The Best Erotic Stories.

by Patrick

"Mmmm, that feels good" said Mitzy as my fingers gently massaged the oil into her shoulders and neck. Mitzy was my daughter, 20 years old and back from college for a vacation, she was quite an athletic girl, so from time to time got muscle soreness, and when she'd complained of that as we'd sat by the pool, I'd offered to give her a massage. I'd done some courses a few years ago and had a proper table and all the aromatherapy oils, but I'd only worked a little on friends and neighbors, so I was a little nervous when she said yes, but she seemed to be enjoying it so far. She was lying face down on the table, still wearing her extremely small bikini, and I had been admiring the wonderful firm structure of her body. As my hands moved over her shoulders and down onto her back she stopped me, "Hold on, I don't think we really need this" she said, and reaching around she unhooked the top portion of her bikini and lifting slightly off the table, pulled it away from her body and tossed it aside, "There, that should make it easier, shouldn't it ?", my mouth felt incredibly dry as I mumbled "yes", as when she had lifted up I'd received a fleeting glimpse of one very beautiful and very naked breast ! and to my disconcerting surprise I had felt a distinct sexual reaction !

I had never found difficulty when I was massaging detaching myself from the gender of the person on the table, I just focussed on the skin textures and the muscle tones and ignored their sexuality, but I was having some difficulty right at that moment ! but I continued, and soon found myself back in rhythm again, I guess my training had taken over. I assumed that as she had complained of shoulder soreness that what she wanted was a back and shoulder rub, so when I reached the swell of her buttocks I started to slow down, "Oh no" she said, "Don't stop !, this is really, really nice !!", I gulped, "You mean you want a full body ?" I asked, "Mmmm, that would be lovely" she said. I hesitated, looking down at her tight, sexy ass and felt the heat rising in me again ! the bikini bottom at the back was just a thin rope like strap across the middle and an equally thin rope strap that fitted neatly into the crack of her ass, so effectively at the back at least she was naked ! I must have hesitated too long, as she lifted slightly and turned to look at me and smiled, "Please, daddy, your hands are making me feel so special !", I could never resist that smile, and I started to melt, at least it might have been the smile ! it might just as easily have been the fact that once again she was giving me a clear view of one of her naked breasts, and this time she seemed in no hurry to hide it back on the table ! "Please daddy ?" she whispered again, and I folded ! "ok honey, if that's what you want " and I placed some more oil in my hands and started to stroke it onto her ass cheeks ! with a gentle sigh she resumed lying on the table, and my hands kept stroking and fondling her ass cheeks, then the backs of her legs all the way to her feet and back to her ass.

Somewhere I lost all contact with my training and the requirement to remain detached ! and I found myself becoming incredibly turned on as I came back time and time again to those beautiful ass cheeks, so soft, yet so firm and so incredibly arousing ! my cock was almost bursting through my bathers, and I was thankful that she was on her stomach and couldn't see me ! finally I realised that I just couldn't make it last any more, and coming to a stop with my hand resting on her ass I cleared my throat as quietly as possible and said "I think that's about finished !" even to me my voice sounded peculiar, but Mitzy gave no impression of noticing, she just moaned slightly and shifted her body, then to my immense surprise she turned right over to lie on her back, and gave me a languid grin, "There's still the front to do yet ! you did say a full body !" I guess I must have looked totally flustered, because in truth I didn't know where to turn my eyes ! even if I looked at her face I was staring straight over two very firm, very ripe and very naked breasts !! and even though I tried to look away, my eyes kept coming back to them, oh god they were beautiful ! and so sexy, and they were turning me on like crazy !!

Then, just to break the magnetic attraction that her breasts seemed to have for me, I grabbed up the bottle and started massaging the front of her legs, concentrating ferociously ! but of course I couldn't stay down at her feet for ever, and gradually my stroking hands moved up to her knees, then to her thighs ! she moved her legs apart slightly to give me access to her inner thighs, and I felt the heat start to rise again, her bikini bottom at the front was little more than an incredibly small triangle of cloth that just covered her pussy ! or perhaps it was larger than my feverish mind was registering, as I didn't see any hair protruding from it ! and although its smallness made it very good for slow, long massage strokes, it was doing nothing for my highly charged libido !! Then I was stroking the flat of her stomach, and those two gorgeous breasts were staring up at me ! and I gulped dry, hot air into my throat, "normally, with a woman client I don't actually do breasts !" I blurted out !! she lifted her head, a flushed, almost sultry look on her face and her eyes seemed to be sending out tiny lights !, "but I'm not a client" she said with a slight chuckle, "I'm your daughter, Please, don't stop now !" and she let her head slip back onto the pillow as if there was no further room for discussion, and I guess there wasn't ! I realised of course that she couldn't possibly know the way I was feeling, and that made me feel all the more guilty about how I was reacting ! telling myself that I was just being stupid and that everything would be fine, I oiled up my hands again and began to run them lightly over her breasts ! I don't know which of us jumped more as that first touch seemed to shoot sparks of electricity through both of us, as if we'd been zapped by static electricity ! but she was quick to call out, "Don't stop, daddy, please don't stop ! I'm ok, honest, and it feels sooo good !". Well, who could resist a cry like that ? certainly not me ! so I kept my hands moving slowly over and around her magnificent breasts, feeling and seeing her nipples stiffen and swell, and loving every minute of it ! I didn't even try to stop my own reaction any more, just enjoyed the feelings of desire and lust that flowed into my rampant cock, straining at my bathers !

Then , of course, I moved on, to her neck and to her face, gently stroking and massaging her soft, soft skin, and when I'd finished the face I lifted my hands off and said, "That's it, Mitzy, all finished !" for a moment she was silent, and I saw the slight movement of her throat as she swallowed, and her tongue briefly darted over her lips, then her eyes opened and she stared up at me, once again with those flecks of light seeming to dart from the very depths of her eyes, "But there's one part you missed" she said, totally puzzled, my eyes darted back down her body, I was certain I hadn't missed anything !, then I saw her hands move, and I sucked in my breath sharply as they moved to untie the straps on the bottom of her bikini ! my eyes darted back to hers, and my head was shaking back and forth, she couldn't possibly mean??? !! but I knew from her eyes that she did !! there was an almost haunted, hungry look in them as she said "Please daddy, please !"

My mind and my body were in complete turmoil, common sense and desire were waging a war inside me, and her pleading eyes were quickly loosing the battle for common sense ! I couldn't, I shouldn't, I mustn't ! yet even as those words were flowing through my mind I was moving slowly down the table, she'd untied the thin straps at each side of her body and was holding them in her hand, and she moaned slightly as I reached down and took them from her, she lifted her ass cheeks off the table as I moved them down. Then they were off ! a tiny puddle of material in my hand, and I gasped loudly, my eyes almost popping out of my head ! there was nothing hiding her gorgeous pussy from my eyes, absolutely nothing !! she was completely, totally hairless !! I don't know how long I stood there staring at her shaved pussy, as I'd never, ever seen one before ! I was amazed at how beautifully sculptured her pussy lips appeared to be, and as her ragged breathing moved and shifted her body, the deep pink of her inner pussy would peep through ! it was the most exciting and erotic sight I had ever seen !! then her soft words came to me again "Please, daddy, please !", and almost in a dream state I picked up the bottle and tipped some oil in my hands, then moved around the table and initially placed my hands on her flat stomach, hearing and registering in my subconscious her sharp intake of breath at my touch. I'm not even sure why I moved to the other side of the table, it must have been an automatic knowing, because I found I was in the perfect position to work my massaging fingers down over her stomach towards her waiting pussy ! then my fingers were there, sliding gently each side of her pussy lips, and her body jerked and another moan came from her. I found myself bending forward, lowering my head closer to where my hands were working, to where my fingers had just teased down the centre of her pussy, dipping slightly between her lips ! and suddenly I knew this wasn't right, this wasn't what I wanted at all ! I lifted my hands from her pussy and stared down at it for a moment, then with an agonized groan I buried my face in her pussy !!

I heard her high screech over the pounding in my head, and her body bucked up to meet me ! her hands came to the back of my head, but they didn't push me away, they buried my face more firmly into her pussy !! my tongue shot out and disappeared between her pussy lips and I was amazed to find that she was already flooded with tasty juices ! and I licked and lapped them up furiously ! I could hear her crying out now as her hands almost massaged my face into her pussy. "Yes, daddy, oh yes, daddy, lick my pussy good, suck my hot clit, make me cum, make me cum, suck meeeee !!", and so I did ! lashing her clit with my tongue, stabbing it deep into her pussy, lapping up her hot juices, and she bucked and heaved as I tongue fucked my daughter's pussy !! and them she came ! her body arched and froze in mid air, then with a wail like a siren she started to convulse, and her pussy literally blasted my tongue and mouth with what seemed like gallons of hot juices !! and I lapped up every last drop ! until her body finally seemed to fold in upon itself. I lifted my face from her pussy and looked up at her, she was smiling sleepily, "thank you daddy, that was so, so beautiful !" and she closed her eyes.

Realising that she would be resting for quite some time, I moved slowly from the room and made a beeline for the bathroom , I really needed some cool water on me at this point ! I struggled to clamber out of my bathers because my cock was still rock hard, and I stood under the cascading water as the events of the last hour or so revisited my mind, I felt the same guilts and the same desires, and I knew I would never completely resolve them, and thinking about it meant that the cool water was not having the desired effect of making my cock go down ! for a moment I thought of releasing myself by masturbating, something I'd become very adept at since my wife died 10 years ago, but for some reason this was different, I found myself wanting to hold on to the feelings of pleasure as long as I could, I had always loved the actual feeling of being turned on !! so I left the shower and dried off and wrapping a towel around my waist, headed for the lounge room and a nice tall, cool drink !

I guess it was some 15 minutes later when I heard the shower running and knew that Mitzy was again up and about, and I walked over to the fridge and poured her a lemonade topped up with a couple of pieces of ice. My cock had still not fully returned to normal, but I'd decided in the time I'd had alone to think, that it was a little late now to be feeling prudish about that ! I wasn't sure how Mitzy was going to be, how she had reacted to what happened, and what the atmosphere would be between us, I expected some awkwardness, so I was a little surprise when she bounced in with a huge grin on her face, her body wrapped in a towel, and flounced over to the chair opposite me and grabbed her drink, "Mmm, thanks dad, I really needed that !" then she grinned impishly at me "the drink I mean !!" I couldn't help grinning back at her, then put on a mock serious expression "I should hope so, young lady !", then she erupted from her chair, almost knocking over the glass on the table beside her, and flew across the room to land in my lap ! "oh daddy, I'm so glad you're not angry with me ! I love you so much !" her arms were clinging to my neck and her lips were doing little butterfly dances over my face and my lips before she pressed her lips firmly against mine, her tongue darting out to push between my lips, and before I'd even had time to think or react, I found myself kissing her deeply and passionately ! That, and the fact that she was squirming around on my lap, instantly reactivated my hard on !! a fact that she quickly noticed, and she squirmed even more ! I don't know if it was all the squirming around, or perhaps it was my fumbling hands trying to contain her writhing body, but in no time at all her towel was a pool in her lap and my hands were once again cupping and fondling her fantastic breasts !!

If I did have an initial reaction to fight the feelings or to fight Mitzy, it was too brief to register ! so I kissed her and fondled her until we both had to come up for air ! and she folded herself into me "Mmm, I do like the way you play with my breasts, it excites me so much" I kissed her briefly again, "it excited me too, honey !" I said, and she giggled, "I know" she said wriggling around on my rock hard cock, "and I can't wait to see it and touch it, and feel it inside me !" I guess I was still capable of being shocked ! and she moved quickly to deal with it ! putting on the cutest little girl voice she could muster she almost pouted the words, "You do want me, don't you daddy ? you do want to slide your beautiful big cock into my juicy Pussy !" then she grinned, "do you like it shaved, I did it just for you ! I wanted you to be the first to see it like that , the first to touch it like that, the first to taste it like that, and it felt so good to me when you did !" It took quite a while for the full impact of her words to crash home in my mind, and I gasped, "You mean you ???" she giggled again, "Of course, silly, I knew you'd never make a move, and I've wanted you for so long ! and I knew you wanted me !" I almost choked, thinking of all the times I'd dreamed and fantasized and shot my load about her !! she couldn't possibly know, "but how ?" I squawked ! she grinned, "I used to see it in your eyes ! I used to see you looking at my breasts when you thought I couldn't see you ! I used to see the bulge you were always trying to hide from me, and I knew you wouldn't do anything unless I did something first !" then she pulled away slightly and her face took on a slightly more serious look, "and there was another reason, I've met quite a few boys at college, and they all seem to have just one thing on their mind - SEX ! - and they all seem to think that the whole world has ended if they don't get laid at least once a week ! and I got to thinking, if they were like that after just one week, what must you be feeling like after all the time since momma died, cause I know you haven't had many, if any, women in your life since then, so I decided that when I came home this time I was going to do something about it !! but it was for me too !! all those boy's ever thought about was their own pleasure, their own release, and I knew it would be different with you, I knew you'd want me to be happy and satisfied too ! and anyway, I've had the hots for you and fantasized about you ever since I started to develop !!"

I looked at her for a long time, matching her slight air of seriousness, "I wish I could say you were wrong, but that would be lying, you've been turning me on since your breasts first started to show under those thin T shirts you loved to wear ! I've hungered after you and fantasized about you, but tried to force it all to the back of my mind, I've even tried to get interested in a few ladies hoping they would take my mind off you, but they never did. Yes, it does get a bit frustrating when there's no sex, or not much sex in your life, but a week only seems like forever when you're young ! at my age you can hold out a little longer !!" that brought a smile to her face and a laugh to her mouth ! "but since you're so good at reading my innermost thoughts, perhaps you'd better tell me what I'm thinking right now !!", "Mmm, let me see now" she said, lifting a finger to rest on her chin in the classic thinker's pose, " Tell me, did what we did in the massage room turn you on ?", "Like crazy" I answered honestly, "and did you deal with it in the shower ?" I was quite taken aback by that question ! "No, I enjoyed the feeling of being turned on so much that I decided to let it keep going" I said, "Aha ! then I think you're thinking, when is my horny daughter going to stop talking and fuck me !! and the answer's RIGHT NOW !!"

With that she shifted to straddle my legs and pulled aside my towel to allow my rampant cock to jump into the air, then captured it quickly and aimed it straight at her naked pussy and plunged down on it !!! I couldn't stop the howl that came from me as my cock plunged deep into the hot tightness of her pussy, and she clung on to me tight, "oh yes, at last, my daddy's cock is inside me, I want it so bad, give it to me daddy ! fuck me hard !" and I proceeded to do just that ! levering myself from the chair, holding on to her tightly I slumped to the floor and started to ram my cock hard and fast into her steaming pussy, even in the fucking her shaved pussy had a totally different feel, it seemed I was able to go deeper than I'd ever gone with anyone before ! "Oh yes Mitzy, such a hot, tight pussy and it's finally mine ! mine to suck and mine to fuck ! god I've wanted you for so long, I'm just going to fuck you and fuck you and fuck you !!" , "Yes, daddy, yes, daddy, fuck me fuck me FUCK MEEEEEEE!" and she screamed out another orgasm ! but I wasn't finished, oh no ! the barrier had been broken, the taboo banished, I was going to fuck my horny little daughter every way and everywhere I could think of ! This would be a vacation that neither of us would ever forget !!! "Daddy's cumming Mitzy ! daddy's cumming !!!! daddy's CUMMING !!!!!!!!!!!!" and I shot my load deep into her bucking pussy for the first time ! - but not, I know, for the last time !!


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