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Laura's Weekend 
by Ezmoni

Laura was home alone for the weekend. Her latest flame, Cliff, had gone out of town for a funeral with his family and wouldn't be back until sometime late Monday afternoon.

She felt particularly bored that Saturday afternoon, so when Marshall called, bragging about the Pearl Jam concert tickets he had scored, she was happy to oblige his request for her company. Marshall had had 'The Hots' for Laura, ever since he met her at Joel's party last summer. Laura knew it, but she was willing to put up with his affections for the sake of an am-using evening. He said he'd be by at 6:00pm to pick her up.

At 5:00, Laura took her shower and started to get ready for her date. "If Cliff knew I was going on a date with Marshall, he'd shit a brick!" she thought to herself, and giggled. Cliff was good to her, but there was definitely something missing in their relationship. He was to so SET in his ways, and so predictable. She wished he was a bit more adventurous. A bit more exciting!

Laura decided that if she was going to get caught at the concert with another guy, and the gossip was going to flow anyways, she was going to make it look good! She decided to wear the black leather mini-skirt that she had bought at the coast on her vacation last year. It was tight and short and definitely accentuated her good points! Cliff had not allowed her to wear it anywhere with him, saying it made her look too promiscuous or something! So, why not wear it now! She topped it off with a silky, silver tank top that clung to her breasts, and made her look inviting, to say the least. Her new black lace-up sandals, would be the final addition to her new, seductive ensemble.

At 6:07 there's a knock at the door! She quickly applied the last coat of lip gloss and went for the door. Opening it, she was treated to a side of Marshall she had never seen before. Or at least that she had never noticed! He looked GOOD! "Whoa!" she kinda stammers backward, looking him up and down. Meanwhile, his eyes are delighted, too, and he gives her a grin that could charm the pants off a mannequin! "Ready to go?" he asks. "Let's do it!" she replied, and out the door she went.

"I thought we'd stop at the park and maybe put away a couple shots of this peach brandy I brought", and he pulls the top-half of a bottle out from under his jacket on the console. "Sounds good! I always like to get a little buzz going before I go to a concert anyway. It seems to 'Enhance' the music! He agrees.

Minutes later he pulls up to the curb by the park and they both get out. Looking around, "Let's go sit on that bench over there", he says, and Laura follows. Just before they reach the bench, Laura trips on the top edge of a sprinkler head and as she stumbles and almost hits the ground, Marshall reaches out and grabs her by the arm. "Damn thing!" she exclaims and tries not to look clumsy. "You alright?" he replies and his eyes scanned the length of her teetering body. Before she can even answer he interjects, "That's a dumb question. I can see right now, that you're much more than alright. You're Mighty Fine!" he boasts and she giggles a bit. "Fine, but clumsy!" she adds, and he escorts her to the bench.

They sit and sip brandy and talk about some of the other couples they knew. "Where's Cliff at tonight? I thought you two were a hot item these days!" he asks. "Well, not so hot as you might think. But he's out of town this weekend." she replies. "What do you mean?" "Well....I dunno, he's just, well, pretty lukewarm lately. But enough about him" and with that, he changes the subject. "Wanna get going?" he asks. "The show starts in about 35 minutes." And they take off for the car.

On the drive there, he's eyeing her skirt, the way it rides up her thighs when she's sitting down. He takes a deep breath. "Whew!" he whistles softly, turning his eyes back to the road. She knew what he meant and she liked it. She thinks of Cliff for just a split second, almost long enough to feel a touch of guilt, then shakes her head, as if shaking a wayward strand of hair impeding her vision. She grins and decides to ENJOY IT!

On the drive home, he rested his right hand on her upper thigh. Then began to slowly massage it, teasing her until, by the time they arrived back at his place, she was very wet!

He had invited her over for a nightcap and she had agreed. Pulling into his driveway, he parks, then leans over to kiss her, continuing to caress her beneath her skirt. For Laura, things were getting out of hand and she knew it! But she felt helpless, at this point, to do any- thing but enjoy it!

He escorted her into the house and into his living room. There he proceeded to push her down onto the sofa and began to explore her with his tongue, in ways that she had never allowed any other man to. Marshall had simply been insistent.

He tongued her mouth deeply, then paused, placing her two fingers down, between her thighs, gently immersing them in her own wetness, then bringing them back up to his own lips. He licks away her sweet juices, sucking on the tips of her fingers and tickling them with his tongue. It triggers a feeling down on her clit as she imagines him licking her down there!

Laura had always made Cliff stop when he had tried something new as what was now being done to her. She had resisted for a second, but Marshall had simply ignored her & continued with his advances. She was a bit agitated that he was having his way, with no real regard for her protests, but not enough to make him stop! She was surprised at how aroused she had become!

Her juices began to really flow as he started at her neck and made his way down, beneath her crumpled blouse. She gasped when his lips met her taut nipple and found herself reaching out for his grossly swollen cock. She found it, or what she could get to of it, from beneath his tight-fitting jeans. She fumbled with the top button, trying to free his throbbing pistol.

His tongue ran light circles around her nipple, tickling her and causing her to squeeze her legs together in anticipation! He slaps her hand away from his fly, saying "No, not yet. Not until I say so!" She was a little surprised at his response, as Cliff had always easily succumbed to the slightest effort on her part. Cliff was too easy!

Her inability to control Marshall made her feel terribly wanton as she allowed him each liberty. She nearly came, just thinking about what was perhaps, about to transpire! Was he going to just tease her? No way! No man could have that much restraint! But why had he pushed her hand away?

Marshall had kept right on kissing his way down her body... hesitating only to remove her blouse. He did it with real conviction and wasn't going to take "No" for an answer. Was she being 'Raped?', and if so, why wasn't it bothering her? Was she becoming the Slut-type of girl she had always looked down on in the past? Well, who cared at this point!

She closed her eyes as he continued to lick his way down to her soft belly. She flinched a bit as she felt his hand go up her skirt and tug at her now soaked panties. He found her inner folds and the intense feelings caused her to part her thighs, allowing complete access to her treasures. She lost all contact with reality when his probing fingers danced on her burning clitoris. Then, suddenly, she opens her eyes, as he stops to remove her panties and his own jeans.

He's standing in front of her now with the biggest cock she'd ever seen or imagined! Her mouth dropped open and her eyes grew wide as he reached out and pulled her face toward his engorged shaft. He forced his throbbing cock in her gapping mouth... and she freezes up with the fear of what to do next! She has never submitted to such things with Cliff, and had always refused to take part in such 'immoral acts'. Before she can further consider the matter, Marshall commands her to suck his cock. "You know you want to!" he states confidently and proceeds to fill the depths of her throat. She closed her eyes and let go of any fears of immorality. She feels the heat of his organ between her hungry lips and sucks away on it like a starving child would an ice cream bar!

He throws his head back, exploding and releasing a flow of warm liquid down her throat. She swallows as he exhales in satisfaction and removes himself from her lips.

A few seconds later, after they both caught their breath, Marshall grabbed Laura's hand and pulled her down the hallway to his bedroom. There, he threw her against his bed, face first. She flopped down against the edge of it, bent at the waist, her backside peaking out from beneath her miniskirt... he kneels down behind her, pulls her soaking wet panties down to her knees and starts darting the tip of his tongue in and out the crack of her ass! She gasps and her breathing becomes heavy! She had never let a guy fondle at her back- entrance before and it was a natural reflex for her to try and stand up, but with his right hand he pushed her back down with a hard thrust! "Stay down!" he demands forcefully and with that he yanks her panties all the way down and out from under her feet. She can't believe she's allowing this to happen! He grabs one of her legs in each hand and spreads them apart as far as they'll go, pushing her up onto the bed at the same time.

Then he inserts two of his fingers into her pussy and pumps her with them, in and out, while continuing to lick the crevice between her ass cheeks. She's panting really hard now and starts wriggling out of control! "Oh my God!" she exclaims and he knows she's going to come! So he removes his fingers from her pussy and she's gasping out loud, "Oh, ohhhhh!" He laps up her juices as they flow, her most intense orgasm has peaked.

"Did you like that?" he asks her, turning her over onto her back. She was all out of breath and could hardly speak. He got up on the bed and knelt between her legs. In his left hand he held the length of his rock-hard manhood, his right hand was fingering her slit. She was exhausted, but the sight of his stiff, 8 - 9 inch dick made her hunger for more of what only Marshall had ever offered her! He thumbed her clit up and down until it protruded out, from between her swollen pussy lips.

"Fuck me, Marshall!" she insists & leans her head back, closing her eyes. "Are you sure that's what you want? What about Cliff?" he replies. "I don't care! Just fuck me Pleeeaasse!" and with that, he lifts her legs up, straddling his head, one leg resting on each of his shoulders, and thrusts himself deep into her awaiting pussy! He pumps her, in and out like there was no tomorrow!

Seconds later they both climaxed and she felt the warmth of his load fill her completely! She had experienced Orgasmic Ecstasy and no amount of guilt that entered her mind, could EVER convince her otherwise! With warmth and satisfaction, they both drifted off to sleep.

Little did she know that Cliff's out of town engagement, had been cut short and that he would be waiting for her, back at her place!
Another Fine Story by Ezmoni.

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