The Best Erotic Stories.

Letters to Purvi Pt. VI
by Lalitha Mehta

The correspondence is between me and a lonely housewife in Calcutta, who has
since become a very close friend.

* * * * *

Darling Purvi,

Had fun reading my last letter? I hope you liked it! Incidentally, I hope Uday has been giving you plenty of cock and all the ramming you can handle. Important to keep your cunt well oiled and satisfied, isn’t it darling?? Anyway, settle down comfortably and put a couple of fingers in your slit. I have written all the details of the rest of my stay in Germany below and I think you will find it really exciting!!!

As you will remember, I spent almost a month out in various parts of Europe. Good business, but no sex. So you can imagine how horny I was when I returned!! I rang Franz from the airport and he suggested I go straight to his apartment where I could leave my bags and then come to his office by the evening. And that’s exactly what I did.

I suspect Franz was as horny as I was, because when I landed up at his office, he simply didn’t waste a moment. And I was looking rather sexy -- fresh flowers in my hair, a deep blue silk chiffon that showed off my complexion. And my exciting bosom held in a slightly tight silk sleeveless blouse.

Franz quickly locked his door after instructing his secretary to shut down and leave. Then he swept me into his arms and we kissed deeply, our tongues intertwining. And before I knew what was happening, he had me bent back over his desk, his hand first on my breasts and then on my legs, grasping my sari and pushing it up around my waist. I helped, of course, and soon found myself on my back on the leather top of his large desk, my sari and petticoat in soft silk folds around my waist. My high-heeled feet were at the two corners of the desk, my thighs wide apart and my lovely silk panties (really sexy and almost transparent) hanging from the toe of one foot. My wet and throbbing cunt was open to Franz’s feverish gaze.

He touched the clean upward sweep of my breasts, then ran his hands down to my weaving hips. His mouth came down, lips nibbling, tongue licking, first on each of my nipples, then down over my writhing belly, and finally his tongue lapped into the slit of my cunt.

His expert cunt eating left me whimpering.

When Franz had me mewing like a pussycat for direct action, he raised his curly head. He slid one of his hands under my left thigh, lifting my left leg high. He got one shoulder under the crook of my knee, forcing my left foot to stick almost straight up in the air. My other leg remained stretched on the desk as my cunt formed a widespread crescent.

I felt his throbbing prick as he slowly guided into me. I was in such an arched position, my pussy open like a door, that I could not have squirmed free. Not that I wanted to be free!! I bit my lower lip, waiting for that first awful plunge. And then he was sinking himself into my vagina, going gloriously deep. His hips began to work ceaselessly. I flung my legs apart and placed my heels as far apart as possible. Franz plunged deep in between my trembling thighs, nailing my rocking buttocks to the table.

"OOOhh!" I groaned." Drive, drive, drive!!"

This was real fucking. Franz was like a beast between my thighs. His staying power was wonderful. His prick seemed to slide in and out of my vagina forever. My long legs were up over his backside. My sharp fingernails clawed into his bare back and my raised high heels kicked and kicked his humping loins until all of his restraint burst.

His cock blew like an erupting volcano. My belly was flooded with the hot spewing of his cum. And a lovely orgasm hit me, waves of sensation sweeping across me, as I convulsed on the desk, my hips arching high up, my head twisting back and up with the sudden rush of feeling.

Franz and I remained locked for a short while, me stretched out on his desk, my legs still on either side of him and Franz strangely still in shirt and tie (his trousers were around his ankles), collapsed on me, his panting and flushed face buried in my soft tit flesh. Within me, I could feel his prick softening, though it still felt good in my cunt.

At last, with a sigh, Franz stood up and moved away, his cock dropping softly out of my hole. I dropped my legs and moved off the desk, holding up my sari as I did so. Franz uttered an exclamation and I turned to see him trying to blot up a large quantity of fuck fluid that had dribbled out of my crotch and onto his tooled leather desktop. I giggled and told him that he would probably be left with a stain -- one with very interesting memories!!

I then went into the attached bathroom to repair my make-up and have a quick wash. And of course, to re-drape my sari, which was in a total shambles. By the time I emerged, Franz had tidied up himself and his desk, picking up all the papers and pens that had been thrown to the floor during our fuck.

We sat there for a while and Franz produced some rather well chilled white wine, which tasted very sophisticated. I was feeling really comfortable... nice surroundings, an attentive and sexy lover and a well-fucked pussy... what more could a woman ask for!

That was when Franz dropped his bombshell. First explaining that Otto was out of the city and not due back till late the next afternoon, Franz went on to say that I had another invitation.... from Helga (his ex-wife) As they still shared a very intimate relationship even though the marriage had been dissolved, they had actually been in bed together -- in fact, Helga had just settled his cock into her when he started telling her all about our sexy encounter, mainly because he wanted her to know that there was another woman who had been able to take Otto’s monster dick.

Now Helga had invited me over for the night. Franz said that it might be interesting, especially as she knew all the interesting people in this town (being one of the hot models on the circuit). It didn’t take me long to decide. After all, I’d met Helga before --- she was an exceptionally beautiful and really nice girl and an evening with her could only be fun!

So I took Franz’s car back to his apartment, where I bathed and changed into a more formal Kanjeevaram. And as darkness fell over Berlin, I was outside Helga’s front door ringing the bell.

Helga opened the door herself. As always, her sheer beauty left me speechless. Natural platinum blonde, curved rounded body, with a tight ass and dynamite legs. She was very nice and welcomed me with a warm hug and a soft kiss on my lips. She led me into the living room, where she had a small fire going and we settled down and chatted for a while -- catching up on old news, about old friends, etc. Helga was elegantly dressed in a clinging sort of gown with an edging of fake fur. As the cloth was very sheer and sort of molded her figure, it really made her look good. And in keeping with the latest fashion, she had obviously not worn a bra -- her nipples were clearly outlined through the cloth and I found I could barely keep my eyes off them.

After about an hour sipping white wine and chatting, Helga suggested we have dinner. It was a very lovely meal, simple and yummy. After we finished, we relaxed back in the living room, leaving the dishes for the maid to do in the morning.

We’d been chatting about a variety of things and Helga had been telling me about the new line of clothes that were coming out and the latest fashions, etc. Talk also moved to mutual friends and in some connection, Helga mentioned Otto. At which point I said that I had met him.

"Oh, I know," said Helga, smiling. "I believe you are one of the rare women who have actually managed to take all of Otto’s meat into you!"

I gasped, blushing at her blunt frankness. Then, not wanting to look like an unsophisticated newcomer, I simply smiled and said "Well, I managed. I think Indian women’s pussies are built to take larger tools, so size is not a major problem with us!"

And then Helga astounded me by leaning forward and placing a gentle hand on my knee "May I see?" she asked, looking deep into my eyes.

I could only stammer in reply, totally confused.

"I want to fuck you very badly," she continued, softly, "you must know that I am very attracted to you..."

And then she astounded me by leaning forward and gently pressing her lips to mine, looking into my eyes all the while. For a moment, I was too taken by surprise to react, then I felt my lips begin to kiss back, even as the tip of her tongue ventured delicately into my mouth.

And all of a sudden, I realized that I was having the second really lesbian experience of my life! I moaned deep in my throat and I could feel my cunt going all squishy as I put my arms up and around her neck, pulling her to me. Encouraged, Helga now kissed me harder, her soft lips moving over mine, our tongues intertwining. And then I felt her hands on my breasts, though the blouse and bra, her fingers gently touching, pressing, and cupping till my nipples erected to hard little points. Her touch was so unlike her ex-husbands’ -- much softer, yet not too gentle, very exciting.

I threw any restraint I had to the winds. All of a sudden, all I knew was that I wanted to have sex with this sexy blonde German model. I reached up and rapidly unbuttoned my choli, shrugging it off my shoulders as I also reached behind and undid my bra. My breasts stood out, each nipple erect and rosy, as I ran a finger over the sensitive tips, smiling at Helga. you think you’d.... to touch them?" I breathed throatily.

In answer to my urgent question, Helga reached out and lightly cupped my breast. Almost involuntarily, my hips began to move. I slipped a hand into the open front of Helga’s gown and moved the thin silk, so that her lovely breasts came into view. I reached out with both hands now and cupped her boobs.

I was jolted by the sensuous smoothness of her skin. I had felt my own breasts before, but it was nothing like feeling the firm, pliant globe I was fondling now. Slowly, not wanting to rush through the pleasure I was getting from feeling Helga’s breast, I ran my forefinger over the big nipple.

"Ohhhh, that feels so good," Helga whispered slowly. She arched her back, causing her breast to mash against my hand, sending a deep thrill through me.

While I moved my hand slowly on her breast, kneading it and pinching the nipple between thumb and forefinger, Helga slid her left hand over my stomach to my waist, where she found the knot of my sari. Pulling it free, she then ran her hand over my back and shoulders. A shiver of cold and pleasure ran through me as I felt the air on my naked breasts. I quickly grabbed Helga’s other tit now and started massaging it and teasing the nipple.

Meanwhile, Helga quickly slipped the thin material of her gown of her shoulders. As soon as she had pulled the material off, my eyes fastened on her melon-shaped breasts. I loved everything about them -- their size, their shape, their incredible sexiness. And then I realised that all I really wanted to do was suck on one of those beautiful tits. But if I did, Helga might let go of mine, and I didn’t want that to happen. I loved the feeling of her soft hand on my skin and it was rapidly making me hungry for that hand on my drenched pussy.

Helga seemed content for the moment to simply feel my tits. She reached her left hand around my body and grabbed the other tit with her right hand. She marveled at their weight as she lifted and squeezed them together, forcing tiny moans of pleasure from my throat. I watched as her pink tongue slipped out and licked at her full lips, and I knew that all she could think of was getting her mouth on one of those rosy nipples right now!

Gently, Helga pushed me back on the couch so that my head was lying on top of it.

"What...... are you going to do?" I whispered.

"I’m going to suck on your big brown nipples."

"Helga, I don’t know.......ohhh......Helga wait!"

But she didn’t. She quickly lowered her head and circled her lips around one of my nipples and sucked it into her mouth.

"ohhhhhhhhh yes! Helga, I--"

"You love it, right?"

"I......... ohhhhhhhhh........"

"Tell me you love it," Helga insisted. She again drew a nipple into her mouth and watched the lust growing on my face.

"I...........I.............. like your mouth on my breast."

"Doing what?"

"Licking ...... sucking it ........... ohhhhhhhh, bite it, please!!"

Helga smiled as she gently nipped on the erect nipple in her mouth. She began to feel my other tit also, making the nipple on it stand upright too.

All that mattered to me was the tongue circling my breast and teasing my nipple until it was swollen and tender. I didn’t think of Helga as another girl at the moment-- she was someone, anyone, with a tongue that was driving me wild. And I wanted that tongue between my legs, where I was really getting hot.

"Do....... you want to undress me?" I offered. I knew there wasn’t much I had left on. The sari was already down so far on my hips that my pubic hair was showing.

"I’ll help you if you help me," Helga whispered. She slowly slid the sari down my legs, staring at my thick bush of cunt hair as she did, and running her tongue wetly down the soft, tender insides of my thighs.


"Does that feel good?"


"Spread your legs for me, darling."

I looked up at Helga, then sat up on the couch." First I want you to be as naked as I am."

I stood up with her and as Helga ran her hands up and down her body, I undid the clasp of her gown and let it drop to the floor. I then hooked my fingers in the elastic band of Helga’s silk panties and slid them slowly down her legs.

"Do you like what you see?" Helga asked, her voice husky. I could barely answer; looking with a mouth that was suddenly dry with desire at the fine blonde bush at her crotch. She had shaved the parts near the thighs, shaping it so that she could wear bikinis, but the hair around her slit was full and bushy.

I stood again, still looking at the hair between the other girl’s legs. "It looks..... good."

Helga reached for me and drew me down to the couch with her. She began to feel the smooth flesh of my hot thighs, which I eagerly parted for her probing hand. At the same time, I was feeling Helga’s bare thighs, and both of us managed to work our way up to the other’s pussy at just about the same time. We both jumped as our fingers slid into hot cunt flesh that was so familiar, yet so strange to both of us.

"Let me...... oh please, I want to kiss you!" I pleaded.

Helga eagerly touched her mouth lightly to mine. Both of us moaned at the second tender contact of our lips. Helga slid her tongue out and ran it sensuously over my lips, licking lightly at my upper lip and nose. I responded by letting my own tongue join Helga’s, and both of us were soon jabbing and licking at each other as we increased the tempo of our fingering. Finally, Helga could no longer take the teasing, nerve-wracking play between our tongues. She needed a deeper, stronger fulfillment. With a small cry that showed her wildly mounting passion, she crushed her mouth down on mine as we fell full length on the couch.

I could sense Helga’s urgency and she too, felt the need for immediate fulfillment. As Helga’s tongue probed deep in my mouth, I licked the underside of it, nipped it with my teeth, sucked on it until I tasted a little of the other girl’s saliva as it drooled into my mouth. I crushed my mouth harder into Helga’s, trying to drink more of the sweet liquid as I opened my mouth as wide as I could to let Helga’s tongue lick deep down my throat. At the same time, I pushed another finger into her dripping pussy and began to simulate the pumping of a cock. Helga responded by doing the same thing to me, and we were rocking and writhing against each other as we both raced to a climax.

But I wanted Helga’s love juice in my mouth. I wanted to taste her as her pussy squeezed and contracted around my tongue. And I wanted to cum in her mouth too, to feel her suck the juice out of my own steaming cunt.

Without saying a word, I quickly withdrew both my fingers and my mouth from Helga’s body and reversed myself on the couch. I paused only a second to admire the thick, swollen folds of Helga’s pouting cunt, then I dipped my head between the other girl’s legs and clamped my mouth tightly over the open, wet hole.

I shuddered violently as I felt the second really lesbian contact of my life. I had always thought that oral-genital lovemaking would be the one thing that would prevent me from ever having sex with another girl, because the thought of another girl between my legs was not overly exciting to me most of the time. But as wave after wave of jolting pleasure raced through my body from the licking tongue that was buried deep inside my aching pussy, I quickly changed my mind. All I could think of now was the building explosion in my loins, and the probing, licking, maddening tongue that would soon cause her to erupt. And as I lay there thrusting my cunt against Helga’s face, I felt a strong desire to give her the same pleasure she was receiving. Licking the meaty outer lips, I pulled Helga’s wet pussy to my lips and clamped my mouth tightly over the dripping hole.

We lay there side by side, each girl writhing and twisting her body against the other, trying to feel every inch of smooth skin. I reached down with one hand and began kneading Helga’s breast, rubbing my thumb against the nipple and pulling the tiny bud away from the firm ball it was rooted to. Helga followed my lead, and she was soon squeezing and pinching my breast too. But both of us concentrated on the slippery skin that was in our mouths, as each girl sucked furiously on the other’s throbbing cunt. I delighted in the feel of Helga’s mouth pressed tightly against my love hole, licking and sucking the juices that were flowing from my cunt walls. And I liked the feel of Helga’s warm, soft pussy in my mouth too. It was so exciting!!

"Helga...... are you almost ready? I can’t hold out any longer," I called out from beneath the cunt flesh over my mouth.

"Yesssss!" Helga screamed. "Take it, Take it!" She began to grind her pussy furiously against my mouth, rubbing her swollen clit on my chin as she started to beat out her orgasm.

I sent my tongue as far as I could up Helga’s hot, contracting cunt; I had to grab her ass so I could keep my mouth glued to the wet flesh. At the same time, I could feel my own cunt begin to tingle at the licking of Helga’s tongue over my clit and cunt walls.

"Helga, I’m going to cum....oohhhhhhhh yesssssss! I’m going to cum!" I moaned as I began to thrash my ass around on the couch too. Any further sounds I might have made were stifled by the wet, pungent cunt that was jammed into my mouth again as Helga crushed her crotch into my face so I could finish licking the rest of her juice.

For the next few seconds the only sounds in the room were the two hot, wet bodies slapping against each other, and the sucking sounds that came from mouths working frantically to suck every last drop of pussy juice into them. The couch also began to creak loudly as the we bucked and writhed in our lesbian embrace. Helga dug her finger into my ass, hoping to keep me going; I did the same as I licked the last drops of juice from Helga’s tiring pussy. Finally, both of us stopped moving and our mouths began to relax against our spent cunts.

Helga pulled her head from between my legs and sat up on the couch. I quickly grabbed her arm and pulled her down so that her head rested on my shoulder. We lay there together, panting with the force of our cums and enjoying the warm glow that comes with good sex. Helga sighed and ran a finger over my waist, looking down at my breasts.

"You were as great as I knew you would be, darling," she said softly, smiling up at me. "This couldn’t have been your first time.."

I smiled and told her about the only other time I had had sex with a woman, my old friend from school. "How about you," I asked. "You seem to be an expert!"

Helga grabbed the nipple of my right tit and rolled it between her thumb and forefinger, causing me to jump. "Oh, I’ve done it a few times before.. you know, on fashion shows, with other models... they’re sensitive, aren’t they?" she asked as she gently felt my nipple.

"You know it. How about yours?"

"The same way" Helga slid her hand off my breast and began rubbing my stomach. "Did you like that?"

And I really did. Lying there with Helga’s warm body pressed gently into mine and with her hand titillating my pussy now, I felt ready to have another fuck. This time it wouldn't be quick. It would be slow and deliberate, so that I could enjoy every sensation to the fullest.

"Helga, do you think you’d like to do it again?" I whispered. Helga looked up at me and smiled sleepily. She had obviously gotten so relaxed lying here and feeling me up, that she was reluctant to move.

But I could see lust dawning again in her eyes. "Why don’t we go into my bedroom," she said huskily. "May as well suck in comfort?"

We went along the passage, arms around each other’s waist and feeling the other’s breasts. And then we were in the bedroom, which was a real love nest. Silvery colored walls, a large mirror on the ceiling, soft yellow lighting...

Helga left my side and pulled back the cover. Sitting down, she then patted the sheet next to her and asked me to sit down. As I sat, she than placed a soft hand on my thigh and asked whether I really wanted to do it the same way as before.

"Do you have something else in mind?" I wondered, wishing that she would hurry, because the more I looked at Helga’s flawless body and the light mat of curls leading down to between her thighs, all I wanted was to throw her back on the bed and rub my body all over her.

Helga fixed her eyes on my crotch. Her voice was hesitant as she replied, "Lotte (her nickname for me) darling, I... I want to see all of you. I mean, I want to take my time and see all of your pussy in the light." I felt thrills run up my spine at her use of the sexy word. "I don’t know why," she continued, "but I want to see your cunt as I eat it, so why don’t you let me eat you out first? Then you can do the same to me."

I smiled at Helga’s suggestion. It would certainly be exciting to spread my legs for Franz’s ex-wife. It seemed so bold of Helga to suggest it. It was as if she was going to kneel down and worship me, ready to kneel down and lick my pussy like a dog. I felt a thrill as I thought of it and I wanted to feel the action right now.

I lay back on the bed with my knees folded over the edge. "Do you want to get on the floor, or would you rather get on the bed?" I asked.

"On the bed," Helga replied, running her tongue over her lips. She grabbed my legs and swung me around so that I was lying full length on the bed. In a second, she was between my legs and pushing them up and back. I closed my eyes and concentrated on Helga’s actions. I wanted to enjoy this as much as possible, partly because I wanted another orgasm and partly because I loved Helga’s tongue between my legs.

I soon had it. Helga pushed my legs as far back as they could go, so that my whole crotch was completely visible. For a moment she knelt there, staring at my bush.

"Do you want me to do a good job on this big hairy thing of yours," she asked smiling wickedly up at me.

"You already did a good job," I giggled. " But if you can suck any better, I’d like to find out now."

"Oh, you will, Helga promised. With one hand, she carefully pulled open my cunt lips and revealed the soft pink inner folds. She then began rubbing my little clit with a thumb and forefinger.

"Is that good," she asked huskily.

"Yessss," I moaned, "You know it is..."

"Tell me how much you love it"

I could only moan in reply, reveling the sensation, so unlike the hard rub a man’s hand gives me.

"Do you want me to suck it for you?" she purred.

"Yesssss! Please!!" I panted. " Put your mouth on my clit and suck it, bite it...."

Helga quickly lowered her head and slid her lips around my miniature cock. She licked around it for a few seconds with the tip of her tongue, then began sucking on it. At the same time, she slid her long middle finger into my wet cunt and began to imitate a real cock’s thrusting.

"Ohhhhhhhhh..." I moaned. I began to roll my head on the bed as I felt another climax building. "Suck me... Helga..... please! Put your tongue up my cunt!"

"Like this?" Helga teased as she dipped her head lower into my crotch and I felt her tongue spear deep into my hungry pussy.

I could only moan softly as I felt Helga’s tongue lick at the inside of my cunt. It felt so good to have her down there between my legs. It was so intimate, something I could never share with Rajesh or Franz or any other man. Helga knew just how to move her tongue, how to make the tip of it hard and dig it in the side and then pull it out. She knew when to take her mouth from the streaming hole and lick up my slit to my tiny love bud, gently sucking it between her lips and nipping it gently at it with her teeth, sending waves of passion through my body. She knew exactly when to suck the outer lips of my cunt into her mouth and lick them wetly, covering every inch of them with her spit. She must have one hell of a lot of experience, I thought foggily, as Helga returned to my hungry pussy with her teasing, sucking mouth and fingers. I panted again in excitement, as I felt Helga's tongue slide up my dripping hole, driving me to violent climax that wouldn’t be long in coming if she kept this up.

And Helga did keep it up. As my hips bucked in circles on the bed, she clamped her mouth tightly on my pussy and darted her tongue in and out. At the same time, I felt her rubbing her nose in my slit, making a little contact with my clitoris. She also reached up one long fingered hand and took hold of my breast, playing with one nipple. Ah it felt so good!!

"Ohhhhhh.... Helga! Suck me off! Harder! Get your tongue in deeper..... harder! Keep your finger up my cunt........ yesssssssss!"

I began to moan loudly as the pressure began to build in my cunt. I was throwing my head wildly back and forth on the bed and I kept thrusting my hips against Helga’s face. Just one more lick of her tongue....

And then I glanced up at the ceiling and gasped at the incredible sight -- we were reflected in the huge mirror there -- Helga's pure white body between my spread thighs, her gleaming blonde hair spread over my crotch…The sight sent me over the top!!

"Noooooooowwwwwwww............ohhhhhh...........Helga, I’m cuming! Suck me more, harder...........ohhhhhhhhh!"

Helga crushed her mouth to the open hole and sent her tongue far up my heaving cunt. I could feel her licking around violently even as I continued to cum. I could feel her finger on my clit, frantically scrubbing away at the little hardness. I didn’t want it to end.

" me! Lick my pussy!" I cried, barely knowing what I was saying, grinding my cunt into Helga’s mouth as I came again and again.

Finally I felt my cunt slow down in its contractions. My mind was light in the after glow, and I felt like laughing wildly at the wonderful sensation as I felt Helga continue to lick the last few drops of juice from my tired pussy. I wished it would never stop, but my vagina finally became still, and Helga slowly relaxed her mouth, letting it kiss lightly at the entrance to my hole. She then lay there quietly, her head on one of my sprawled thighs, eyes closed.

After a while, I ran my fingers through Helga’s blonde hair, which was spilling over my dark bush. Finally able to speak after that glorious orgasm, I smiled down at her and asked her to come up and lie next to me. Helga smiled back and turned and kissed my fingers before crawling up and lying next to me, putting one leg over mine.

"That was really great" I whispered earnestly. "I’ve never come like that in my whole life." And that was true, not once, not with Rajesh or Sunil or Franz or any of my other lovers had I cum as beautifully as I had now. I smiled at Helga and began to gently rub her breast. "I’d like to make you as happy as you made me."

Helga kissed me gently on the neck "I’d love that," she whispered throatily. She cupped my left breast in her hand and squeezed.

"Do you want me to do it the same way as you?" I asked, rolling a nipple between my thumb and forefinger.

"Do you want to?" she asked, looking into my eyes.

"Of course I do," I smiled.

Helga smiled back and rolled over on her back. I quickly turned and kissed her on her mouth, slipping my tongue between her lips to play with hers. I moved my hand over her rounded hips and slowly started to massage her inner thighs.

"Suck my tits," Helga ordered when we broke the kiss. "Get them good and wet."

I sucked a nipple into my mouth at the same time as I worked a hand up to Helga’s pussy. As I gently nipped at the nipple, I slid tow fingers up Helga’s cunt as far as they would go.

"Ohhhhhhh....... that’s good," Helga moaned.

I started to finger fuck her rapidly even as my mouth trailed wetly over both her tits. I was getting a thrill out of doing it this way, but I knew Helga was waiting for the real thing, and I was getting ready to give it to her now.

"Ohhhhhhhhh, yesssssssss," Helga whispered as I left a trail of saliva across her smooth stomach. I paused to lick at her navel, than dipped my head into the sparse hair of her bush.

I kissed the top of Helga’s slit lightly as I ran my hands up and down her body. I then knelt between Helga’s legs and pulled them apart, holding them back exactly as Helga had done to me. The thick, wet lips of Helga’s lightly covered pussy were clearly visible, and I thrilled at the sight of her cunt from this close. I stared at the pink flesh and the dark hole that was partially opened at the bottom of Helga’s slit. I felt saliva fill my mouth as I realised how badly I wanted to eat her cunt.

I grabbed Helga’s ass in both hands and lifted her hips completely off the bed. I then moved closer and propped Helga’s back on my thighs, so that I was kneeling between her legs now with Helga’s open, wet cunt directly in front of my mouth. (A great position, Purvi darling, and we must try this when we finally get to fuck each other!)

As soon as I was comfortable, I dipped my head and fastened my mouth immediately on Helga’s pussy. I ran my tongue up the smooth wet passage and licked around. Helga was already hot from eating me out, so it didn’t take much tonguing to start her hips in a wild bucking motion. Faster and faster she threw her hips in the air, until I was finding it difficult to keep my mouth in her crotch.

Sensing that she was very close, I now thrust my tongue in and out of her pussy. Helga was quick to respond. "Suck it harderrrrr, harderrrrrrrr!" she groaned as she bounced her cunt on my face. I responded by clamping my mouth to her hole and sucking at it exactly as I had felt her doing to me. Soon I felt the muscles in Helga’s ass tense against my shoulders and then her cunt began to throb.

"Nnnnnnnowwwwwwwww!" she cried as she came, the orgasm lifting her body almost completely off the bed." Yessssss......... I’m cuming! Please ...ohhhhhhh!" He juice gushed out, even more than before, and she grabbed my head and jammed it into her crotch. It was all I could do to keep from being smothered as her warm and fleshy cunt enveloped my nose and mouth.

Finally, the tension began to leave her hips. She slowly lowered her ass to the bed and stopped her thrusting against my face. Helga sighed deeply as I gave her cunt a final kiss and then let her hips slide to the bed while I crawled up to cuddle up with her.

We lay panting together for a while. Both of us were completely satiated for the moment and all we wanted to do was just rest in the warmth of each other’s bodies. We talked a little, then I think we both fell asleep at around the same time, still cuddled together. It felt very strange to be sleeping cuddle up to another soft feminine body -- normally, it would be Rajesh, who is dark and hard and hairy, all the opposite things to Helga. Anyway, it was really nice. I cupped Helga’s breast and she tucked her hand into my crotch.

I woke early in the morning to find Helga missing from the bed and then I heard her in the kitchen, obviously preparing breakfast. I had a quick shower and did my face and was brushing my hair at her dressing table when she walked in, with a large tray piled high with food. If anything, she looked even more gorgeous this morning -- obviously, she had been up much earlier and had already cleaned up.

She kissed me and said that she hoped I had no regrets about the previous night. I simply smiled and placed a hand on her breast, the nipple of which immediately hardened. I could feel it, a hard little tip, even through the silk of her dressing gown. We kissed again, and then Helga insisted we eat -- she said great sex always left her ravenous. I realised I was starving too, and we ate hugely.

It was while we were relaxing later on, that Helga came up with her surprise. She asked if I had ever been to a swingers party.

"No," I said. "Is that something like an orgy?"

"A little different," she smiled. "At a swing party there are only a few people, all couples, who know each other -- no strangers. and you only have to do what you want to do -- and when you want to do it. So if you’re in a mood to suck, then suck. Or fuck, as you feel like. And only with whoever you want to..."

I was intrigued and asked her whether this was an invitation. Placing a hand on my bare knee, she admitted it was.

"There are these great friends of mine," she said. "I was hoping you would come along -- I’m quite sure none of them have ever fucked an Indian before, and you have such a delightful body and a lovely way of fucking. And you would get to have sex with so many different people! Please come...."

How could I refuse? Helga was delighted when I agreed, and said that she would get Franz and Otto to escort us. And that was it. I left soon after, because I wanted to go back to my hotel and sleep all day long, before catching up on work. and then the next evening would be the party.

I was filled with excitement as the evening of the party drew near. I had read a lot about the pleasures of ‘swinging’ and it was very exciting to know that I would soon be doing just that.

Helga had told me there would be three other couples apart from the four of us, and all of them would be very sexually interesting people. I was keen to really stand out --- if this was going to be my first experience of swinging, I wanted to be sexier than all the other women there --- and that would not be easy, especially if they all looked as good as Helga!

I cancelled all my other appointments for the day and spent a good part of the day relaxing in the hotel beauty parlor, where I got the works done -- spent the rest of the time sleeping. By the time I was waiting for the others to pick me up, I was quite ready. After some thought, I had made my hair into a simple thick plait (open hair is sexy, but so difficult to manage when you are having really good sex!) which I had decorated with flowers that I had made into a simple jodi. I had a silk chiffon draped carefully, as well as a low-cut blouse with a lacy bra that showed through the thin material.

There was a light knock on my door. I opened it to find Otto waiting, and by the sudden light in his eyes, I knew my costume was sexy enough. Coming in, he shut the door and took me in his arms, muttering in German as he held me away form his body and took a long look. Then he held me close, and I turned up my face for a deep kiss. As I brushed my hips against him I could feel the large and rock solid lump in his crotch -- for a moment, I even considered having a quick one-two right there in the room!!

But the others were waiting, and we rushed down to join them in the car. Helga looked as gorgeous as always in a lovely silver gown cut low in front and back. As we started off, she leaned over and we kissed deep, and I placed a hand on her breast. It was not surprising to realize that she had no underclothes on beneath the gown ---her nipple was a hard point in my palm!

In almost no time, we were driving up a long dark driveway to an impressive looking house, one of the residences of our host, an Arab called Khalid. Khalid himself came out to greet us -- a tall, dark and handsome type who immediately took Helga in his arms and kissed her deeply, his hands cupping her buttocks and holding her crotch firmly against him. She then introduced me and I actually saw his eyes light up as I got out of the car --- a lovely compliment!! Then he bowed and kissed my hand as he welcomed me to his house --- but I wanted more. So I reached up and pulled his head down to mine, finding his eager lips with mine and slipping my tongue into his wet and warm mouth. I shuddered with desire as I felt his capable hands run over my ass and move up to my bare midriff, where they caressed my bare skin.

At last, we broke apart. The others were waiting, Helga smiling with approval. We then went into the house, Khalid’s arm still casually around me, a hand on my buttocks.

The others were waiting inside -- Lydia, a short blond Parisian with a lovely full figure crammed into a little black dress; Karen, another German, dark haired and tall in a low-cut blouse and skirt combination; and Hanna, an Oriental (I later found out she was Vietnamese) who was very different because of her slim, almost boyish figure, tightly encased in a silk blouse and slit skirt that showed a sexy length of stocking covered thigh every time she moved.

The other two guys were Americans, one blond and one dark -- Jim and Mark. Big, muscular types -- the expert cunt-pounding ones!!

Introductions were performed all around -- normal ones -- you would have thought we were all meeting for a simple dinner party. We stood around talking for a while and then Khalid opened the doors at the end of the hall and invited us in. it was a large room, richly carpeted, lots of divans and cushions, a large television against one wall and a bar against another. As we sat around and made ourselves comfortable, two of the guys served out drinks while Khalid fussed over the television.

For a while, we just sat and talked. Some of it simple stuff, like the rising dollar, but some of it sexy -- like Hanna, who was sitting next to me and wanted to know if I had ever fucked an Oriental. She then went on to describe for the entire interested party how she had once spent an entire weekend with a Zen Buddhist who had kept her in almost continuous ecstasy with his training and control.

A real sexy story and by the time she finished, the ice was well broken. Everyone was sitting around casually, drinks close to hand. The only unusual sight was the open sexual touching and feeling that was going on -- Helga was perched on Jim’s lap, stroking his hair as his lips caressed her neck; Karen was sitting opposite Otto and had a foot in his lap, caressing his crotch; Mark had an arm around Lydia’s shoulders and she was sipping Scotch from his glass.

Sudden sound from the television, made us all turn to look. Khalid had put on a blue film and the screen now showed a sweaty big bosomed blonde astride a muscular stud, rocking back and forth as he pounded up from below, his hard cock pistoning in and out of her hole. The sound of their sex filled the room, Khalid’s hidden speaker system amplifying her hot moans and the squishy sound as their crotches met.

We were all affected by the sight. I know I could feel my cunt really oozing juice as I thought of the five cocks in this room, all of which I intended to have sooner or later. As I crossed my legs, attempting to relieve some of the pressure in my loins, I wonder4ed who would be the first to fuck me.

I didn’t have to wonder for long. I looked up from arranging my sari over my knees to find our host himself, standing in front of me.

"May I have the first fuck," he enquired, smiling. "Something tells me you could be quite an interesting experience."

"I’d love to," I replied, smiling up at him. "I can guarantee that I'll fuck you like no one has ever done before!"

He laughed. "Is that a promise?"

I placed a hand over his crotch, allowing my fingers to lightly stroke the lump there. "Why don't you show me what you’ve got," I teased, "Then we will know what we’re going to do with it......"

Khalid needed no further urging. As the others watched interestedly, He quickly stripped, throwing each article to the side --- until he was standing there before me, his cock standing proudly erect, a lovely dark nine inches of muscled meat with a tiny drop of pre-cum at its very tip.

I smiled up at him "Want me to get it all wet?" And without waiting for an answer, I leaned forward and using one finger to tilt his tool towards my mouth, I ran my tongue over the throbbing head, delighting in the smooth velvety feel of the hot skin. I spent a couple of minutes like this, licking all over his tool until it was gleaming with my saliva, before opening my mouth wide and sinking it between my lips and down my throat. Khalid let out a muffled moan.

All other talk had ceased and I knew the others were watching with the greatest of interest as I put on the best cock-sucking show I had ever done. The only sounds apart from the somewhat wet sounds of my lips on Khalid’s cock were the amplified pants from the porno.

Khalid’s hand felt behind my head and he grasped my thick braid of hair, holding my head in position as he began to rock his hips, sending his cock sliding in and out of my mouth, fucking my face. I had my hands on his crotch, controlling his thrusts so that I did not have to take too much, but he was sending the tip of his tool into my throat with every thrust.

My sari pallu fell lower, away from my breasts. Deciding that it was high time I showed them what we Indian girls were made of, I pushed Khalid away, releasing his prick from my lips but holding it in my hand. I pulled him towards the sofa and let him fall into a sitting position, even as I rose to my feet, allowing my pallu to fall away. Khalid reached out and caught the end of the sari as it fell, and began to pull, smiling all the while.

I turned slightly, allowing him to pull the sari from me. In seconds, I felt the knot at my waist give way and then I was standing there, clad only in my blouse and petticoat! I looked around, then down at Khalid, running my hands over my bosom. Then, slowly, teasingly, I unsnapped my blouse buttons, one by one. Smiling down at Khalid, I then shrugged it off my shoulders and showed him my creamy white globes, held in only by a black lacy bra. Then I undid my petticoat, and it fell about my feet. Finally, I reached behind my back and unsnapped my bra hook, letting it fall away. Now all I had on were my panties. These I slowly rolled down my thighs, allowing all of them to have a good look at the lips of my pussy while Khalid got to ogle my breasts.

There was a collective sigh as I straightened up. I was prepared now to abandon herself to pleasure – and Khalid was to be my first fuck! I leaned forward and kissed him passionately on the lips, letting my tongue rub up against his. I then pulled him up and over, till I was lying back on that deep, soft carpet, right in the middle of the lot of them. I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him tightly.

"All right, Khalid darling," I whispered softly in his ear. " Go ahead. Do it. Go ahead and do what ever you want with me."

Khalid moaned and kissed me again, pressing his stiff cock against me as he ran his fingers down my stomach. He bent his head and sucked on my sensitive nipples as I panted with pleasure, also feeling him stroke the hair around my pussy. I parted my thighs and pressed my pussy lips against his hand, moaning and running my hands through his hair as he began moving his head down across my chest, reaching my stomach, kissing it softly and biting gently and then moving on to my navel and sending shivers through me by tickling it with the tip of his tongue.

I shivered as he ran his mouth across my belly, licking and kissing the expanse of soft, trembling flesh as he reached the top of my triangle of curly pussy hair, now filled with the aroma of my flowing juices. Then Khalid pushed my legs apart and crawled between them, holding on to my soft thighs with each hand and massaging the smoothness of my legs with gentle caresses of his fingertips. I was breathing in short, choppy gasps and wiggled my ass as I threw my head back on the carpet, closing my eyes and waiting breathlessly for his tongue to slip into my cunt. I arched my asscheeks up from the floor and groaned as I felt his fingers deftly parting the red, meaty lips of my cunt. As he pulled the lips apart, I could feel the cool air-conditioning pass over my cunt lips, then the warmth of his breath as he blew softly into my pussy.

"Oh, please!" I moaned, "please, Khalid, don’t wait any longer!" I pushed my cunt closer to his face, feeling his nose slip between my cuntlips. I shook violently and gasped deep in my throat as Khalid slowly pulled the lips of my hot wet pussy wide apart and shoved his tongue in as far as it would go. "Oh, Khalid, fuck me with your tongue!" I sighed in excitement. I lifted my legs high into the air, opening my cunt wide and squeezed his head between my thighs as he sucked hungrily on my deep, delicious pussy. He in turn, shoved his hands beneath my ass and squeezed on my soft ass cheeks. He fucked his tongue in and out with renewed speed and energy as I thrust my cunt up at his face. And he reached up with one hand and slipped one finger into my pussy next to his tongue.

I moaned deep in my throat as I felt my pussy begin to tremble and quake with the warm glow of orgasm. I reached down and put my hands on Khalid’s shoulders. "Please. I want you to fuck me now, please, I want you to fuck me now, please, Khalid." I begged him, forgetting the others as I lost my senses in the fuck. As excited as me, Khalid crawled on top and we embraced tightly, cramming our tongues out of each other’s mouths. We sucked hungrily on each other’s tongues as Khalid positioned his throbbing ramrod of a prick at the mouth of my hot pulsating pussy. I wrapped my legs around his ass tightly, causing my ass to rise from the bed. I pressed my soft breasts against him and felt my hard nipples scrape his wiry chest hair. I kissed him long and passionately, gripping his head in my hands and moving it from side to side while I chewed passionately at his mouth.

"Are you ready for my cock?" he whispered in my ear, taking a tit in each hand and kneading it feverishly.

"Oh, yes!" I hugged him and moaned, trembling from head to foot as his hairy dick began pushing open the lips of my wet hole. "Oh, Khalid!" I cried, as his cock slipped in deeper and deeper. I gripped his ass even tighter. "Fuck me, oh, fuck me, fuck me!"

Khalid pushed his hips toward me, kissing and biting my lips, then with one blinding, determined thrust of his ass, he pushed his rock hard cock all the way into my boiling pussy. The force of the assault scared me slightly and I whimpered and pulled away slightly. Perhaps sensing my reaction, he withdrew his prick for a split second and then with twice the force as before, slammed it back into me again, right up to the hilt, grinding his ass from side to side, making the tip of his prick swing back and forth inside me.

"Is that good enough for you, Lali?" he panted, drawing it out and then shoving his cock back into my squishy cunt with all his weight.

I screamed, both in pain and pleasure. I had never been fucked so violently before – I loved it! I rocked my ass up and down violently, tugging and pulling at Khalid’s prick as if I wanted to tear it loose from his crotch. He accepted the challenge with renewed and concentrated frenzy, and slammed his hard wet tool into me with incredible force, mashing my ass back into the soft wool carpet.

I was moaning loudly now, lost in passion. "Oh you’re so good, you’re so good, Khalid!!" I rotated my hips and began gasping helplessly, as if I was about to lose my breath, but I managed to gasp out that I was about to cum. I hugged him tight and forced my ass up against him, trying to get every inch of his cock far into my hot pussy. He held me hard as he drove his dick deeper into my dripping fuck hole.

"Oh, Lali," he cried, fucking into me with even greater force. "I’m cuming too! I’m cuming too!" He forced his cock in deep and pressed his heavy balls against me as we trembled and shook uncontrollably with the pleasure waves of our simultaneous climax, kissing and moaning as the cum juice mixed in my shaking cunt.

I squeezed hard with my cunt, pressing out the last drops of Khalid’s sperm and making him moan with appreciation.

I lay with my eyes shut for a while, savouring the afterglow of a good fuck. Khalid rolled off me and I felt almost a sense of loss as his now softening tool slipped out of my hole. Then still panting, I opened my eyes and looked around…

Obviously, everyone had been rather affected by our display – if there had been any hesitation at getting down to the business of the evening, there was certainly none now! Lydia’s blonde head was arched back over the arm of a chair while Franz leaned over her, his hips working busily between her spread thighs. Her scarlet tipped nails were making marks in his back and I knew from her moans that she was getting a good poking. Karen and Helga had teamed up over Otto’s cock and were kneeling on either side of his thighs while he watched happily as they ran their lips and tongues over his monster dick.

I felt a soft touch on my thigh and looked down to see Hanna smiling up at me. As I watched, she gently spread my legs and bent her head to my crotch, where I saw her little pink tongue dart out and into my hairy mound. Then she moaned deeply into my slit, never stopping her licking. I looked further down and saw that Mark had her by the hips and was sliding a very respectably thick dick into her slit. And then I felt a touch on my shoulder and looked up to see Jim smiling down at me, blond and blue-eyed, gently stroking a very nice fair skinned dick that was rearing out of the nest of cute blond curls at his crotch.

I smiled back up at him and reached up for his prick. He immediately responded and sat down, swinging one leg astride me and lowering his tool to my lips. Moaning at the sight of that thick and lengthy battering ram, I wondered how deep I would be able to take it.. I used two hands on his thick shaft and inhaled the sweaty fragrance of him. Then I moved to that cock with quivering lips.

I rested my closed lips on the velvety expanse of his knob to feel the beating pulse of his organ. The I lathered his cockhead and pushed the tip of my tongue against his opening. He groaned.

Meanwhile Hanna was making me groan with the expert cunt-lapping she was giving me down there. Her head bobbed at my crotch and I could feel the quiver of each thrust Mark gave her.

Jim thrust inward and my tongue became exhausted from the massive weight and strength of him. His hips rocked back and forth until half of his hard-on was buried in my face. Faster and faster he rocked until my neck was strained from his delicious fucking.

Then it happened. His hips became electric, pounding pleasure into my mouth. I locked my lips to his sliding cock head and held on to his sweaty hips for dear life.

The sperm exploded from his cock and rushed down my throat. On and on, it slithered and soothed the dryness and desire I felt for him. Oh Purvi darling, there is nothing like the lovely taste of fresh sperm as it fills your mouth!

At my crotch, Hanna had stopped abruptly, going rigid. Then she screamed softly, into my pussy, as she came, shuddering against my thighs. As I sat up, wiping a few extra drops of cum from my chin with the corner of my discarded sari, Hanna collapsed to her stomach, moaning softly.

With all this, I had cum only once. All that cock-sucking and having my cunt eaten had left me very horny indeed and I was very interested as I watched Mark’s thick cock slide out of Hanna – it was still hard, as he had obviously not come yet.

Mark saw where I was looking and waved me over. He stretched on the floor, his rigid glistening cock aimed at the ceiling. "Sit on my cock," he said in a deep sexy voice laced with hunger. Hovering at his hips, I lowered onto his stiffness. "Oh Wow!" I sobbed, feeling his cock filling and thrilling me.

My pussy seemed to stretch and stretch as he pushed higher with his hard cock. He lifted me off the floor with rousing humps and palmed my tits throughout the sultry fucking.

Sperm shot high in my hole. Seconds later, I rode his rigid cock to a blissful climax. I fell forward onto his chest, breathing deeply of his lovely male smell, enjoying the feeling of his semen filling my hole.

Some time later, I was sitting quietly on one of the sofas, sipping a glass of champagne. Most of us had gotten at least one if not two orgasms and the pace had slowed a little, since the real horny edge had been taken off. Karen had tried to get all the girls to form a ‘daisy chain’ (that’s with each of us sucking another girl while a third girl does it to us, thus forming a complete circle), but she hadn’t got enough enthusiasm yet. The girls were of course far harder at it than the men since the guys needed to conserve their cum – one the nice things of being a healthy female is that you can do it as often as you like as long as your are in the mood – you don’t need to wait for an erection!

Khalid was sitting back in an armchair, with Helga lazily draped over his legs, licking at his semi-erect cock. Mark and Otto were having a drink and watching the new porno which was on the big TV. Karen was bent over the back of another armchair, getting a slow and obviously deep poking from Franz. Lydia and Hanna were sprawled on the carpet at my feet, entwined in a sixty nine, while Jim lay next to them, watching intently. Even as I watched, Lydia moaned deeply and came, shaking slightly.

Soon afterwards, she was sitting next to me on the sofa, having got herself some snacks and an another glass of champagne. We were chatting idly, watching the others and wondering who would be horny enough to give Otto a go. I thought about it, but decided that maybe one of the other women would be a better choice, since I was finding Jims’s slowly stiffening tool rather interesting.

The Helga sat up and called Otto over. "Come on, you poor darling," she said. "You look like you are ready to burst and it is quite a while since you put that huge thing in me last.." Otto grinned sheepishly and ambled over, his pole sticking out of his crotch like a small baseball bat.

"I want it from behind" Helga announced. She then went over to Hanna, who was lying to one side on the carpet and kneeling ran her fingers over Hanna’s small breasted frame. Helga smiled down at her and then covered her body with her own. It was quite a sight to see – Hanna's slim, almost boyish figure covered by Helga’s voluptuous one. Helga immediately buried her face in Hanna’s crotch and the other girl responded with a deep sigh and reached up to bring Helga’s cunt to her lips.

Both girls were hard at it when Otto came up and stood over them, stroking his now hard dong. Then he carefully knelt behind Helga and moved his hips into position. Hanna abruptly let go of Helga’s waist and reached up to the monster tool hanging over her. Mouth stretched wide, she managed to take his large cockhead into her mouth and I could see her jaw work as she ran her tongue over it. She continued to lick him for a while, until Otto’s moans told her that he was really ready to go. Then she reached up and positioned his bulging head at the entrance to Helga’s cunt.

Otto held Helga firmly by the hips and began to ease himself into her. We all watched with bated breath as he pressed harder and harder, slowly sliding in. Helga moaned throatily once or twice, but we could see that she was pushing back at him just as hard. Finally, his pubic hair was mashed up against her soft buttocks and we all breathed a collective sigh of excitement as he began to slow fuck her.

I felt horny as I let the fingers of my right hand slip between my cunt-lips, parting them, slowly stroking the soft folds, lingering on the raised flesh of my clit.

I felt hands warmly stroking my legs and thighs It was Jim, who was now kneeling between my parted thighs. I moaned as the hair on his head tickled the sensitive skin between my legs. His fingers squeezed my buttocks together in a rhythm that sent spirals surging through my stomach.

Then his tongue found my warm, moist nest. My fingers clenched into his crisp hair, holding his wandering tongue to me. I threw back my head and moaned as sensation after sensation crashed through my body. I was teetering on the brink of explosion. One final lick and I skyrocketed through the ceiling, my juices spilling out and covering his mouth and chin.

Jim dragged his face over my body, licking as he went along. His arms cradled me gently, as I convulsed with after shocks. Murmuring sexy words, his lips wandered over my face and neck. I could smell myself on him. I began to get turned on all over again. His lips and tongue latched onto one nipple and then the other, alternately licking biting and sucking. I could feel the sensation all the way to my toes.

Eager to touch him, I buried my hands in the crisp curly hair covering his chest. Teasingly, I mimicked the motions he was making on my breasts with my fingers. He groaned as I wet my fingertips and swirled them around his hard tight nipples. His massive cock kept rubbing on my leg, demanding attention.

Such stiffness deserved a reward. I slipped off the sofa and my mouth lapped at the tip of his rod. My hands cupped his buttocks, kneading them gently as I sucked him deeper into my mouth. Jim swore as I played with his butt and anus, and his cock jerked in my mouth as I stroked his balls, scraping them gently with my long nails.

I sucked as hard as I could, knowing he was going to cum at any second. His hands gripped my head as he dragged his thick cock in and out of my mouth. I continued teasing his balls; he lost his load when I dragged my fingernails over the sensitive skin covering his hipbones. His cum shot to the back of my throat and I tried to swallow the entire wad. Some trickled out of my mouth and onto my chin. I let his prick slide out my mouth as I darted my tongue out to catch the bit of cum that had escaped.

Panting, Jim brought his cock back to my mouth. "Make me hard," he challenged huskily. "I want to fuck that wet cunt of yours." More than willing, I licked his shaft, teasing the head and lapping at his balls until he was rock hard and ready for action.

In one smooth move he pulled me to my feet. Placing his hands under my cheeks, he lifted me onto his straining cock – he must have been really strong – I am certainly no light weight!. He slid right into me, filling me to capacity. I felt my pussy walls stretching and clenching with joy. I was desperately holding onto his shoulders as he held me, the sensation of fucking in mid-air was both new and fantastic, but I wanted more. More depth. More motion.

Sensing my need, Jim turned around and set me on the edge of nearby table. I remember hoping it was strong enough to bear the battering it would have to take. Carefully, I placed my hands on the surface behind me. I arched my back, raising my breasts to his face as he drove in deep. Somehow he managed to lick my nipple. I was so hot, tight and ready to explode. I wanted to cum, but I wanted to see him shoot his load all over me. I had already had plenty of cum juice squirted into my pussy and now I wanted something different.

"Cum on me," I panted frantically, jerking my hips to match his pace.

"After you," He managed to groan, his face contorted in the throes of ecstasy.

His fingers massaged my aching clit, sending me over the edge, as I screamed hoarsely. He pulled out then, stroking his shaft as his warm cum spurted onto my bush and my stomach. Moaning, I rubbed his creamy sperm over my stomach and breasts.

Well, that was quite a party. I cuddled up with Jim after that and watched as Otto brought Helga to two screaming orgasms. Then we all rested and then formed a long daisy chain, all of us, with me mouthing Mark’s tool and Lydia’s blonde head buried in my dark crotch. We all came more or less at the same time, but I think we girls all came twice before the men finally were able to spurt.

We had all had it by then, totally fucked out. We wearily dressed (I had the toughest time, try summoning enough energy to re-drape a sari after such a long cum session!) and went off home. I went back with Helga and we both went to bed together, though too pooped to do anything more than cuddle, our fingers in each others cunts.

So that was the end of my sexiest experience to date. Now high time you told me a long one of yours. Dying to hear all about the time Uday took you in the ass! I have never had the guts to do it myself. Well, tell me all about it and I will see if that is inspiring enough!

Lots of wet kisses,


* * * * *

To Be Continued...


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