The Best Erotic Stories.

by Fever

Marina was not only the newest girl in our class, she was also the hottest looking. Marina was from Brazil, and her family had just moved to this country. She spoke some broken English, but French and Portuguese were her main languages.

And did I mention she was hot! Marina stood about 5' 7", she had light brown hair, green eyes, a beautiful set of tits, and a tight little ass. Her family had traveled all over the world because of her father's job so she was a little more sophisticated than most of the girls in our class. She dressed differently too. If she wasn't in a tight, form fitting pair of jeans, she would wear a skirt that stopped just below her pubic area. She never wore a bra, her breasts jutted out in front of her wrapped tightly in usually a silk or satin blouse. I mention all this because I was now going to be close to the lovely Marina three days a week.....I had been chosen as her homework tutor.

I took extra time showering and shaving before our first session, I wanted to impress her with American boys, or at least this American boy. Her father greeted me at the door with a big hug, must have been the custom in Brazil. Her mother did the same and I could see where Marina got her looks and body. When Marina came down the steps she walked right up to me and put her arms around me, hugging me also, I could feel her breasts smashed up against my chest. After a little small talk Marina and I headed for her upstairs room to study.

We spent time on Math, History, English, and Writing. I thought we were done for the night and started to get up.

"Aren't we going to have the sex now" Marina said.

I kind of laughed and answered "I think you might mean aren't we going to study Sex Education, don't you?"

"Oh yes my English is not so good, can we study the sex together?" I wasn't about to say no, so I sat back down as she pulled her book out.

She turned to the pages that showed illustrations of a man's and a woman's genitals. "The book says that a man looks like this, is this true?"

"yes, but only when he is aroused or excited" I answered.

"What makes a man get so excited that this would happen?" I tried to explain that sometimes just talking about sex could do it, but that physical contact would always cause it to happen. I could already feel myself growing hard just from the closeness of Marina and the chat we were having. "We are talking sex, do you look like this now?"

"Yes a little bit" I admitted.

"Can I see what it looks like please?" I was not going to turn this down. I stood up next to her and undid my jeans. I was standing In my underwear in front of a beautiful girl and my cock was straining to get out. I pulled my underwear down and stepped out of them.

Marina stared at my dick as it sprung to life. "it is much bigger than the picture" she said, without ever taking her eyes off my 8 inch tool as it finished growing. "Would you be angry if I touched it?"

I took her hand and put it on my cock, she began to rub it up and down with just her palm, her other hand cupped my swollen balls in her fingers. She smiled at me and said she was enjoying this very much. A small drop of cum appeared at the tip of my dick, she took a finger and wiped it away, then put her finger in her mouth and licked it clean.

"This is very salty, but I like it very much, can you make more of this." "You can have a lot more Marina if you would like, just put your mouth on my penis and you can suck some out, if you want." She slowly opened her mouth and moved her head towards my cock, I took her head and moved it up and down on my dick, telling her to keep her teeth from scraping the skin.

I could feel her tongue moving around my dick and soon she was able to move her head on her own, bobbing up and down on me while I reached down to undo her blouse. "Do you wish to see what I look like also?"

"yes" I told her, "will you take your clothes off for me?" Without stopping her blow job Marina undid her blouse and let it fall to the floor, I was right no bra. Her tits were even better than I expected, she had full round breasts, at least 38s, her nipples were hard and sticking straight out, surrounded by dark pink circles.

While she continued to suck on me I reached down and let my hands massage each fleshy globe, my thumb rubbing across her nipples occasionally. Marina moaned and I could feel the vibration on my cock. "I am ready to give you more of the juice from my dick" I whispered, "leave your mouth there and I will fill it up" My cock exploded, hot cum shooting to the back of her throat, filling her mouth, she swallowed and her hands reached around me and grabbed my ass, pulling my cock into her deeper.

When my dick was done jerking in her mouth she pulled away and smiled up at me "this sex education is very good for Marina I think"

"will you touch me more now that you have squirted" She didn't have to ask twice, I laid her down on her bed and standing over her I began to rub lotion from her bed stand into her lovely tits. My fingers slid over each mound, I let the nipples slip from between my fingers, then I began to move down her abdomen to the space between her legs.

Marina was breathing in small gasps of air, her eyes were closed and she didn't resist when I undid the button on her skirt. I pulled down the zipper and slipped the fabric from her long legs. God she was gorgeous! The space between her legs was marked with just a small tuft of hair, her pussy lips were bare and already puffy with excitement. I let one hand work it's way to her pubic area and began to rub her clitoris, her hips moved on their own to match my stroking. Marina moaned and began to rub her own nipples. I moved so that I was between her legs with my face inches from her sweet slit.

My fingers disappeared in her wet folds and came out sticky with her juices. I slid closer and let my tongue explore the folds of her pussy lips, letting the tip of my tongue put pressure on her little hot button. Marina began to lift her ass and move her hips to meet the movements of my tongue, she reached down between her legs and pulled my head into her hot cunt. I sucked her clit into my mouth and pushed it against my teeth using my tongue, that was all it took, Marina sucked in her breath and began to shiver all over. Her pussy let out a gush of sticky cum on my lips and chin. I slowed down my licking and let her enjoy her orgasm.

Once she was finished I moved to lay next to her, she kissed my mouth and tasted her own cum "I taste very different that you, I like this also"

"you are very good at this sex education"

"thank you" I replied "would you like to learn more"

"yes, I want you to teach me again next, I want to learn about all of the sex things". I knew our tutoring would continue...


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