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Living with Daddy Pt. I
by Jool

My parents were divorced when I was thirteen, and my Mom took me to live in Florida when I was fourteen, so it was very hard for me to live halfway across the country while my Dad, one of my most favourite people in the whole world, lived alone in Portland, Oregon. I didn't see him in three years, but we would spend a lot of time talking on the phone, and writing e-mails to each other.

They'd only been divorced three years when I begged her to let me go live with him for six months. She agreed, reluctantly. She thought he was too strict and harsh at times but perhaps his disciplinary edge might be good for me, (being your typically insane and sometimes out of control seventeen-year-old) even if only for half a year.

I had "different" feelings about my father than most other girls had - I always had, even as a little girl. I can't explain it, I don't know why I feel them. All I know is that I love him, heaps. So very much, in a way which might be considered unusual. I used to have dreams when I was eight and nine years old, dreams which I never understood. All I knew was that they left my bed wet and they left me confused and scared but elated too.

Living with him for six months, I was hoping it might clarify things for me. I had good feelings about it. I was excited and nervous and shy and scared all at once.

Dad had changed in three years. He'd put on at least a hundred pounds, and was quite large. He was taller and more menacing than I remembered. But there was still something about him which I was intrigued by and attracted to.

He hugged me when I stepped into the airport, and as soon as I felt those huge, strong arms around me I knew everything was the same as it had been years earlier. I was a completely different girl but I was still the girl he loved. He let me know this with a kiss on my cheek and a quick whisper in my ear: "Hi baby!" The breath from his mouth tickled on my ears and I knew he felt me shiver under his lips.

The drive home was quiet and awkward. We both seemed unsure, uncertain.

There was an element of shyness and mute tension between us. I felt his presence fill the car up, not only was he larger in body now, but his spirit seemed bigger. I wasn't sure why, I thought maybe now that I was older, he would seem smaller and easier to manipulate but this wasn't the case at all.

He drove the car quite madly, crunching the gear shift a number of times, and throwing me around in the passengers seat as he swerved corners and other cars. I fell into him, my hands flying out to hold onto something.

My hand slipped off his leg and into his groin, between his legs. And I felt his erection through his trousers. I quickly sat back in the seat and held onto the door handle so I wouldn't go flying again!

It was so strange walking back in through the front door of that house.

Nothing had changed, it was the same furniture, same smell, same everything. Even Rexy came bounding up to me, jumping up on me in overwhelmed enthusiasm. Rexy was the family dog, he was only a couple of years old when we'd left, and now he was a fully grown Jack-Russell Terrier, rock-hard in body, pure muscle. He wasn't a huge dog, but his strength was unsettling as he almost pushed me back on the couch. I laughed as he licked all over my hands and fingers. Daddy laughed too, then growled at the dog to get down.

Rexy ran off happily to get one of his play toys.

"He's excited to see someone else in the house, I think. We don't get many visitors."

My heart ached to think of him so lonely and secluded. I went to him and wrapped my arms around him. I rested my cheek on his chest quietly and he hugged me for a few moments.

"Come on, lets get you unpacked."

My bedroom was also unchanged. The same single bed I'd slept in for thirteen years, perfectly made up with new covers and pillows. I was so used to sleeping in my new double bed, that the single bed seemed so childish and small to me, but I would get used to it again. I unpacked and had a shower, then went straight to bed, with excited thoughts racing around my head. I was home. I was finally home again, with Daddy.

When I woke up, it was nearly midnight. I stretched out in the single bed, and began to stroke my pussy lightly. The thought that Dad was somewhere in the house with me and so near to me, so close was an amazing feeling. Years of fantasizing about this moment hardened my nipples and I began to massage my breasts sleepily. I didn't want to get too hot too early, so I climbed out of the small bed and went down into the lounge to find Daddy sitting and reading on the couch.

"Would you like something to eat?" He asked me. "I have spaghetti!"

"No, it's fine." I said, sitting on the couch opposite him.

He put down his book and looked at me. Then he leaned forward and sighed.

He sat in front of me, on the edge of his chair. His stomach didn't hide the massive mound which was stretched and visible through his trousers. I could see the curve of his huge balls and his bent, fat cock wrinkling the cotton trousers as he sat spread-legged before me.

I stared at his crotch and gulped. I had no idea my Dad was so huge, so well hung. I thought about sliding down onto the carpet then sitting on the floor under his chair, under his legs and sucking his cock and balls until he exploded. But I stopped myself. Little girls don't do that to their daddy and I was afraid that my moralistic and prudish father would reject me. I looked away and pretended I didn't notice anything.

"I'll get you a drink." He said and got up to go into the kitchen.

I wore only my pyjamas, and crossed my legs to tighten my pussy and feel the soft warm pressure of my cunt lips squeezing my swollen, aching clitoris.

He came back with my drink and as I grabbed it from him, he pushed his hips closer and I "accidentally" touched the bulge in his jeans. I looked at him and he was pushing his groin into my hand. I looked up to see the expression on his face. He looked distracted, full of desire.

I was confused: was I imagining this? Oh God, what if I wasn't? What if he really did want this too? I decided to test it, and I moved my fingers to stroke him. He didn't move away. He froze. I began to stroke him again, further around the huge bulge and I could see the distinct length of hardening cock through the thin cotton trousers. I stroked the full length and he began to breathe heavily, still unmoving. I leaned in and kissed the mound of his covered cock through the cotton. I kissed his lap, just like that, as if it was the most normal thing in the world, then pulled away.

"Thank you Dad."

He was silent for about a minute as he stood there. I pretended everything was normal. I had no idea what to do, now. My heart was pounding madly and my hands were almost shaking as I lifted the glass to my lips and sipped the drink. He seemed uncertain, too.

"Okay. Well. I'm going to have a shower and go to bed."

He waited for a moment, then turned and walled away down the hallway to the bathroom. I looked at the dog and sighed.

"I can't believe this."

The dog looked up at me and wagged his tail.

"What does he want?" I asked the dog.

Rexy's ears pricked up and he looked at me curiously. I sighed again and sipped my drink. About ten minutes went by as Dad showered, I heard the bathroom door open as he walked out and into his bedroom. I glanced up the hallway to try to see if he was naked, but it was too dark and empty. I decided to have a shower myself and go back to bed to satiate my body's heightening sexuality.

When I walked into the bathroom, I noticed a distinct smell which intermingled with, and was not yet overpowered by, the steam. It was musty and spicy, a warm smell. I wondered if he'd jerked himself off in the shower, thinking of the way I'd touched his groin, and leaned in to kiss his lap? I turned on the water and stepped in. The water was warm and silky on my body. I rubbed my aching breasts, soaping up my nipples lightly.

I didn't notice it at first but as I washed my body I noticed there were globs of pale, thick liquid on the shower tiles - high on the wall, almost as high up on the wall as my head.

I reached out to touch one of the drops. It felt thick and slimy between my fingers.

I lifted my wet fingers to my nose and inhaled the scent. It smelled musky, with a heavy scent. I had a feeling I knew what it was, and I lifted my fingers to my mouth. I reluctantly licked the stuff off my fingertips. It was cum. Ohhh, it was my Daddy's cum! He had jerked off in the shower, thinking it would wash away all evidence. But the marks on the walls were high up, and he must have missed them.

I reached out to another large drop of it. I licked it off my fingers. Mmmm, Daddy's cum. From his cock, from his balls. The same seed which had made me. I wiped my fingers over another glob of his spilled juice and moved it between my legs. I slicked Daddy's cum between the lips of my pussy and closed my eyes with a light moan. My fingers slid into my cunt and I rubbed the remnants of Daddy's cum over my clit and into my hole.

There was a knock on the bathroom door.

"Honey, I left my reading glasses on the sink!"

I froze and waited for a moment. When I looked, I saw his reading glasses sitting on the porcelain sink.

"Ummm....!" I fumbled between my legs, and quickly straightened up to grab the soap again.

"I won't look, I promise!" He called out.

Daddy opened the bathroom door and I stepped back to try to not let him see me, pathetically covering my body with my hands and arms.

"Sorry sweetie, I just wanted to read this book I got." He explained and walked in.

"That's okay Daddy."

It was quiet for a moment and I waited. He got his glasses and stood there, not leaving.

"Nice shower?" He asked.


"Yes, I'm glad I paid extra for all the accessories. It's a great system, great pressure. Very comfortable."


"Big shower, too, isn't it? Lots of space to move around......."

I turned the shower off and opened the shower curtain totally to look at him. He was wearing a white toweling robe and held his reading glasses in hand. He looked at me, shocked and ashamed as I stood before him, brazen and absolutely naked.

"Could you shut the door? It's freezing."

"I think we need to talk."

"Only if you shut the door." I said, and stepped out in front of him, totally nude. He shut the bathroom door and turned back to face me, red-faced and nervous.


"I'm just going to run a bath." I said. "As much as I like showers, a bath can be really good for aching body parts. You can talk to me while I'm in the bath if you like."

I bent over and turned on the taps for a bath, then dribbled some Strawberry-scented bubble lotion into the running water. I stood up again and looked at him, hugging myself from the cool air. His eyes ran up and down my naked body. They rested on my throbbing pussy, his eyes feeding on the soft, drenched, lightly curled pubic hair.

"What did you want to talk to me about?"

"I thought we -- should -- talk...."

I nodded and bent over again to run my hand under the water. His eyes bulged as he eyed my pussy lips, parted slightly, revealing my cunt as I leaned over. He saw the wet juices in my pussy, glistening for his touch.

"Oh God." He muttered.

I grabbed his hand for balance and stepped into the bath, then slowly sat down and lay back with a loud moan. The hot water enveloped me beautifully, swallowing me into a heated kiss, scented with strawberries and vanilla He didn't let go of my hand. I looked up at him and he sat on the floor of the bathroom, kneeling by the bath, still holding my hand.

"Could you hand me the soap?"

He reached over with his other hand, and grabbed the soap. But he didn't give it to me, instead he began to rub the soap bar over my knees. He moved in circles, over each knee. I smiled.

"Are you going to wash me?"

He didn't reply, but he did finally let go of my hand, and turned around so he was facing the bath itself. He began to move his other hand without soap, over my other knee, moving his hand up my thigh.

I felt his touch shy but heavy on my leg. He took a sponge and began to stroke me with it. I lay back further into the long bath and stretched out so that I was almost floating. My breasts were like huge islands in the water and my pussy was just peeking up out of the frothy surface. His hands moved further up my body and he slowly began to wash my pubic hair. He ran the soapy sponge over my cunt and between my legs, just the surface. I closed my eyes and stroked his hands as he stroked me.

"We shouldn't be doing this..."

"Shhh." I whispered.

"No, baby, we shouldn't..."

"Oh Daddy...Shut up."

I grabbed his free hand and began to kiss it. I parted my wet lips over his thumb and began to suck on it, running my tongue around his knuckle and kissing his hand erotically. He shut up and continued to stroke my belly, moving up to my heavy breasts. He rubbed and massaged both with thick, sudsy water. I crushed his hand into my nipples harder, becoming more and more hot and horny for him.

I reached out of the bath to where he was kneeling, eager to take off his robe and get a good view of that fat cock I'd caught a glimpse of earlier through his trousers. As I undid the belt, the robe fell open revealing his naked body. His stomach, his fat hairy chest.

I ran my hand over his chest, and looked down to his cock. He was hard, not fully hard yet, but his cock was almost erect, poking upwards from under his stomach. The head was big and round, cut perfectly and sculpted into a rock-like position. His cock and head was bulbous and dark red and the sensitive skin shone from a little drop or two of pre-cum.

His pubic hair was dense and thick, real dark brown; heavy and tangled around the massive balls as they hung low and full. They were huge and full of hot seed. I cupped my hand under them to lift and play with them. They were heavy and hard in my hand. The skin was wrinkled but so soft. I rolled his nuts around in my palm and fingers, squeezing them lightly.

Daddy groaned happily and began to pinch and knead my nipples. He rubbed harder, pressing his hand heavily into my breasts as he massaged. I rubbed his balls between my thumb and fingers, rolling them around in my hand.

Then I moved my hand around the base of his thick, fat cock. My tongue pressed back into my throat and I gurgled a little in anticipation.

I rested my head back on the bathroom wall and bath and just played with the hairs, curling them around my fingers gently as I teased and tickled his groin. I closed my eyes, let my hands feel around for him, every texture, every little movement of his body I could feel in my fingers, my eyes closed and blind as I relaxed.

I began to stroke up and down the length of his cock, slowly and gently.

Still teasing him, knowing that a harder stroke would surge through him too quickly and make him cum too quickly. I wanted this to last.

My fingers trickled up and down the wide shaft; curling and playing at the head; stroking the fat tip around the little hole; wiping his cock up and down lightly with dampness from the bath water. He continued to rub my breasts and then began to make his way back down to my legs, where my aching, throbbing pussy was juicing up wetter and wetter. I came in the water already, my cum mixing with the bath-water. I made a little noise at the base of my throat, a delighted, thick moan.

"I want you so much Daddy. I don't want anyone else, I never have...." I whispered as my pussy became slicker and wetter. "I used to dream about your huge cock fucking me hard and heavy." I breathed.

His breathing grew harder and heavier, too, I could hear him rasping hard through weak, steam-filled lungs as I lay there, telling him about how much my body craved him.

"I'd lay in bed. Thinking about going to you at night. Climbing into bed with you, letting you do things to my pussy which nobody else had done.

Letting you kiss my little cunt open. Licking me inside out until I came and came all over your face...."

His hand dipped between my legs and he began rocking in my grip as my own hand continued to stroke him, up and down, round and up and down again. His fingers parted the lips of my pussy and quickly dived into my sodden, cum-filled hole.

"Ohhh! Mmm, my Daddy's tongue deep inside my cunt, drinking me like I was pure honey. My cum filling your mouth, thick and sweet on your tongue.

Your cock pushing up into my mouth, filling my cheeks .... pressing down on my tongue."

My brain began to lose all logic and sense as a stream of subconscious desires flooded out my mouth. I began to tell him everything I wanted and everything I needed from him.

"Ohh Daddy's hard prick pushing down into my throat, fucking my face, fucking my little girl mouth. I was so little, so young, my virgin throat on fire as you fucked my mouth."

I could hear him groaning as he grabbed my grip around his cock with his free hand and he tightened the hold I had, rubbing himself and my fingers impatiently. I let him rub himself for a while, jerking himself off eagerly, but then I pulled my hand away completely to punish him for his impatience..

He cried out. "God, you bitch...!"

He jumped up and grabbed my hair. He yanked my head back and my mouth flew open. My eyes were still closed as he shoved his huge cock into my mouth and his balls began pounding my face. I rolled my tongue over his cock, reliving the fantasy of when I was so young - so little, and so hot for my Daddy's cock in my mouth.

"Swallow.....swallow..." He groaned, chanting gruffly as I threw him into ecstasy with my licking, slurping, suckling mouth. I suckled him like a baby. He began to buck and his grip on my hair tightened. I knew he was going to explode in my mouth, filling my throat with his thick cum, hot and pasty like delicious tangy liquid-glue. His balls whacked on my neck, they were heavy and slapped my neck and chin as he fucked my mouth. He felt my tongue sucking him down further into the back of my throat, my throat muscles opening and closing on his bursting cock head.

"I'm cumming!" He cried out. "My baby I'm cumming! My little girl, my baby!!!"

I felt his cock swell quickly and before he could pull out, a gush of cum flooded from his cock, filling my mouth and spilling out the sides down my chin. I swallowed as much as I could as his rocking prick continued to spurt more and more cum, his balls emptied into my mouth as his sperm and seed jettisoned down my throat into my belly. I swallowed and drank him down until he groaned and pulled his cock, limp and empty, out of my mouth.

A thin stream fell on my chin and he knelt back on the bathroom floor again, spent and pleased.

I lay in the bath, still, the warm water now affected with both his and my cum, but I had not reached orgasm yet. As I lay there, I could feel the desire literally aching in my entire body. I parted my legs and began to stroke myself, but it's not what I wanted. I looked over at him as he half-sat on the floor, his face exhausted and joyous. I got out of the bath to leave him alone with his orgasmic happiness.

I went into my bedroom and shut the door.

I lay in bed thinking about what had happened. I couldn't quite get my brain around the idea that I had just had my Dad's cock in my mouth and could still taste his delicious cum on my tongue. I knew he was going to come into my bedroom soon and the idea was driving me to distraction. I lay there, in my tiny night-dress, patiently waiting.

Again, my head went back into the past. I felt like a little girl again: the little girl he never touched. I lay there, under the covers of my bed and began to touch my belly lightly in small strokes, thinking it was his hand under the sheets, shamefully touching me in beautiful caresses. The door opened and a stream of light flooded by bedroom for a moment. I saw his familiar figure in the doorway as he walked in.

"Baby you awake?" He whispered.

"Mmmm, Daddy?" I mumbled quietly, sleepily.

"Can I come in?"

He shut the door behind him and my eyed adjusted to the dark room again. I saw his body towering over my bed. I looked up and felt my heart thundering through my little breast. I felt the covers being pulled away from my body. Then his huge hand was on my belly, too. He covered my hand which was also there, and he began to stroke my belly lightly. I moaned.

"Ohhh Daddy..."

He sat on the side of my bed and moved my hand away.

"Shhh just lie there, my little baby...just lie there and feel Daddy loving you..."

I moaned again, whimpering as I breathed. I could hear his breathing in the quiet, dark room. I wanted to reach out, to hurry him up, to touch him, to touch him deeper and fuck him and have him fuck me. It was agony not to be able to touch him. But I just lay there, following his instructions.

He ran his hand over my belly, then lifted up my night dress and touched my bare abdomen. I wore my tiny G string panties and they were soaked through. He touched my pussy, pressing down and swirling his hand over the soft, downy fuzz of hair. He slid one finger between the lips of my dripping pussy and began to toy with me lightly.

Daddy leant down over me and I felt his lips touching my cheek, then on my mouth. We kissed lightly for a moment, then he slid his tongue between my lips and I felt it roaming through my mouth. Daddy's tongue in my mouth licked all inside, over my own tongue, around my teeth, to the back of my throat where his cock head had rubbed so well. His slick, wet tongue was almost greasy, soft and so hot against mine. We kissed deeply and I moved my hips up to meet his hand harder. I wrapped my legs around his hand and tried to grind my pussy against his wrist.

He pulled away, "Ohhh baby your cunt is so hot..."

"For you, Daddy!" I gasped, "Make me cum, Dad, please!"

He pulled his hand out from my thigh-grip and pulled my panties down over my thighs, then all the way over my ankles until they were loose in his hand.

He held them to his face and inhaled their honey scent. I reached out to stroke his arms.

"God, little baby, you smell divine..."

He knelt at the end of the small bed and pulled me down so that my legs were lifted up high over his shoulders. I felt his tongue licking my thighs and I writhed around on the bed, gasping and crying out for him to hurry up.

This was like a dream. I felt Dad's hands on my ass as he parted the lips of my cunt, and he suddenly dove into my cunt like an animal in heat. He began to work on my hot, juicy pussy with his mouth and his face. His tongue lapped and licked at my cunt, eating me out. I cried out, my arms flailing out into the dark air of my bedroom. His tongue flicked over my clit, circling in heavy, gentle motions, licking it up and up again, fleshy waves of tongue motion. I cried out, tried to grab at his head as he licked my pussy.

"Daddy! Fuck me!" I begged. "Ohhh!"

I came in a torrent of pleasure. I bucked wildly up against his face, cumming too quickly to savour it and enjoy it. He drank me in, licked up every drop of honey, then set me back down on the bed, breathless and tingling, my entire body felt as if it was humming.

I didn't know because I couldn't see him in the darkness, but he was hard again. I didn't feel his rock-hard cock until he climbed up over me on the bed. I felt his heavy weight pressing down on me and he began to maul my breasts with his grunting, hungry mouth. I wrapped my arms around his back. He was naked, fully naked on top of me.

"I'm going to ram my cock inside your sweet little tired pussy, baby."

"Mmm Dad.."

He parted my legs and I pressed my ankles into his ass so that I was spread open underneath him. He began to stroke his fat stone of a cock against my wet pussy, teasing me for a moment. He kissed my mouth again, that deep kiss which rocked through my body in one easy motion. Finally I felt his cock pressing and bobbing against my pussy lips, widening so that he might fit inside me. I felt his fingers playing with my clit again.

"Daddy's little girl." He whispered.

"Oh fuck me, please.....please Daddy, please!?"

"Oh God, I love that." He grunted and pushed his cock into my pussy deeply.

He began to rock against me, shoving his cock up further into my cunt hole, pulled it out again and ramming it up inside me again. All the white his fingers tickled and teased my sore clit, spreading my cum around the base of his cock and around my pussy lips, around my clit so that I was wet all over and so was he.

"God Dad... more, deeper."

He pulled my legs up so that they were around his neck, and he pushed himself up off the bed, grabbing hold of the bed-head behind me. My cunt was wide open and tight to his cock and he rammed himself into me again, building up a delicious rhythm as we fucked. We moved against and with each other, I milked his prick when he was inside, then as he'd pull out I'd make it hard for him to do so, pulling him deeper inside me. Then he'd slip back inside me easily and follow the same motion over and over.

"Oh sweetheart!" He grunted again, his voice and breath thick and heavy in his chest as he broke my pussy, writhing and swollen and thick with cum. I lifted my body up against his. He pounded me and raised himself up so that we were fucking harder and deeper. He shoved his hard prick into me as we both felt the oncoming surge of pleasure and orgasm. It built up in me in huge waves. I cried out again, gasping in time with him.

"I'm your baby, I'm your baby, your little girl."

"Daddy's little baby....." He stammered as he began to fuck my cunt quicker.

I felt his cock swelling up inside me as he shoved the deepest, hardest stroke inside me. I felt the cum explode up into my belly but he kept ramming it up into me. I whimpered again and came in a burst of ecstasy and cries. Tears spilled out the sides of my eyes and I squeezed them tightly shut. 'Daddy's cum in my womb. Oh God, Dad's cock in my cunt!' I thought to myself, in disbelief, as I came harder.

I rocked against him a little more and he groaned, feeling me cumming on his cock. He pulled out of me and I felt more cum oozing out, filling my pussy, belonging to both of us. I moaned loudly and he fell on me, exhausted. I could hardly breathe, but it felt great. I kissed his mouth again, licking around between his lips, through his beard. He tasted salty and spicy. I could taste my own cum on his mouth. I licked his tongue.

His cock shuddered and he pulled away from me finally with a loud, satisfied moan.

"Ohh baby, I love you."

"I love you too."

"I think we should go to my bed."

I agreed, and he took my hand in his, lifting me up off the small, wet bed.

He led me into his bedroom where we lay down together in his big, warm, solid bed. I cuddled up into his huge, sweaty frame, and fell asleep, the sensation of his cock wet and warm in my hand.

To Be Continued...


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