The Best Erotic Stories.

by Hubris

A Red moon graced the sky as a pale mist rolled through the town's streets. Twenty-three year old Michelle lay in bed, dreaming peacefully. Her long auburn hair splayed out about her as lay motionless. The thin sheet covering her lithesome frame, sliding over smooth but pale skin with every rise and fall of her chest. Michelle slept alone, as she had every night for months. Her last boyfriend had left her for some unknown reason. The bastard had just picked up and left, not telling anyone where he'd gone.

Her dreams continued to grow restless. A mild sheen of sweat started to cover her body, and as the mists of worry invaded her mind, so too did a mist begin to seep through her bedroom window. As red as the moon the mist made its way slowly across the room to her bed. Worrying its way under the silken sheet it seemed to almost take on a physical presence. Michelle squirmed restlessly as the top sheet began a steady descent to the base of the bed, the smooth fabric running over every curve of her body in passing. The gentle brushing over her nipples causing them to harden even in slumber.

The mist traveled the length of her body, creeping from her toes up the length of her body. Michelle rubbed her thighs together softly as the mist rolled over them, a soft moan escaping her lips. Her panties moistening partially from the mist, partially from the unconscious desire that was now gripping her. It passed over her navel, up over her firm and aroused breasts, to seep slowly into her mouth and nose. Her chest rising and falling more heavily now...

A torrid of emotions flooded her mind, more than enough to wake the deepest of sleepers; but an unnatural state of rest had fallen upon Michelle. A soft "yesss..." escaped her lips as blood rushed to swell her vaginal lips. Desire coursed through her body and it responded the way any young woman's would. Her hands traveled palms down across the sheet below her, restlessly caressing it as her unseen lover. Thighs rubbed together, trapping mist between them as Michelle slowly worked herself deeper into her desire, and deeper into her trancelike state.

The mist took on a darker tinge as it slowly crept up her sides, seeming to condense on top of her. As desire filled seconds passed the mist began to form a manlike shape. Michelle's thighs parted with the forming of a man's hips between them. A slender but toned form soon rested atop her. His dark hair offset by pale blue eyes that were locked onto the sleeping visage of Michelle.

His hands ran up and down her sides, trimmed but sharp nails leaving a light trail across her pale skin. One nail moving up to trace across her left nipple. As it passed over it snagged the edge drawing blood and a murmur from Michelle. With predatory grace the man's mouth made it's way downwards. A slow pass of his tongue lapped up any trace of blood from her skin, and with it any trace of wound on her breast. The skin had mended itself as he tasted her coppery nectar. A low moan escaped her lips, and he could feel her thighs become even slicker against him.

Slowly his still extended tongue dragged its way over her skin. Down into her cleavage his body seemed to float over hers as his mouth made it's way over her abdomen, sinking down into her navel on it's way lower. A soft "oh..." accompanied Michelle's squirming as deep-seated lust threatened to break her out of her trance. Blood engorged her pelvic region as her mound glistened with the desire to be penetrated. As his head moved between her thighs Michelle instinctively spread herself wider, obeying an unspoken command from the intruder, her lover.

His tongue moved to trace the outline of her labia, tasting the juices of her desire. His fingers dragging over her hips into her neatly trimmed pubic hair. Dragging fingers downwards to her lips, pressing in lightly to penetrate the folds and touch her clitoris. Michelle shuddered as an orgasm coursed through her body, and the man's tongue lapped up her cum, reaching deeper than humanly possible to take it from her deepest recesses. Michelle continued to shudder as his actions lengthened her pleasure, dragging it on for seemingly forever.

His tongue snaked out and up the length of her slit, flicking gently over her clit. Like a rope pulling him forward his mouth moved to join the tip of his tongue. His lips encircled her clitoris and slowly began to tease it. Engorged and sensitive her clit throbbed with the intensity of the sensations. A feral rumble filled his throat as incisors twisted and lengthened to form a glistening pair of fangs. Michelle's eyes flew open in pain and orgasmic pleasure as he sank down into her.

Blood gushed forth as she was caught halfway between incredible pain and the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. Her mind still enthralled she was helpless to do anything except for ride out the feelings coursing through her. His tongued lapped her red essence into his mouth, running over her clit with every stroke. The heat of his mouth mingled with the heat of her blood as slowly the vitality was sucked from her.

Eyes glazed Michelle drifted, strength seeping from her as the pleasure and blood loss robbed her of any chance of breaking free. The stranger's tongue moved up to the tiny gashes, running over and sealing them. His blood stained fangs receding to normal size as his hunger is sated. His lips and tongue moving to catch every drop of cum and blood soaking her mound and thighs. Michelle drifted back off to sleep, sweat covering her now paler skin with a ghostly sheen. Supple hands move the sheet back over her still frame, returning her to the position she was in before tonight's episode.

The room seems to dim as the man's frame begins to dissolve, his steely blue eyes the last trace of his human form discernable before all that remains is a red mist. A deeper shade of red than when it enters, the mist makes its way back to the window and seeps back into the night. Michelle's dreams filled with hints and half remembered feelings, fated to be repeated on the morrow.


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