purvi darling you should have seen their cocks!! I almost came from the anticipation. Franz was the first to reveal his, a lovely long spike that stuck a good nine inches out from his crotch, with a circumcised round head that was dark with his excitement. And Otto!! Darling I have honestly never seen anything the size of the tool that came rearing out as he shed his dressing gown. Easily over ten inches and almost as thick as my wrist!! I must tell you that my first coherent thought as I stared at that enormous fuckstick was whether my poor cunt would ever take it all!!! I even wondered how he ever got that into any woman! But I couldn’t think about this for too long as the two men, their hard pricks standing straight out from their bodies, moved onto the bed and reached for me. Then there were hot mouths on my neck which moved to my naked breasts and the hard nipples which needed to be sucked. It was a totally new experience to have both tits sucked at once and I reveled in it while grabbing myself two handfuls of stiff cockmeat!

Worried about Otto’s monster dick, I decided to use my mouth on him and only later worry about getting it into my cunt. I therefore pulled at this cock till he moved up, understanding what I wanted, finally moving into position next to me, his crotch on a level with my mouth. I smiled up at him as I slid back his heavy foreskin so I could tongue the slippery head. I worked him a while until Franz’s insistent hip thrusting told me it was his turn. So I sucked him for a bit, while running my hand up and down Otto’s tremendous hardness. Meanwhile Franz fingered my honeypot and finally, it was me who was eagerly thrusting my ass.

Once again the guys went into their practiced moves as Franz rolled over onto his back and pulled me on top of him. I straddled his chest briefly before sliding backwards and drawing his hardness inside me. I gasped out aloud as his thin and long dick speared deep into me.

That left my tits swinging free for him to play with, along with Otto who was now standing over me with his cock right at mouth level. I smiled up at him as I took his meat in hand and guided it right between my hungry lips.

The sensation was incredible and every bit as exciting as I had anticipated. Cocks had replaced those tongues and fingers, and I was blissfully getting stuffed from both ends. I sucked greedily on Otto’s fat dick, struggling to get the bulk of it down my throat while Franz pumped away between my legs with his hard nine inches. All the while, my sensitive tits were being pleasured and titillated by Otto’s skilled fingers. My whole body started to glow and with the first rush of excitement I could tell the men were reacting too.

Franz’s thrusting grew more intense, as did his loud, lusty moans and the way he grabbed my ass and held tight while he angled up with his trusty poker, I knew he wasn’t far from the moment of truth. By now, Otto had my head in his hands while he thrust his cock as deep as it could go into my mouth. I had my hands in his crotch in order to make sure he didn’t choke me, but my throat was filled with hot cock while I sucked to get his load. His big balls were swinging in their hairy bag right in front of my eyes and I knew once I tasted his spunk or felt Franz’s juices spilling into me I’d climax too.

Suddenly Otto threw his head back and groaned a deep, shuddering growl. I had to use all my strength to keep him from forcing even more of his fuckstick into my throat (I definitely had all I could handle). Then deep in my mouth, I felt the thick head begin to spew cock cream. As I swallowed desperately, trying to keep from choking, I suddenly came and I felt my pussy throb and clamp around Franz’s thrusting cock. And then, with a hoarse cry, Franz thrust upwards really hard, going deeper than ever as he came, spurting deep into my body.

This was what threeways was all about, I thought as I felt my cock-filled body hungrily receive two big loads. I felt that I would explode, both from the amount of dick inside me and from the impact of my orgasm. I wanted to scream with pleasure, but I wasn’t about to take my lips from Otto’s sperm-spewing meat. I swallowed hungrily as my cunt was filled with Franz’s gusher and not until we were all spent did I finally release either of the two delicious dicks.

The three of us sprawled in a moaning heap on the large bed, all our limbs entwined. It was a while before we were able to wearily sort ourselves out. I visited the bathroom to repair my make-up and blot up the excess sperm which was on my chin and running down my thighs. When I got back, both the guys were lounging easily with glasses of wine and cigarettes. I got into bed facing them, and accepted the glass of chilled wine that Franz had ready for me.

Looking at Otto’s cock as it lay on one thigh (even deflated it looked formidable), I ran my fingers though his thick bush and asked him if he didn’t consider his cock to be enormous. Blushing, he grinned and said that most women got really frightened by the size. In fact, he found it hard to get them into bed because his reputation had now got around. In fact the best he could normally expect was hand jobs as most of the girls were too scared even to suck him off.

Helga had been quite fascinated, Franz told me. Actually, the prime reason for her agreeing to a threesome with Otto was her curiosity about his dick -- which was of course, finally satisfied. Franz beamed proudly as Otto described how Helga, challenged by the donkey dick that confronted her, worked hard at it and finally managed to get it into her pussy.

All this talking about sex was getting us rather horny once again. Franz, who was lying propped on an elbow beside me, reached out and ran a thumb over my nipples, making them twitch, remarking meanwhile that he was so glad I had such delightfully large breasts - so many Western women, especially Americans had such tiny breasts. As his fingers twiddled and stroked my nipples, I felt them contract and harden and grow into stiff little points. Breathing a little hoarsely now, lost in the sensation, I looked down to see Franz bend forward till he was able to place his lips around one nipple. As he sucked, his delightful tongue flicking the end again and again, I put my arms around his head and held him close as he moved to the other breast.

I could feel a throbbing again in my cunt as I watched his lips pull and suck at my tits. As I felt the familiar beginnings of a sexual glow begin to move into my senses, I mentally decided that I would concentrate on Otto’s flagpole dick. After all, if Helga could do it, so could I!!

Otto was smiling as he leaned back, relaxed, watching Franz tongue my breasts. He was stretched out on the bed, his head and shoulders against the headboard, his hands clasped behind his neck. His cock was stirring like a rousing snake, moving off his thigh as it began to thicken with dark blood. I grasped the waiting prick, stroking it, pulling back the foreskin. Inch by inch it swelled and became longer and thicker. My fascinated eyes were on his massive cock, watching it stiffen and stiffen. His cock rose in big throbs until it was fiercely erect. I reached out and fondled his delicious hard-on and looked up at Otto. "Mmmmmm!" I smacked my lips and murmured; " It’s dick-licking good.".

Franz’s mouth felt real good on my tits, but Otto’s twitching cock held an even more urgent fascination. I gently removed Franz’s head from my bosom, and while he stretched out at my side, I leaned forward and ran the tip of my tongue over the incredible hot skin of Otto’s cock. Under my tongue, I could feel all the throbbing muscles and the bulges where veins stood out proudly. I sucked a little bit at the thick head, while I ran my hands up and down the huge length of his cock, trying to memorize the contours (and even after all this time I can still remember the feel of him in my hand --- mmmmm).

But I knew that the longer I played with Otto’s cock, the less likely I was going to be able to find the courage for the final step. So as the men watched, holding their breath by now, I prepared to fuck Otto.

Still gripping the turgid organ, I carefully climbed over him on the bed, my legs spread wide. I then lowered my cunt cautiously over the cap of his cock. With determined grinds of my hips, I slid down on its length. Otto writhed with anxiety. Astride him, whispering endearments, I pushed down gently, breathing heavily and grunting as his cock filled me.

When half of the prick was fully inside me, about six inches of it, I paused. I gasped for breath., then leaned over Otto once more. Again my buttocks lowered slowly as I took more into my cunt. More and more of Otto’s prick was swallowed up into my belly. Three-fourths of his cock was now inside me, only the fat stump of it showing outside. I wondered how I could stand it.

With a sudden cry, I ended it in a fast motion ramming my pelvis all the way down on Otto’s, taking the full length of his cock.

"Uh-uh-uh-uuuuuhhhhh!" I grunted. I was stuffed, as completely as I had ever been filed in my life. Panting, I looked down to the junction between our bodies, where my poor cunt lips were stretched tight around the immense girth of that monster dick. Somehow my pussy had managed to stretch enough to take it all.

"Wow," said Franz, who was watching closely, stroking his own cock meanwhile. I would have loved to suck him off at the same time, but I felt I would need all my resources for the coming fuck. Muttering something in German, he added "Even Helga needed to use some cream to get it all the way in. You’re really a hot one Lali!"

I could only moan in reply. Gosh, that cock felt so good!! Impossible huge, but good!! "Fuck me," Otto whispered. Panting now, I rotated my hips on top of him grinding my clitoris into his hard pelvis, letting my wet hole loosen around his tool and adjust to the sheer size of it. Then I began to fuck him.

Flexing my legs as I squatted over him, I raised and lowered my cunt on his cock. All three of us watched as the throbbing, glistening hardness emerged and disappeared, in and out, in and out. The pink inner pussy flesh of my cunt clutched at the red hardness of his prick as it slipped out each time.

I was gasping at the incredible sensations that rose from my crotch as I raised and lowered my bottom. I tossed my head from side to side, moaning louder now as a lovely big orgasm built deep within me.

Otto was groaning out aloud, shaking his head from side to side as I raised and lowered my hot juicy cunt over his cock. And every time I would slow slightly he would beg for more.

Suddenly Otto cried out "Your hot hole is really sucking on my prick, darling! Faster! I’m about to cum! Help yourself Lali. Rub your clit -- I want you to come with me!!" He was panting hard now, both his hands on my bottom, helping me to ride his cock.

Swirling my fingers in some of the wet fuck juices, I obediently rubbed it over my rigid clit. It felt so good!! Inflamed, my cunt swallowed my lover’s cock faster and faster. I churned and ground my leaking cunt against Otto.

Otto was thrusting up into me with all his might now. I could feel his long shaft bury itself even higher in my belly.

"Ooooh, give it to me harder," I moaned throatily, feeling my long hair lash around my face as I hunched up and down over Otto, almost crazy with need.

And then Otto cried out. "Ride it, Lali!! Fuck my cock!!" His hands slid out from under my ass and he held me down over his prick. At the same time, he stiffened. Hot gushes of sperm began to squirt deep inside me. Otto went wild, moaning and thrusting and twisting within me.

I screamed. A spine-tingling, pulse-pounding climatic orgasmic release tore through me. I screamed again and again with pleasure as my cunt clutched and grasped and clutched again at Otto’s spitting cock as I squatted over him. It was definitely a long, luscious orgasm.

I collapsed on Ottto’s chest, my hair falling all over his face. Both of us were panting hoarsely from the force of our cums. Deep within my cunt I could feel Otto’s prick softening slowly. Finally, as I rolled off him to lie panting at his side, his wet dick slid out of my wet cunt with a soft ‘plop’.

"That was really something!!" Franz said. We looked up to see him standing there beside the bed, holding out two chilled glasses of wine. Accepting them gratefully (It’s incredible how thirsty a good fuck can make you), we sat up a little and drank, watching Franz who was busy putting a cassette in the VCR.

He explained that it was one of his favourite porno films and asked if we could just lie there and watch it while he went out to get some more wine and some snacks. I didn’t look at Otto, but I was definitely too pooped to do anything but just recover from that tremendous poking I had just received.

The film was interesting, with a nice storyline , a sort of detective film --- only with lots of fucking and sucking!! I watched for a while, then realising that I was considerably sticky in various places all over my body, I decided to have a bath. Otto seemed to be completely immersed in the film.

I had a lovely hot shower and washed my hair (one of the problems about having long hair open at a time like this is that quite often gobs of cum get stuck in it!). Franz had some lovely shampoo and an excellent hair dryer which I was able to use to great advantage. Fully made up and feeling very sexy once again, though a little tired now, I went back to the bedroom.

And there I found Otto, absorbed in the film, where a lovely blonde was being given and expert screwing by a muscular gray-haired man, who had her bent back over an office table while he shoved his rather large tool in and out of her hole. She was emitting a continuous series of throaty sexy moans and pants, which obviously had Otto excited (even after all the fucking we had just done!). He was lying back, stroking his stiffening cock as he watched. Franz, it appeared, had not returned.

Eyeing his somewhat soft pole, I suddenly wanted to take it in my mouth again and give it a good long suck, getting it nice and hard again and having him shoot off in my mouth. And so, that is exactly what I did.

Bending over the end of the bed, I began to press wet kisses on his cock and the hairy balls below. Otto immediately stopped stroking his cock and concentrated on the film meanwhile. I was surprised to find that the fuck juices on his dick, though dry, did not taste unpleasant at all --- quite yummy actually!! I quickly settled down to do some serious sucking.

I first rolled the hard shaft between the palms of my hands, feeling the distended veins pulse with hot blood. The thick, mouth-choking crown pointed straight up. Rolling his heavy balls in my fingers, I bent and put a quick kiss on the tip of his cock-head. Then I opened my mouth as wide as I could and started slurping. I could feel the size of him stretching my cheeks. Relaxing the muscles of my throat, I tried to swallow down even more.

As I bobbed up and down the length of his shaft, I kept bringing my face close to his flat belly and then dancing away. My fingers dug hard into the muscles of his hips and I bent lower to bring as much more as I could manage into my mouth. I wanted to swallow the whole rod if it was humanly possible!

My hands were also busy. Gently stroking that massive dick, up and down and up and down, caressing his hard meat with my hands. Raising my head, I let that large cockhead slip out for a moment, while I kept fondling him. I used slow strokes, feeling the length of his long shaft between my hands. Every time I reached the sensitive glans, I added a little extra pressure, squeezing the purple knob between my fingers. Again and again I stroked him, my hands gliding over his prick. Seeing that massive rod dwarfing my fingers had me reeling with pleasure and it wasn’t long before my vagina was soaking wet and aching to be touched.

After a time, I took the base of his cock in one hand and his balls in the other, Gently kneading his balls, I simultaneously stroked his meat. About this time, Otto began to really moan and squirm, begging me to take him back into my mouth. Well, I love to have a hard prick pulsating in my mouth. I flicked my tongue into his cock slit to taste all the liquid which was oozing out, and Otto reared up, holding my head all the while so that he could sink his hard rod back into my mouth. I held him only a little inside my lips so that I could move my tongue in long circles around the ridge on the underside of his prick.. Then as Otto moaned even more throatily, I lowered my mouth slowly to engulf almost the whole of that monster tool, letting it slip up into the depths of my throat muscles. Ahhhh, the pleasures of deep throat!!!

At that very moment, I felt a movement behind me. Before I could turn, My hips ere held by a pair of hands and I suddenly felt the familiar pressure of a bloated cock-head pressing at the wet lips to my vagina. Moaning (somewhat muffled, because my mouth was stuffed with Otto’s cock) deep in my throat, I pushed backward as Franz shoved forward, sending his lovely prick deep into me.

Franz then paused a moment and then drew his tool almost out of my slit before sending it back in again, the flared tip of his cock pushing deep into my wet and willing cunt flesh. His hands were on my breasts, cupping them and stroking my nipples as they swung in rhythm with our fucking. He squeezed them repeatedly, even as he kissed my back and neck, letting his tongue flick over my skin. Gosh, he was really good!!

Franz moaned, a hungry hot sound as his hips bucked up against my buttocks. His cock was so thick, so hard. The sensation of being plugged at both ends was tremendous. I felt so fucked, so ravished, and so complete!! Otto pumping into my mouth and Franz humping away behind me, fucking my wet and willing pussy!!

The room echoed with the soft sounds of sex and our increasingly frenzied moans. The three of us were building up and up, going to yet another explosive cum. And then Franz came. Already excited from watching us fuck earlier, he couldn’t hold off any more. He fell forward on my back suddenly and groaned deep in his throat. Hot gobs of cum began to spit of his suddenly swelling rod, gushing from the edges of my pussy and running down my thighs. And as I threw my hips around, I came... a whole lot!! Several orgasms, a multiple cum that hit me in wave after wave!!

Suddenly, I felt a soft thump in Otto’s heavy balls, which quivered in my stroking fingers. Otto went rigid underneath my face and then exploded. He sure had plenty of spunk left!! I had to keep swallowing so that none of his tasty cum would be wasted. Most of his sperm hit the back of my throat and splashed straight into my belly, but I managed to save enough to roll around on my tongue. Otto cried out as he quivered again and again with the waves of cum as he kept pumping more and more yummy sperm into my mouth.

Finally, Otto gave a long shuddering sigh and let his rapidly softening dick slide out of my mouth. At the same time I felt Franz’s now limp tool slide out of the well-fucked lips of my cunt as I turned and collapsed on my side on the bed. Franz sank down to the carpet, and all three of us just lay there for a while, panting hard, totally satiated for the moment.

Well, that was just about all we could do for that night. All three of us were completely fucked out -- I can tell you that I was quite proud though, looking at those lovely limp dicks. After all, how many women could have held their own against two such expert cocksmen? And since we all had an early morning start, we simply got dressed (Otto and I, that is) and left, too pooped to do anything more than just kiss each other as we left. I was to leave the next morning for an extensive tour, but I promised Franz that I would be back in a month at the end of my trip, and this time I wanted more. Of course, I’d plan to stay a few days.

Both my lovers kissed me very affectionately and swore they would make plenty of time for me on my return. As Otto said, cupping my buttock in one large hand --- "I want another helping of that!!"

I’m going to stop here now as I would like to finger myself for a while (all this fuck talk has got me most excited!). Also I would like to get this letter off to you at the earliest. But don’t worry, I start writing a new letter tomorrow, where I will tell you all the rest of what happened in Germany when I got back.

Write very, very soon!! Give Uday’s cock a special suck from me!

Lots of wet kisses,


* * * * *

To Be Continued...


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