The Best Erotic Stories.

by Claudia Quicksilver

I sighed as I roughly tossed my book aside. Forget Jack Kerouac, I thought. The women in On The Road are continually getting the shaft. What a bastard.

I leaned my head back and took a breath, closing my eyes and raking my hands through my long dark curls, disheveled because I hadn't showered that morning. Today is Study Day, like every Tuesday when I don't have class. Today, unfortunately, is one of those days when I actually have to take advantage of the time to study - normally I don't get that far and end up slacking off all day with dozens of fast-paced games of solitaire interspersed with random 'Net surfing. I had to finish this book by tomorrow. And I was getting nowhere.

I looked out the window and watched the passing students, walking along the sidewalk that runs by my wing, right in front of the stained glass windows of the chapel. They were talking amongst themselves, two girls in particular chattering loudly about their upcoming midterms. "I can't believe he expects us to memorize those equations...all my other profs gave us the quadratic on the test. Like we'll need that later in life..." her voice trailed off as she grew further away. I sighed again.

My boyfriend was thousands of miles away. The beautiful girls I had crushes on around campus were all straight as arrows. I pondered my frustration for a moment before deciding to take action - hell, Jack Kerouac wasn't going anywhere.

Taking a deep breath and smiling a bit, I stood up a bit so I could remove my jean shorts. I unbuttoned the fly and let them fall to the ground in front of my chair. Conveniently enough, I wasn't wearing anything underneath - it was laundry day and besides, I wasn't going anywhere, so why bother with underpants?

I sat back down on the chair and reached my left hand to trail around my inner thighs and neatly trimmed pubic hair while my right hand moved the mouse of my computer to stop the screen saver. I started my browser and quickly found my favorite erotica site and clicked on the new submissions section - all right, a new lesbian photo. I really get off on watching other girls doing it. This photo was particularly steamy, too - you could see the girl's tongue penetrating the other girl's pussy in perfect detail. There's nothing I hate more than fake lesbians in porn - the ones who are pictured as being "just short" of something happening, with their tongues poised but not making contact. My visual stimulation found, I moved my right hand down to replace my left, and began to have some fun.

I rubbed all my fingers gently around my entire pubic area, arousing myself just a little, all the while keeping my gaze on the photo I'd pulled up. Then I got down to serious business and let my index finger rub itself around the hood of my clit, teasing my clit with indirect pressure.

Then I reached down and felt my slit, and I could feel the tiniest bit of moisture oozing out. Good, I thought, and dipped my index finger into the moistness and brought it up to my clit again. Now I began to rub the hood some more, back and forth, putting a lot of pressure on the little bit of cartilage that runs from my pubic bone down toward the slit, my greatest erogenous zone. I rubbed faster and faster, feeling myself grow more and more aroused, tightening and loosening my thigh muscles and pressing my buttocks up and down as I got off. I dipped my index finger inside again and I could tell I was almost ready to cum.

The liquid was getting thinner and more profuse, and I quickly brought my finger back to my clit and began to circle it, my wet finger grazing across it before circling back to the hood, rubbing circle after circle and feeling myself get warm all over, feeling myself get wetter and thinking "yes, this feels good, this feels good, this feels REALLY good" and moaning slightly as it built and built and then I felt this enormous thunderbolt shake my entire body, my right hand going out of control as well as my legs, and my back arching back over the chair, my mouth open and gasping and my ass pressing its way towards heaven. I kept stimulating myself as I shook and shook for a full thirty seconds, all the while trying to focus on the pleasure at the same time as I was trying to keep my index finger on my clit, it was shaking so hard and out of control. Finally I stopped, sat back up and sat dazed for a moment, feeling the tension drain from my pelvis down to my toes and sliding down onto the floor, and from my head out of my fingertips.

A fresh pink glow tinting my cheeks, and all my stress gone, I picked up my book off the floor. OK, I thought. NOW maybe I can get through this. I returned to my desk, and glancing at my computer monitor I smiled a bit, and opted to keep the picture up. Just to keep my afternoon interesting, I thought.


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