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Looking Through The Eyes Of Love
by nashangel

Have you ever looked at someone and thought they were the most beautiful person you've ever seen? When you're in love that's what you see every time you look at your partner. You want to study them and memorize the way they look and feel so that you can see them even when they are not with you. This story is about a woman who used a very creative way to memorize the way her lover looked and felt when they were together last. The story goes something like this.

She had spent the day doing little odd and end things in the house and remembering the events of the night before. She could remember the way he smelled and she could remember the way he looked in the candle light. She then sat down and just let her mind wonder. She goes back to the wonderful night before. She remembers back to the shower she took and thinks of the way her nipples tingled under the shower as she thought of the plans ahead with her lover. She could feel her body begin to tingle as she thought of his touch. She then remembers imagining him as he stood naked in the shower preparing to take her to a new level. She trembles as she thinks of the passion and of the feel of his breath on her neck. She then remembers the thoughts running through her head as she slipped off her clothes and slipped into bed to await his arrival. She remembers longing for him to climb into bed with her and take her.

She remembers how he felt when he slipped into bed beside her. She remembers the feelings she had as he lay there beside her. She finally could take it no more and turned toward so that her breasts were against his bare skin. He then took her in his arms and kissed her passionately. She remembers melting into his arms and longing to feel his touch on her skin. He then instructed her to take his cock into her mouth and suck it until he's almost ready to blow and then tells her to stop there as he plans to eat her pussy and make her come. Her body tingles again at the thought of his lips and mouth on her pussy. Her pussy begins to moisten as she thinks of the pleasure that awaits her, but the process speeds up as she takes his cock into her mouth. She vows to herself that she will make this a special evening as she will suck his cock to the point that it's ready to explode. She begins making her way down his body as she gently slides her lips and tongue down the path to his warm cock.

She enjoys listening to the moans as she does this and she's happy that her touch can pleasure her man this way. She takes his cock into her mouth and works her mouth and lips up and down on his cock as it becomes harder with each stroke. She moves her lips down the entire length of his erect cock and pauses at the end to suck a little harder and drive him wild. He moans as she does this and she can't help but smile as she feels his cock stiffen. She licks the entire length of it and nibbles at the head of his cock wanting desperately to chew harder. She then kisses his rock hard cock to it's extremity and moves down to his balls. She licks them and takes them into her mouth, first one and then the other. She buries her tongue between them and licks them furiously. She then moves back up to the cock she so desperately wants to pleasure.

She begins sucking it again with her hot lips clamped around it, she strokes it gently up and down. As she becomes more excited by the feel of his cock in her mouth and the juices that flow from it, her strokes become faster and more intense. He begins to moan a little stronger and move with her strokes as to bury his cock in her throat. With each stroke that she makes, she memorizes how his cock feels in her mouth and how it stiffens more with every stroke. She longs for the day when she can make his body tremble and make him beg for mercy. She is to the point now where she wants to have him take her and bury his hot cock deep into her hot pussy. Her juices have long since been flowing as she studied her lover's manhood.

She was pleased with the fact that he seemed to enjoy the touch of her mouth on his manliness and it made her burn with desire. He then sits up and takes her in his arms and rolls her over on the bed. He kisses her neck and works his way down her trembling body with his kisses. He pauses shortly to take each of her breasts into his mouth only for a second and gives each one his undivided attention. He then works his way down her stomach to the very slit that beckons him. She gasps as he touches her slit gently and then moves in deeper to find her pussy hot and wet. He smiles with pride as he moves his fingers deeper into the juices that flow from her. She trembles with delight as he moves down to consume her with his mouth. He moves from one point to another and she spreads her lips wider to allow him deeper into her. She moans and wiggles with pleasure at the touch of his mouth and tongue on her lips and clit. He then nibbles on her clit and brings her even more pleasure.

She lays there memorizing the feel of his mouth on her wet pussy. She enjoys his every touch and longs for him more with each stroke he makes. His eating is endless as his touch pleasures her every where his tongue touches her. He licks her furiously as he feels her clit harden under his tongue. He laps at the juices that flow form her pussy and nibbles on the hard clit before him. She moans with pleasure as she begins to climax. He buries his face into the hot pussy that begs for his touch. He sucks on the clit until he feels her body tremble with delight and feels her pussy contract with each stroke. Her pleasure causes his cock to harden even more as he longs to bury it deep inside her. She opens herself up to him as if she's begging him to come inside. She moans with sheer delight as he buries his hot, rock hard cock deep inside her.

She grinds her body at him as if to help him with the strokes. She once again memorizes how he feels inside her so she can never forget. Each stroke brings a new cry of pleasure from both him and her as he plunges deeper inside her. She trembles as he climaxes and she can feel the hot juices flowing from his cock. And she smiles at the thought of having pleased her man. Her ultimate satisfaction is feeling his cum shoot from his hard cock as that lets her know that he has reached his ultimate ecstasy. He crumbles in her arms form pleasure and exhaustion. They lay together in a heap as the juices flow. She then comes back to reality to realize that her underwear is wet from thinking of their pleasurable experience. She smiles at the thought of knowing that she will see her lover again tonight and she yearns for him . She longs for the day when she can take him to the level of ecstasy that he has taken her to. She wants to feel him wiggle and moan begging her to fuck him furiously.

Her pussy trembles at the thought of him begging for her. She then slips back into her daydream of the night before. She remembers laying in his arms and gently rubbing his cock with her hands. She smiles as she remembers how his cock hardened to her touch. She remembers how she felt when he told her to choose her position and he would fill her pussy again. Her pussy contracts at the thought of this. SHe rolls over onto her stomach with her ass in the air opening her pussy wide for him to enter. As he plunges into her, she massages her clit as to reach a second orgasm. She moves her hand from her pussy to his balls as she pulls his balls in to the warmth and pleasure of her pussy. She grinds her pussy against his cock so she can consume him completely. He continues to fuck her pussy until they both reach the breaking point again. They both fall to the bed again in each others arms basking in the pleasure they have both just experienced.

She once again comes back to reality and again feels the juices flowing from her pussy. She closes up her books and attempts to get ready to leave. She then looks up to see her lover watching with delight. She smiles at him and notices the bulge in his pants. She glows with delight as she realizes that he has become excited from watching her. She rubs her hands over his hardness and promises him that she will take care of it before the night is through.


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