The Best Erotic Stories.

Lilly White, Virgin
by Tawny T.

Lilly walked down the sidewalk. She looked neither right nor left. Several men greeted her, tipping their hats and calling her by name. She nodded and walked on, her heels clacking dully on the wooden sidewalk. At least the sidewalks were now elevated and she didn't have to get her long dress and shoes dusty or muddy going down the street when the infrequent rains hit the small town. Dust was the usual culprit here.

She walked resolutely toward the saloon. Her courage suddenly faltered and she walked past the swinging double doors. Decent women didn't frequent saloons. She stopped at the next storefront and looked in, not seeing what was displayed behind the wavy dirty glass. Lilly closed her eyes.

"God, is this the right thing I'm doing?" She said under her breath. She almost laughed. 'God' had nothing to do with this! She shut her eyes for a moment, took a deep breath, willed herself to turn and walked back to the saloon and pushed the doors open. The interior was dark after the brilliant sunshine outside and it took a moment for her eyes to accommodate to the dim interior.

She looked around. Damn, she didn't see her! Almost every face was turned toward her wondering what a well-dressed young lady like her was doing in the saloon. Eyes narrowed and took in the long, well tailored dress, the narrow waist, and above, the rather low cut of the dress. Her bosom swelled above the décolletage dress, and hungry eyes dwelled on the lily-white skin.

She saw a girl, obviously one of Kitty's, at the back, sitting alone at a table. She walked directly to her. The girl seemed as surprised as the men around her. Most knew Miss Lilly by name, or at least by sight. Her father ran the local newspaper, and in the small town everyone knew everyone else. A cowboy or two looked at her with renewed interest.

She sat down beside the girl. She willed her voice to be strong and not quaver. The girl's face was lined; Lilly wondered how old she was. She had obviously had a hard life here in the West.

"I'd like to speak to Miss Kitty, please." Lilly finally was able to speak

"She ain't ah hirin'." The girl said in a rather surly tone looking Lilly over.

"I beg your pardon?" Lilly said not understanding.

"Miss Kitty ain't ah hirin'. We don't need no new gals." The girl said avoiding her eyes and looking toward the bar.

"You don't understand. I want to speak with Miss Kitty herself. I did not come for a job. Will you please tell her that?" She added softly. "Please?"

The girl looked at her a moment, got up. Looking down, "She still ain't ah hirin'." She said with a shake of her head. She turned and went up the stairs, looking back at Lilly as if Lilly had two heads attached to her lovely shoulders. She turned and disappeared.

A cowboy ambled over and offered her a drink. Lilly politely declined. The cowboy shrugged, tipped his hat, turned and went back to his table. Almost every eye in the room was on her. Lilly sat uncomfortably till she saw the girl come to the second floor railing and crook her finger. She was committed now. She straightened her back, lifted her skirt in front, and climbed as gracefully as she could up the stairs. The girl pointed to an open door.

Lilly didn't know what to expect. What she did see impressed her. The room was decorated very tastefully. She guessed she had expected red velvet wallpaper and vulgar paintings on the wall. The room looked like one she herself would have decorated, neat, orderly, elegantly tasteful wallpaper, and furniture obviously picked by a discerning hand. An elegant grand piano sat in one corner, sheet music on the holder. Fresh cut flowers sat in expensive vases throughout the room. She recognized several prints from the masters on the walls.

"Come in Miss White, what may I do for you?" A low cultured voice came to her from beside the window."

"You know who I am?" She asked. She turned toward the window.

"Of course, every one in town knows the lovely Miss Lilly White. I know your father professionally." She chuckled softly. "His profession, not mine. I'm a silent partner in several businesses here in town. I advertise through him. Do come sit down. How may I help you?"

Lilly moved to the window and took the plush, comfortable seat offered. She looked at her hostess. She guessed Miss Kitty to be in her late twenties, early thirties. Time here in the West had been kind to her. Her face was fresh, with little makeup on it save her lipstick and a little blush. Her gown was exquisite, Lilly guessed direct from Paris. Very tasteful and hid an ample bosom just a little larger than her own.

"Do I pass muster, Miss White, may I call you Lilly?" Miss Kitty laughed. "You perhaps thought me a vulgar Madame with, let me guess - crimson wall paper, nude pictures on the wall, and my tits hanging out for all to see."

Lilly was taken aback and had to laugh at herself. She nodded and put her hands up to her face. She felt like a fool, but Miss Kitty laughed with her, not at her. She began to laugh also.

Kitty turned and took a silver tea service and offered her a cup of tea. Fresh tiny tea biscuits were on the platter. Lilly wondered there they came from. The service must have cost a fortune, and the teacups were exquisite. She sipped the hot tea and found it superb.

"Now, what may I do for you Lilly? I imagine this is not a social call. Am I correct in that assumption?" Kitty asked looking her calmly in the eye.

She hesitated a moment, bolstered her resolve and managed to say in an even tone, "I am a virgin Miss Kitty. I have had no experience with a man at all. I am betrothed and to be married next month."

"Yes, I know to handsome Billy. I have seen him with you often. A fine young man. An excellent choice for both of you, I might add." She said smiling.

"I, - I, - I would like to gain experience with pleasing a men. I imagine he has had experience with a woman, maybe more than one woman. I do not want to be a virgin on our wedding night and not know how to please him. I want you, to teach me how to please a man. I hear young men come to you to learn how to please a woman before their wedding nights. I want the same lessons. Do I make myself clear? I'm sorry, I said that badly. I want to know how to please Billy on our wedding night, Miss Kitty. Please?" Lilly said, her voice breaking a little.

"More tea?" The lovely Madame said pouring. "Yes, I understand, I really do. But most men value a virgin on their wedding night more than almost anything else. Why give up that virginity? Almost nothing pleases a man than taking a young woman's - pardon the word - 'cherry' on their wedding night, or any other night for that matter." Kitty asked laying her hand on Lilly's arm.

Lilly almost gasped the hand felt so nice on her arm. She was very taken with the warm lovely woman in front of her. She was the antithesis of what she had expected. She found her a warm, confident, well-educated woman, and very beautiful too.

"Well, Miss Kitty, I have to admit, I have no maidenhead to give to my husband on our wedding night. I'm afraid I lost it a number of years ago. I think I lost it riding astride horses so much." She hesitated a moment. She looked into Kitty's eyes and smiled. She knew this woman would understand, as her own mother never would. "Actually, I lost it to a cucumber, a long slender cucumber, one of several long slender cucumbers I grew in our own garden."

Kitty threw back lovely head and laughed a rich deep laugh that came from deep inside her. Her shoulder length blonde hair danced and moved like liquid gold. Lilly looked at her and joined her. The two laughed together till tears ran down their cheeks. When their laughter had subsided they sat drinking tea and nibbling on the delicious biscuits together. Two lovely women, well bred, well schooled, conversing together.

"I have money, Miss Kitty. I am willing to pay whatever you charge to teach a man, or a woman how to make love. I have saved it up." Lilly said matter-of-factly.

"Please call me Kitty. I am sorry, but I no longer sell my body. I gave it up a number of years ago. I have a number of lovely young girls who do that for me. I only have sexual relationships with those that I wish to. I am very picky about my lovers. I am sorry Lilly, I cannot do this for money." Kitty said softly.

"I understand. Could one of your - your 'girls' do it for me?" Lilly said disappointment in her voice.

"I'm sorry too, I would never entrust this to any of my girls." She hesitated a long moment and a sly grin spread over her face. "I won't do it for money, but I will do it just for you. I would be honored to teach you what I know. It has been a very long time since I made love to a woman as lovely as you. I shall teach you not only how to make love to a man, I shall teach you how to make love to a woman as well. For to teach one, I shall have to teach the other." Kitty said reaching out to softly stroke Lilly's soft cheek.

Lilly shivered at the thought. She had never thought about that aspect of this. She didn't really know what she had expected. Make love to another woman? She faltered. Her face flushed at the thought. She and a girl friend had touched each other intimately years before, exploring as young girls do, but it had never gone beyond a brief touch and a look.

Kitty was perceptive and caught the hesitation and indecision in Lilly's face. "Go home and think on this. Take as long as you wish. I want you to be sure. If you decide, our 'lessons' won't be here. I don't want you coming here. I have a small house at the edge of town, near you. Few people know I own it. We can meet there. Post a letter to me here. Don't put your name on outside of the envelope, and tell me what you want to do. I shall contact you." Kitty said rising up.

Lilly got up and Kitty took her shoulders and pulled her gently close. Kitty's soft lips kissed her so softly on the lips for one long wonderful moment. Lilly almost lost her breath it was so wonderful. Kitty's subtle perfume enveloped her and she felt lightheaded. Kitty chuckled softly and patted Lilly's cheek.

At Kitty's insistence, Lilly exited the back of the saloon, slipped between two stores, and came out on the next street. Her mind was in a whirr. She hadn't thought this through. Did she want to make love to another woman? Could she?

That night she lay in bed her mind in a maelstrom of doubt and indecision. She finally lay quietly and thought of Kitty. The woman overwhelmed her. What a lady! She might be a madam of a whor- no - a house of ill repute, but she was all woman and Lilly was captivated by her. She thought back to the gentle kiss, the touch on her cheek, the almost forgotten brushing of their breasts together. Her hand strayed under the cover and she pulled her long gown upward. Her hand found her prominent mound and the soft brown hair nestled there. She slid a finger down to find her slit. She spread her thighs wide and sighed deeply. Her finger slid into her slit and found it wet and hot. Her now deceased mother had told her it was wicked to touch herself there, but she had long ago found it so very pleasurable. How could something that felt so good be bad?

She slid her finger up and down her slit, probing inward, then moving her slick finger up to find her clitoris. She had found that term in an old medical book in her father's library. She stroked it softly, teasing it. How would Kitty's fingers feel there? Would Kitty touch her there at all? She thought of Kitty's lovely face, the swelling bosom that her dress couldn't hide. She imagined Kitty nude, standing at the foot of her bed. Her finger played faster and faster over her clitoris and she sighed out a long note of ecstasy, hoping her father at the other end of the house wouldn't hear her. Her body went wire taut and she bit her lip to keep from screaming out.

The next morning she took a letter directly to the small post office and waiting till the clerk's back was turned, deposited it in the basket, sliding it quickly under several other letters. She knew Kitty would have it within two hours or less in the small town.

That afternoon as she walked down the street to her father's business, a boy ran up to her and handed her an envelope, then as quickly dashed away. She found a bench under a tree and sat down, her knees were weak. She tore open the envelope. Inside was a note in elegant handwriting, giving an address, a time, and instructions to just walk in. She looked at the town clock and saw it was only two hours away. She did not have to explain her movements to her father and she hurried home to bathe quickly. She wanted her personal hygiene to be beyond reproach this day.

At the appointed hour, bathed, powdered, and lightly perfumed, she walked the two blocks to the address. A small, nicely kept house awaited her. She went to the door and it was unlocked. She entered, and was in a nicely appointed house. A bell attached to the door announced her entry with a cheery tinkling.

"Come in Lilly, I'm in the back." Kitty's rich voice called to her. She walked down the short hall to the back. She looked in and there was a rather large bedroom. Kitty sat on the side of the bed. She motioned Lilly over and handed her a glass. "Here, drink this, its very good champagne. I think you'll like it. It's a very good year." Lilly took the glass and they clinked glasses. She sipped the cold bubbling liquid. Lilly wondered where she got the ice. Ice in the desert was almost an unheard of luxury. The champagne tasted wonderful and slid down her throat easily.

She looked at Kitty sitting there. She wore a gossamer peignoir that barely concealed her beautiful body, under it an equally gossamer low cut gown. Her full breasts pushed the front out and the darkness of her nipples showed through the veil like cloth. Kitty saw Lilly's eyes taking her in and stood up and turned around. The voluptuous body of her would-be teacher awed Lilly. She was not fat in any sense of the word but had a full body that made Lilly catch her breath. She gown did little to hide it.

"I hope you like it. It's new from Paris, came in on the stage yesterday. I love to feel the soft cloth against my skin. You are the first to see it. Your looks say you like it!" Kitty said her voice low and husky.

"Now my little sweet Dove. I want to see your body." She said moving closer. "May I have the pleasure of undressing you? You'd like that wouldn't you?" She said looking deep into Lilly's eyes. Lilly was lost. She was unable to resist. She didn't want to resist. She only was able to nod dumbly. Kitty took the glass from her hand and with a chuckle laid it on the table. She pulled Lilly close and kissed her gently on her lips, her hands going to the young woman's shoulders pulling her against her almost naked body.

Lilly caught her breath as Kitty's body pressed against hers full length and her soft full breasts pressed against hers. Kitty's lips became a little more insistent and Lilly jumped a little as a soft tongue played over her lips. She had felt Billy's tongue many times, but this was entirely different. An almost electric shock went through her body as the soft tongue slid between her lips and probed her mouth. She let her own tongue fence and slide over the playful invader. Kitty's hand went to her neck and while they kissed, skillful fingers rapidly unfastened the buttons down the back of her dress.

Before she knew it, her dress was pulled downward to her waist. Kitty pulled back and lowered the dress so she could step out of it. Kitty laid it carefully aside on a chair, then came back to hold her again, not letting her ardor cool. Her petticoat slid downward then she stood in her brassiere and pantaloons with her cotton panties under them.

She was held against Kitty as the woman undressed her quickly and gently. Kitty left her brassiere and panties till last. She stroked Lilly's firm breasts through the fabric for a while before finding the tiny buttons and unfastening them. Kitty lifted the brassiere from her breasts almost reverently and cooed at the beautiful alabaster breasts with their perfectly rounded areolas and the small button nipples at the center of each.

"Ohhh, what beautiful full breasts you have. I envy Billy. He will love to kiss and caress these lovely mounds. They are making my mouth water." Kitty sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled Lilly close between her spread legs. Kitty looked up at her and opened her mouth and took one breast into her open mouth and sucked on it.

Lilly's knees almost buckled at the wonderful touch of the woman's skilled mouth on her breast. No one had ever touched her bare breasts. She had made Billy refrain from trying to uncover them. She had allowed him only to cup them through her clothes on infrequent occasions. Kitty's lips sucked at her flesh and her wicked tongue played over the nipple. Lilly stood; eyes closed then reached out and fondled Kitty's soft tresses. Kitty's lips pulled at the nipples and Lilly cried out as she felt Kitty's sharp teeth nip her hard nipple giving her an unexpectedly wonderful hurt that seemed to go directly to her clitoris.

Kitty moved to the other breast, and Lilly looked down at her breast. The whole end was wet and gleaming from the licking and sucking. Her nipple was erect, long and hard, longer than she had ever seen it, and she had played with them many times before. Her breasts felt swollen and hard. Desire? Yes, it must be desire - for a woman? Ohhh, God, her heart raced. She had never felt this way before.

She felt Kitty's hands pull downward, pulling her pantaloons and panties off together. She stepped out of them. Kitty motioned for her to raise her feet and she quickly unbuttoned her shoes and slipped off her coarse cotton hose. Finally she stood naked before Kitty. Naked with a woman, who was going to make passionate love to her! Her head spun and she almost fainted from the erotic thought that raced through her mind. Kitty arose and gently turned her around and moved her several feet to the side. She stood facing a long mirror on the tall chiffonier.

Kitty moved behind her. "Look in the mirror, Sweet Lady. Look at the beautiful desirable woman there." Lilly looked, and she did look so erotic. Her knees almost buckled again as Kitty moved close behind her, pressing her hot, almost naked body against Lilly's body. Kitty's hands reached around and cupped breasts, lifting and fondling them. The image in the mirror was so lewd and exciting Lilly felt her sex swell and burn. She had never imagined something like this in her entire life.

"I have seen many beautiful women, but none to compare with you. I am honored to be able to teach you how to make love. I hope your will forgive me if I take advantage of your splendid body and make love to it first, to teach you the joys of sex with another woman. I will teach you what your body can experience with a woman, then with a man." She kissed Lilly's neck and her tongue played behind her ear for a moment before she broke away.

"First come into the bath, I must prepare you. I want you to experience this - what I am about to do to, and for, your lovely body. Do you trust me?" She asked looking deep into Lilly's eyes. Lilly could only nod, feeling like she was almost Mesmerized by the beautiful woman. She led Lilly to the bathroom where a large galvanized tub sat filled with hot water and the surface was filled with thousands of bubbles. She indicated that Lilly get in. She had bathed earlier but slid into the wonderfully hot water and found it felt so wonderful to her skin. The water was scented and the vapors rose and seemed to embrace her. She lay back resting her head on a towel provided to keep her hair from getting wet.

Kitty moved to one side and while Lilly watched fascinated slipped off first the peignoir then the almost transparent gown under it. She stood tall, erect and majestically nude before Lilly. Lilly was aghast at the beauty of the nude woman in front of her. Her body was a work of art. She never knew how splendid a woman's body could be till now. She had seen copies of nudes done by famous artists but none compared to this Goddess who stood before her. She was aware finally that her jaw had dropped open and she closed it with great effort. Kitty's body literally took her breath away it was so sensual, so erotic, so sexual.

Her eyes moved over it taking in ever detail, her beautiful face, slender neck, soft shoulders, magnificent breasts what seemed to almost defy gravity. Her areolas were like none she had ever seen, puffy, swollen rounded cones of brown. Her nipples thrust out from the brown cones at least a half-inch. Her belly was softly rounded, and below, her sex. There was not a hair there, beautifully denuded. Lilly took in the soft Mount of Venus, then the indention of the outer lips, perfect in every way, and just the faintest hint of inner lips, neat and lovely.

Kitty stood watching the expression on her face and her eyes traveling over her body. She turned slowly and gracefully letting Lilly take in her body from all angles. Her buttocks were perfect, full and shapely. Her legs full, and well muscled. She appeared to have no excess flesh on her entire body. Lilly was so taken with her she realized that her hand had gone to her own sex and a finger was inside her sex. She had no recollection of moving it there.

"First a toast to a wonderful relationship!" Kitty said passing a glass of sparkling champagne to Lilly. They touched glasses and sipped the cool liquor. The hot water surrounding her and the delicious iced champagne made her body seem so much more erotic and exciting. Her hidden hand below the water stroked her swollen clit gently.

"Now, Young Lady, I want to wash your beautiful body then we shall make it even lovelier." Kitty said as they finished the champagne. Lilly's head felt a little light and she nodded and grinned at Kitty. Kitty bent over and kissed her softly and took her glass.

Kitty took a large sponge and began to sensually wash Lilly's body. The soft sponge felt so erotic against her skin. She paid attention to Lilly's breasts and even stroked them with her hand washing them softly. She had the young woman raise her legs and washed them as Lilly layback enjoying the attention. No one had ever washed her since she was a baby and she found it so sexually exciting. Kitty's fingers moved between each toe washing them. She never knew how erotic that felt having someone else bathe her feet.

Finally Kitty had her stand and washed her lower body. Lilly shut her eyes when Kitty had her spread her legs so she could wash her private parts. Her legs almost gave way when Kitty's fingers played over her pubic area and a finger slipped down to slide up and down between her pussy lips washing her. The errant finger slid delightfully up inside her and she sobbed out. Kitty's finger slid upward and found her swollen clit.

Kitty looked up at her. "My, the little man in the boat is awake and poking his head up. You naughty girl, I think you have been teasing him under the water. I noticed your arm in that direction. That's wonderful, I love to play with mine too! Most girls and women do - those that will admit it!" She said with a throaty chuckle.

Lilly felt better having Kitty admit to fondling herself - what was it called - 'masturbation' - that's the term the books used. She thrust her hips forward toward the beautiful woman washing her body. She turned when Kitty asked her to and without question, bent forward and grasped the sides of the sloped bathtub head.

Kitty moved the sponge over her buttocks and thighs and she spread them wider as the sponge moved up to her sex. Fingers replaced the sponge and knowing fingers played up and down her sex.

"You have a beautiful pussy, Lilly. Really lovely. Billy will love this. I can imagine his fingers playing here." Kitty said, her fingers slipping up and down the wet slit. "And what a lovely little asshole, you have!"

If she hadn't been holding onto the bathtub edges, Lilly would have fallen. She felt Kitty's finger move over her brown small "asshole." She loved the lewd term for her anus. The wet finger slid around and around it then she gasped as it pressed against the small hole and actually invaded her body. The feeling was so intense. She had done it guiltily sliding a finger there during rare moments of anal experimentation and felt none of these intense sensations. She cried out as the naughty, slick finger slid deeply inside her. Her knees trembled from the unexpected joy. The finger slid out and she groaned, wanting it to continue.

Kitty washed her hands quickly and held her hands out for Lilly to step out of the galvanized tub onto soft towels spread on the floor. Kitty took a huge soft towel and dried the young woman off tenderly, kissing her skin from time to time.

"Now, sit here on this stool. I have a most pleasant task ahead of me. I want to help you get rid of all your body hair. Nothing is more erotic and pleasurable to a men than a woman's hairless body." Kitty said as she took a shaving mug, added hot water, took a brush and whipped it around till it produced a mass of white shaving foam.

Lilly was shocked. "All of it?" She asked incredulously.

"All of it!" Kitty laughed. "Do you like my bare pussy?" Lilly nodded. "The ancient Egyptians deemed a hairless body a thing of beauty. They did not have the advantage of our razors and had to pull the hairs out one by one with their tweezers. Can you imagine?" She laughed softly.

"Now relax and let me perform this delightful task on your sweet lovely body. I assure you it is a most pleasant task for me." She said kissing Lilly's lips. "Fortunately for you I do not have to use the old straight edged razor. Some kindly soul invented a new device called a 'Safety Razor' I can use a straight razor, and have, but the new invention is so much better particularly on us ladies who's skin isn't so tough. Now please raise your arm."

Lilly's eyebrows shot up but she did as asked. Shave under her arm? A new idea for her! She certainly hoped Kitty knew what she was talking about. She knew no one who shaved under his or her armpits. Kitty ran the shaving brush over the area and Lilly giggled. It tickled! Kitty laughed with her and moments later her armpit was hairless. The other arm followed close behind. A mirror placed in her hand, and a long look showed her the soft hairless flesh there. Mnn, she liked it!

"Now my Dear, the legs." Kitty said smiling up at her. She took each leg and carefully denuded them. Lilly had heard of doing this, but had never seen much use for it as the skirts hid the legs and what use was it? Then she giggled. Of course! When she was naked, Billy would see her bare, long slender legs.

"Now, the most intimate part, your sweet pussy. I shall make it into a work of art!" Kitty laughed spreading Lilly's long slender legs. She looked up at Lilly's face and saw the doubt there. Kitty stood up and moved beside her, taking her hand and placing it on her bare sex.

"I can see doubt there in your eyes. Feel my pussy. Go ahead. Slide your fingers over it." Kitty said softly. Lilly hesitated; she had never touched another woman's private parts - a "pussy." She giggled at the thought. Her hand moved over the offered part, and it felt so smooth and nice. She looked up at Kitty and smiled. Her fingers explored the soft Mount of Venus. She loved it. Her fingers drifted lower and she slid a single digit downward a little and into the prominent crevice. She saw Kitty shiver slightly as it touched her intimate "pussy" flesh. Emboldened, she pressed inward and her finger slid inward, she felt hot, wet, slick flesh. Back a little and her finger felt the opening there and she couldn't resist and slid her finger up into the pussy of her teacher.

"Mmm, yes, Sweet Love. Let your finger slide up inside me. I shall slide mine inside yours as well as other things of great delight." Kitty smiled down at her. "But for now, please remove it so that I may attend to your luscious pussy."

Lilly reluctantly pulled her finger out and Kitty moved between her legs, and dropped on her knees. She spread Lilly's thighs wider and applied the warm foam to her entire pubic area. It felt so wonderful. Lilly sat watching Kitty slowly and carefully run the razor over her - pussy. She had heard the term and never liked it till now. Now as Kitty used it more and more, she began to love the sound and shape of the words on her lips. She remembered her finger that had slid into Kitty's pussy and slipped it to her nose and drew the odor of another woman's pussy into her nostrils.

The thought and scent of it took her breath away. She was smelling another woman's pussy. Her intimate scent, her secretions. She gasped. Kitty looked up.

"I see you finally decided to see what my pussy smelled like. I hope you like it!" Kitty chuckled softly.

Lilly's face went crimson, and she looked down and her whole body had turned bright pink. She never knew that a blush could cover her whole body. Caught! Then the idea of the whole scene hit her. Kitty was down between her thighs, her head almost buried in her pussy but being caught by the woman who was denuding her body embarrassed her. She managed to laugh finally, looking down at Kitty's upturned grinning face.

"Taste it!" Lilly said softly. "Taste my pussy juices. I'm told they are very tasty. Don't be afraid. You shall taste them many times before our lessons are over."

Lilly was shocked at first. Taste another woman's sex? Her intimate flesh? She had read allusions to this but never in her life thought she would be actually doing it. Kitty's eyes looked up and her and she nodded up at Lilly, encouraging her. Hesitantly Lilly slid the finger, the finger that had been inside Kitty's pussy to her mouth. Her tongue slid out and touched the finger. She licked it again then brought it into her mouth and sucked on it. The odor of Kitty's sex filled her nostrils and the slightly salty taste seemed to be amplified a million times inside her mouth.

Delicious! Wonderful! Unlike anything she had ever experienced. She was actually tasting anther woman's most intimate juice. She felt her clit throb at the deliciously naughty thought of what she was doing, what she would do later - according to Kitty. She moaned and felt lightheaded at the thought. From a distance she heard the soft throaty chuckle of Kitty.

She felt the razor slide over different parts of her pubic area, and finally looked down. Kitty was sliding the razor over the flesh of her inner thighs, pulling the flesh taut as she expertly removed the hair. She moaned as a knowing finger slid between her pussy lips and held her flesh open as the razor slipped up and down her pussy lips. It felt so wonderful and erotic. Her clitoris - her "clit" felt swollen and about to burst. It seemed she could feel her whole sex become wet and swollen from the gentle manipulations as Kitty removed her pussy hair. The gasped as Kitty's fingers spread her buttocks, her ass, wide and the razor slid over the skin taking the last of the hair off her pubic area.

Kitty took the sponge, wet it and carefully wiped the shaving cream off of her whole pubic area, then patted it dry with the large towel. She took a bottle of Witch Hazel, poured a little in her hands and smoothed it over the denuded flesh. She reached over and took a hand mirror and handed it to Lilly. "Now, Miss Lilly White, Virgin, look at your new look. Lilly took the mirror and looked at her spread sex - her pussy. Her eyes popped wide. She of course had never seen her pussy without hair on it since before puberty.

"Isn't it beautiful!" Kitty said reaching down to stroke the soft Mount of Venus. "Touch it! Feel how soft it is!" She encouraged. Lilly slid her hand down and stroked her mound. It was so very soft and smooth. The skin had a new feel to it, sensitive and totally different from when the hair covered it. She looked lower at her spread sex. Her open flesh was deep pink now, the inner lips swollen and gleaming with her wetness. Below she could see the small round puckered hole of her ass. Her eyes were drawn back upward and she could just make out the pink head of her clit peeping from its sheath. She placed a finger on either side of it and pulled upward a little and it slipped out, pink and erect. She shivered at the sight.

"I never knew it could look like this. It is rather pretty. I always thought it was ugly. Mother told me it was ugly and not to touch it, play with it, or look at it." Lilly hesitated. "With all due respect, I think my dear departed Mother was wrong." She looked at Kitty and they both burst out laughing.

Kitty held her hand out and pulled Lilly to her feet. They melted together and Lilly gasped as her nude body touched for the first time, Kitty's totally nude body. The difference was amazing. It could have been psychological as a film of cloth a good puff of wind would have blown away had covered Kitty's gossamer clad body before. Now their naked bodies pressed close. Soft breast against soft breast, belly-to-belly, hips thrust forward to meet hips, thighs brushed together. They kissed long and deeply, hands moving over velvet soft flesh. Lilly slid her hands down to cup Kitty's soft rounded ass and pulled it against her. Her heart raced at the erotic feel of the woman's body against her naked flesh.

Kitty gently pushed her away and took her hand and led her back to the bedroom. Instead of going directly to the bed she had Lilly stand before the mirror again. She moved beside her and they stood side by side. "Now Sweet Lilly, just look at our bodies, yours and mine, side by side. How do you like your 'new' body?" She asked. "Close your eyes for a moment." Lilly did as she was asked.

"Now before you open them. Forget everything you have seen before, my body, and your body. The image you will see is new. A new person. Just look at the image you see in the mirror, I want you to see a new Lilly White. You have never seen her in your entire life. Now open your eyes."

Lilly kept her eyes closed for a while longer. She had done this exercise before, looking at a landscape, her house, as if she had never seen it before. Blotting out all past memories of it from her mind. What she saw at that moment, whatever her eye fell upon. No past memories whatsoever.

Her lovely blue eyes slid open. She gasped. Two absolutely gorgeous nude women stood side by side. Not naked, nude, as in a fine painting by Titian, or Reuben - voluptuous, erotic, sensual, sexual, exotic, to an extent she had never seen. The older woman was superb in body and face. Full exotic breasts, round and inviting looking, puffy areolas, a soft belly with the indention of her umbilicus, lower the mons, the pronounced slit, the curved inward lips inviting the eye to follow it downward, wondering what lay there. The legs, muscular, well formed, and below lovely feet.

The younger woman - her eyes widened. A beautiful young woman looked back at her. Long blonde tresses, shoulder length, shining and lovely, blue eyes in a face that was almost angelic in looks and proportion. Slender neck, nice shoulders pulled back, breasts full and rounded, pink areolas, erect nipples, and a slender well-trimmed waist that needed no corset. Nicely proportioned hips, slightly rounded belly, no excess fat there, then the prominent pussy mound, and below it the perfectly beautiful slit now seen for the first time unadorned. She shook her head slightly at the sight of it. She loved the new look. She looked lower, her long legs; now without a hair on them, with nothing to detract from the long slender look of them.

Her voice was hushed. " I never knew! I never knew! I am lovely. My body is so - so sensual!" She turned and hugged Kitty to her. She kissed Kitty with a ferocity and passion she never knew she possessed, particularly toward another woman. Kitty pulled her close and returned the kisses and caresses. Tongues flicked, probed, hands stroked, fondled, and passions quickly arose. Before she knew it Lilly was breathing hard, her hands and body afire with lust for this magnificent woman, who had reveled her sensuality for the very first time.

Kitty broke the fierce embrace and pulled Lilly to the bed. Lilly had never seen such a huge bed. She didn't know that they were made this large. It was huge. A canopy over it gave it a wonderful erotic look. Mosquito netting could be lowered around it. This country seldom had mosquitoes, but sometimes they did come in droves. The bed was turned down and she thought the sheets must be silk, they were so soft, shiny and beautiful. God, this woman was a wonder! Large and small pillows were arranged at the head of the bed.

"Come my little Virgin, our passions are rising. Now is the time for me to teach you of love. Lie back and let me make love to your beautiful virgin body for the first time. I am so honored that you chose me to help you loose your 'virginity.' I call it that, for you have never known sex with another person. Kitty's philosophy 'says' a real person has to take away your bodily virginity." She chuckled. "Cucumbers do not count!"

Lilly lay down beside Kitty and pulled her close. They resumed their kissing and they turned, bodies pressing. Kitty's hand came to her breast and stroked and fondled it. She felt her nipple swell and become erect. She had stroked her own breasts but this was infinitely better. So very erotic, another woman's hands on her. As they kissed the hand moved from one breast to the other magically cupping, squeezing the flesh. She could feel her breasts swell, fill with blood, "fill with passion" - a term she had read in a book - words, now it came true, she knew the full, the real, meaning of the words.

When Kitty moved down and began to suck one breast she thought she would swoon, it felt so wonderful. Did this wonderful feeling happen with a man too? Lips sucked at her nipple, pulling it, teeth nipped delightfully, raking the hard elongated nipple. When Kitty moved to the other breast she was amazed how long her nipple stood out. Longer than when Kitty had first sucked on them - how long ago - hours, days, minutes?

Time meant nothing now, only the magic lips, tongue, hands, teeth at her breasts, moving from one to the other as this woman loved her body. She stroked Kitty's soft skin, ran her fingers through the golden soft hair, ran her hands over the soft contours of the woman's back. She reached over and slipped her hand to stroke and cup Kitty's full breast. God, would she be able to kiss them, suck the hard nipples that now pressed against her flesh, denting it with their hardness?

As Kitty's lips sucked, her hands were not idle; they stroked and fondled her breasts till they swelled still more, something Lilly thought could not happen. They ached they felt so full. She imagined this was the passion she had secretly read about in some of the "trashy novels" that abounded in these modern times.

She squirmed as Kitty's lips moved to lick the undersides of her breasts, moving outward under her armpits, licking and kissing the extremely sensitive skin. Her armpit had never been bare since had reached puberty and the sensations were fantastic. She was not ticklish there, but just sensitive. Kitty's lips and tongue licking there, was something she had never imagined another person would do. It excited her tremendously.

The feel of Kitty's body against hers was so erotic also. Kitty's lips kissed her, but the firm breasts pressed against her flesh and the hard nipples rubbed against her skin. Kitty's lips moved down her body, her tongue tasting her lightly perfumed flesh. She watched fascinated as the experienced woman licked over her soft stomach, slid a tongue into her navel and sucked on the flesh. Kitty's hands moved over her flesh sensuously caressing her skin and making her whole body tingle with excitement.

Her pussy ached to be touched, as she watched Kitty's head move downward the thought crossed her mind, but was immediately dismissed. No, Kitty would not kiss her - 'there' - would she? Kitty had made an allusion to it minutes ago. Surely not! She had smelled and tasted Kitty's pussy juices on her finger, and not found them disgusting; on the contrary, she had found them so exciting and erotic. No, surely not! She closed her eyes and just felt the sensual kisses and caresses on her body.

The woman's lips and hands were making her so excited she could hardly stand it. She cupped her swollen breasts and squeezed them, fondling them, pulled at her hard taut nipples. She pulled a little harder than usual and found she loved the delightful hurt. She moaned as Kitty's hands stroked over her newly denuded Mount of Venus. The skin seemed a hundred fold more sensitive now that the flesh was bare. She had never believed it possible. She shivered as Kitty's fingers played over her mound, then her lips kissed the soft skin there. She unconsciously thrust her hips upward toward Kitty's mouth wanting - she was not sure what she wanted - her mouth there? The thought gave her a rush of desire, longing. Surely not!

Kitty licked her mound, moved around the slit of her pussy downward to kiss and lick the soft flesh on either side of her slit. She felt as if she wanted to scream, but for what? Lips kissed downward to the sensitive smooth flesh of her inner thighs. She sighed as she felt fingers slide fleetingly along her slit, her hips thrust upward toward them. She moaned aloud.

Kitty chuckled and bit the soft flesh lightly. She cried out. This was all so wonderfully strange to her. She never imagined this would ever happen to her. Never! Kitty's tongue swirled over her flesh moving closer to her pussy. She held her breath waiting for - what?

Kitty heard the indrawn breath, the tension in the virgin's body. She moved down just a little, extended her tongue then licked slowly up along the beautiful slit of her novice lover. Lilly cried out when she felt the tongue slowly move along her pussy lips. Her hands went to her beasts and squeezed her swollen flesh, her nails bit into her tender flesh. The knowing tongue slid up and down then slipped inward, pointed, to split the wondrous flesh and expose it to the taste buds of the experienced Madame. Kitty moaned softly as she tasted the sweet virgin pussy flesh. She was the first person to violate this lovely sex, to open it up, to taste the delicious nectar stored there for so long. Her tongue slid to the bottom and probed inward deeply as she could.

Lilly cried out, and almost fainted from the sheer joy and the intense feelings that ran through her body. Emotions and feeling shot from her pussy upward and through her every nerve ending it seemed. Her hips pumped upward toward the probing tongue of her teacher. She had never dreamed of this, a woman's tongue deep inside her virgin pussy.

The tongue slid in and out, lips sucked at her center, covering it, sucking her juices out. Her whole body seemed liquid, and Kitty was sucking it out through her center. She screamed as she climaxed, her whole body seemed to turn inside out. Her hands squeezed her breasts so hard they distorted the perfect mounds. Her head want back, veins popped out on her forehead and the tendons of her neck were like bowstrings on the bursting point. And burst they did, her body exploded, waves of pleasure like she had never known shot through, flooded her body, as she screamed over and over.

Kitty's lips and tongue played in and over her pulsing pussy, sucking and drinking the juices that flowed from her center. A pulse of hot liquid shot out over her probing tongue and filled her mouth as her young pupil's pussy exploded. Kitty had known only a very few women who had ever done that when she made love to them. She redoubled her efforts and her young lover exploded yet again, her juices shot out as she removed her tongue and let the juices spew directly into her mouth.

'Fantastique'- the French word came to mind as she sucked the sweet tender virgin flesh. It was all the more succulent because it came from this young virgin. The first time she had climaxed for anyone save herself. Her hands held the perfect ass cheeks as she pressed her mouth against the writhing young body. She eased her tongue back into the tight opening gently and slipped it in and out.

Lilly gasped and fell back on the bed. Her body had bowed upward as she climaxed. Kitty's tongue slipped inside her gently and the lips sucked softly. She twined her fingers in the soft blonde curls and stroked the head of her first true lover. She hadn't imagined that it would be like this. The intensity of it was overwhelming. The thought of a woman licking and sucking her private parts was beyond her imagining.

"Did you enjoy that my Mon Amour?" Kitty said, lifting her face from the spread flesh.

Lilly looked down. Kitty's lips, chin and part of her face was wet and gleaming with her pussy juices. Still trembling, she could only nod her head for a moment. She took a deep breath then was able to speak, her voice small and weak. "Oh, God, yes. I never imagined - I really never imagined that it could be so wonderful." She paused and drew a ragged breath before continuing. "It was better than I could have ever guessed. I never thought about a woman's mouth there. I have read about it, but thought it was - I don't know - something a writer imagined. Thank you, Kitty! Oh thank you!" Lilly managed to say, looking down at her new lover's face peering up at her from between her thighs.

"Sweet Virgin, I haven't even gotten to the good part yet. Lie back and let Miss Kitty broaden your sexual horizons." She said with a grin on her face. She moved her head back down and slid her tongue inside the wet opening again. She sucked and tongued Lilly's pussy for a few minutes till the young woman was breathing hard. Then Kitty moved upward and licked higher. She licked around the sensitive clit teasing Lilly.

She looked up at Lilly and smiled, her blue eyes sparkling. "Now we let the Man in the Boat slip out of his cover. Just a little pressure here, and out he peeps. Mnn, Bonjour Monsieur! My, he is a handsome fellow! I think I'm going to love making his acquaintance." Kitty said as her fingers pulled upward on the clitoral sheath and Lilly's pink clit slid out toward Kitty's mouth. It was rather large and pink, the head rounded and lovely. Kitty extended her tongue and slowly flicked the end of the swollen clit.

Lilly cried out it felt so wonderful. She had stroked it many times, rubbing it and bringing herself off to wonderful climaxes. This was entirely different. A woman, a very lovely woman, was between her thighs, her face against her spread pussy and her tongue had just made the most wonderful contact with her sensitive clit that felt as if it would explode if she touched it again with that magic tongue.

She went rigid as not a tongue, but hot sucking lips enveloped her clit and began to suck lightly at first. Kitty's fingers kept upward pressure on her clitoral sheath letting the swollen clit slip out further from its protective sleeve. The sucking felt so impossibly wonderful. Kitty was sucking then releasing the suction, over and over in a rhythm that seem to go through her whole body, shaking her from her toes to her lovely head. Just when she became used to the suction she felt a finger slide along her pussy lips and into her body. She moaned and her hips hunched forward to help the intruder slide further inside. The finger slid out and was joined by a second that slid into her wet pussy.

Lilly screamed as the two fingers pushed deeply inside her and she felt the wonderful sensation as Kitty's tongue flicked over her clit exciting the thousands of nerves concentrated in the small nubbin. The tongue played over her clit helping the sucking motion give her sensations she had never dreamed could come from her young sex.

She felt a third finger enter her pussy, stretching it still more. She didn't know what Kitty was doing but it felt so wonderful to feel her pussy stretched delightfully and a wonderful sensation came from her sex opening. Kitty was twisting her wrist as she pumped the three fingers up inside the young woman. A trick she had learned years before from a wonderful woman who was her first teacher and lover.

Kitty sucked and licked the sweet tender flesh and savored the heady aroma of a sexually excited pussy, clean, and this one virginal. Her own body became enflamed as she licked, sucked, and slid her fingers up inside the virginal young woman's body. The thought of it was making her so excited, and her body became an inferno of lust. She had to force herself to slow down, and not bring the young virgin too quickly to a shattering climax. She wanted to prolong and build the tensions in Lilly up to a height that would give her a fantastic climax.

Lilly squirmed and writhed as she was finger fucked, and an expert tongue and lips assaulted her clit. Her body had never felt so wonderful. Pleasure seemed to overpower her senses. Her whole body seemed to dwell between her thigh and it was like being hit by lightning bolts that exploded through out her body.

Kitty brought her to the very edge of a climax then slowed her assault on the young pussy. She did it over and over. Building the tension in Lilly higher each time. When she thought the young lady could no longer stand it, she redoubled her efforts on the delicious flesh before her and sucked the clit, tonguing it at the same time, and her twisting fingers thrust up inside Lilly's virgin pussy harder and harder. The liquid sounds of her trusts and the sucking sound of her lips echoed softly through the room.

Lilly screamed her ecstasy out as her body bowed upward and she reached her climax and exploded. She had never imagined the intense pleasure a climax could bring to her body. Her whole world turned inside out and she seemed to be bursting into a million pieces at once. Her hands grabbed the covers and her nails threatened to punch holes through the sheets as she screamed her pleasure over and over.

Kitty was ecstatic that her ministrations to the young woman had brought her to such heights of passion. Her face, buried against the hot wet flesh, bore a grin. She truly loved to make love to another woman, and this one was a rare beauty, and a virgin too. Those facts seemed to lift Kitty to try to give Lilly the utmost in a climax. She succeeded and she hoped the neighbors didn't call the Marshall. She imagined they knew she was "entertaining," and would dismiss it as the workings of "that woman, " who came to the house infrequently. Lilly howled as the Madame used every one of her considerable skills to make the young virgin prolong her intense and very vocal orgasm.

Kitty could feel the virgin's vaginal sphincter muscles clamp down on her fingers and wondered how Billy's cock would love that on their weeding night. She had not told Lilly, but Billy had sampled more than one of her girls and they all reported that the young man was well very well endowed and gained skill with each encounter with her young women.

She brought the young woman to one last very vocal orgasm, and then slacked off with her frantic tonguing of her very wet pussy. She withdrew her fingers and slipped her mouth down to lightly lick the slowly closing opening she had so diligently finger fucked. She sucked gently and was rewarded with the delicious juices from the sweet virgin's bodily cup. Virgin juices! She loved the idea. It had been years since she had made love to a virgin. She could remember none as beautiful or as sexy as this.

She gave one last lick to the sweet virgin flesh then moved upward to lie beside the still panting Lilly. She stroked the heaving bosoms and kissed Lilly's cheek. Lilly finally caught her breath and looked into her first lover's blue eyes.

"Oh, God, Kitty, that was fantastic. I never believed anything could feel so wonderful. I almost fainted from the sheer joy of it. Do men, well, you know, do men make love to women like that?" She asked almost blushing.

"Yes, they do if they are smart! Some men make snide remarks about it, but a good lover will kiss a woman there. He expects a woman to take his cock in their mouths. Why shouldn't she get the same treatment? If your Billy doesn't, then just tell him you won't take his organ in your mouth till he makes love to you this way! It is really that simple, and don't give in to him either." Kitty said leaning over and moving to kiss Lilly's sweet lips.

Lilly looked at her moving close and pulled away, avoiding the kiss.

"Now wait a minute, young lady. That is no way to treat a woman who has just given you the most intimate of kisses. Why are you avoiding kissing me?" Kitty said with a trace of a smile. She knew of course. "Have you ever tasted your own juices?"

"Yes." Lilly said softly, coloring slightly remembering tasting Kitty's juices on her finger.

"And were they awful?" She asked. Lilly shook her lovely head. "Then kiss my lips. I have had them against your sweet juicy pussy and I personally thought you tasted delicious. Kiss me, I kissed, licked and sucked you and you have a very delicious and toothsome pussy." She leaned closer.

Lilly tentatively kissed her. She pulled back then kissed her again. She slid her pink tongue out and ran it over Kitty's wet lips, smiled and began to lick Kitty's wet lips, chin and face. Their passions rose again as the young woman's lips accepted her own juices and she cleaned her beautiful teachers face.

Kitty kissed her back. "Now, that wasn't so bad was it?" Lilly smiled and shook her head. Now you know what it's like to have your sweet pussy licked, your clit sucked and tongued and your pussy finger fucked. Next we shall see how you like having a nice long cock slid inside you."

Lilly started and a frown came on her face. "But I have saved myself for Billy. I don't want another man to enter me."

Kitty laughed. "I knew that you would feel that way. I have a way that means no men shall have you till Billy makes love to you. I think you will like this." She said getting off the bed. She went to a drawer and withdrew a device that had Lilly's lovely blue eyes wide with wonder.

"This is called a dildo. They are almost as old as mankind itself. The Egyptians made them from ivory, horn, and polished wood. The Chinese have had them around for thousands of years according to their scholars. This is a modern one. It came from Paris, France. I have a good lady friend there who helps me with my clothes and sends me little sexual tidbits such as this. This one is very unique and very new. The other one I had was made of leather, soft and quite nice. This one is a very modern one. It has a flexible shaft of some kind, and over it is laid layer after layer of what is known as India rubber, soft, smooth and very nice to the touch. Feel it!" Kitty said as she brought it over to show it to Lilly.

Lilly put out her hand and took the life-like phallus. It was a translucent white and the surface felt firm yet smooth. The phallus had a rather life-like head on it like a man's glens. She ran her hand up and down it grinned at Kitty and began to laugh.

"I never thought about a device like this. I used a cucumber, and once when we had a rare banana I used it in my pussy too. People really make these? Well, I can see why. It resembles a man's sex organ - all right I'll say it - a "cock!" I imagine you are going to use this on me. Am I right?" She said coloring slightly and laughing as she stroked her hand up and down it's length.

"I sure am my sweet petite vierge. I'm glad you don't have a hymen. It will make it easier to make love to with this. I want you to feel this deep inside your sweet pussy." Kitty said as she took a heather harness out of the drawer and began to strap it on. Lilly watched fascinated as she slid the dildo, which had a rather flat flange on the end of it through a flat piece of leather with a hole made to receive it. Kitty wiggled her sensual hips around and pulled and tugged the leather belts tight and fastened them behind her, pulling the dildo in front of her so that it stuck out in front of her like a real cock.

Lilly couldn't hold back a giggle at the sight of Kitty standing before her with a long whitish "cock" standing out from her body. Kitty laughed with her taking it in her hand and wiggling it up and down, pointing it at Lilly.

"Have you used it on other women?" Lilly asked lying back and accepting the fact that here new teacher/lover was going to slip the dildo inside her and give her a lesson in love.

"Yes, several. I have had several women lovers. Some of them you know here in town. You would be surprised, as would their husbands. They don't come to my saloon but I usually meet them here discretely. Their husbands would be horrified if they knew. In fact some of the husbands are also customers of mine. I will say, that I have never fucked both husband and wife. I let my girls service almost all of the men. I do have one or two special men that are good friends and lovers. A woman has to have some men friends." Kitty said as she slipped into bed with Lilly again.

Kitty moved close and began to stroke and fondle Lilly's wonderful body, stroking the fires of lust again. Lilly seemed a little hesitant to fondle Kitty's lower body, avoiding the dildo.

"Lilly, I want you to treat this dildo exactly like you would Billy's cock." She chuckled. "You probably don't want to call it a cock on your honeymoon. Later, he'll probably want you to call it that. There is an old saying - what a man wants from a woman, "A lady in the parlor, and whore in the bedroom." Give him what he wants in the bedroom and you'll keep him happy and at home, instead of down at my place - getting what he can't get at home. I hear that from so many men. They come to my place when, if the woman would just listen to him at home, he would never stray.

As Kitty coached, Lilly took the dildo and stroked it and fondled it gently. She learned how to stroke it and how much pressure to use, and the techniques of moving her hand up and down it length. She rotated her hand over the head, learning where on the head to stroke. All the while Kitty was kissing, stroking and caressing Lilly, enflaming her passions. The thought of what she would be doing on her honeymoon with Billy made her even hotter. Kitty was watching and leading her on, wanting her really excited and longing for the final ace, penetration.

When Kitty decided Lilly was ready she moved between the long lovely legs of the beautiful woman, and positioned herself between them. She reached over bedside the bed and took a small jar of salve and coated the long dildo till it gleamed. She bent forward and licked the delicious pussy from bottom to top letting her saliva flow out over her tongue till the sweet slit was wet and gleaming, and ready for the intruder.

She positioned herself again and pulled a pillow over and slid it under Lilly's hips elevating them slightly. She bent forward and placed the thick intruder against Lilly's pussy and moved her hips forward just a little. The dildo head pressed against the split flesh and parted it. Lilly sighed and watched it, blue eyes wide.

Kitty slowly pushed forward and the head pressed against the soft flesh, hesitated a moment then with a small push, slid into the beautiful woman's body. Lilly gave a low wail as it slid inside her. She felt no pain of course, as her activities; her fingers as well as the lucky cucumber, had long ago broken her maidenhead.

Kitty watched her face as she slid the thick long intruder inside the lovely virgin. She wondered how large Billy's cock was. Her girls had all told her that he was well very endowed. She envied Billy. She wished she could have the sweet woman all to herself as a lover. How she would teach this beautiful creature to make love to her. She wanted a woman lover of her own.

She had recently been thinking of leaving the small town and moving to Dodge City, Kansas where big tall, ruggedly handsome, well endowed, Marshall Matt Dillon lived. A very good friend, and one time lover, Matt had been trying to get her to move there. The thought of having this beautiful woman as her very own lover made her pussy tingle and her breasts swell. If only Lilly was not getting married. Kitty knew she could use her considerable Lesbian skills to seduce the incredible woman and make Lilly her own.

She brought her mind back to the "task" at hand. God, what a "task," making love to this incredible young woman. She leaned down and kissed Lilly's sweet lips. Lilly kissed her back, letting her tongue slide along Kitty's lips. Mnn, she was learning fast.

She expertly slid the intruder deeper inside the virgin cave. Lilly closed her eyes for a moment, brow furrowing as the large dildo slid deep inside her sweet pussy. She wondered how it felt as opposed to the real thing. She had no way of knowing.

Deeper inside her it pressed. Kitty skillfully slid it in and out slowly, moving it ever deeper inside her body. Lilly gasped as it hit her cervix and she moaned aloud.

"Did I hurt you, Love?" Kitty asked holding her position.

"It hit the bottom of my - pussy" Lilly said and laughed. "I've never felt anything there before. It just felt - different - unexpected!"

"That's the mouth of your womb, your cervix. Most women never get to feel anything hit it. Most men's cocks are just too short to reach it." Kitty said smiling down at her young lover. "Your pussy will stretch if you have a man who's well endowed. I'll be careful; I only have another inch or so till it's all inside you. I will be gentle."

"Do you think Billy's - cock - will hit it?" She asked hesitating over the word.

Kitty smiled, not wanting to let her know that she had heard how well endowed Billy was, from her girls. "I really don't know. Lets hope he is well endowed and hits it and stretches your sweet pussy. He can give you wonderful thrills if he is." She slipped the dildo back a little, then pushed it in again, feeling the slight resistance of the virgin's cervix. Slowly and carefully Kitty moved the intruder in and out, moving it ever deeper carefully. Little by little she managed to stretch Lilly's pussy till finally, her pubic mound met Lilly's and their bodies came together. She finally had it fully inside the beautiful virgin. She lay lightly atop her, holding her weight off of her with her arms and thighs.

"How does that feel, Mon Amour?' Kitty asked, kissing the soft sweet lips.

"Oh, that feels so wonderful. It fills me up so. I like the feeling of being filled. Is this how I'll feel with Billy inside me?"

Kitty laughed. "I can't guarantee that. It will depend on how that young man is endowed. I truly hope he will fill you like this. This is just a substitute for his cock. You and he will have to work that out between you. Now, I'll slowly fuck you with this so you can get the feel of how the real thing will make your sweet pussy feel as it moves in and out." She began to slowly move her hips back and forth sliding the thick dildo deep inside the lovely young virgin's body.

Lilly moaned as the intruder slid in and out of her virgin pussy. It felt so strange and wonderful to feel it there deep inside her. She watched Kitty's hips move up and down and give a little wiggle from time to time. It made the end hit a different place inside her, and gave her an incredible feeling of fullness and strange new sensations inside her body. She reached up and caught Kitty's bobbing and swaying breasts and fondled and cupped them. She looked up at Kitty's lovely face above her smiling down, and thought how wonderful it was that she had picked this woman to lead her into the joys of lovemaking. She truly felt a deep affection for the beautiful longhaired Madame. She cupped Kitty's breasts, squeezed them lightly and felt so loved. She had never imagined she could feel this way about a woman who she had just recently met.

The dildo slid in and out, around and around inside her body. She leaned her head up and kissed Kitty on the lips, slipping her tongue out and into the hot mouth of her lover. She squeezed Kitty's firm swaying breasts hoping she was communicating her affection to the lovely Madame. Kitty's tongue slid over and around hers, and the two beautiful women felt a kinship and close relationship beyond the mere coupling going on.

"I'm going to move my hips a little and I think you'll feel a different sensation inside your body." Kitty said as she moved her hips downward and made the dildo hit a spot that in her body always seemed to cause her intense pleasure.

"Ohhh, yes, it feels sooo good. There, it feels so very good. What did you do?" Lilly asked almost breathlessly.

"I'm not really sure. But there is a spot just there behind my pelvic bone that always seems to feel so good to me when a lover hits it with his cock. I try to hit it with the dildo whenever I make love to a woman. It seems to really make them hot. I have no idea why. I just know I, and they like it. Obviously you do too." Kitty said against Lilly's lips as she moved her hips again searching for that spot. Lilly moaned and Kitty knew that she had found it.

Kitty moved the dildo over and over the spot that she found so wonderful when a man's cock presses against it. She kept her thrusting up till Lilly began to moan and cry out. She increased her thrusts and brought the young woman to a shattering, screaming climax. She wished there was some way the dildo would excite her pussy too. There was none. She kept pumping away till Lilly finally ended her intense climax and fell back exhausted.

Kitty slid the dildo out, slid down and put her mouth to the sweet young pussy and slid her tongue inside the slowly closing flesh and sucked the sweet virgin nectar from the wonderful receptacle, slowly and gently avoiding the still sensitive clit above. She licked the wet flesh till Lilly calmed down and then she moved up beside the beautiful woman and kissed her. This time Lilly showed no hesitation to kiss her wet lips.

"Oh, Kitty that was so wonderful. I hope Billy will - fu - fuc- fuck me on our honeymoon like that. That was fantastic." Lilly said finally getting out the word that was so hard for her sensitive lips to pronounce. She was learning a new vocabulary from this wonderful woman.

"I certainly hope he does too, Love. I'm sure he will make you a wonderful lover and husband. Now I want you to get on your hands and knees and let me fuck you a different way. This one is really nice for both partners. The cock goes in so deep and the woman gets to have her breasts fondled and squeezed as well as an additional stimulation I shall show you." Kitty said kissing Lilly again.

The two fondled and kissed till Lilly once more was excited by her beautiful lover's caresses and strokes. She got on her knees and Kitty got behind her. The dildo slid into her wet pussy easier now, as she had been stretched by it before. Kitty stroked in and out, then bent forward and caught a firm bobbing breast in each hand and fondled and stroked them as her hips slid forward and back. It did not take her long to have the beautiful Lilly panting with desire as the thick intruder slid in and out of her body.

When she thought the sweet young woman was ready, Kitty moved upright and looked down at the lovely perfect ass of her young lover. She wet a finger and her hips trust faster, driving Lilly almost to the edge of a climax. She put her finger against the perfect brown circle of Lilly's anus and in one careful thrust slid her finger deep into Lilly's bowels. Lilly screamed as she came.

She had never felt anything like it in her life. She was on the verge of a climax and suddenly a new sensation sent her over the edge - Kitty's finger thrust unexpectedly deep inside her back passage. She bucked and screamed as she climaxed over and over. Kitty drove her finger and the dildo deep inside her beautiful pupil's body. Lilly's response was so gratifying to her. Lilly's body twisted and writhed under the twin assault on her body. Finally she pitched forward in a half faint.

Kitty went to the washbasin near the bed, washed her hands, then took a wet cloth and bathed Lilly's face till he recovered. Lilly recovered slowly and Kitty kissed her sweet lips over and over till she had regained her strength.

"My God, that was so wonderful. It was so unexpected. I almost fainted from the unexpected pleasure. Thank you so much Kitty." Lilly said as she kissed her teacher tenderly. The two cuddled and kissed, stroking each other. Kitty unfastened the straps that held the dildo on and laid it aside. She pulled Lilly to her, and their bodies twined together. Lilly caressed Kitty, fondling her swollen breasts, and slid her hand down to cup the bare mound of her teacher.

"Oh, Kitty. I am so sorry. I have climaxed again and you haven't." Lilly said, hesitated a moment looking into the beautiful blue eyes of her teacher. "Would you let me make love to you? Please?"

The beautiful Madame smiled at her pupil. This was what she had waited for. She wanted her pupil to make love to her on her own terms. "My sweet Virgin. Only if you wish too. I want this to be your decision alone." She kissed Lilly softly, cupping her full breast, her hand moving over it and stroking its softness. She waited for the lovely pupil to make her own mind up. Lilly's tongue fenced with hers more expertly now, her hand stroked Kitty's breast, finding the nipple and rolling it between her thumb and forefinger.

They lay kissing and mutually stroking for some minutes. The tick of a clock sounded in the distance somewhere in the house. Two beautiful women, nude, twined on the bed, the soft light from the window sculpting their bodies, a picture of beauty fit for a painting by a master.

Lilly pulled back and moved to kiss Kitty's neck. She used her tongue and tasted the soft flesh. A soft scent reached her nostrils from a sensual perfume. She nibbled on the soft earlobe, her teeth clicking softly on the diamond stud there. Lilly closed her eyes and imagined how she would want Billy to kiss her neck, her body. She shivered at the thought of it. This is what she would do to her beautiful teacher. Make love to her as she would like to be made love to. Lilly had taught her that.

Lilly moved downward slowly till she came to Kitty's magnificent breasts. She stroked them softly using her hands to mold the mounds that had softened as she lay on her back. Looking up into Kitty's face, she moved her lips to the beautiful nipple and surrounded it with her lips and sucked softly at first. Kitty's hands went to her soft hair and stroked it, running sensuously though the shining tresses.

Oh, God the nipple tasted so good. She tongued it softly, moving her tongue over the large pale, puffy areola. The circle was almost as large across as three of her fingers. A beautiful, perfect circle. She sucked the nipple harder feeling it harden in her mouth, between her lips. She had never imagined she would do this in her entire life. She ran her tongue over and over the nipple while she sucked it. It swelled and grew longer and firmer. Her hands cupped the mound stroking from base to the tip as Kitty had done to her. The breast responded to the stimulation and swell and became firmer and swollen with desire. Kitty sighed her approval and her fingernails bit lightly into Lilly's scalp thrilling her with the sign of her lover's rising passion.

Lilly moved to the other breast and spent long minutes tending to the sweet flesh till it too was swollen and hard under her fingers. She moved over Kitty and slipped downward between the silken thighs and lay down gently on top of her sweet teacher. Thrills went through her body as she lay between the thighs and looked up at Kitty's smiling face, full swollen breasts with the nipples jutting upward. The handiwork of her lips, tongue and hands. She had done that! She had made them hard and swollen with passion.

She felt the heat and wetness of Kitty's spread pussy against her chest as she moved downward kissing and licking the soft tasty flesh. She had never thought how a woman's flesh would taste. An involuntarily shudder went through her body as she realized that in a few moments she would have her face against a woman's intimate flesh. She would actually taste her - lick her!

Her heart raced faster as she kissed the soft belly, slipping her hot tongue into the indentation of the belly button. A suck there, flicks of the tongue, a portent of the glorious indention lower down, a woman's most intimate flesh.

She kissed the soft skin of Lilly's mound, nuzzled it and caught the scent of her aroused flesh. The same flesh she had tasted so briefly earlier. She suddenly found her mouth full of saliva. God, she was salivating thinking of this woman's intimate flesh - her pussy.

Lilly moved slowly downward kissing the soft white flesh at the juncture of the body and leg. A place that always had been so sensitive on her body. She licked the flesh and tasted a slight bitter taste of Kitty's perfume, put there for her. The heady aroma of aroused feminine flesh and the wonderful perfume wrapped her in its embrace. She was spell bound by it. It intoxicated her, made her giddy. So close to another woman's intimate flesh. She looked down at the spread sex - no - pussy, pussy, pussy, Kitty's wonderful pussy. She felt a sudden almost love for the beautiful sensual woman.

Her whole body came alive as never before. She bent forward and planted a soft kiss on the beautiful slit of her lover. Kitty moaned above her. The flesh was soft and warm to her lips. She places a hand on either side of the slit, and using her thumbs, pulled gently.

Kitty's beautiful pussy opened like a red rose before her. She gasped; she had never realized that a woman's flesh could be so lovely, so complex. Soft folds gleaming wet, unfolded as she spread the flesh wider. Then she could see the center, open, like the center of some wondrously beautiful rose. A drop of liquid lay there in the center for a moment, then slid downward to run a small rivulet to the perfect brown rosette of her anus - her ass hole. She almost giggled at the lewd unaccustomed term.

She lay looking at the open flesh for a long moment then reached out with her hand and touched the opening. Hot, wet, slick. She brought that wet finger to her mouth and tasted the juice once more. Full rich, wonderful, tasty, how wonderful it was. So amazing!

Kitty lay watching the young lady, knowing how she felt, how the wonder of the first time making love to a woman's sex felt. She remembered vividly her first time too. Her mouth began to water thinking of it and of the beautiful woman now about to make the same discovery. She cried out as she felt the touch of Lilly's sweet tongue against her exposed flesh. It was almost like a static electricity discharge against her flesh - the touch of a tongue there at the entrance to her body. God she loved it. It had been too long. Oh, how she wished she could make this precious woman her lover, teach her, keep her forever.

Lilly felt Kitty start as her tongue encountered the sweet wet flesh of the woman's center. She had placed her tongue at the center of the rose, to taste the dew gathered there. It was sweet, hot, slightly salty, and had a taste all it's own. She gasped it tasted so wonderful. She was tasting a woman's juices, from the most private part of a woman. She lapped at the center again and again. The richness flowed over her tongue, over her taste buds and she swallowed the delicious fluid.

Moving backward slightly she looked at the wet gleaming flesh, looking at the beauty of the symmetry. Pink, gleaming wet flesh, so wonderful. She lapped at it again and again. She moved her tongue from the bottom to the top, feeling the entrance to Kitty's body then upward over her urethra - she remembered the term - the pee hole she had looked at fascinated when she was young, watching her stream squirt from it, delighting her at a young age. Now she sucked lightly on the small opening and heard Kitty's intake of breath.

Upward her tongue slid, exploring. She remembered Kitty's fingers pulling up on her clit sheath, and she put a finger on either side and slid them upward. The "Man in the Boat" slid out, pink and gleaming. Beautiful, like hers yet different. Almost the same size. She had no guide to tell herself how it compared with other woman's clits. This was the only one beside her own she had ever seen. It looked about the same size as her own. She had no way of knowing then that her clit and Kitty's were larger than normal.

She flicked her tongue out and ran it over the head of the sweet projection. Kitty moaned and her hips thrust upward toward her mouth, making her tongue give the turgid clit an extra sensation of pleasure. She licked it again and again, then took it between her lips and sucked the small member inward at the same time pulling backward. The lips and flesh pulled back with her and Kitty moaned at the wonderful sensations her new lover was eliciting from her excited pussy.

Kitty's passion soared as the sucking lips encircled her clit and sucked it in and out over and over. The suction lessened and she cried out louder as the tongue flicked rapidly over her clit. She screamed as her body exploded and bowed upward toward her lover's mouth. Her fingernails raked the sheet under her threatening to tear holes in it. She cried out over and over calling her sweet lover's name.

Lilly felt thrills run through her body as she brought her beautiful teacher to a climax. She was responsible for giving Kitty a climax - a "cum" to use the coarse term for it. She softly licked the open flesh and tasted the sweet nectar that seeped out of the spread opening. She moved her head a little lower and slid her tongue back inside the deep cavity. She suddenly wished she had a cock, or a tongue that was eight inches long. Something, anything, to slide deep inside this wonderful sexual woman. She loved the feel of the wet flesh against her lips. She moaned and pressed her face against the soft wet opening almost as if to burrow to the center of this woman. She had never known such a feeling. I scared her a little but felt so right.

She began to suck and lick Kitty's pussy again. This time she slipped a finger up inside the wet opening and felt around exploring the soft interior. She ran her tongue up and down just outside the inner lips feeling the slick flesh there. Another finger slid inside then a third. The flesh around her fingers felt so tight, so hot. She thought briefly of the men's organs - cocks - that had slid inside and given Kitty pleasure. She felt a little jealousy at that thought, and then dismissed it. She was getting married; she would never make love to this magnificent woman again. The thought saddened her and she slid her fingers deeper, rotating her hand as Kitty had done for her. She licked upward and found the hard nub and stroked it with her tongue, over and over.

Kitty was feeling the wonderful sensations her young lover was giving her. God, it felt so fantastic! The young woman had real talent. She felt the fingers deep inside her, felt them rotate, exciting her still more. She looked down and saw the lovely head bobbing up and down, felt the hot tongue play over and over her clit and she reached down and pushed Lilly's head harder against her exploding pussy and screamed her ecstasy out yet again.

Lilly was surprised at Kitty's climax so soon after the other. She redoubled her efforts on the sweet flesh and sucked hard on the clit and pumped her hand hard against Kitty's body, driving her fingers deep inside the threshing, woman who seemed so vocal in her climax. Lilly had no idea a woman could cry out so when climaxing. She was certainly learning.

Kitty finally pushed her head away rather violently, gasping out for her to stop. She removed her hand and slipped her mouth back down to the spread sex. Fascinated, she watched it close slowly after being spread by her thrusting fingers. As it almost closed, she noticed juices starting to run out. Without hesitation she placed her mouth to the open flesh and sucked gently on Kitty's sweet sex. She was rewarded by a profuse ambrosia of tasty juices, sweet and salty coming from the beautiful woman's center. She marveled that in such a short time she had almost become addicted to them. They tasted so savory as they flowed over her hungry tongue. She swallowed them down, reveling in the sweet salty flavor.

She moved up again to Kitty and kissed her cheek as the beautiful Madame lay gasping for breath like a runner after a long race. Lilly watched her heaving breasts and stroked them gently. God, she loved doing this - with another woman. She shook her head marveling at what she had just done and - she was loving it! She thought that she loved Kitty too. In such a short time she had learned to make love to a woman and fallen slightly in love with her too. She smiled and kissed Kitty gently on the lips, closing her eyes and feeling the wonderful love spread through out her body.

"My God, Lilly, that was fantastic. You are really a quick study. I don't remember having someone make love to me with such intensity in a very long time. You are really a wonderful woman. I wish circumstances had been different. I know you and Billy will make a good husband and wife. Forget me and live with him and be happy. I'm damn sure you'll make him a wonderful wife. You are such a wonderful lover.

She got up and got some more of the champagne and poured each a glass. They sat and talked and sipped the wonderful cold bubbling wine. Each sat watching the other thinking of what they had just done. Lilly kept looking at the beautiful breasts, body and spread pussy of Kitty as they sat Indian fashioned on the bed, thighs wide and their still wet pussies parted and open.

The wine went to Lilly's head just a little and she couldn't help stare at Kitty's spread wet sex. It gleamed and a droplet of her juices appeared and started to slide down the open flesh. Before she could stop herself she reached a finger out and slid it to the opening and caught the errant droplet on her finger. She brought it to her lips and slipped it into her mouth. The wine had cleaned her palate and she tasted the sweet saltiness of it again. She closed her eyes it tasted so erotic.

She felt Kitty shift in the bed and a moment later felt her lips on hers. They kissed for a long while, tongues flicking and probing. She reached out and took one full globe in her hand and cupped it and fondled it again. Lilly could feel her own clit throb and swell. She had to have this woman once again. It was almost like an addiction now. She had to have her! She opened her eyes and pulled back a little. Kitty's lovely blue eyes were fastened on hers.

"Would you like to make love one last time, my sexy Lilly White, Virgin?" She asked with a lump in her throat. This would be the last time she would make love to this beautiful sexual woman. Lilly tried to speak but emotion filled her and she too knew that this would be the last time.

"I want us to try something new. We haven't done this before and you will love it. You and Billy can try it after you are married. Men and women alike love it. It's called in French a soixante neuf or a 69, because of the bodily positions. It's two people making love to each other at the same time, most intimately. Teach Billy this early in your marriage, and you will both have many happy days and night of lovemaking.

Kitty took Lilly's glass and set it aside with hers then turned and brought the beautiful young lover into her arms for one last lovemaking lesson. She smiled at Lilly and kissed her passionately. Their tongues slipped inside to kiss with a renewed passion, as they both knew that this would probably be their last lesson that the two would have and the last and most intimate lovemaking together. Hands reached, fondled and stroked breasts and made them swell with passion and desire.

Kitty broke the kiss and turned in the large bed and began to kiss Lilly upside down now, they both moved slowly downward kissing cheeks, ears, necks, nuzzling and stroking. Kitty kissed Lilly's breasts and sucked the nipple to hardness. Her large breasts swayed gently and Lilly cupped them and guided them to her lips and sucked the soft flesh. She loved having them in front of her face, sucking on the nipples like a child again.

The flesh tasted so good, the nipples became taut and elongated under her sucking lips. She nipped them gently first one then the other. She stroked them from the base to the tip, kneading them; almost wishing she could suck milk from them. She shook her head at that strange thought. God, what was she thinking? She sucked harder on the nipple, closing her eyes.

She moaned as Kitty's sharp teeth nipped at her own hard nipples. She had never thought she would someday be sucking a woman's breasts while that same wonderful woman was sucking and licking hers. It was too fantastic for her to believe; yet here she was. She was moving slowly down that same wonderful woman's body with the expressed purpose of licking and sucking her pussy. Impossible! She shook her pretty head and kneaded the full breast over her. It seemed to swell still more. She knew hers was swelling again from the skillful manipulation of her lovely and highly skilled teacher.

The two beautiful women continued to kiss downward slowly till finally they came to the ultimate goal. Lilly craned her head upward to reach the pussy of her lover and teacher. It had never seemed so wonderful or sweet as now - their last time together. She licked along the sweet bare slit and Kitty sighed softly. Lilly tasted the sweet juices and smelled the heady aroma of her excited sex and her seductive perfume. She felt Kitty's lips on her mound, then her tongue slide down the length of her wet slit. Kitty moved her knees slightly and her hips settled downward. Lilly's hands went to Kitty's smooth buttocks and pulled downward making her pussy slide down onto her extended tongue. She slid it up into the wet hot depths and heard herself moan out loud it felt so wonderful.

She sucked her teacher's sweet nectar and almost cried it was so sweet, and the feeling touched her so deeply. Oh, God, she was falling in love with this beautiful wonderful woman! She pushed the thought aside. She was getting married. Kitty was just her teacher, nothing more. A wonderful woman, but her teacher, that was all. Was it? She put the thought from her mind and concentrated on the delicious flesh her lips were sucking, her tongue was cleaving wide. Give this fantastic woman one last climax to remember her with. Make Kitty say later that Lilly was her very best pupil. Ever!

Each woman was trying to make the other have an unforgettable last lovemaking session together. Kitty's lips dove down into the sweet tender flesh of her star pupil. She ran her tongue deep inside the sweet girl and sucked her delicious juices out. She cupped the shapely ass and stroked it gently while she paid lip service to the fantastic young woman. Her heart was almost broken because she had become deeply attached to the girl in such a short time. Surely it couldn't be just one day.

She was "Miss Kitty" - a Madame with a heart that would break a diamond in half. She knew that to be a lie. She did have a tender heart for her girls and gave them every break and advantage. She had only been hard hearted when she had found a girl to be stealing from her. Then she usually gave the poor soul a second chance if possible. More than one girl had mended their ways and become her staunchest ally. She paid her girls more than any other Madame and they would work their hearts and asses off for her if asked.

Kitty sighed and licked the sweet virginal flesh in front of her. She slid one then two fingers up inside the sweet pussy of her pupil and reached far inside to try and contact the soft little pad behind her pubic bone that she herself had found to be so pleasurable. Lilly moaned as Kitty's fingers found the spot and pressed against it gently, rubbing it around and around in circles. She sucked the swollen clit and marveled at how like her own it was in size. She had seen few clits as large, only one larger then this. She loved to suck on the sweet nub. She made her tongue lave the sensitive underside and Lilly moaned her approval. She wished she could make love to the lovely woman for the rest of her life. Two women meeting and passing like ships in the night. Her heart went out and she stifled a sob of regret.

Lilly's lips and tongue brought her back to the present and sent her passions soaring. The beautiful young lady had learned her lessons well. Kitty imagined her making love to Billy with equal passion, what she had set out to do, teach her to make love to a man, not a woman. She sucked the sweet firm clit, and her fingers played deep inside the virgin pussy that had yet to feel a man's cock inside it. She redoubled her efforts and threw off her sad feelings. She became obsessed with giving Lilly the most explosive climax of her young life, one that no one would ever equal.

Lilly cried out as Kitty's fingers deep inside her played over the magical spot she had never known she possessed. Her clit was being devoured expertly by her wonderful lover/teacher and she was moving higher and higher toward an explosive climax. She had not felt this sexually excited before. Kitty seemed bent on driving her out of her mind with passion.

Lilly screamed out loud as she came. Kitty's fingers played inside her while her lips and tongue excited her clit like never before. Her whole world seemed to explode into a thousand stars and she felt as if she had left her body and soared high above the highest eagle that had ever flown above the world. She screamed over and over as Kitty's relentless lips and fingers gave her the climax of her life. She faintly felt Kitty's fingers slide out, her lips cover her throbbing pussy and her fingers take the place of her tongue to drive her higher than she ever thought possible.

Kitty's mouth covered her pussy and her tongue slid into the open sex. Lilly's body gave a tremendous heave and her pussy shot out its juices into the waiting lips. Once again her pupil climaxed and her juices spurted out into Kitty's waiting mouth. Kitty was delirious that she had once again made Lilly's sweet virgin pussy shoot out it's sweet nectar. The sweet tasting juices made her heady with their delicious flavor. She absolutely loved the taste, smell, feel of a woman's pussy and juices and this was a bonus that made her so thrilled. God, she would miss this fabulous lover!

She squeezed the wonderful girl's body and thrust her mouth against the squirming flesh so as not to miss a single drop. Her fingers strummed the swollen clit and Lilly screamed again as she climaxed a second time, or was it only one long climax? She never knew, the pleasure was so intense for the lovely virgin and her pussy pulsed once more and the juices spurted over her tongue. She savored the delicious juices before she swallowed them and sucked harder on the spread wet opening.

She felt Lilly's hand push at her head desperately. She eased her sucking and removed her fingers from the still swollen clit of her young lover. She held onto Lilly's body and turned so that they were on their sides. She moved her leg slightly to let Lilly' head rest on her soft warm thing. She could feel the girl's breath against her body, ragged from her climax but steadying down. She kissed the soft flesh avoiding the girl's still sensitive clit, and just enjoying the closeness the two shared as her pupil came down from the intense climax.

"You squirted your sweet delicious pussy juice into my mouth. I loved it. I'm so glad I could get you so excited you would do that. Not many women can do that. It tasted delicious. My lovely Virgin." Kitty said kissing Lilly's spread wet flesh softly trying to avoid exciting her again so soon.

Lilly's only reaction was to slip her tongue deep into Kitty's spread pussy and slide it in and out. Her fingers began to slowly move over the still swollen clit, teasing it and making it firmer. The lips sucked against Kitty's pussy and she closed her eyes and envisioned the lovely face buried against her pussy. She wished she could see this from another angle. Some day she would have a mirror placed along one wall so that she could see this erotic picture herself. She almost wept despite the wonderful sensations coming from her skilled pupil. This would be the last time for the two. She gave a gasp as a finger slickened by her pussy juices had probed against her back passage and gently slid inside her body. She moaned aloud it felt so wonderful. She dearly loved the extra stimulation there. The finger slid carefully and expertly deep inside her bowels. God, this wonderful young woman had learned her lessons well.

Lilly, sucked the delicious flesh against her mouth. She had never tasted a woman's pussy before Kitty's but she loved the taste, and wonderful aroma of the intimate flesh. She slid her tongue deep inside, and sucked hard against the wet flesh. Her fingers played over the swollen clit feeling it roll under her touch. She quickly changed and put he fingers deep inside Kitty while her lips began to suck on the turgid clit. She ran her tongue over and over it making her teacher moan loudly. She slid her fingers deeply then brought them to the front side of Kitty's pussy searching for that small spot her teacher had used to bring her to such a wonderful climax. Yes, there! She found the small firm mound behind the pubic mound. She wondered what its purpose was. She had not remembered seeing it in the anatomy books she had looked at in her father's library. She stroked it softly but firmly, feeling it seem to swell. Kitty squirmed and moaned. Lilly smiled against her pussy thinking she must be doing it correctly. She would to teach Billy how do find it.

Slowly and surely Lilly brought Kitty's passions to a heightened state of arousal. She could feel her body become taut with the impending orgasm. She suddenly switched again, putting her mouth against the reddened opening of her lover, and strumming her clit again trying to give her the ultimate in climaxes.

She felt Kitty's pussy sphincter, as well as her tight anal sphincter muscles contract around her plunging finger. She redoubled her efforts and was rewarded with a scream of pure ecstasy when Kitty's climax roared through her beautiful body. Lilly was hard pressed to keep her mouth to the delicious pussy opening as Kitty's hips shot upward.

She clamped down on the hips as best she could and her open mouth and thrusting tongue were rewarded by a gush of sweet salty juices. She wondered from whence it came. It shot powerfully into her mouth and almost overwhelmed her with its sweet flavor that filled her mouth and flowed wonderfully over her taste buds. She had never tasted anything quite like it before this day and found it almost addicting. She sucked, and sucked, and fucked, she liked the term now, her finger deep inside the tight back passage while her other hand rolled the hard clit around and around in circles.

Kitty seemed to go directly from one climax to the next. Her body staying in a bowed position as the young woman made her cum, as she had never done in her life. Her touches, her sucking lips, her finger buried deep in her ass made her explode again and again. She gave one final scream of passion and fell back on the bed in a half faint. She lay gasping for breath. Lilly slid from beside her, slipped out of bed and got a wash cloth, wet it and came back to bathe her wonderful teacher's face. Her whole body seemed to have a sheen of light perspiration on it. She took the cloth and bathed the lovely face, then took the cloth and waved it back and forth cooling her wonderful lover.

Kitty slowly came back to normal and looked up at her young lover and managed a weak smile. She reached up and stroked the beautiful girl's face, her hand trembling slightly from her physical exhaustion. She was surprised to see a tear slide down the lovely girls cheek. She brushed it away and pulled her down to kiss her softly.

"I know!" She said, her voice still weak. "I shall miss you terribly. I have come to love you too. You are a wonderful woman, and the best pupil I have ever had. It's too bad that this has to come to an end. Under other circumstances we might have been lovers for a long time. You are truly a wonderful young lady, and Billy is certainly a lucky woman. If he ever mistreats you, you tell me and I'll straighten him out. I cannot see that happening though. You are such a fantastic woman he will treasure you always, of that I am certain."

Lilly held back a sob. Another tear slid down her lovely cheek and she brushed it away. "Thank you Kitty. I am sure he will. He is such a wonderful man. I wish we could have met under different circumstances also. You are the most wonderful woman I have ever met. I have loved these lessons and shall treasure them the rest of my life. The time with you had been beyond my understanding. You have a magnificent body and making love to it has been the high point of my life. If the rest of my life is as wonderful, Billy and I have a long wonderful life ahead of us." She kissed Lilly softly then rolled out of the bed and began to dress.

Kitty held back tears of her own and watched regretfully as the beautiful young woman slipped on her clothes. She regretted every piece of clothing the woman put on as is hid the superb body of her star pupil. She lay still after Lilly had looked back at her, blown her a kiss and slipped out of the house. As Lilly left she whispered, "Au revoir, mon bel amour," "Goodbye my beautiful love," and a tear slid down her cheek. The house seemed unbearably empty for Kitty now. She slid out of bed and began dressing.

Lilly walked down the street back toward the center of town shaking off a feeling of sadness. She felt like she was almost floating. She felt on top of the world. Kitty had been so wonderful to her. She had learned a tremendous amount about sex. She almost giggled to herself. She had learned what to expect about sex with a man, and particularly about with it was like with a woman. She could still feel Kitty's kisses and caresses on her body. She had almost fallen in love with Kitty. Almost? What an incredible woman, so sexy, so loving, such a fantastic lover. She laughed. She was getting married to her handsome Billy. If Billy had not been her intended - she let the thought pass from her mind.

She wondered what her father would say if he knew his daughter had made passionate love to a woman, that this woman had shaved her body clean of hair, that her pussy was bare? Pussy! She loved the term. Just wait till Billy found her pussy bare on their wedding night. She would shave it, and her body again on the eve of her wedding. What would he think? She giggled out loud again then looked around to see if anyone had noticed. No one had.

She walked to her father's office. She looked inside but he wasn't there. Turning back toward home, he saw Billy's father coming toward her. He looked grim and white-faced, and was looking back over his shoulder. He tipped his hat at her absentmindedly.

"Have you seen Billy? Mr. Clanton?" Lilly asked smiling at her future father-in-law.

"He's down at the stables. Best get off the streets, Miss Lilly." Ike Clanton said and brushed past her uncharacteristically headed in the direction of the corral.

Lilly almost turned and headed toward the corral. But it was no place for a lady. She paused, then moved up the street headed toward her house. Billy would come by later in the day. He always did. She smiled at the thought of her soon-to-be husband; he was a hard working rancher like his father. Nearing the end of the street, suddenly four men swung out into the middle of the street.

Grim faced, they spread out across the street headed toward the OK Corral. She shuddered; she had never seen such grim faces. Marshall Wyatt Earp, his brothers, Virgil and Morgan, and the dentist "Doc" Holliday were walking along, hands busily checking their six guns. The handsome dentist also carried a large double barrel shot gun. Such grim faces! She wondered what the trouble was. She shrugged, frowned momentarily, and turned toward her house. Moments later they were forgotten.

Finally home, she picked up the newspaper beside the front gate. Just as she reached the front door, from the far end of the small town she heard the awful roar and boom of gunfire. Lots of gunfire! The echoes of the shots bounced off the houses and seemed to go on and on. Finally all was quiet. Lilly wondered what that was all about.

She opened the door and wondered when Billy Canton would come to see his intended bride. She opened the paper and barely glanced at the familiar banner head of the Tombstone, Arizona Register, or the date October 26, 1881.

A day that would go down in history as the day of the Gun Fight at the OK Corral.


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