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by RomeoBlue

I had known Mari for a while. I knew there was something there, some unmentioned electricity between the two of us. We just couldn't seem to get together. One of us always seemed to have a significant other.

I had gotten to know her and her family pretty well and they accepted me as a friend, but lord, how I dreamed of Mari. Beautiful black hair, deep brown eyes and that body, oh that body. She had been a large girl when she was growing up, but now, at 18, she stood 5' 8" and her measurements were a stunning 38-22-36. She showed absolutely no signs of having been a big girl as a youth except in the fact that she still seemed to lack the confidence of a beautiful woman.

One night, after my friends and I had decided to go out and take advantage of the nightlife in my fair city I got a call from Mari. She had just broken up with her latest guy and just wanted to talk to someone. At this point I was more concerned that she wanted to talk to someone, she had other breakups in the time that I knew her and she never felt the need to confide in me about any of them. I asked if she wanted me to come over and she said she'd meet me at a park and we could talk there. I had my friends drop me off and take my car for the evening.

At the park I saw Mari sitting in her car waiting for me in the parking lot. As I walked over, Mari stepped out of her car and started walking towards me and I was flattened. She was wearing this black mini dress that seemed to me was probably just barely legal. It accented her beautiful breasts just right. She had on make-up, her hair was done and she looked like a million dollars. She walked up and gave me a hug to catcalls and whistles from my idiot friends. I shooed them away and again gave my full attention to this dream standing before me.

We stood outside of the car and just chatted for few minutes. As uncovered as she was I could see the cold of the evening was starting to get to her, the signs were visible. Her nipples were steadily growing harder as we spoke and though she tried to keep herself warm by wrapping her arms around herself, she didn't do anything to keep those rock hard nipples from my view.

I was having a little trouble keeping my own ever growing hardness from view and so asked if it would be okay if we sat down in the car. She gave the nod and we sat together in the car.

It is here that things progressed to the wonderful place I had hoped to take Mari from the first moment I laid eyes on her.

We talked for a few minutes about relationships and all that and I confessed that I had wanted to be with her for as long as I've known her. She smiled, holding my hand and said that she had felt the same way. I leaned over and, lump in my throat, heart beating like a trip hammer, I kissed her for the first time. I was so lost in her kiss, in the softness of her lips and the warmth of her tongue that I failed to notice that she had pulled my hand to her and was slowly moving it up her leg to her thighs, then beyond.

It didn't take me long to realize what was happening. She had my hand pulled all the way up to her soft warm pussy, wet from the anticipation I guess, because wet it was, and warm. Her panties were drenched and I drenched them even more by running my middle finger up and down over her pussy lips, putting pressure on them and splitting them and over the panties slipping my fingers up inside just enough to get her moaning and make her cum. I pulled my fingers from her now dripping pussy and put my fingers into my mouth, licking that wet sticky juice from them. I then kissed her, deeper and harder than I had before. She pulled away and smiled, asking if that was her she was tasting. I said that it was and she looked down at her now uncovered pussy and said that she thought she tasted funny. I started kissing her and fingering her again and this time when I removed my fingers from inside of her, it wasn't my mouth I put my fingers into, it was hers. She licked them and sucked on them and again claimed that she thought she tasted funny, I removed my fingers from her grasp, licked them completely clean, looked her straight in her eye and said "No, you taste delicious".

At this point she stopped me and told me nobody would be home at her house at this point, that everyone was out and would be for the rest of the evening. We composed ourselves and drove to her house, quietly contemplating what lie ahead and exchanging quick knowing glances.

At her house, in her room, we undressed each other. We stood together and we kissed. We sat down on the bed and before we completely got into it, we talked. I asked her what she had experienced so far, sexually. She had never had anal sex, oral sex of any kind and was willing to try anything. Smiling an evil little smile I said simply, "Good, good".

We kissed and as we did, she started working her way down my body. She grasped my now rock hard cock in her hands and just rubbed her hands all over it, kissing the tip and leaving me the fleeting thought that, in her, I had found someone that just seemed to love dick. She claimed to have never done this before and asked if I could "instruct" her in the proper technique. I assured her she was doing fine, and then gave her the proper times, for me anyway, to change stroke. How to go from tongue bath to suction, when to lick the balls and to ensure that, when her tongue was elsewhere, her hands kept the feeling alive by stroking the cock itself. She amused me in the fact the after asking all these questions, she started by kissing it, licking it, then, in one fluid, "expert" motion, she sucked the whole of it into her throat. I smiled and simply let myself be into everything she was doing to me. It's amazing the joy a man feels while watching a beautiful woman's head bobbing up and down on your lap and seeing your dick disappear and reappear, wetter, thicker and redder with each motion.

Then it was my turn. I rolled her over onto her back and slowly kissed my way down her body. I spent lots more time than I needed to on her tits, but they were so beautiful. I took one after the other of her nipples into my mouth, sucked on them, nibbled on them and left gentle little bite marks all over them. I ran my tongue down to her belly button and darted my tongue in and out, circling it, then moving myself downward until I was home. I started by biting her thighs, gently enough to not hurt her, too bad, and hard enough to make sure she knew I was there. I ran my tongue all over her inner thighs and teased the hell out of her. I then put my tongue into her delicious pussy, tasting her. I nibbled on her clit like it was all that I needed to keep me alive. I buried myself deep in that pussy and didn't want for anything, oxygen included. She came, and came again as I fucked her pussy with my face. She then did something that drove me completely wild. After she came the second time, she pulled me up by my hair from her pussy and to her face. She had a fire in her eyes I had never seen there before and she said, very hotly, very unreservedly, "I want to taste me". I then sank into her kiss and my body sank into hers and we fucked like two animals in heat. I had no idea what being with her tonight meant, whether this meant we were a couple or what so I was determined to treat this like a one time event and just knock her ass out.

I put myself into her from every direction that I could, trying to just be as deep into her as I could. We changed position at least five times and each position change brought another orgasm from her and she was into it totally.

Then it happened, in that sixth position, doggy style, it happened. We were deep into it and I'm loving the way her ass looks, cheeks spread and my dick sliding in and out of that now swollen and dripping pussy. I pull her up and still inside her, ask if she'd like to try anal. I whispered into her ear that I would love to have that beautiful round ass. She said she was willing, IF I was gentle. I told her I'd take my time and try my best to make sure it was as pleasurable as possible.

I keep my dick inside her pussy and I start rubbing her clit with my fingers. I get the juice all over my fingers and start working them into her tight virgin asshole. I get my middle finger really greased up and slide it in slowly, still pounding her pussy to excess and keeping her dripping. I start working my finger in deeper and faster and she starts moving more against my finger than my dick. I think she's starting to like this. I remove my middle finger and replace it with my thumb. I've thoroughly got it juiced and it slides in with a little work. I'm double fucking her all by myself and feeling more than a little pleased with myself. I take my thumb out and I slide my dick out of her totally drenched pussy and start rubbing my fat, swollen cock all around her asshole, getting her own juices and spreading them to make that hole that much easier to access. I start trying to get the head of my dick inside her asshole, slowly, kind of painfully almost, but definitely worth the effort. I rub more of her juice into the crack of her ass and continue to try to get just the head in. I ask her to relax some, to try to just get into it. I hear take a deep breath and I can feel her whole body relax. I keep my hand working on her pussy the whole time to try to help her look past the initial pain and discomfort. I give it a little pressure and I feel the head of my dick pop into her ass. I can feel her moving away from me, trying to make the pain stop. I slide in some more, she moans, I pull out and she relaxes. I work it for what seems like hours, just going in a touch deeper each time, then as I pull out a little, it seems she's growing more and more used to it. I hear her whimpering into her pillow, and I lean over and ask her if it feels okay. She's got tears in her eyes and a quiver in her throat and I feel a little bad about this. Then I say to her that she should look past the pain and feel the pleasure, that this can be one of the most pleasurable experiences she's ever had if she would just try to put the pain out of her mind and let the joy of the feeling wash over her. The transformation was amazing, I don't think I've ever seen anything like it. She closed her eyes like she was just closing off all the pain centers in her mind, the next thing I know, she's pushing that ass up against me with so much eagerness that I am using all my strength to keep myself on the bed. I'm pounding her ass like it's her pussy and she starts telling me to fuck her ass like I want to kill her, like she fucking stole something and I have to make her ass pay. I can still see the tear in her eye, but she's fucking me like this is her damned life's mission.

We go at it like that for a while and I can't take it anymore. I have to cum, I need the release. Her body would normally be enough to bring me to that place, but her willingness and her words just have me ready to explode. I cum into her ass with a powerful thrust forward that lays her flat on her stomach and lets my dick slide to it's hilt into her ass. She screams as she cums one last time tonight and I let myself go limp inside her ass. We lay together for a while and I wonder what the future has in store for the two of us.

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