The Best Erotic Stories.

Lunch With Max
by Riven

We were sat alone in the staff lounge. The others had left for class and apparently, like me, she didn't have a class after lunch. She was new to the school. No. She was new to teaching. Twenty-one and starting her new career.

The first few weeks back in the new school year had been hard for her. The reality of teaching in a Senior Secondary College was nothing like what she remembered of her schooling. The "kids" were difficult to control, even more difficult to get motivated, and damn near impossible to keep on track. Every class was a struggle to prepare work for, followed by hours of correction and all of this in an ongoing atmosphere of subtle and unrelenting resistance from the students. She was frustrated and beginning to doubt her career choice.

Teachers like me weren't helping. Twenty-year veteran, head of Faculty and an ongoing student reputation that made my job with them so much easier. I made it look all so easy and therefore her efforts so much more pathetic.

"But Steve, you hardly seem to struggle. Look at that kid who came to the door during lunch. All yes sir, no sir, please Mr. Hawke sir. I teach him for Info Tech and he's either dismissive of me, or down right rude!"

"Don't worry so much. I knew him five years ago when he was a scared twelve year-old at the Junior College. We have a history; my battles with him have all been fought. Give it time."

"If I survive that long. I need to be more dominant, more...."

I laughed. Max, short for Maxine I assume, was the least dominant person on staff. Small in height at about five three she was also small in build. Well, perhaps not small. More delicate, fine featured. Not that I hadn't noted the almost outrageous breasts. Not huge in real terms but on her slight frame they stood out - pun intended. Actually she was, with the exception of those breasts, beautifully proportioned but was still almost doll like. Indeed add those breasts to the long legs, tight ass and long wavy white-blond hair and she was a real knock out. Definitely pretty with big blue eyes, cute nose (with a tiny pink diamond stud) and cupid doll lips.

One might think we had a Goddess here, but somehow she didn't come across that way. She was very ordinary to speak too. No pretensions, or over confidence that attractive women often tend to display. She was trying very hard to be a professional in an occupation where one is judged as much by the way others see us as by the way we are. As a result she tended to dress down. Certainly not dowdy but smart, loose fitting clothes that tended to conceal rather than highlight. Her chosen topics of conversation lessons and kids rather than what she did in her spare time. Indeed, in the current atmosphere of sexual harassment, work was often the best topic with a young attractive co-worker. The result was she tended to seen as a quite, business like teacher.

"Why do you laugh?"

"Sorry. Sudden image of you as a Dom. Somehow ... well, you just don't fit the mould. At six foot, big voice and flecks of grey in the beard I'm more the top than you."


"A term. A dominant in the scene."

"The scene?"

"Another time Max. Sexual overtones and I've no intention to offend. Probably on thin ice already."

"Sorry I didn't mean to probe, although what makes you think you'll offend? I've heard you say some outrageous things to some of the women in the staffroom."

"Friends, colleagues, some I've taught with for years. I know how far I can go and where the line is. New teachers, especially attractive ones, I choose to treat with a little more caution."

It was her turn to laugh.

"Here I am, a member of staff, yet I know I'm somehow different. Everyone is really kind and helpful but I'm still on the outside. Not a student, but not a real member of staff either. Do you know you're the only person since I got here who has acknowledged I'm attractive."

"Trust me, others have noticed but perhaps the circumstances haven't been right to mention it. Isn't this place hard enough to cope with without people constantly hitting on you?"

"That I can cope with. It's the subtle pressure not to be attractive I find difficult."

"Which is?"

"Barbara for one. She makes it very clear that I will gain more respect from the staff and the students if I don't use my femininity. In fact there's a whole Women's Lib thing going on there."

"Well there is something to what she says. Kids pick up on the wrong vibes very quickly. An attractive woman who uses her looks might gain some advantage with the boys at first, but that soon backfires when they figure out they're never going to get anywhere. Meanwhile the girls hate you from the word go. No way they can compete with you for the boys attention."

"And her professional advice re: my demeanour with staff?"

"Probably well meant, she is the Vice Principal. Mind you, she is also an ugly shriveled up man hater."

More laughter, and a subtle shift in body language. The legs are tucked up under her as she relaxes more into the lounge easy chair.

"So what's the scene?"

"Well the Dominant and Submissive scene. Slavery, bondage, the whole BDSM thing."

"I'm not sure I remember, if I ever knew, what BDSM stands for, but you're into it?"

"Bondage Discipline Sado-Masochism. And no."

"Just an academic interest?"

"More than that once, but things change. Max, no offence, but this is nuts. Here I am with a young female staff member discussing the BDSM scene. If Barbara hears I'm sure I'll lose my job, or at least be lectured to. Change of topic O.K."

"On one condition. That you let me take you to lunch tomorrow at the café in town so we can have this conversation like adults, like... colleagues? O.K.?"

A memory from the past floats upward in my mind. Why would she pursue the conversation at all? Why would I want too? I look across at her. She is seriously attractive and so damn eager to be accepted. I'm a senior staff member and shouldn't take advantage, but what's the harm in a lunch?

"Against my better judgement I'm going to say yes, but only if I buy my own lunch O.K.?"

"Why not."


"So it's the leather, whips and chains thing right?"

"I don't think you believe that for a minute Max. No, it's many things to many people. Mainly it's a preference between two people. It might take the form of a type of foreplay or even a major part of their sexual lives. Indeed it might even become who they are and define their lifestyle and activities. But just as easily it might be non sexual and just something that one or both people need."

"It can't be all those things."

"Different strokes for different folks! There is also no one finite definition. I see it in one of three contexts, psychological, physical and sexual. There can be degrees in each and / or combinations of each. Once we work who is Dom and who is Sub then the couple set the rules and limits and let the games begin. If it works for them then they will grow and the limits will evolve and change."

"So what's the psychological, physical and sexual angles?"

"O.K. just for the sake of conversation let's say I'm the Dom and you're the sub. Maybe your need to be dominated can be satisfied by psychological means. A little humiliation or public shame. I'll give you a few examples. I might order you to do something or wear something. Non threatening but it's all you need. Or, upping the ante, I might for instance now ask you to lean over and kiss my hand, a rather public display of humility. If that isn't enough I might fall back on the classic of asking you to remove your panties here in public."

"But that's sexual."

"Indeed not. There are sexual overtones but the act itself is in the nature of a mind game. It might never lead to the Dom ever seeing what is under the dress. Besides the whole scene is sexual in the broader sense. The sub is getting her kicks from being dominated. It brings a sexual pleasure or at the least fills a psychological need. Then there is the next step where I ask you to stand up and remove the panties next to the table. No hiding, the ultimate humiliation?"

She looked quickly around the café and seemed to consider the idea. "I wonder what this lot would say or do?"

"Who cares. They're a tool for the Dom and sub to use. Remember it's a game for two. It might involve others but the Dom looks after his sub and the sub trusts the Dom."

"O.K. Physical?"

"Sometimes for the sub humiliation isn't enough, sometimes they need pain. It might be an across the knee spanking or something more severe. I've even known a situation where the sub hated pain but was willing to endure it because she loved her Dom and he loved using the whip. Personally I feel if the sub gets nothing out of it then better to leave the physical alone." "Sexual?"

"As I said it's all sexual, but all of what we've spoken of so far can happen without there being a sexual relationship between the couple. No fucking! However most relationships end up here. It's also not always rough or painful sex, although that has its place. Sometimes it's the gentle loving after a painful whipping or humiliating experience. The bondage part is at its best here. When a woman is helpless and unable to stop a man having his way. I had a partner once who loathed anal sex. She claimed it was painful, dirty and unnatural. But tie her up and she reveled in it. As near as I could tell, if she were tied up then she was absolved from guilt and could therefore enjoy the forbidden fruit with a clear conscience. Sex is good in a Dom sub relationship. Each is getting what they want and the situation puts an edge into it for both partners."

"So whips but no leather or chains."

"To each his own. Leather is a sexual material whether you're wearing it, looking at it or feeling it. But silk can be nice, as can lace or... well just look at any lingerie catalogue for ideas."

"How does a person know if they're into this scene?"

"They don't. Maybe for some people fantasies are best left as just that, fantasies. Others need to try to find out. For some of them they'll go on to bigger and better things. If however you're asking me how do you know if you're a Dom or sub, then I guess you start with a suspicion and dabble a little. The problem for most people is they're embarrassed that their needs will alienate them from the person they share their secret with. What if you ask your boyfriend to tie you up and he starts spluttering in disgust. Or worse he has the imagination of a brick and although he ties you up he then doesn't know how to make all your bells ring. But the short answer is I've always known I'm a Top, most people in their hearts suspect what they are and what they need."

"Isn't it a big step?"

"Depends on who you're stepping out with. Trust is more important than love, although together is best. Remember what I said about agreed limits and how big a part of your life you want it to be. Most couples I know keep it between themselves and perhaps a few trusted friends, never at work or in public. Others are more open. However, as I've said, I've never met any sub who wore her collar at work."


"Most subs at some point commit to a Dom. The usual way showing that is to wear his collar. Hey in some couples it's his tattoo or in extreme cases his brand. A divorce by taking off the collar is easy - the brand is not."

She ate in silence for a few minutes and I looked at her again judging my reaction to her. I was twice her age, married with kids. I didn't need any complications in my life and besides who was I kidding? I was sure there was more to our conversation than her looking for a friend on staff, but a girl like her didn't fancy a slightly overweight, greying lover. There was no doubt in my mind she was sub and curious, maybe even a little excited, but there was also no doubt there was also some young Adonis in the wings with whom she would play out her curiosity.

"Before we go back answer me one question."

I smiled at the serious set of her face. "It's all I've been doing through lunch."

"But this is personal. Is your wife your sub? I mean you said you aren't into the scene but you also alluded to a more than academic interest."

"No my wife isn't a sub. I'm more a blast from the past type on that topic. I loved it. Was good at it, but I love my wife more. She's a great lover, and is into a bit of bondage, but would make a lousy slave. I knew that going in to the marriage, that my life would have to change, and she's worth it. You now know more about me than anyone else on staff Max. Barbara would consider it real empowerment."

A small enigmatic smile crossed her face. "But it's not in my nature to know what to do with it."


I was surprised that Max assumed that the next week we would have lunch 'as usual' at the café. We had chatted casually in the staffroom about school and the horrors of 10C (why is it in any college there is one form that seems to have every misfit attending the school in it?). Nothing was ever said about our lunch or the rather personal nature of the conversation and I must admit a certain relief that the whole thing was forgotten. I considered it a lapse of judgement from start to finish and one best not repeated. So I was caught off guard when she casually mentioned, as she swished out of the staffroom on the Thursday night, 'don't forget lunch at the café tomorrow'. Before I had recovered she had gone.

She was unsettled as she pushed her food around the plate. Obviously preoccupied or apprehensive and rather than let her mood get to me I slipped into my faculty head role - a touch of annoyance.

"For Christ sakes Max eat your food. I know something's wrong but we'll talk after the food, with our coffee."

She smiled a sheepish grin and started to eat but it was obvious her heart wasn't in it. As for me there was a hint of butterflies in my stomach and a tingling sensation in my groin. Sexual tension was mounting but I kept telling myself I was setting myself for a fall and a very disappointing fall at that. I drank the strong black coffee and admonished myself for my schoolboy attitude. Time to see if I was getting vibes or whether there was some other more mundane reason for our so far stilted lunch.

"I hadn't expected another lunch date Max."

"Hadn't you? I've thought of little else. Can you help me?"

"Help you how Max?"

"My boyfriend wouldn't understand. You where right on that. But you know what I need and I know you think I'm attractive although..."


"I don't think I want the full sexual thing."

"You want to be dominated by me?"

"Maybe just a few times. I need to know if... what we talked about sounded so good, well at least parts of it. I like you. I already feel in awe of you because of school and I think I can trust you. You said that was most important didn't you - trust."

"But not the full sexual thing?"

"I've a good body and I'm proud of it. I want you to see me, make me show you. That sort of thing. But I couldn't have you commit adultery - you love your wife and I'm loyal to my boyfriend. Besides love-making is just that, I'm not into casual sex. I'd love the taking off of the panties where everyone would see me, but I could never do it. I also don't know if I'd like to be hit but I must admit I've wondered if you would enjoy slapping my boobs. Now I've empowered you."

I considered her offer. Actually not true, there was no way I was ever going to say no. I considered what I was getting into and found my brain was fighting a rather pathetic loosing battle with my cock. Still, just the once or twice? Somehow I doubted that too. If I was still good, and she was half as keen as she appeared, then she was going to be hooked for a while - or was it me being hooked and dragged back? Decision time.

"Does your boyfriend live with you?"

"No I've my own flat although he stays over occasionally."

"Tuesday night. Tell him you're busy and you'll not be home till late. Tell him to see you some other day. I'll pick you up at Seven. Wear the traditional 'small black dress'. Black 'G' string and quarter cup bra. Black stockings optional but NOT pantyhose. The higher the heels on the black shoes the better. Oh, and wear your hair up. I hate the phonieness of the title 'Master', you will refer to me as 'Sir' and you will always use my title whenever you speak to me, accept at work. You can start now. Also I will refer to you as 'Toy'. I know some masters like to call their slaves slut or whore, it adds to their humiliation. But I think it lacks a certain elegance and Toy says it all, and can be used in even polite company. I'm sure I know what you need and on Tuesday you will obey without question everything I say, but in case I go where you don't want too there must be a safe word. Say it and whatever I'm doing I'll stop. Say it twice and I'll take you home, or go home myself. Have you anything in mind?"

"No, what about..." She looked around the café then out the window, then... "Mercy... yes Mercy."

"Mercy SIR."

A gentle look of admonishment which was rewarded with eyes downcast and a tiny breathless 'Sir'.

"O.K. the safe word is 'Mercy'. Try not to use it Toy, it'll be more fun. They'll be no acknowledgment of our arrangement once we leave the café, work as normal. So let's go. Back to the grind."

As we got up to go I suddenly discovered things were different. A gorgeous young woman had delivered herself to me and had instructed me to use her, to play those games of old, and I realised now how badly I had missed them. I felt the rush that comes with power. I felt the tingle that accompanies any new sexual adventure and to be honest I also felt the shadow of betrayal and risk to my family move in the pit of my stomach.


Appropriate cover story in place at home, I arrived at her flat a little early. I didn't want to appear too eager or, heaven forbid, catch her not yet ready. So I sat in the car and listened to the radio. I'd dressed in a well-cut black double-breasted suit, cream silk shirt, handmade shoes and silk tie. Not an outfit for everyone, but with my looks and build it had proved to be in the past very imposing. The first real surprise for her however would be the car. The 1971 red MGB Roadster was my passion. Lovingly restored and rarely used it said many things about me and who I was. Most importantly it made me feel young and as I had nudged into my forties that was important to me. All in all I knew she would feel comfortable being seen with me - a date, rather than a Father / Daughter thing.

I rang the doorbell at the stroke of seven. Let her understand that punctuality was important. She opened the door so quickly she was either waiting or had been keeping an eye out for me. I handed her the two dozen blood red roses and waited. The flowers had obviously surprised her and it took her a few moments to respond to the gesture. "Thank you Sir they're lovely."

"I hope they will remind you of a very special night."

It was my turn to take stock. She was stunning. The four-inch heels had given her height and the black figure-hugging mini was so different to her work clothes. To complete the look, was very carefully applied, though heavy make-up, and long diamond earings. The focus of my attention however was a matching diamond necklace. A band, four stones wide, that formed a sparkling collar for her neck. The significance was not lost on me.

"Toy you are stunning. May I come in?"

"Oh sorry Sir please."

The flat was small but functional with a modern and tasteful decor. Max stood in the middle of the lounge room, flowers clutched to her chest, awaiting I assume my approval.

"Very nice Toy. Why don't you pop those flowers in water then come straight back here."

She was gone only a few minutes and then was back. Hands clasped in front of her she again waited in the centre of the room unsure as to what was required. The tension was palatable and although I had intended to ease into our roles I decided that I could use her nervousness.

"Well Toy you certainly look like you have obeyed my instructions on how to dress, although I do not remember suggesting the collar?"

"I hoped to please you. The set is my mothers, not real of course. I borrowed them. Was that alright Sir?"

"If you have done everything else I asked then yes. I didn't say you weren't to wear jewellery. The shoes are excellent, nice and high and I see you have decided not to wear any stockings."

"I've a lot of high heels. Sometimes I feel a little short and they help. I thought it too warm tonight for stockings and with the 'G' string I'll be... more conscience of my position Sir."

"Good." I stepped up to her and held my hand, palm up, at about waist height. "Toy lean forward and put your breast in my hand."

She did so immediately never taking her eyes off me. Her breasts were big, more than a handful, and through the dress I could feel the nipple hardening in my hand. My fingers also could feel the edge of the platform bra that supported her breasts yet left the nipple exposed. I then asked her to swap breasts. This time the nipple was already hard.

"I'm pleased, the bra is perfect. Did you need to buy it or did you already own it?"

"No Sir. I had to buy it. I also bought the matching 'G' string."

"Good. You may stand up. Hands at you side please feet a shoulder width apart Toy."

I walked around her and stood behind her. "Lift your dress Toy I want to see the 'G' string."

She slipped the dress up over her hips. Her ass was perfect. Two smooth, rounded globes separated by the thin black satin line of her 'G' string that disappeared between her buttocks. Her ass was partway between the usual soft curve of a woman and the more prominent muscled buttocks of a man. I ran my hands over them and although they looked firmer than usual they were surprisingly soft. I noted with interest that throughout my touching of her breasts and ass she had complied quickly and had shown not the slightest discomfort.

"You have done very well Toy. The underwear is very acceptable - as is your ass. Do you play sport?"

"No Sir, I do aerobics three times a week."

"Very good Toy. Now bend at the waist please."

Bent over her ass was pushed out and I could she the full length of her 'G' string including the covered swell of her pussy. Unfazed she may be, but from the growing wet patch she was excited. Still I wanted more than excitement I wanted to harness that initial nervousness. I slipped my finger under the thin band of the underwear and pulled it aside. Not enough to reveal her pussy but exposing fully the puckered ring of her ass. She drew in a quick breath - progress! I ran my thumb over the crinkly bud of her anus and she began to shake a little. Her breathing also began to race and hands that had been resting comfortably on her knees were now gripping her legs with force. I noted with interest that there was no hair in the crease of her ass so she either shaved or was naturally without hair.

"Has your boyfriend ever touched you here Toy?"

"N... no... Sir."

"Has anyone ever touched you here Toy?"

A steadying of breath. "No Sir."

"I see. Thankyou Toy you may stand up."

I let the material slip back into place between her cheeks and indicated with a wave of my hand that she should pull down her dress. I then walked around the bench into the small kitchen and rinsed my hands under the tap. With my back to her I arranged my erection to be less noticeable. No need to advertise she was getting to me. I walked to the door of the flat.

"Shall we go to dinner Toy I've reservations for 7.45."

She was at last a little off balance, and saying nothing picked up her purse and joined me at the door. I turned her slightly towards me and lowered my mouth to hers. The kiss was sweet and she returned it with equal pressure. I deepened it opening my mouth a little, and hers responded. I tentatively probed with my tongue and her mouth opened more. I sucked her tongue into my mouth and she strained to give it all to me. When I broke the kiss I smiled at her.

"I am very pleased Toy, you have done so well so far."

She actually blushed. "Thankyou Sir."

She was delighted with the sports car and was full of questions. Would never have imagined I'd have one and was looking forward to feeling the wind in her hair. I explained to her the car was part of the reason I'd asked her to have her hair up. The rushing wind was a buzz at the time but could twist hair into an unmanageable mess - not so cool. Just as we were about to move off I asked her to adjust her dress. She gave a puzzled look and I explained.

"I want you to pull the dress up so that I can see the 'G' string covering your pussy. A few inches exposed is all."

She shrugged and complied exposing more like four or five inches. It was only when we passed our first truck on the freeway that she realised, with the top down, I might not be the only one who would see her naked legs and satin covered crotch. Minutes later at our first traffic lights she became very agitated. Although the MGB seemed low, was low in fact, so was the seating and I knew that only a truck might possibly see in. She didn't! Suddenly her bravado in exposing so much more of herself than I'd requested was becoming a lesson.

The restaurant I had chosen was a little on the expensive side but that was more than compensated for by good food, genuinely good service and attractive surrounds. I also admit that the up-market reputation was also intended to impress Max. We were seated, as per my request, in one of the more secluded and low-lit areas. Not that I intended to subject Max to anything public here in the restaurant, but the situation lent itself to just that and Max was edgy the minute we were seated. As I did not know her well enough to feel confident in ordering for her I decided to use this first 'date' as a learning experience. We discussed the menu at length and when I was happy with her tastes and preferences I called the waiter over. She was shocked not that I was ordering for her but when I told the waiter what 'Toy' would be having. She held her composure well when I asked her if that was suitable and she was required to answer 'Yes Sir' in front of him. I asked the waiter to give us fifteen minutes before bringing our entrees, and when he had left, slid a small package over to Max.

"What colour pubic hair have you got Toy?"

"Blonde Sir."

"Obviously blonde Toy, but are we talking white blonde or a darker shade?"

"Actually, fairly light but not yellow, certainly not very light."

"I would like to see."

She looked around nervously and I could see her mind wondering if she would be able to remove her panties here at the table without causing a scene. Not that I had anything so predictable in mind. My plan was more an act of commitment. A constant reminder of our arrangement and one that she would have to explain away to her boyfriend.

"The package Toy." Spoken just a little louder than was necessary to be heard.

Her eyes snapped back to mine from their assessment of the restaurant. She looked a little uncertain. Then her eyes darted down to the package that had lain on the table since the waiter's departure. One hand that was resting on the table, rather than reaching for the package, slipped into her lap and clasped her other. Suddenly she was a little worried as to the nature of the contents.

"You will go to the rest room Toy. In the package you will find a pair of nail scissors, a small resealable plastic bag, a sachet of shaving foam, a safety razor, and a sachet of moisturiser. You will cut off all your pubic hair. Place it in the plastic bag. Then shave yourself. You're to be perfectly smooth and hair free between your legs. I know you're already depilated in places. Don't forget the moisturiser. Please return the plastic bag and your 'G' string to me here at the table. The rest you can dispose of. Go now Toy."

She hesitated for a half dozen heartbeats then stood, took up the package, and smiled.

"Yes Sir."

"Oh Toy, there might be a temptation to rub in the moisturiser in more than is required. YOU ARE NOT TO ORGASM! Understand?"

"Yes Sir."

"Toy I look forward to looking at your naked cunt. Oh, and I'll see it before coffee. Just so you know."

She again glanced about the room and decided it may well not be beyond her.

"Yes Sir. Thankyou Sir."

She returned to the table almost on the dot of 15 minutes and held out the 'G' string with the plastic bag concealed inside for me to take. I simply indicated that she should place it on the table. This she did then sat down. I flicked open the neat satin square of material and retrieved the bag within. In flicking the 'G' string open it also became obvious what the material was. Max looked around nervously to see whom, if anyone, was watching. I studied the contents of the bag and held it out to what light was available in the subdued lighting of the restaurant.

"A natural blonde Toy! A most attractive colour, but as you might have guessed I rather like the effect of shaving. It makes the woman more nude than nude."

That said I slipped the package into the inside pocket of my jacket. I glanced over at the panties but made no attempt to either remove them from the table or refold them so they were unidentifiable. The waiter appeared almost on cue with our entrée. As he served he made pleasant conversation and although he said or did nothing, a long appraising look at Max as he moved off made it clear that the intimate apparel had not been overlooked. Max simply sat there and turned red.

"Do you think he knows that you are a slave Toy?"

"He knows that I'm not the average patron."

"Do you think he finds you sexy? Is he out in the kitchen now telling the staff about the attractive blond who has her 'G' string on the table? Do you think you could give him, have given him, a hard-on?"

"Perhaps. Yes he might have found me sexy but maybe he also thinks I'm a whore now. Maybe he wouldn't touch me with a barge pole. What sort of woman takes off her panties and leaves them on the table for all to see?"

"A very up market whore if he did think that. Maybe just an adventurous housewife?"

"If I can ask Sir, have you and your wife ever played these sort of games?"

"Remember she's not really submissive, but I remember one evening where she removed her panties part way through the evening. Went nude under a rather short mini and then back at the Hotel used the cream from our complimentary strawberries and champagne to prepare herself to be sodomized. That evening I remember well. I want you to realise that what we are doing tonight is perhaps not all that you will come to expect or hope for. There is more to this life style than tonight, which is little more than a game." "I don't understand."

"Do you remember the sub I spoke of who endured the whip because her Dom loved to hear her scream?"

"Yes I remember."

"Well that willingness to obey, to submit, came from the sexual side of her nature true, but came more from the love she felt towards her lover. Her desire to please and her love of the man made her do things she was not comfortable with. Maybe she was able to get something from the whip but it was the relationship that sustained her. So it will be with you. There will be a kick from the humiliation, the domination, but only in a loving relationship will you find the ultimate satisfaction - both sexually and emotionally. Any sex with a stranger is a big turn on, but when the man is no longer a stranger and there is no love to sustain the relationship... That collar you're wearing is very pretty but tonight it's part of a game. A collar is a symbol of commitment and is also there to remind the sub of her place. Some man will love you to wear his collar and you will honour and obey him."

"So this is not as good as it gets?"

"No, but I'm having fun. You?"

"Oh yes! It's been a strange mixture of emotions but it has answered one question for me."

"Which is?"

"I'm a sub. I thought I was but I had to know for sure. There is something amazing about being someone else's toy - might I say you certainly got my name right. The more things we do the more exciting it is. I thought it a strange thing for you to say, about rubbing in the moisturiser; you know, 'not to come'. But actually being so naked after the shave and knowing that I was preparing myself for you and you would see me. Well it was so tempting to orgasm."

"Show me Toy."

She kept her eyes on me and moved her chair so that her legs were no longer under the table and she was angled towards me."

"Now Master?"


"Sorry Sir."

"Do you prefer to call me Master? Even in front of the waiter?"

"I... I think of you as Master. But you said it was phoney."

"I've always felt that, but answer the question, is it your preference?"

A small voice "Yes Master."

"So be it. Show me now Toy."

She couldn't resist a quick glance around the room, then slid her skirt up her thighs and parted her legs slightly. Her pussy was of course smooth and hair free and although he did not have a good view it looked promising.

"Raise your dress higher and your legs wider apart please Toy."

Again the quick glance, then she pulled the dress almost to her waist and let her legs fall apart. The lips were small with just the start of the tiny pink butterfly of her inner lips protruding. There was the unmistakable sheen of wetness about her lips and he loved the pronounced swelling of her shaved pudenda. He noted with satisfaction the tan lines of her bikini, which amply illustrated how small the triangle of material was that normally covered her pussy in public. She obviously already liked to show off her body.

"Open your cunt for me Toy."

A gasp and another quick glace about her. Her hand hesitated several times on their trip to her sex but her long fingers finally moved into the crease of her lips then spread slowly revealing the pinkness within. The sheen of wetness was now a flood with the clear juice beginning to pool. Leaning forward I touched her opening with the tip of my finger sending a shudder through her body. Then I brought the finger to my mouth and tasted her.



We sat in the car in the restaurant car park. Well lit, and spacious with a security guard patrolling, but distant from us. I had not yet started the engine.

"Do you remember the way I asked you to sit on the drive here? Well that's how you're to sit on the way home Toy."

"But Master, on the way here I was wearing Panties. I'm so naked now."

"I'm glad you realise the difference. I might also point out that it's also now dark. Besides what if other men do see your cunt? It will excite them. You will be something they will masturbate over. You're a toy remember. For my pleasure, and let's be honest, for yours too. You'll be wet at the thought."

I reached over between her legs and held her sex. My hand and fingers came away wet. I held up my hand so that she could see her wetness.

"You'll enjoy the trip home. You're a bad Toy; you've made my hand sticky. Lick it clean."

A sharp intake of breath.

"I've never... I mean I can't..."

I used my other hand to slap her across the face. Not hard, but enough to get her attention.

"I thought I had given you an instruction."

Her breathing was a little ragged and the expression on her face was a mixture of displeasure and fascination, but she began to lick. When she had finished (I had loved the tickling sensation of her tongue wriggling between my fingers) I drew her mouth to mine, and kissed her gently and lovingly.

"Thankyou Toy. You're becoming very special."

Her smile was radiant but her eyes reflected confusion. She sat back and, with one eye on the security guard who continued on his plodding course around the car-park perimeter, hiked her dress up to expose her nude shaved pussy to the night air. I could tell as we drove off that she was having mixed feelings about tonight. Some of the evening was what she had been expecting but there were also elements that she was unsure about. In the flat, the playing with her breasts had been expected, I suspected even looked forward to. She had magnificent tits and felt confident in flaunting them. She had been a little taken aback by the looking at and stroking of her anus but to be fair it was a rather personal thing for a relative stranger to do. The kiss was genuinely given however and she had dressed, probably at some expense, as directed. The trip in had been a little unsettling but not really stressful. The shaved pussy had not apparently been a challenge and the risk of exposing herself to me over coffee had turned her on. Indeed as a Dom I had not really made an impact, until I had made her expose herself in the less safe atmosphere of the car. Even then it was the cleaning of my hand, or more exactly the tasting of her own pussy, that had finally made her object. The slap had then made her comply but had also raised more questions than answers for her. However, only by raising the bar would I know for sure where her limits were. I searched for the right place, and although it was still early, found just what I needed. The petrol station had no other cars on the forecourt but was fairly large with the male attendant, in his glass booth, overlooking the closer pumps. It was to the closest one that I drove. As I pulled into the pump I noticed Max. Eyes wide staring at the attendant, her hands beginning to move towards the hem of her dress.

"NO TOY. Let him look. You keep your eyes straight ahead understand?"

"But Master..."

"Don't look at him just listen to me." I moved to the rear of the car and began to fill the tank." He's not even noticed yet he's just checking out a beautiful woman. Wait... now he's noticed. He's getting a better angle, pressing close to the glass. He keeps glancing at me, uncertain if I'll get angry. How do you feel Toy?"

"So humiliated Master."

"Good now spread your legs."

"I couldn't!"

"Knees apart Toy about a foot."

"He'll see everything."

I moved to her side of the car and gently turned her face towards me by cupping her chin.

"Toy you have disobeyed me twice now and twice spoken to me without using my correct title. For that there must be some form of punishment. So I will give you a chance to redeem yourself. You can now spread your legs wide and play with yourself whilst I go inside to pay for the petrol. I'm sure our friend will like that. Or I will take you home, strip you, tie you, and spank your breasts and ass. The third option is for you to repeat the safe word twice and you will be taken home safely and we'll call it a night. Few slaves are given this sort of choice Toy. Well?"

"Will you hit me hard Master?"

"As hard as I think you can handle Toy. Is that your choice?"

"Yes please Master."

"Then sit here while I pay. You may keep your legs together but don't cover your cunt."


Arriving back at her flat Max was very nervous. Rethinking her decision that had been made under the pressure of the service station attendants' eyes, she was torn between the desire to be finally, totally, in someone's power and the fear of being hit. In the last fifteen minutes of the journey she had tried to wheedle assurances and elicit more information. All she had received was the question 'Do you trust me?' and the reassuring squeeze of her hand and, at one set of lights, a soft lingering kiss. We had not even walked all the way to the front door when Max took my arm and, holding herself against my chest, drew my arms around her.

"I'm sorry Master, I'm afraid."

"Why's that Toy. It's what you want."

"I've never been hit, well not since I was a child. But it's not just that. I'm so confused about my feelings. I like you Master and I'm excited by you touching me, looking at me but it goes against everything I've been brought up to believe. You were so right about everything being sexual. That guy back there I was so humiliated but at the same time I was both turned on, and this doesn't make sense, sort of proud in spite of the humiliation."

"Don't over think it Toy. Give the responsibility to me and just go with the flow."

"Am I a slut? I allow strangers to see me naked, I play sex games with a married man and I crave humiliation, and it looks like, even pain."

"A lot of women like what you like. What's 'normal' anyway? As for the married man. Well I've discovered tonight that we like each other don't we?"

"Yes I always did like you. I would never have started out on this if the thought of you kissing and touching me wasn't a turn on."

"I'm flattered Toy."

"But you're still married and I'm sure your wife would not be very understanding."

"No she'd throw me out and hate you. But you've asked for limits and I will respect those. No actual sex remember."

"Which means that you'll still make me come won't you."

"Yes I fully intend to make you come and come and come."

Another shared gentle kiss.

"I want you to come to Master. If you really want to... screw me, then, well I'm kidding myself that what we're doing is loyalty to either your wife or my boyfriend. But I do want you to be happy."

"You've made me really happy tonight Toy and the best is yet to come. I'm not sure about changing the rules this far into the game, I think I'll play that by ear. Now I have an order for you. Let yourself go. Get into the role and just concentrate on letting yourself experience the sensations, the buzz. The sex."

"Yes Master."


Max had looked apprehensively at the backpack I had carried in. It was thrown casually on the couch and I started making a long drink each. As I put something together from the vodka and juices in her fridge Max stood about nervously and unsure what to do. Finished, I handed her one of the drinks and indicated she should take a seat on the couch.

"Do you realise why your to be punished Toy?"

"Yes Master."

"Do you know what will happen?"

"You said you'll tie me and then spank my breasts and ass"

"Will I do anything else whilst I'm punishing you?"


"I'll make you come Toy. Now shall we have you naked please."

"Yes Master."

She put down her drink then stood and slowly peeled off her dress. I'd seen her pussy and ass but the breasts, served up on the platform of the bra, were new territory. Again I felt myself getting hard when I didn't really want too. Yes they were large but so were the nipples, pale pink and prominent. I indicated she should remove the bra. This she did and the breasts sagged very little, seeming to settle on her rib cage rather than drop. Through out the nipples continued to stand out, pointing straight ahead. The perfection of youth? I directed her towards the couch that sat near the middle of the room acting in the small flat as a divider between sitting room and dining room.

"Come and sit here on the couch Toy."

When she was seated I unzipped the backpack and withdrew a folder. Max looked at the plain cover with a mixture of curiosity and apprehension.

"I thought you might want to look at these. In this country there are laws against depictions of violence in sex, and mild bondage is all that makes it past the censors. So I'm guessing that you've never seen any B & D. Correct?"

"I've seen the occasional 'X' rated video."

"They're legal Toy. The pictures in the folder couldn't get even an 'X' rating."

"So where did you get them Master?" A cheeky smile as she took the folder.

"Where do you get anything these days Toy, the Internet."

I had prepared the folder just for tonight. The colour prints, on high quality gloss paper, were displayed in plastic pockets. I had arranged them from mild bondage through to quite severe scenes of beatings and restraint. She gave a short intake of breath as she opened the folder. The first photograph showed a nude woman spread on her back, her legs doubled beneath her, a taught rope running through the lips of her shaved pussy and attached to a collar on her raised head.

"I want you to look at the photos and tell me how you feel about each one. Your fate tonight is sealed Toy. You'll be tied and your breasts and ass punished. I just feel you need to widen your perspective before we start. So what do you think of this one."

"She looks a lot like me doesn't she, blonde, shaved, and big boobs? The pose is sexy - I'd like it."

"Turn the page Toy."

He did not pick all her responses, indeed very few. Some he might have considered attractive to her she had expressed shock and repulsion or in a few cases boredom. Others he had expected expressions of horror had instead brought expressions of interest. Indeed one black and white picture of a woman (with tight breast bondage and nipple clamps) painfully tied and placed above an obscenely large dildo which she held out of her anus by obviously weakening and over stressed legs, had excited her. True she had indicated she would never put herself, or allow herself to be put in that position, however...

"You indicated early on in our conversations that you wanted to be 'punished' Toy. How have these photos effected your thinking?"

"Master? Are you trying to frighten me?"

"No Toy merely to understand you and to help you."

She turned to a picture of a blonde tied spread to a 'X' cross with her full breasts thrust forward.

"Something like this?" Said with an impish though almost innocent pleading look.

"Damn, knew I'd forgotten something. Left the wooden cross at home! Still I think I can manage something."

I laughed with her. Her lack of guile was undeniably attractive. She was a woman who had manoeuvred herself into a position to get what she wanted. I had been moving carefully, slowly for several weeks, especially tonight. Meanwhile she had been moving inexorably ahead clear in her mind where she wanted to be. O.K. so be it.

"Toy put the book down and come with me."

The conversation had kept coming around to punishing her breasts. From the outset at the original lunch Max had shown a desire to have her breasts at the centre of the action. In some ways this did not surprise me, as, due to their prominence, she no doubt had long been used to men (people) looking at them and judging her. Maybe that was the reason she needed them to be the source of her pain and humiliation. Not that the reasons mattered and really it was enough that she had made her preference clear. I just couldn't help myself occasionally, albeit only in my own mind, flashing my junior psychology badge. True I was usually wrong but hey, we all do it. Right?

I took her behind the couch and had her kneel on an ottoman then lean back over the couch with her arms stretched along the padded headrests. I then secured her wrists to the ends of the couch with ropes to leather cuffs. I then removed the pins from her hair that had been wound in a topknot all evening and tied the long plaited length of hair with a thin rope. This I then ran down behind the cushions and tied off to a board running beneath the back of the couch. This held her head back as well as pushing her breasts forward. Her legs were effectively trapped between and beneath the couch with her cunt also thrust forward. When she was secure I ran a finger through the length of her slit and found that she was already wet and very aroused. I took a small leather strap from the backpack. It was a piece of specially cut hide that was six inches long and about three inches wide tapering at the "handle" end. Shaped not unlike a large tongue from a shoe, I had found it perfect for the more delicate areas of a woman's' body such as breasts and pussy.

I ran my hands over her breasts, flanks, pussy and thighs and let my mind wander. She was, I realised, incredibly beautiful and I felt an attraction that that I knew was a betrayal of my family. Still, I consoled myself that like in all relationships the woman had the control. Even in a dominant situation such as we had one word from Max and it was all over - more likely sooner than later. I gently pinched her nipples and rubbed the hardening nubs between my fingers. Her breathing had become erratic and her hips were moving in small thrusting motions. The occasional sound was escaping her lips but they were indistinct, emotion not speech. Likewise I had given up the facade of cool control. Blood pounded in my ears and my erection had become almost painful. Time.

I leant forward and began to suck first on one nipple and then the next. I increased the pressure of my suckling to a level that, were it not for her arousal, would have been painful. I then rocked back and picked up the strap. The first few strokes were not hard and were directed at the top slope of her breasts. She did not scream, rather she shuddered out a series of moans that came from deep inside her and to my ears were a mixture of release and longing. Again I was surprised by this woman and my inability to judge her reactions. I increased the strength of my blows and began to land the occasional stroke on the side and underside of her breasts. I was careful at this stage to avoid the nipples, rather using them to suck on between each series of strokes.

Max was now moaning and pulling against her restraints. Her breasts thrust forward to meet the strap and her eyes were as often closed as open. A look her pussy revealed her wetness - actually running down the inside of her thighs, something I had previously only ever read about in badly written porn. The effects were no less dramatic on me. Part of me wanted to hurt this girl then thrust into her body until I was spent but another wanted first to bring her as much pleasure as I could.

I changed tack at this point and began to lick at her clitoris. At the feel of my tongue she let out a low wail and mashed her groin into my mouth whilst her legs strained apart to give me access. As her orgasm built I again brought the strap back into play on her breasts. Her peak happened quickly. As her body began to stiffen in the first wave of her orgasm the strap was already in play, but this time directly upon her nipples. She screamed as her orgasm exploded her whole body straining against the bonds. Her head thrashed from side to side (as much as the rope would allow)and her thighs closed convulsively and then she slowly slumped in position until the ropes brought her up tight.

I had been unable to watch, to participate in this act without stroking my cock, quickly pulled from my pants fly. As she had come so had I unable to stop myself, her thighs now covered with my seed. I untied her and pulled her gently into my arms and kissed her stroking her forehead. She slid a hand around my neck and pulled me deeper into the kiss. Finally breaking the kiss she looked at me touching my face.

"Thank you Master."

"You were wonderful Toy. You look wonderful, taste wonderful, you react fantastically... I'm stuck for words."

"You enjoyed yourself?" She brought a finger wet with my sperm between us answering her own question.

"Yes, Toy I enjoyed myself. I wanted you so badly but I couldn't wait, you have that effect on me."

She laughed happily and then popped the wet finger into her mouth. A sly, cheeky and totally wanton look lit up her face.

"Master you said you'd spank my bottom too." An obviously fake pout.

"I also said I'd make you come again and again Toy. I always keep my word."

She laughed and stretched out in my arms flaunting her body.

"And will you make love to me too Master? You can you know."

"I know Toy, I know." And I drew her into another deep kiss.


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