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Letter to Trudy
by Richard Janice


Remember when we met for the first time in a crowded subway station in Manhattan. I, a successful investment banker, dressed in only the finest. You were dressed in a beautiful white short evening dress that just barely covered your ass. We got on the train together and just casually exchanged glances while I found a seat in the back.

You were forced to stand in front of me holding a handle attached to the subway car. People were squeezing you from all sides. It was 5:25 and everybody was going home for the evening. It was a normal trip home you thought until you felt a hand caressing your ass ever so gently. You thought to yourself that somebody probably brushed up against you but it continued with more intensity.

I am going to make this lady come, I thought devilishly to myself as I rubbed your ass, just enough to make you wet for my future plans. You could not believe how hot this train had suddenly become. I proceeded to step two of my plan. I ran my fingers down your leg so slightly that you barely felt them. When I got to the bottom, I slowly worked my way back up to your awaiting pussy. I was not too surprised to learn that you weren't wearing any panties. I kept thinking to myself what I would love to do to this beautiful creature if there weren't hundreds of people around. I proceeded to put my hand on your bare ass under your dress. I could feel the heat your body is radiating. You jumped when I ran my finger between your cheeks, giving you exquisite pleasure. I felt your wetness emanating from your steamy cunt. I gently caressed your pussy and flicked your clit with my middle finger. You pushed your hips out to me to enhance your pleasure. Just at that moment, I pulled my hand away and continued to read my Wall Street Journal. I didn't want you to come that easily. You couldn't believe the unbelievable pleasure had ended so abruptly.

"Damn. Just when I was about to come. Oh well. I will just have to finish the job myself when I get home." You thought to yourself as you peeked over your shoulder. You saw four men sitting behind you all within reach and all looking at you except for a handsome Wall Street type reading his paper. You quickly ruled him out and decided it must have been that old man with the sly grin. You gave him a quick smile since, after all, you haven't been this hot since the time your older brother's friend sneaked into your room and woke you by licking your pussy. Or the time you walked in on your brother while he was masturbating and coming all over your white panties.

The subway stopped at your exit and you were disappointed that you have to get off. You walked two blocks and entered your apartment feeling along the way that you were being followed. You quickly went to your dressing table and withdrew your handy artificial cock. Unfortunately, the batteries were dead. You went to the bathroom and turned on the hot water in the tub. You took off all of your clothes and just as you were about to get in, the doorbell rang. You are a bit of an exhibitionist, so you proceeded to the door wearing just your thin white shirt and holding a dildo in your left hand.

I was pleasantly surprised when you answered the door wearing only the white shirt. I could see that I did my job well by the hardness of your nipples.

"Can I help you?" you asked.

"Yes, I am the man from the bus who has a job to catch up on. Take off your shirt and lie on the bed."

Excited and a little bit afraid, you did as I asked. I walked over and inspected my prize. You were so beautiful. I stared into your soft blue eyes. I pulled out a blindfold and tied it around your head.

"I am going to give you the longest, most intense orgasm that you have ever had." I said to you.

Your lips were so beautiful; I felt I must taste them. Just as you were really starting to get into our kiss, I stopped and began to bring you to another sexual level. I slowly ran my fingertips over your body starting with your neck and proceeded to your arms. My fingers rubbed up and down your arms. You felt yourself starting to let go and became extremely relaxed. My fingers then moved over your chest making sure not to overly excite you. They slid between your breasts and I circled your nipples with my fingertips. Then I blew some warm air on your aching nipples. You shuddered as I did this and I proceeded to run my fingers over your stomach. I kissed your soft stomach as I did this. From there, I ran my fingers down your leg and back, making sure not to touch you where you most wanted to be touched.

My fingers moved across to your other leg. As I worked my way back up your leg, I planted kisses, one after another on you. My finger continued to go up your leg slowly and I caressed your clit gently as I passed. I could see your body shuddering so I flicked your clit roughly with my tongue.

"Oh yes! Lick my clit! I'm about to come. Lick it, please lick it." You moaned.

With that, I knew I had you where I wanted you. I stopped, grabbed your arms and tied you to your bed.

"What are you doing? I was just about to come. Please make me come. I am so hot, I need to come." You pleaded.

"Don't worry." I said, " You will come, but only when I want you to and not before."

I kissed your pussy and left. You couldn't believe this was happening to you. You were tied to your bed and couldn't move a muscle.

When I returned I had a bottle of baby oil. I proceeded to rub oil all over your beautiful titties and took pleasure in the hardness of your nipples. I proceeded to rub more oil on your soft belly and down to your already very wet pussy. I continued rubbing for a very long time, going up to your breasts and across your soft belly and returning to that delightful pussy. You were writhing in ecstasy as I continued to rub. Your voice was so wonderful as you softly moaned in pleasure.

I knelt next to you on the bed and stroked my hard cock with the baby oil. I positioned my cock over your face as I stroked it slowly. You moaned and flicked your tongue out at my cock. You wanted to taste it.

I laid my rigid cock across your mouth and you quickly took in the head and began sucking rhythmically. The pleasure of your mouth was so intense. I couldn't stop the feeling welling up inside. I came in your mouth.

I look at your pussy lips, pink and swollen and I rubbed them with my fingers. I inserted two of my fingers inside your wet folds and massaged inside your pussy until you came. I felt the wondrous rhythmic squeezing of you pussy on my fingers as you moaned in pleasure.

I whispered in your ear. "Trudy, I love you."

Another fine story by Richard Janice.
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