The Best Erotic Stories.

Letters to Purvi Pt. VIII
by Lalitha Mehta

The correspondence is between me and a lonely housewife in Calcutta, who has since become a very close friend.

* * * * *

Darling Purvi,

Now that even Mona has written you with her account of her sexy stay in Delhi, Lali has decided that it would be nice if I also wrote you. And since we are sitting here in my house on this wet afternoon with nothing to do but fuck, we thought this would be a good time to relive some old times. Mona is lying behind us on the bed and playing with her clit while I dictate and Lali types this out on her laptop. We’ve had one good bout already and both the girls have promised not to start another while I am in the middle of this letter, so we will have to finish this before I get any more cunt.

We decided that the best experience that we could tell you about would be the first time I had Lali. For that of course, I must tell you a little about myself and about Poonam – but more about her later.

As Lali has already told you, I am a pilot. I used to be with Indian Airlines and then with East West, and am now with Jet. I am fairly senior and fly a lot, which would normally give me a fair chance with the hostesses. However, Lali keeps me very satisfied and I use my frequent stays away from the city to rest up for more sex with her. It was only during her trips abroad that I used to feel really horny, but now that Mona is in town, I have all (and a little bit more) the fucking that I can handle.

It was when I was in IA that I met Poonam. I was reasonably active sexually, by then, with all those pretty hostesses around. However, I had not really had more than a couple of one night stands during layovers, because the girls started getting very possessive and talking about marriage. Also, none of them were sexually very adventurous and I had never even had my dick sucked. I had, however, attained quite a reputation as a stud.

I had gone for a colleague’s wedding reception. It was at the Taj Intercontinental and there was a large crowd. Lots of airline people and a large amount of rich society types, as the bride was from that kind of background. Lots of good-looking women, and we amused ourselves by standing off to one side and commenting on each. Then one of the women in a group recognized one of the guys in our group and rushed over to greet him, bringing her friends with her.

At that moment, some waiters came through the entrance near us, carrying some trays of food and for a moment, there was quite a crowd and considerable confusion, with the two groups mixing together. Every one was sort of tangled up with each other. And in the melee, I suddenly felt a soft hand suddenly grip my crotch and squeeze once, then stroke – once, twice.

My hand jerked and I spilt part of my drink. In the ensuing mess and apologies, I could not make out which of the women had so boldly groped me. Even though I looked around, none of them would meet my eye.

It was some time later, when I had sort of broken away from the main group and was standing off to one side by a window, looking out and wondering why some woman had made that open pass at me.

"You have a wonderful cock," said a soft voice at my elbow. I spun around, my throat suddenly dry. Standing next to me, smiling up into my eyes, was a lovely woman in a rich silk sari. Thick gold chains and large diamond and gold earrings showed off her obvious wealth – or her husband’s, I told myself mentally, noting the gold mangalsutra. While not fat, she had the classic Indian figure (which I am a sucker for), with a large, full bosom and sexy hips. Long, thick brown hair fell open over her shoulders and her full red lips were smiling.

She waited as I ran my eyes over her and then asked huskily "Like what you see?"

I could only gape at her. "My name is Poonam," she continued. "I had heard a lot about you, and that bulging handful at your crotch certainly seemed to prove it."

I looked around frantically, noting that there was no one nearby, meanwhile emitting a strangled croak in reply. But that didn’t seem to disturb her in the least, as she continued to smile sweetly up at me and play with her gold handbag.

"You see," she continued, "I should very much like you to fuck me."

This was too much. I gaped at her foolishly and babbled "fuck….you…?"

She nodded, still smiling. "Yes, I would very much like to have you between my legs, your large and hard cock thrusting in and out of my cunt."

I had now managed to recover somewhat and looked around suspiciously to see if someone was playing a joke on me. But no one was paying any attention and she looked to be in real earnest. All I could finally understand was that I was being propositioned – by a very bold woman, at that.

Still looking quietly up at me as if we were discussing something of no particular importance, she went on to reassure me quietly. She said she was married to a Gujarati jeweler – she pointed him out to me, a fat, safari suit type who had only slept with her once, a month after they were married. He showed no further interest in her after that, and she had gone through three years of marriage with no sex at all, and now had decided to do something about it. Her husband’s only interest in her lay in using her as a display symbol, and as long as she was the perfect hostess and could be showed off at all the parties they attended, he was not bothered as to what she did with herself.

Some time back, she had come across one of her girlfriends reading a porno book and asked to borrow it. The first was followed by a number of Human Digest magazines, which showed in graphic detail what she was missing out on. As she was not one of your quiet and shy housewives, she decided to make the best of her situation, and find herself a lover. Which is where I came in.

She had heard two of her friends discussing me during the party and they had said what a reputation I had with the girls. And it was then, in a rush of sheer lust, that she decided to make that risky but open pass at me. Feeling the sizeable bulge that sprang into life at her touch, she was now very interested in taking this further.

By now, I was well recovered and very excited. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her, and turned so that my back was to the hall. Someone might notice the sizeable bulge that had grown at my crotch – in fact it was getting quite painful.

She noticed me staring at her barely seen cleavage, which appeared deep and sexy. "Like what you see?" she repeated. Controlling my voice with an effort, I looked into her eyes and said that I was imagining her soft breasts wrapped about my dick. She ran her tongue over her lips and I could see her redden with excitement. Struggling in turn to stay calm, she asked when we could do something about it.

I would have gladly taken her home and fucked her brains out right then, but her husband was present. So we made a date for the following day at a suburban hotel which I had used before. I told her I would leave the key with the lobby manager and that she was to get it and come straight up.

I was there real early and waiting for her. Actually, I was not sure she would come – all the sexy talk she had done at the party might well have been just that – talk – and she might have gotten cold feet on reaching home.

But at precisely 11 o’clock, the time I had asked her to come, the key turned in the lock and there she was. She looked gorgeous – and really sexy. Lovely silk sari, hair open, breasts filling her blouse to capacity. I could feel my cock harden as I looked at her.

Poonam tossed her bag on a side table and looked at me. Obviously I was to make the first move. I went to her and held her, then kissed her, moving my lips on hers. Her warm lips pressed to mine and I could taste her lipstick and smell the perfume in her hair. And her warm, wet tongue was alive as it went into my mouth, reaching deep.

I did what I had been dying to do since we first met. Reached for those magnificent breasts and cupped them then massaged them roughly, feeling those soft pillows through her blouse and bra as she pressed herself against me. Her hands were on my neck, pulling my face to hers. Her body was pressed hard against mine.

We were both panting hotly with desire. I had already pulled her pallu from her shoulder and now I began to unbutton her blouse. She started on my shirt.

In less time than I would have thought possible, we were both naked. Her tits were a good bit bigger than large mangoes, upthrust with big dark nipples. I had been wondering what they looked like from the first time I saw them bursting out of a blouse. They looked magnificent.

Poonam looked with interest at my cock, as I stood naked before her. When it stood straight out at her, she stepped forward until my stiff prick was clasped between her pressed thighs.

"Down’" I said. I had always wanted to feel a woman’s mouth, and I thought that this hot babe would be an ideal candidate. I didn’t think she would have a problem. I was right.

She slid slowly down my chest, my rigid cock trailing up her belly and burying itself, throbbing, between her soft breasts. I reached down, clasping her heavy tits, squeezing them together, and wrapping them around my cock. The cool flesh of her boobs enveloped my hot dick. We remained that way for a number of long moments. Then she slid further down, landing softly on the floor on her knees.

She reached for my thick erection, cloaking it in her tight hands. She stroked my shaft gently before whispering, "I want to taste you now."

We sank to the carpet, where I stretched out on my back. Poonam moved into position with her back to me.

My cock was pointing straight at the ceiling. Poonam got on top of me with one leg on each side, her crotch over my face and her head at my cock. She had obviously been reading about these positions. While I had never sucked off a woman, I was willing to experiment. Now there was her pussy, right in my face. I had been wondering about it, too.

I leaned my head forward and gave it a lick at the same time her hot mouth settled on the head of my cock. Her cunt tasted salty and musky as I ate it. I buried my face in her crotch and ate pussy while she sucked my cock.

My tongue attacked her quivering juicy cunt. My head was locked between her soft thighs and she moaned deeply and squirmed like a snake as my tongue washed her swollen cunt-lips.

When I finally found her engorged clit and sucked on it like it was a hard cock; she screamed in ecstasy and jammed her crotch tightly against my face.

We sixty-nined wet and hot. I sucked her erect clit and she loved it. She tried to swallow my engorged cock. She really knew how to give head. You would never have believed it was the first time she was doing it. Her tits were full and firm against my belly. I could feel her nipples digging in She was making little moaning noises. My balls were tight against the base of my cock. I knew I was very close to squirting my load down her throat.

The dark love hairs bordering her slit were slick with secretions. Parting her puffy pussy-lips, I blew gently into her deep opening.

Her reaction was a bubbly burst of love-juice and a mouth-locking grasp on my dick. Her secretions were sugary sweet. I drove my tongue in higher and higher. I used dick-like force to tongue-fuck her insides..

Poonam devoured my dick with lip-smacking satisfaction. The head of my hard-on wedged between her lips as she sucked constantly. She soaked the length of my cock until I was groaning in her pussy.

Her breezy breath was at my balls, where she sucked each of my sacs between her lips. She hummed heat onto my balls. I knew I couldn’t take much more of this – my cock was aching with the need to cum.

I carried her over to the bed and spread her out for fucking. I got between her legs and slid into her waiting saddle, introducing my cock to her pussy. I rubbed her juicy cunt lips with my hot knob until she was screaming for me to put it in.

"Oh, yes," she moaned, as I slowly slid it up her. Poonam’s beautiful face was flushed with sexual excitement. With one thrust, all nine inches went in and my balls were slapping against her hungry hole. I was pumping her hole like a mad dog and she cried out for me to fuck harder and faster. My pole thumped her cunt like a piston and she squealed and cried out again and again, her nails scraping the skin from my heaving buttocks.

I cupped her tits and fucked her. Out slow and in fast. Her tits jiggled fluidly in my hands. She rocked her pelvis in perfect synchronization to my thrusts. I fucked her with deep hard thrusts and loved it. She had a nice tight pussy and instinctively knew how to use it.

With every thrust I made, her body responded in kind. Her hole held my cock as if it were a virgin hole. I held her tits, leaned forward and kissed her while I screwed her. I really put the tool to her and from the way she bucked and moaned, I knew she would want more of it. She wrapped her arms around me and locked her thighs around my driving hips. This was as fine a piece of ass as I had ever had

She screamed out two or three orgasms. Then I could hold back no longer. I stayed in her saddle and squirted my cum up her hot, wet, tight pussy. The orgasm sent a load of my seed deep into her love-tunnel and made her scream again as her beautiful body trembled and shook.

We collapsed moaning and panting. She was soft under me, her perspiration running back from her soaked temples into her hair. Then she moaned as I slid off her and my cock slid softly out of her hungry cunt.

"I knew you would be good," she panted. "Oh, I’m so glad I asked you…"

I covered her mouth with mine, running my fingers through the now matted hairs at her crotch. She had gotten me so horny that I knew that one cum would not be enough. And Poonam was still excited – even though she was panting from the force of the first orgasms she had ever experienced in her life, she wanted more.

We kissed passionately again and again as each of us probed the other’s body. Then Poonam started to kiss her way down to my once again throbbing hard cock. As she did so, she turned. I knew I wanted to taste her again, especially since she was now full of my cream. I pulled at her leg nearest me and she raised herself atop me, as she started to hotly slurp on my aching cock.

I spread her legs hurriedly and thrust my tongue into her hot hole. While I swiftly darted my stiffened tongue in and out of the soft skin of her cunt folds, she started sucking feverishly on my aching cock, cupping the bottom of my tightened balls gently with one of her hands.

Her hot wet mouth sucked a few minutes on the head of my intense hard-on, just below the glans, before she gulped the rest of my swollen shaft. She kept me in her mouth and sucked hard, milking me without moving her head up and down to any great length. She was getting better and better at cock sucking.

I pulled myself out of her mouth a short way and then shoved myself up into her mouth and deeply into the recesses of her throat. Again and again, I pulled and pushed myself in and out of her mouth. At the same time, I fiercely tongued my way from her stiff clitoris down to the depths of her innermost folds of tender, soft cunt. I could taste my warm sperm and even see some white droplets as they nestled deep in her cunt. This excited me even more. Incredibly, I was ready to cum again.

In a few minutes we both jerked as our juices shot uncontrollably into each other’s mouth and face. Then slowly, ever so slowly, each of us sucked off the love juices off each other. Panting, she turned to face me, reached up to hug me and kissed me fervently, darting her tongue deep into my mouth.

We kissed, and then she eased herself upon me, reaching one hand down between our legs and inserted me into her hot, juicy cunt. In a short time, she had raised herself and started humping my hard cock in a quickened pace, panting, bucking and rocking.

I met every thrust with a thrust of my own, as I grabbed her above the hips. I thrust myself deeply into her with my throbbing, glistening, hard fuck-pole. Together, we oohed and aaahed our way into our next orgasm.

Just before I came the third time, I reached up and took hold of her, swinging her off me and turning her to the bed. Keeping myself deep within her sopping pussy, I got on top of her and thrust myself in and out of her warm and wet hole. The sweet smell of our sex drifted up to me, driving me to grind myself harder and deeper down into her.

Poonam had raised her knees, and she started to thrust herself violently to meet me. She heaved me up with her maddening pushes. Then she shrieked loudly, and her cunt quivered and pulsed. She held herself up, grinding herself around and around my stabbing cock. I could feel my third cum of the day shoot in her cunt, weak spurts of semen rushing out of my hard cock.

We collapsed, panting. We lay there for a while, unable to move, unable to do nothing more than just hold each other, both finally satisfied – if only for the moment. Somewhere inside me I could feel some more desire for that incredible cunt, but my cock was too fucked out to do anything about it.

Poonam seemed quite satisfied too. After a while we took turns showering and then she changed quickly, explaining that she had to get back home before her husband returned, as they had a party to attend. For my part, I was actually happy to see her leave, because I knew there was no way I could manage another bout. And I had to rest, because I had an early morning flight. We had actually spent the past four hours fucking and I knew I would have to rest from my exertions. So soon after, we left – separately.

I needed to really rest to recover from that bout. Poonam was like no girl I had ever fucked – not that I had screwed so many, but still, she was so incredibly sexy and eager for sex that she drove me to heights of excitement that I had never felt before. I knew I just had to have her again – and luckily for me, she seemed quite interested in having me too, because she called two days later and asked when we were going to party again.

And that became a sort of pattern for our affair. We would meet about once a week (any oftener and I would have really found it tough to keep the pace!). Always, Poonam would call and fix a time when we could ‘party’. Then we would meet at a variety of small hotel rooms and quite simply … fuck. The first fuck would be quite frantic, both of us panting with need and I would normally take her with all her clothes on. Since she always wore a sari, this was easy, especially since she often wore no panties. So quite often I would simply hold her against the wall and push my cock under her clothes. She was always ready for me, and I would slide into her like a hot knife into butter and then we would screw hard and fast, till my semen burst into her liquid hole. Then we would have a couple more cums, slowly and easily, on the bed.

Then one week, she called and asked if I remembered my birthday was coming up. I said it was and she said she had a special present for me. And so we made a date to meet, this time at one of the suburban five-star places, very comfortable.

As usual, I was ready and waiting for her, already stripped, with just a towel around me. Poonam was as prompt as always, knocking softly on the door. She looked lovely in black chiffon; her hair today plaited and decorated with a thick bunch of jasmine flowers. The scent filled my nostrils as I held her close, kissing her deep. I felt her soft thigh move to press into my hard groin as she pressed her body against mine, her breasts soft against my chest. Then there was another soft knock on the door.

Wondering whom it could be, I disengaged myself and went to the door, adjusting my towel as best as possible to cover the bulge of my stiff cock. And opening the door, I found a lovely young girl standing there, smiling at me. She looked very young and she was quite beautiful, with long hair falling over her shoulders and full lips. Her tight jeans and the Lycra top, which stretched over her breasts, outlining her bra, emphasized her very well rounded body.

Just as I was about to tell her that she had the wrong room, Poonam came up next to me and opened the door wider, inviting her in. I could only stare in hopeless incomprehension, as she walked in and Poonam closed the door.

Then Poonam dropped her bombshell. Putting an arm around the girl, she molded a firm upthrust breast with one hand and announced that this was my birthday present. You can imagine my state at her statement – that she and the girl, whom she introduced as Gauri, would now service me in any way I desired.

I controlled my gaping mouth with an effort. As I looked at the two girls, my cock stiffened in anticipation of the night ahead. And I had to really control my voice when I asked Poonam to start by undressing Gauri. I did not plan to ask how she had got Gauri to join us – one does not look such a gift horse in the mouth. I decided I could ask her later – after I had got my cock into her gift!

Gauri dropped her handbag on a nearby chair and turned to face Poonam. The two girls kissed, softly. Gauri smiled and ran her hands over Poonam’s shoulders and down to her choli-covered breasts. Poonam fondled Gauri’s tits in turn and then pulled at her top, slowly and teasingly lifting it off her. Her soft breasts came into view, straining against a lacy white bra. Poonam turned her to face me and went behind her, reaching around to undo the button of her jeans. Sliding the zip down, she peeled off the jeans, while Gauri smiled at me, running her tongue over her lips in obvious invitation.

Then Poonam had unclasped the white bra and it fell away, showing Gauri’s lovely soft breasts, each crowned with a dark nipple. A pair of thin white lace panties covered her crotch, so transparent I could see her thick dark bush showing easily. And then Poonam knelt behind her and slowly rolled those panties down her legs. The thought of those slender legs wrapped around my hips while I pounded into that glorious cunt almost made me cum on the spot, but I stayed where I was while Poonam now stood behind her and ran her fingers over Gauri’s nipples, making them pop into hard little points.

Poonam ran a hand down Gauri’s stomach to her cunt, where she inserted two fingers. Pulling the cunt lips aside for my viewing. "Isn’t she lovely, darling?" Poonam said softly. "Let me get her ready for you…"

And then she led Gauri to the bed, where she made her lie back, her legs spread in open invitation. And to my delight (because I had never seen a woman make it with another woman, and was quite sure that Poonam had never tried this before) she then sank to her knees between Gauri’s spread thighs and gently kissed her right in her crotch.

I was really excited by now. The sight of that lovely naked girl lying on the bed, all ready for fucking, with another beautiful woman, fully dressed in a formal sari, kneeling at her cunt and about to give her pleasure was making my cock throb with almost painful anticipation.

Poonam and spread Gauri’s thighs, running her fingers through her dark, thick patch of pubic hair. She fingered her swelling clitoris until it vibrated and stroked her dampening slit. Gauri moaned and squirmed, lifting her hole to her hand.

As I held my breath with excitement, Poonam slipped her middle finger into her molten cunt. She knew just how to arouse Gauri, coaxing the honey out and spreading it over her labia and clit. Sobbing with pleasure, Gauri thrust her hips to her hand. Poonam rotated her finger in her cunt until Gauri was panting with the pleasure. She opened her thighs wider, letting Poonam finger-fuck her now liquid cunt.

And then Poonam put her mouth over Gauri’s cute little pussy. She flicked her tiny pink love bud with her tongue tip. Gauri’s quick little shudder and moan provided evidence that she was doing it right.

Gauri moaned again, lifting her head and looking down at Poonam crouched between her thighs. Then she let her head fall back on the sheet and looked to the foot of the bed, where I was standing, my now rigid tool tenting the towel.

"Come here," She said softly. " That looks tasty…"

I moved down the bed until I was at her head. With one quick motion, she whipped the towel away and my prick reared up, just above her face. I must admit I was quite proud when Gauri exclaimed at its size! Then her soft hands were on my tool, running up and down its hard length, as she lowered the head to her full lips. When she kissed the tip of my cock, I groaned. Her lips were soft and wet and a little cool as she engulfed my rod and started to mouth on the thing.

I gasped at the first touch of her wet tongue. As soon as her mouth made contact with my prick, she closed her mouth over it and began sucking on it like a baby. She ran her tongue lightly over my cock head. It was my turn to moan.

Poonam kept varying her rhythm. Sometimes her fingers would be a blur until Gauri was sobbing and groaning into my crotch. Then she would take long, slow strokes; forcing Gauri to thrust her hips upward begging for more. Gauri moaned again and again, telling Poonam how good it felt and how much she wanted and needed it from her. I wondered fleetingly how Poonam had become such a good cunt-lapper.

Growing more excited by the minute, she rubbed her face in Gauri’s soaking cunt, as the younger girl wiggled her ass and pushed her slit into her face. The room was filled with the warm sounds of good sex – sexy pants and moans and the sound of tongues and lips on wet flesh. Before I knew what was happening, Gauri spilled over the brink of an orgasm. She moaned and cried out and hot juices flowed out of her as she twitched and quivered. Her thighs clamped on Poonam’s face and her juices rushed into her sucking mouth.

Gauri’s tongue flicked wildly over my cock head. Shivers ran up and down my spine. I bit my lip and stifled a scream as I felt the cream spurt into her mouth. Before she could get my cock all the way out her mouth, I shot a thick stream that splashed into the back of her throat, causing her to gag. But by the time the second burst had pulsed from my cock, Gauri had swallowed the first and was ready for more.

Poonam’s face gleamed with Gauri’s juices. She had a contented smile on her beautiful face as she gently kissed the younger girl’s inner thighs.

I’d have thought Gauri would want a breather, but no. As soon as she freed my cock, she asked me to be inside of her. The sight of my thick, stiff cock clearly turned her on. Luckily I still had most of my hard-on. I glanced at Poonam, still on her knees beside the bed and saw only smiling encouragement.

I told Gauri to lie on her stomach and then I stretched out on top of her. Pressing my semi-soft tool into the crack of her ass. I’ll never forget that moment, that tight young body beneath me, that lovely rounded ass waving at me as she bent on her knees.

Reaching under her, I took her tits in my hands and fondled them until she was panting for more. I had a hard time controlling myself as I slid my cock up and down her crack. I was excited enough to want to shove my dick deep into her hole like a raging bull, but went slowly until I was in charge of myself again.

Meanwhile, Poonam was standing right in front of me, adding to my excitement by the slow and languorous way she was stripping. Her silk sari fell in soft folds around her ankles and she smiled at us as she ran her hands over the tight silk of her blouse.

My eyes still on Poonam, I eased my dick between Gauri’s lush thighs. As Poonam peeled off her blouse, the movement making her breasts stand out proudly, straining against the black lace bra, I used my hand to guide my cock head to Gauri’s hot, slick opening. Her pussy muscles seemed to grip me hard and she bucked back against me. My balls were pressed against her soft thighs. I could feel her buttocks move, grinding my pelvis as she swallowed the rest of my hot cock inside her cunt.

Poonam was in her bra and panties by now and we both watched with excitement as she reached behind to undo the clasp of her bra. Then the wisp of lace had fallen away and her lovely breasts stood out, each tipped with a hard, aroused nipple. She bent to roll her silk panties off, her breasts now fuller as she bent forward. I held Gauri’s tits tight as she bent her upper body down close to the bed, crushing my hands and her tits together, grinding them into the bed as I thrust in and out of her.

Poonam lay on the bed next to us, running her hands over our bodies. She swung her thick hair away from her face, the movement sending a wave of delightful scent to me. "Do her good, darling." she murmured. "Fuck her deep…!"

Gauri cried out as my dick reached her innermost depths. "You’re so big!" she gasped "You fill me up….." She was trembling as she thrust back against me. I leaned hard into her back and began to lick her sweet flesh, my mouth salivating, as I tasted her salty perspiration. I felt the cum rising, making my balls swell and my shaft throb. I was going to climax with real force!

"Let me feel you cum," Gauri cried. "It’ll feel so good…."

Then I was pumping loads of hot semen into her tight little pussy and she was growling with pure pleasure. She ground her ass against my pelvis as I shuddered and heaved, my sperm still spurting into her. Moments later she was cuming too, her body quivering as her cunt gripped me tight.

I collapsed moaning on Gauri’s softness. I had really cum with great force and I wanted to take a breather. But Poonam, who was quite excited by now and hadn’t had an orgasm, was in no mood to wait. "Think you can cum again?" she whispered. Her hand reached between our bodies to caress my semi-hard dick.

I tasted Gauri’s cunt juice as her mouth closed over mine and her tongue explored my open mouth. She was hot! All I had to do was lay there and enjoy, which is exactly what I did.

She pushed me over onto my back and straddled my face. "See if I’m ready," she whispered, as she lowered her sweet slick cunt to my lips. I let my tongue slide in and out and around as she rose and fell over my face.

She had a loud and apparently satisfying orgasm before she slid down my body and took my prick into her hole. Her cunt muscles throbbed against my stiffening pole.

I remained perfectly still. It was her show. I wanted her to enjoy every second of it.

She began very slowly, lifting her ass up and sliding that tight cunt of hers up my shaft, all the way to the tip. Then she would plunge her weight back down and take my prick into her quivering pussy to the hilt.

She began to pant and groan as her pumping became faster and faster. Her moans echoed through the large room and seemed to add to her excitement.

Her pussy was so tight that she soon had me hanging on, trying to hold back the flood of cum that ached to fill her hungry cunt. Luckily, since I had cum twice already, I could hold out for quite a while. Poonam realised this and suddenly moved off me.

She lay on her back next to Gauri, who had been lying quietly and watching. Poonam then lifted her legs wide, holding her thighs apart and showing me her exposed cunt. "Fuck both of us…..together!" Gauri was fast to catch on, rolling on to her back too and lifting her legs in exactly the same way. I now had two wet cunts waiting for my tool.

Poonam has beautiful inner cunt lips, which protrude invitingly from her big labia and seem to cry out to be fucked. I held my prick in my hand and bending forward from my knees, aimed it toward the wet target.

I slid all the way in to the hilt. I began thrusting and Poonam’s legs flew up around my waist as she closed her eyes and groaned in response to my moves. I cupped my hands under her soft, round ass cheeks so I could have a good grip.

I thrust harder and faster. Poonam squirmed and gasped, and somewhere deep inside her grasping cunt, fresh hot love juices poured out around my cock, greasing my shaft so thoroughly that it was an effort to keep from sliding all the way out on every backward thrust. Her cunt cream even squirted out onto my balls.

Speaking of balls, Gauri helped me along by reaching a hand down between our crotches and grabbing my heaving nutsack. She pulled at the loose scrotal skin and gently massaged my aching nuts. This sent a charge through my entire body and I knew I was rushing towards a tremendous climax.

Then suddenly Poonam’s legs fell away from me and she was pushing at my chest. "Her turn," she whispered. I groaned and pulled out of her and moved over to Gauri’s inviting hole. Seconds later I was sliding in, the now familiar cunt tightening around my tool. I began to stroke in and out.

For the next few minutes I was thrusting in and out, going deeper and harder than I had gone earlier. Gauri was panting and gasping with her excitement. Then Poonam was pulling at my arm and it was time to change. Soon, both bodies blurred in my over-heated mind. I lost count of the number of times I changed from one soft female body to the other --- and of the number of times I fucked each hole. Each time I felt the girl under me approaching an orgasm I would pull out and switch, leaving her moaning in frustration. It was a glorious fuck, with none of us able to cum.

Then finally, Gauri could take it no longer. She wound her legs around my hips and begged me to finish her. I thrust harder and deeper than ever before and within minutes she was choking, then going rigid with the force of her cum. I felt her cunt clamping and releasing around my cock but I waited till she was finished and then pulled out, determined to finish Poonam off too. I was rather tired, by now and knew I needed to cum pretty badly.

Poonam was waiting for me and I slid into her hot and wet cunt like a knife into butter. And I barely had to thrust a few times before I felt the old familiar heaving of her cunt walls, as she went into a harsh and gasping orgasm. This time, I knew I had to cum too.

We both came, harder than either of us had cum before. She was screaming, and her body jerked convulsively and her long fingernails dug into my back. I tried to kiss her, but her head was tossing from side to side. Her cunt muscles held me so tightly that it felt that my cock would never leave her pussy. Meanwhile I was pumping gob after gob of thick semen into her, in a climax that seemed to go on and on. Just when I thought it was over; my dick would contract powerfully and spurt out another wad of cum.

I can barely remember rolling off Poonam. I must have fallen asleep almost immediately, fucked out of my skull. When I woke in the morning, both the girls were long gone and Poonam had left me a little note hoping that I had enjoyed my birthday treat. The only traces of our exertions of the previous night was the cum stained sheet, and the sore feeling in my crotch. The hotel staff smiled knowingly as I checked out, but I was too tired to care. I just went back home and slept through the day.

I called Poonam later and asked where she had found Gauri. I was quite astonished to hear that the girl I had thought an innocent college girl was actually an expensive call girl. Poonam had simply asked one of the lobby staff, who had given her a number to call, where she just had to explain her requirements. Then she met Gauri in the lobby and knowing that she was exactly what I would like, had then brought her up to my room. She also told me that Gauri had said that the night was like no client she had ever serviced – normally she rarely if ever actually came and had to pretend a cum while some fat business man pounded his cock into her.

And while I never saw Gauri again, I am sure she must have done very well for herself. She was far too talented a fucker not to do so.

Poonam and I met a couple of times after that, but there was something missing from our affair. We had had a taste of a threesome and I think she was getting bored with just routine fucking.

So I was almost expecting it when she asked me to meet her one afternoon at a hotel coffee shop. While I was somewhat saddened at the thought of losing her, I had come to expect this day. And as we had not fucked for almost a month by then, I was pretty sure that she had found new pastures. Having awakened to the joys of sex so late, she was now enjoying it too much to stop. But what she had to tell me was astonishing.

She started by telling me that our affair was at an end. I stroked her hand and told her that I had been expecting this. Gently, I asked if she had someone else. Surprisingly, she blushed and looked down at the table. Then, softly, she admitted that she had found a new lover – two of them, in fact. I gaped.

Still speaking softly, and avoiding my eyes, she told me that she had been very excited by the threesome that we had had. And since I was very busy in the last few weeks, she had been missing our weekly fuck sessions. Which meant that she had gotten pretty horny – desperate enough to try a new idea.

What she did was visit one of the better-known pubs. Dressed in an expensive silk chiffon sari, she would nurse a drink and look the men over. Some of them asked her to dance, and she did join a couple, whom looked promising. But it was not until she met the Norwegian, Alex, that she was hooked.

She told me all about it the last time we were in bed together. We had just fucked and Poonam was relaxing next to me, contented and feeling sexy. I don’t know why she told me everything in such detail, but I think it was because she did not want me to feel bad that she was about to bring our affair to an end.

It was on my second night there, Poonam said. I was nursing my second martini of the evening when this big blond man asked me if I would dance. His deep blue eyes were quite exciting, and I agreed. We danced the next few numbers, talking a bit in between. He was in the export import business. As his company had several deals going in India, he had been stationed here, and was living out of a suite in a nearby five star hotel.

After a while, he invited me up to his room to taste some Scotch he had in his case. I think we both knew what we wanted, but he was the perfect gentleman, never touching me. Even when we were in his room and I was relaxing in a large chair, he didn’t make a move. We had a couple of drinks, chatting lightly. I was quite wet between the legs now, and I wondered whether he had spotted the furtive glances I had been giving the bulge at his crotch.

We were sitting in his suite and I could see that he was not sure whether to make a move on me. It was probably the first time Alex had met an Indian woman and I’m sure he had heard all about how ‘shy’ we were. I could see he was nervous and I was afraid he might actually lose his nerve. And I knew I wanted his cock.

I took matters into my own hands. I stood up suddenly and asked to use the bathroom. As I had guessed, it was in the bedroom. I quietly went in there, removed my sari and blouse and petticoat and waited there in my bra and panties. I did not have to wait long. He had not heard me go into the bathroom – It was not long before he came into the bedroom.

Alex froze, when he saw me. He stammered for a moment and then stopped. It was obvious to both of us what was going to happen – it was what we both wanted! He didn’t have to say a word. Of course the way his eyes took in my breasts and crotch made it as clear as day.

"Lali" he groaned. "I want you so bad.." It was as simple as that.

And when Alex came over and pushed me back onto the bed I simply reached up and held his shoulders. As I lay back, I simply moaned out aloud and stared up at him.

He unhooked my bra and leaned down to suck my nipples as my breasts separated and settled. Then he was taking off my panties as well, and sinking his face down between my legs. He began to eat me, poking his tongue about between my pussy lips and nipping them gently.

I grew wet instantly and I spread my legs wide for him and rolled my head about from side to side. Sparks of pleasure ran through me and my nipples ached, longing to feel his lips and tongue. Oh he is a very talented cunt-lapper!

He had me cumming in no time at all. And I hooked my heels into the coverlet and arched my back, thrusting my crotch into his sucking, gnawing mouth. Soon only my feet and shoulderblades seemed to be touching the bed, and I was quivering with pleasure.

He stood up suddenly and shoved down his shorts. His huge cock sprang out and swayed up and down. In my excited state, I would have fucked a donkey, but it was lucky that I didn’t really see his 12" tool at the time. He took it in his hand and crawled between my legs, nudging his cockhead between the lips of my cunt. He sank into me and began pumping hard.

I was half out of my mind. I lost track of time. All I could really feel was the hage steel bar that was stretching my cunt lips and moving in and out, in and out. In what seemed like seconds, he was quivering on top of me as he rammed his deeper and deeper. He swore and then he was shooting his cum into me in great hot gobs. Wad after wad of it spurted deep inside me. He seemed to have liters of the stuff.

We spent the next two hours together and apart from fucking once more, talked a lot. I don’t know whether it was the Scotch or Alex’s encouragement, but I suddenly found myself telling him all about you and the time we had done that threesome with Gauri. And before I knew what I was doing, I found myself wondering aloud about how it would be with two men…. Alex smiled and said that that would be very easy to arrange. As I stared at him, he explained that he had a partner who was at that moment away in Delhi on business, but would be back in a couple of days. Gerard was a Frenchman, and the two of them were very close, often indulging in orgies and threesomes when they were back in Europe.

I could barely wait. But Gerard was away and my husband had some parties that I had to attend with him. So it was almost ten days later that I found myself naked in bed with two fair European men and their stiff, red cocks.

In all sincerity I can now say that I hadn’t lived, sexually speaking, until I’d been to bed with two men at the same time. I was surrounded by cock and I loved it. That night will live forever in my memory as one of the most exciting and exotic I’ve ever spent.

I began by sucking both cocks. They were as hard as granite already and didn’t really need any extra stimulation, but I wanted them in my mouth desperately. It was an irresistible urge. I held them close to each other and drove my lips down on first one and then the other. At one point I butted them together and wrapped my mouth around both cockheads at once. I flicked my tongue between them and lost track of which cock was which.

That was such a large part of the turn-on for me, dealing with two cocks, two bodies. I found myself closing my eyes as the evening wore on, so that I wouldn’t know from time to time who was doing what to me.

They stroked me all over as I sucked their cocks, their hands moving over my breasts and belly, up my thighs and between my legs. My skin began to tingle. My nipples were rock-hard. I whimpered and groaned with pleasure.

Then we got down to some serious fucking. I lay on my back, letting Alex plow in and out of my cunt while I sucked hard on Gerard’s cock. I crouched on my hands and knees, gulping Alex’s prick deep into my throat while Gerard screwed me doggie-style. I sat on top of Gerard and bounced up and down on his dick while I held Alex’s cock in my fist and let him fuck my face. What a night!

I climaxed again and again. I lost track of how many times I came. But the men held back, keeping their cocks hard as steel for me. I ended up letting them do as they liked with me.

Alex lay flat on his back on the bed, his cock jutting up high through his fist. I squatted over him and Gerard helped lower me down on top of Alex’s prick. When he was inside me to the balls, I leaned forward and scraped my erect nipples lightly across Alex’s chest. Gerard crawled in behind me and planted one hand on my upturned ass cheeks.

The other hand held his cock and he pressed the swollen head up against the puckered ring of my asshole. I waited patiently, scarcely believing I was allowing this to happen. Maybe I didn’t believe it was really possible.

Gerard pressed down on me. He grabbed hold of my hair and tugged as if he was reining in a horse. Alex’s cock throbbed within my cunt.

For a few seconds nothing happened. I just felt a dull ache as Gerard’s large cock strained down between my asscheeks. But then something seemed to give. And inch after inch of his swollen cock forced its way into my tight asshole!

It was the first time I had been fucked up the ass! And this while I had another cock stuffed up my cunt!!

Inch after inch of cock filled my asshole until finally I felt Gerard’s pubic hair against my ass cheeks and knew he was in my all the way. I felt bloated, absolutely choked. With cock. I stayed sandwiched between them feeling like I was in some sort of trance. I could barely move.

They moved for me. Suddenly, both men were all motion, pistoning their cocks into me in sequence, as if they’d been programmed for this all their lives. I’ve never felt so good. I was stuffed with the cocks of two men, and the feelings rippling through me were indescribable. I started to cum again almost right away.

Alex stared up at me with a strange light in his eyes. He thrust his cock up inside me, grunting heavily as my cunt engulfed him. I knew he could feel the pressure of Gerard’s dick.

Gerard began bucking up and down on top of me as if he’d lost all control. He was plowing his cock into my ass up to the balls again and again. He panted and groaned in my ear, and I knew from the sound that he would be cumming any second.

"I can feel you cock, Alex! I can feel your cock in her cunt!" he cried. And he thrust his prick deep up my ass one more time.

Alex’s eyes glazed over suddenly. And then he seemed to go stiff and jerky. I thought I could feel his cock expanding inside me and then it flexed once, then spurted out a stream of cum that made me tremble with ecstasy. I could feel every spurt!

I twisted my head and looked at Gerard over my shoulder, and with a great lunge of his hips he began pouring out his semen in thick, sticky wads. Once, twice, three times his cock trembled. And each time it shot out a stream of sperm deep into my bowels. Both men were cuming inside me at the same time.

When she finished telling me this incredibly hot episode, Poonam stopped and squeezed my prick meaningfully. I realized the telling had excited me considerably and I had a rock hard stand. So I did what she wanted – climbed on top of her and thrust smoothly into her moist cunt. We fucked slowly, knowing already that it was probably the last time we would do so. Poonam had developed a taste for two man sessions, and I did not think her new boyfriends were going to want me in on the trio. Also, I did not think I wanted to share her like that – I was not quite ready psychologically for something like this – call me an MCP, but while I had really enjoyed our threesome with Gauri, I did not think I could handle sharing my woman with another man -- on the same bed! And I knew I had no interest in anal love!

The months after Poonam and I split were quite frustrating. I had no other lover and I made no move on any of my old girlfriends. I knew no one who could match Poonam in really hot sex, and I was still smarting from the fact that she had actually moved on to another lover – two of them, actually.

Then, one day, right out of the blue, she called me. After the mutual exchange of pleasantries – I carefully refrained from asking her about her sex life and we did not refer to anything intimate, she asked if I was in town for the next few days. When I replied that I was, she asked if I could take a friend of hers out for dinner. She said this was an old classmate who had been her best friend in school. And she was rather keen to meet me…. She left a lot unsaid, but I could read between the lines – she was feeling guilty that I had been left in the lurch, so to speak, and she was trying her best to set me up with another girl. Not wanting to seem upset, I agreed and we fixed a lunch date.

I was not sure what to expect – probably a plumpish society type who perhaps was looking for a bit of cock on the side. But when I looked up to see the girl standing by my table, I could only hold my breath in surprise. Long, thick dark hair that fell almost to her waist, a slim waist set off by the low-hipped sari that she wore, breasts that pushed against her sleeveless blouse, the silk tight over each one. A lovely face, the fair skin set off by the full red lips. I just couldn’t keep my eyes off her lips – she had colored them a very dark red and all I could think of was how they would look wrapped around the head of my dick. Her name was Lalitha.

We sat and chatted while we had a drink each, but neither of us ordered any food. We kept stealing glances at each other, until I just couldn’t take it any more and whispered that I had some Scotch at my place. She agreed, after I moment’s hesitation. In the taxi, we sat well apart – I did not trust myself close enough to her!

Alone at my place (she was the first girl I had invited home – all the rest I had met and fucked at various city hotels), I poured us a shot of scotch each. As she sipped hers, she stood at the window looking out and I knew I had to have her. The blood was heavy in my head as I went up behind her and slid my arms about her, running my hands over the taut mounds of her bosom. And then she put her glass down with one graceful movement and turned in my arms and those lovely lips were pressed to mine, our tongues already hotly exploring each other’s mouths.

Her body melted to mine. She was pliant, supplicating. I touched the surprising firmness of her breasts again and felt a nipple quickly harden between my fingers. She slipped a hand between my legs, unzipping my fly and I felt my stomach muscles contract sharply when she gripped my balls in a hard fist. Mmmm, it felt good! She knew just how to touch!

I squeezed her breasts and she moaned at my touch, then her entire body slid downwards like a snake. I felt her hands at my fly, withdrawing my swollen meat. "Oh, I love your cock," she moaned.

She was pulling me down on the floor, using my dick as a kind of string. I knelt on the floor, right between her soft, full thighs. Her hands touched and stroked me, fingering my ass, tugging at my balls. "Fuck me. Fuck me right away. I can’t wait!" she whispered, lifting her inviting hips up and swaying them, trying to draw me in. She wanted it bad, this one!

"Not so fast!" I told her and eased my body up, finally straddling her face. She asked me what I was doing and as she opened her mouth I pushed the head of my cock just past her full, sensual lips and told her softly to lick the head of my cock.

I pushed slowly and her beautiful crimson lips opened and the head of my cock vanished into the hottest, and suddenly wettest mouth I could imagine. I could feel her tongue exploring the head of my cock. I felt my cock grow hotter and harder as her tongue began to swipe at it. I told her to tighten her lips around it, making it like a tight vagina. She listened to me. She licked at it, her tongue flitting in and out of her mouth. It felt like butterflies dancing on the head of my meat. She devoured it hungrily; I could feel the warmth of her mouth as she scraped her tongue against the length of my shaft. I shuddered uncontrollably for a couple of seconds. She was fantastic!

Her lips closed around me and her mouth was filled with more saliva. Her eyes watched mine and I think she took pleasure in seeing my excitement. I could imagine how wet her pussy must be.

Lalitha began to suck me, slowly at first; then her head bobbed up and down rhythmically. I watched the smoothness of her body, the creamy, unblemished skin, the tensed musculature of her calves and thighs as she worked on me. Her eyes were closed; she was lost in the rapture of fellating me.

I pushed slowly; feeding my cock into her mouth as she suddenly began to suck at it without urging. Her lips were tightly compressed around it and I could see that she was really getting off on sucking my cock. Me too! I pushed further and further, but took it slow. Her hands came up and held my tool by the base and I took two handfuls of her thick hair as my cock went all the way down her throat and out again!

I lifted my ass in my heated passion and fucked her long and slow in the throat. I pushed in and out and was delighted with the way she sucked at my cock and pushed her tongue hard against it as I fucked her faster and faster. Spittle was flying all over, dripping down from the corners of her mouth and she was eating it all up! I lifted and pushed and felt the hot flow of juice in that full mouth. I loved watching my cock disappear inside her sweet lips.

I could feel myself building higher and higher from her expert stroking; I had wanted to fuck her, but this felt oh, so good. She milked my tool sucking progressively faster; I tried to hold back, wanting not to come too fast. She consumed my cock as though she was starved! Much against my will, I went closer and closer. Finally, I stopped her. I put my hands to her shoulders and pulled her up to me. "Let’s not waste it here," I said.

"Oh I want to do things to your body!" she said, breathing much heavier. "Show me your bedroom!"

At the entrance to it, she pressed her hot body against mine again. She unbuttoned my shirt and buried her face in my chest. I felt her hands on my belt buckle; soon she had all my clothes off. "Lie down," she said. "Let me do all the work." I couldn’t argue with that. She’d been pretty good so far. I relaxed on the bed and watched her.

Lalitha stood slightly in front of me, her legs spread slightly apart, toes pointed outward. The sari fell in soft folds around her ankles; the satin skirt went next and then her fingers went behind her back to undo her blouse. The cloth slipped down her arms to reveal large breasts, proud and sexy in a lacy white bra. Then, looking into my eyes, she unsnapped this and let it fall away. Even though her breasts were large, they did not sag. Two fingers played with the elastic of her white panties. Slowly she lowered the lacy garment; her thick bush was dark. against her white skin. She stepped out of her panties and knelt on the bed. "Would you eat me?" she asked.

"Love to," I said, loving her frankness. I sat up somewhat as she straddled my chest, facing me. I grabbed her ass and pulled her sweet pussy to me. Her hands held the headboard for stability, and she pushed her pelvis at me, grinding her bush into my face.

Lalitha tasted sweet, the taste of healthy pussy. I licked at it, my tongue slowly covering the length of her labia. "Ooooh," she moaned. I clutched at her buttocks, appreciating the tightness, the firmness of her muscles as she involuntarily flexed them to my tongue action.

She touched her breast with her free hand; I saw her tweak a nipple, then pinch it slightly. I licked a little faster, concentrating now on the point of her clitoris. I watched as she pulled at her nipple, pinching it, twisting it. She stretched her nipple out before her, then threw back her head, and I heard a long groan of passion. Her hips thrust wildly into my face and I knew she was close to a big climax. Saving the best for last, I held her ass tightly and gently kissed her clit.

"Aaaaggghhhh!" she moaned and came all over me, twisting and thrusting. Seeing the effect that it had on her, I continued to lick it, rolling her flesh gently between my lips.

"Oooooh," she said, then came a series of small but wrenching climaxes. "Give me your cock!" she panted.

My untended tool had been waiting, solid and throbbing. I made an effort to get up; I wanted to mount her.

"Nooo" she cooed, pushing me down. "I’m going to ride you!" She moved down my body, her wet slit poised above my waiting cock. She lowered herself roughly on it and I felt the tightness of her pussy as she took it all in. Gosh, she was good! "You’re so hard!" she said to me. "You feel so good!"

Lalitha placed her hands on my chest and began to go up and down. It felt great but it was time to try something new. "Rock on me," I said. "Go back and forth, not up and down. Ever do that before?"

"No" she said. I grinned, "You’ll love it.

She rocked slowly, tentatively, at first. "Oooh, that’s nice," she said. My cock rode inside her at a different angle. She rocked faster, stroking my meat beautifully with talented, tight pussy lips. Her pelvis ground into mine with each forward rock and I could tell that she was getting close very quickly. Taking my cue from what I’d seen her doing to herself moments ago, I reached up to her globes and squeezed them. She groaned with each stroke now, and I gently pinched her nipples, then pulled them. Wow, she went crazy! She rocked faster than I thought possible, bringing us both closer. Suddenly she froze in mid-stroke and let out a long moan.

Every muscle in her body strained on top of me; she shook for a moment from tension, then she relaxed, breathing heavily. My palms pressed against her breasts, holding up her limp body.

I eased her off me and laid her on the bed. Slowly, she regained her strength. "Wow!" she said. "That was wonderful!" She hugged me. "That was even better than I expected!" She looked down at me. "Give me a minute to catch my breath," she panted. "Then it’s your turn."

I rolled over on top of her, feeling those wonderful tits against my chest. I leaned back on my haunches; she spread her legs for me and I pulled at her thighs, bringing her swollen cunt lips closer and closer to my thick tool. I lifted her hips to me and penetrated her. Lalitha arched her back, pushing herself to me till I was buried to the hilt. Holding her firm ass, I stroked slowly into her.

I felt the sleek skin of her soft legs as they slid against my thighs. Her hands gripped the sheets and her head rolled slowly from side to side as she moaned softly with each stroke. I reached out and massaged her breasts; her eyes closed and she was lost in pleasure. She was such a beautiful lover, I thought. I would do whatever was necessary to keep this from being a one-time fuck.

I stroked harder into her. Her pussy lips tightened against my cock. It was harder to push into her but ten times more pleasurable. I matched her tightness with rougher strokes. I felt myself getting very close. Her head thrashed from side to side and she began to come again. I felt my sperm shooting from me, deep within her, her taut cunt squeezing, milking me, satisfying me better than I had been for a long time. I came until I couldn’t and she continued to push her pelvis to me. Finally I just fell out, totally spent.

Well, there it is. That’s how Lali and I got together. You’ve heard all about us after that and we’re still together. Now, I must end this, because the two girls are eating each other on the bed and I’ve got such a hard-on from remembering all of this and watching them, that it’s painful.

See you sometime – maybe we can party?

Lots of sexy kisses,


* * * * *

To Be Continued...


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