The Best Erotic Stories.

Pt. V: Four Becomes Six
by Matt

Things went really well with the addition of Charley to our group, it was great, he was easy to live with for all of us. Everyone had their fill of great sex at what I thought was it's absolute best. My lovely Carol had picked up a strange preference however. If I were at home, she always wanted me to help start Charley's cock in her sweet cunt or ass when he fucked her. She told me that it helped her to be sure I still approved of her fucking Charley. Sort of symbolic, if I put Charley's cock in her cunt it must still be OK with me for her to fuck him. Patty started doing the same. I began to wondered if the stated reason was true. I kept remembering Carol's comment about wishing I were bi-sexual like her. I wondered if the girls were just trying to get Charley and I used to handling another guys cock. It seemed to be working cause I had gotten to where I thought nothing of wrapping Charley's big hard cock in my fingers and guiding him into my lady love.

Weeks later as Carol and I sat at a coffee house between classes I remembered her comment about Paul the professor and his wife. I thought it over and then smiled to myself as I enjoyed the idea of Carol with three men. My cock started getting hard and Carol saw the smile on my face and asked,

"OK buster what evil thoughts are you hatching now?"

"Have you seen Professor Paul lately?"

She smiled,

"Want me to?"




"OK, I'll be back in a while... give me an hour and meet me back here darling.... are you sure?"

"I'm sure... see you in and hour and Carol.... have fun."

She got up and left me with a definite twinkle in her eye. I went to my next class and afterward hurried back to the coffee shop. Carol sat there waiting, she seemed to be glowing... I wonder why? (not really). I joined her and said,

"Well? Anything interesting happen?"


"Ok you fucking tease... what?"

"I went to his building and dropped by his office just to say hello."

"Yeah right."

"Well I did say hello... I also wanted to see if he was still interested in me and how Gloria, his wife, was."

"Did you fuck both of them before Carol?"

"Uh-Huh, we had some great threesomes at their house, just the three of us. Great fun. She is bi like me. I don't know for sure but I think Paul may be too. Could be your chance to try it honey....."

"Yeah right baby... I would rather watch you with men.... but was Paul 'interested'?"

"Of course, how could you doubt it?"

And she laughed and I felt her shoe-less foot in my lap on my cock as she said,

"You getting hard thinking about Paul? Want to enjoy sucking his cock like I do? It really is good."

"Never mind that stuff Carol, what happened between you and Paul?"

"OK well I knocked on his door and he called out for whoever to come in. I opened the door and stepped inside and reached behind me and locked the door... you know just in case. Paul jumped up when he saw me and came around his desk to meet me. He took my hand in his and kissed it lightly and was obviously glad to see me. His cock was starting to get hard, from past memories I guess. As he continued to hold my hands in his he pressed them into my tits lightly just brushing my nipples. I looked down at where my hard nipples were starting to show clearly and sighed saying, 'Paul you still turn me on, you pervert.'

'Enough to do anything about it Carol? I have missed you and so has Gloria'

'Could be Paul, but first let me bring you up to date, I have found the love of my life, we plan to be wed after graduation this coming spring. I love him so much I can't believe it and he is just as crazy about me. He is very good in bed and is very understanding of my extra-curricular needs. We are living with another couple and Dave loves to watch Charley fuck me. I mentioned to him that one of my fantasies was to have three men fuck me at the same time. Dave and Charley are game,..... I thought of you as a third... if you are interested?'

"Dave, his hands covered my tits then and I let him have his way, hell I was enjoying it, I had planned it. He kissed me deeply and I enjoyed remembering what a great tongue he had. I kissed him back and felt his hard cock pressing against me. Fuck... all he had to do then was to ask, or push me down on his desk or just about anything, I was ready to fuck him, so ready to fuck him again. I had stopped by the ladies rest room and removed my panties. I had worn a brief mini-skirt so I was pretty open. His hand found my bare wet pussy and before I knew it he leaned me against the wall and shoved his hard cock in me standing up. I came the minute he was in all the way. Shit Dave I loved the idea of fucking a professor in his office as all the students milled around just outside the door. Well anyway it was nice and we are all invited to their home tonight."

She stared at me for several seconds, waiting for my response. This was the first 'outside fuck' either of us had had since we met and she was nervous about me. I smiled and said,

"Your fucking Paul has me turned on sweetheart. You are so hot... I can't tell you how much I love it."

Her foot had been rubbing my hard cock and I was about to cum from her story and her foot. I told her to stop but she just smiled and rubbed harder and faster and she said,

"Dave, just think sweetheart, tonight I am going to fuck you and two other men at the same time. You are going to watch Paul and Charley fuck me and then later we three ladies are going to have an orgy. Can't you just imagine Charley in my cunt and Paul in my ass?"

It was too much for me and as she hoped, I came in my pants. It went on and on and on as she kept rubbing me with her foot. Finally I stopped and then began to feel the wet sticky mess I had just made in my pants. Carol giggled. She rarely giggles having a great laugh but now she giggled... so pleased with her self.

"OK ass hole, now what do I do?"

She laughed and stood up and walked toward the door laughing softly. She really got a charge out of my predicament. I gingerly got up and followed her. It was bad enough that I walked out in front of those people with the front of my pants wet... but it was so fucking sticky.

Back at the apartment I showered and when I came out Charley had come home and Carol and he were in the floor fucking dog style. Carol looked up at me and said,

"Give me your cock baby and let me suck you to make up for my silly trick this afternoon."

I was happy to.

Patty came in shortly and she joined us, laying under Carol so she could lick her clit and Charley's cock as he fucked into Carol just above her face. Her bare cunt was just below me and I enjoyed watching it pulse as Charley fucked Carol as she sucked my cock as Patty ate Carol's clit. Four is a great number.

Over supper we discussed the coming night. Everyone was eager and a little nervous. Carol told us all about Paul and Gloria and that anything goes. If we guys wanted to fuck Paul's ass she thought he would be willing... or about anything else we could think of. With that twinkle in her eye again she said to Charley and I.

"Tonight's your chance to join Patty and I as full fledged bi-sexual types."

Charley and I just looked at each other and shook our heads.

Everyone dressed pretty casual, assuming whatever we wore would quickly be doffed. Sweats, with nothing underneath.

Paul and Gloria had a lovely home, complete with pool and hot tub. 'A professor must make good money', I thought. As the door opened a great looking women of about 28 met us. It was Gloria. Beautiful with a great body. Paul obvious liked young women. It turned out that Gloria had been one of his students. Paul joined us shortly. He was a good looking guy. I could see why Carol liked them both. I found myself dropping my eyes to his cock showing through his pants when no one was looking and it was large. 'Damn you Carol', I thought, 'now I'm looking at a guy's cock curiously.'

A great wine was served and soft music played through a fine sounding stereo. Paul led us into their den. All I could think of as I looked around was 'holy shit'. The room was big and plush with a circle of large couches, like small beds facing this huge fireplace in a U shape. It was chilly outside and Paul had a cozy fire going. All of that was down in a pit... real cozy. There was a series of windows across one entire wall looking out on the pool and the hot tub surrounded by a high privacy fence. The carpet was so thick that the floor sort of sunk under us as we walked toward the pit area.

Gloria led the way and she sat on one couch, Paul sat on another giving us a hint to separate as couples. Carol sat by Paul... very close to Paul, her thigh pressing against his as his arm slid around her shoulders familiarly. Then I grinned to myself as I thought 'Hell I guess they are familiar, he just fucked Carol a couple of hours ago.'

Charley joined Gloria, imitating Paul by sliding his arm around Gloria. Gloria leaned into Charley pressing a large tit into his side. Patty and I took the other couch and I wrapped my arms around her familiar sexy body and kissed her lightly to let her know I was glad to be with her anytime. Her hand dropped on my leg with her finger tips touching the head of my cock through my pants.

Paul spoke up,

"I was delighted when Carol visited me at my office this morning. We had a delightful reunion, literally. I understand the four of you share everything so I won't be coy tonight. I loved fucking Carol again. She is truly one of the great fucks of the world."

Carol turned and kissed him lightly on the lips as her hand found his soft cock. She squeezed it and said,

"Thank you sweety, I loved it too."

I noticed Gloria stroking Charley's very hard cock. Then Paul spoke again,

"I understand, that while anything is OK with all of us, everyone is permitted to enjoy everyone else, but the real 'cause celeb' is for Carol to try three cocks at the same time."

Carol sighed and nodded,

Patty spoke up,

"Don't exclude me from that please."

Then Gloria,

"Let's make it unanimous, shall we guys, none of us girls want to miss that."

There was a large open area in front of the couches that was the size of a king sized bed. Obvious a good place for Carol, and the other ladies, to be triple fucked.

Paul had been undressing Carol. She had worn a sweat suit and was quickly nude. He took every opportunity to touch and squeeze Carol in all the spots designed to rev her engine as they kissed. She quickly had that glazed look she gets when she is dying to be fucked. Hell we all were quickly nude and everyone was more than ready. Paul led Carol to the floor of the pit and said,

"Give each of us our personal target sweetheart, frankly all of your targets are so delectable, now tell us who you want where."

Carol looked so beautiful standing there nude, the light from the fire dancing over her svelte body. I could hardly wait for things to start. Then Carol said,

"I want Dave in my mouth so he can watch Charley and Paul fucking me. I can't begin to tell you how I enjoy my true love watching. I want Charley in my cunt and you, Paul, in my ass."

Charley moved to the center of the pit and lay on his back, knowing what was required of him, Carol smiled at him and blew him a kiss and impaled herself on his familiar rigid weapon. She fucked him slowly as the rest of us watched and soon she had a light sheen on her skin that made her look sexier than ever. Paul approached her ass as he lubricated his big cock with KY. When he touched it to her ass cheeks Carol groaned loudly,

"Oh yes Charley fuck me... yes Paul I am so ready, fuck my ass please..."

I watched as Paul slowly eased his cock into Carols ass and I'll be damned if I didn't wonder what it felt like. Carol gasped as he pressed it to the hilt and there was no doubt how she felt about it as she screamed,

"Oh fuck Paul, your cock feels so fucking good in my ass, oh fuck me hard baby... drive me into Charley's monster cock."

Paul thrust in sync with Carol and Charley and Carol started cumming wildly. As the guys continued fucking her she came back to her senses a little and pulled me to her and kissed my lips hard. Then when we broke she said huskily, in short gasps to the rhythm of their fucking,

"How... do I ... look... sweet...heart? How.. do you... like.... watching.... your....wife-to-be ...taking ...these... big...hard... fucking.... cocks... from... two... other... men.. while watch?"

My cock stood out like a fence post (felt like it to me anyway) and I moaned as Carol took her third cock, my cock, deep in her throat,

"Shit Carol you look beautiful... I love watching you get fucked by Paul and Charley ... I want you to enjoy your fucking fantasy fulfillment to the fullest." (all puns intended)

To Be Continued...


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