The Best Erotic Stories.

by Patrick

It was over six years now since my parents came to a parting of the ways, it seemed to me to be very sudden although incredibly civilized, no big arguments or harsh word or anything, just a tearful announcement that dad was leaving. I remember being incredibly upset, especially when I found that dad was going to live in a town over 500 miles away, but I didn't have any say in the matter, I was to stay with mom, and that was that. I think I cried for days, and for months afterwards moped around the house feeling this incredible emptiness, but as they say, time heals all wounds, and I gradually settled into life with just mom.

Well, that's not strictly true, it was actually mom and a seemingly endless stream of boyfriends, and I began to get a slight suspicion as to why the break up occurred. Dad and I remained in touch by letter and occasionally by phone, but I guess I only saw him in the flesh a couple of times over those years, when he had some business to attend to in town.

I'd always been tall for my age, so in my early teens I was all arms and legs and bones and things, so uncoordinated I was given the nickname 'baby giraffe' by my friends, and I quickly realized I was regarded as something of a nuisance when mom's men friends came round. It was either "off to your room and do your homework, Mittens", or "would you like to stay the night with auntie Betty, Mittens?", although as I got older I started to take things into my own hands and find somewhere else to be when I knew they were coming around. I couldn't avoid them entirely, of course, as they were often still there when I got back from my friends or from a party, and it was one of those occasions that resulted in me losing my virginity.

I'd come home from my friends and gone straight into my room and gone to bed, leaving mom and her friend in the lounge room, I guess she must have had a little too much to drink and passed out, and her friend was still horny, because when I awoke it was to find him already in my bed, his hard cock, already halfway into my tight virgin pussy. I tried to fight, and even screamed out, but mom was too out of it to hear and I wasn't strong enough to get away. It hurt like hell, and I can recall lying in my bed afterwards, crying and saying to myself, 'if dad was still here that wouldn't have happened'. Perhaps it was at that point that I started to create this incredible fantasy of my dad as my protector and my savior, my knight in shining armor, and over the next few years it just grew and grew. I never told mom what had happened, and that particular boyfriend never came back, but I found myself writing to dad more frequently and even sending him pictures.

As early teens turned into mid teens. My gangly uncoordinated body began to fill out. I was still tall for a girl, but I gradually developed the kind of figure that seemed to fit the height very well, and I found myself becoming very popular with the boys. But somehow, they seemed callow and immature, I knew that I wanted something more, someone mature, someone like my dad. Wow, I can remember the first time that thought came unbidden into my head, I was lying on my bed wearing just a flimsy night dress, and suddenly I felt so hot I had to rip it off, my whole body seemed to throb, and I played with myself until a gigantic explosion ripped through me. After that, it became a frequent fantasy, me and dad, dad and me, I could hardly think of anyone else, although I did the normal amount of messing around with boys, finding out how to turn them on, and turn them back off again, and even occasionally finding out how to please them without letting them get too close to their desired objective. Guess I became a bit of a tease, really, but I also became a very competent cock sucker, which I found was the quickest way to defuse a potentially difficult sexual situation!

Then I turned 18 and really started to look at what I wanted out of my life, a number of my friends were already in pretty heavy relationships, but they never seemed particularly happy. A couple even found themselves pregnant and had to drop out of school, but I'd managed to avoid all that, I was footloose and fancy free, and determined to be fulfilled in whatever I did. I was a keen swimmer and a member of the School swim team, and it was when I sent dad a picture of me at the state finals that things seemed to take on a life of their own.

It was a picture of me receiving my medal for winning the 100 yards freestyle, and of course I was in the usual fairly dowdy one piece swimsuit that we had to wear for competitions, so I didn't think I looked particularly brilliant. But dad's response was a telegram saying "Congratulations on your win, Mittens. Ps. You look absolutely stunning! what happened to the Giraffe I used to know, now she's model material!"

Well, when I read that, the heat flooded through me like crazy and I had to sit down, daddy was seeing me as a woman, and a beautiful woman at that, oh wow, every part of me was on fire. I was in my bedroom and I quickly got up and stripped off and stood in front of the mirror, staring at my naked body, at my high firm breasts, my concave waist, my long shapely legs, and my neatly trimmed reddish bush, Mmmmm I thought, if only he could see me like this. Yeah, bet he'd think I was definitely model material, - Or loving material, - I groaned as an electric shock seemed to pass right through me at that thought, and my hands slid swiftly between my legs and started to stroke. I closed my eyes and imagined it was him touching me and promptly fell onto the bed as a massive orgasm ripped through my body, leaving me weak and watery for ages. But as I lay there recovering I started to form the plan to go and see him, to visit my dad for the first time ever, and the more I thought about it, the more excited I became and the more I realized I just had to do it.

It was surprisingly easy, to my amazement, I just sent him a telegram saying "Need a rest after the championship, can I come and stay for a couple of weeks?", and that same afternoon got a reply saying "delighted to have you here, if it's ok with your mommy". Well she was a bit funny at first, but eventually agreed that I could go as long as I didn't miss any important schoolwork. I pointed out that it was almost summer vacation time anyway, so I wouldn't miss anything at all, so it was all agreed, daddy even sent me air tickets to get me there quicker, and just a few days later I was on my way.

I wanted to rush straight off, but I needed to shop for some clothes first so I looked my best when we met, and top of the list was something to replace that dowdy one piece bathing costume, I mean if he thought I was stunning in that, what would he think of me in a bikini? particularly one of those micro mini bikinis! I almost chickened out when I tried some of them on and saw how little they covered, but then I came across this plain denim one that looked absolutely sensational on me! the shop assistant actually gasped when I turned around in it and her eyes almost devoured me, and I just knew it was the one, even though it was really only three very small triangles of material. It was the way they seemed to mould to my body, the bottom piece perfectly matched the cut of my pubic hair, and the top pieces seemed to lift my breasts even more, although they barely covered my stiffening nipples. I felt myself flush as I realized that they were stiffening under the gaze of the shop assistant, and I turned my head away, only to catch sight of myself in the mirror behind me and it was my turn to gasp. The straps were so thin they'd slipped into the crack of my ass cheeks, so from behind it looked as if I was completely naked! The assistant walked around behind me and slipped her fingers under the strap to lift it from the crack of my ass, her hand brushing over my ass cheeks, and I shuddered.

"We do have one with larger straps if you like" she said " But this one looks so sensational on you I wouldn't change it one bit"

I gulped, feeling the color flooding into my face and the heat flooding through my body, she'd taken her fingers from beneath the strap, but hadn't taken her hand away, it was resting lightly on my ass cheeks. I just froze there, staring into the mirror in front of me, looking directly into her eyes as she stared over my shoulders. "I think I'll take this one" I finally managed to whisper, and she smiled.

"Who ever you're buying it to impress is a very lucky person" she whispered, and removed her hand from my ass cheeks, but only to lift it up and untie the knot of the bikini, and before I realized what was happening she was removing the top, slipping it forward off my body, allowing her hands to brush the sides of my breasts as she did so, then lifting it over my head. Then she moved around in front of me and her eyes were feasting on my breasts, and my nipples were rock hard. I was still frozen, wide eyed, looking at her, and she smiled again, "Wish I was that lucky person" she whispered and reached up and lightly cupped my breasts in her hands, and brushed her thumbs over my hard nipples, and my body convulsed.

I guess that's what pulled me out of it, that gigantic shudder that ran through me, and I quickly stepped back. Her grin widened, "Boyfriend?' she asked.

"Nnn no" I stammered, "I'm going to visit my dad"

Her eyebrows lifted slightly, and she chuckled hotly, "I think daddy's in for a big surprise" she said, "How long since he's seen you?"

"About four years" I stammered again.

She nodded and grinned, "And I bet you've grown some in that time" she said, and once again she lifted her hands and cupped my breasts. This time I didn't step back. "Oh yes, I think you're going to knock his eyes out" she said, then laughed out loud, "and maybe give him a hard on too" I felt myself flush, partly with embarrassment and partly with pleasure, at that thought, then her hands dropped away and she looked me deep in the eyes, "Will you stop by and tell me how the visit goes?" she asked.

I licked my tongue across my lips and nodded, "I think I'd like that" I said, not quite believing the heat I was feeling standing so close to her. Then we were closer still as she slipped her arms around me and drew my body against hers and kissed me lightly on the lips, as her hands slowly caressed my naked ass cheeks. Then she was gone, out of the change room area, and I was left with the feel of her lips on mine, of her caressing hands on my skin, and a heat like I'd never felt before, and I knew I'd be back.

I remained totally turned on for the remainder of my shopping expedition, and was glad when I was finally at home in my room and could do something to relieve that burning itch inside me.

The days fled quickly but seemed to take an eternity, every minute was like an hour and every hour like a minute, it was totally unreal. But finally the time came and mom drove me to the airport and even cried a little as she kissed me goodbye, I think she was finally realizing that her little baby was growing up and would soon be living her own life. She asked me to give dad a kiss for her, and there was such a plaintive look in her eyes that I realized she still loved dad after all this time and all those other men, and I almost cried myself. But then I was on the flight, getting closer and closer to meeting him and wondering if he'd really like me. I grinned to myself as I thought of mom's last words, oh yeah, I'd certainly give him a kiss for mom, and for me and, well, I wanted to give him lots more than that.

The flight was surprisingly short, and I was soon walking through the airport looking around everywhere trying to spot him, and then I did, and I stopped dead. My god, he was unbelievably handsome, with his curly silvery hair and his deep tan, and his warm smile. My heart felt like it was going to burst, and I almost ran the last couple of yards and threw myself into his arms and buried my face into his neck "Oh daddy, daddy" I cried and burst into tears. Damn I didn't mean to go all silly like this, whatever would he think of me.

He just held me a little awkwardly and patted my back, then the pats turned into a light caress. "Hey, Giraffe, no need to cry" he said, and I pulled my head back, and laughed

"Gosh, no one's called me Giraffe for such a long time, am I still all arms and legs?"

He stepped back so I was at arms length and pretended to seriously look me up and down, and I noticed his eyes linger a moment longer than necessary on the thrust of my breasts, and I grinned inside, "Oh no" he finally said with a shrug of his shoulders, "I guess you're a full grown woman now, and a very beautiful one at that"

"Oh thank you daddy" I cried and hugged him again.

We talked like crazy all the way home in the car, catching up on my news and on his, and I was secretly delighted when he revealed there wasn't another woman in his life at the moment, in fact he admitted it had been a number of years since he'd had any serious relationship, then he blushed furiously and wondered laughingly why he was telling me that. I told him mom had asked me to give him a kiss for her, but I wouldn't do it while he was driving in case he lost concentration! he laughed loudly, "Yeah, that would be right" he said, "Your mom's kisses were always guaranteed to make me lose my concentration"

I laughed with him and said in as sultry a voice as I could muster, "Well, we'll have to see if the proxy kiss is just as effective" I whispered.

His head jerked around and he almost lost control, and I laughed, "Better be careful what you promise Giraffe" he said "I might take you seriously", and I lounged back into the car seat with a satisfied grin on my face, oh yes, daddy had noticed me, I was sure of that. And I'd certainly noticed him! he'd mentioned when he was telling me about his life nowadays that he swam a little too and played some tennis, so kept fairly trim, guess he would be about 38 now, but certainly didn't look it. I snuggled into the seat and glanced at him from the corner of my eyes as he drove along, and smiled, mmmm this felt to comfortable already.

When we arrived at his house he carried my case inside and placed it in the spare bedroom and took me on a slow tour of the house. It was surprisingly large for one person, and I could tell that he was really proud of it, as he'd bought all the furniture and decorations and set it all out, and it did look super, and so neat and tidy, I laughingly asked him if it had taken a week to tidy up for my visit, and he put on a mock angry look and swore that he was always that neat and tidy, then burst out laughing as he admitted that he had a cleaner who came in twice a week and looked after the place for him. Then we were both laughing and hugging each other and it felt so good to have his arms around me, then I pulled back slightly and grinned and said, "Oh, I almost forgot, this is from mom", and I kissed him. Not a soft fleeting kiss, but the sort of full on passionate kiss that I imagined mom used to give him.

Initially he froze, suddenly not sure what to do with his hands, and at one point he actually lifted them up to mine that were clasped around his neck, as if to pull mine away, but then his body seemed to collapse, all the tension running out of it, and his hands were back at my waist, holding me tight and he was returning my kiss - or should I say mom's kiss. I felt his hands slide around to cup the cheeks of my ass, then caress them lightly, and I opened my lips and let his tongue slide inside, and I tentatively touched it with mine. God, I don't know how long the kiss went on for, but when we finally pulled apart we were both flushed and breathing unevenly, and both a little embarrassed by the intensity of what we shared. He pulled away quickly, and seemed to force a chuckle past his dry throat, "Well, I see mom's kisses haven't lost any of their potency - or their effect on me" he said, then he almost dashed out into the kitchen.

I stood there still feeling his lips, feeling his hot breath in my mouth, feeling his hands on my ass cheeks and I was on fire. It had been everything I ever dreamed, and more, and he'd responded, I knew he'd responded, and as much as we kidded that it was mom's kiss, we both knew it was ours, something electric between us. That's why he'd dashed off, and I smiled to myself as I turned slowly and moved to my bedroom to change.

I sat in my room for a while gazing out of the window onto the back yard and the delightful blue water of the pool, dad had commented when he showed it to me that it wasn't as big as I was used to, but he hoped I'd make use of it. I certainly intended to, tonight if I could, I think I needed something to cool me off! as well as to wash off the heat of the journey. Then he was calling me in to eat and I was surprised at the spread he'd laid out, I teased him about it, asked if he'd had to take cooking lessons when he was single again, and he laughed, reminding me that when I was young he used to do most of the cooking anyway. Strange, I'd forgotten that. The meal was eaten in between tales of his work and my school, and he teased me about the boys I'd probably been dating, and I teased him about the women in his life, and that seemed to remind both of us of the earlier kiss and we fell silent, staring at each other, a little lost for words, yet it didn't feel uncomfortable. He did start to apologize about the kiss, but I quickly changed the subject, asking him again about his work, and he kind of smiled at me softly.

Then the meal was over and we retired to the lounge room to watch a little TV, but all the programs seemed to be boringly political, and it was still very hot, so dad finally asked if I wanted to take a dip in the pool. I glanced out of the window and saw that the light was starting to fade, then turned to dad and said, "I hope none of the neighbors can overlook the pool, I don't want to be stared at"

He grinned, "Oh no, it's absolutely private" he said, "There'll only be me to worry about, perving at you"

I grinned right back at him and gave my hips an extra twist as I walked out of the room, "Well, I don't have to worry then, do I, coz I'll be perving right back" I said and laughed as I saw the slightly shocked look that came onto his face. Then I was gone, into my bedroom and into my suitcase for that brand new Bikini, and as I took it out and held it to my face, I remembered the incident in the change rooms and I felt the heat rising in me. Then I stripped off and slipped into the bikini, making sure the slim strap nestled into the crack of my ass, and I looked at myself in the mirror, and sucked in my breath, my god, it looked awesome! I glanced out the window as I heard a light splash and I saw dad stroking down the pool, so I decided to wait a few moments until he emerged again before I made my entrance.

Then I was walking through the kitchen and out the back door, just as dad was climbing from the pool, and as he glanced my way, he froze and gaped. Although the light was fading, there was enough and more for him to get a clear view of me as I walked towards him, and his eyes seemed to get wider and wider and his mouth dropped open. "My god" he finally said, hoarsely, "I didn't realize how beautiful, how amazing you were", I twirled around with a laugh and heard his gasp as he realized how almost naked I was at the back, then I was facing him again, feeling flushed, and suddenly dry.

"I hope you like it" I whispered, "I bought it specially for you" He gasped again, "But, but, I don't understand" he stammered, his eyes unable to stop running up and down my body.

I moved forward and slipped my arms around his neck, "It's been so long since you saw me, I wanted it to be very special, I wanted you to see me the way I am now, not the way I was when you called me the Giraffe" I whispered, and felt the shudder run through him.

"Damn" he muttered, " I can sure never call you that again, you're so, so - mature"

I smiled up at him, "You mean I'm a woman at last" I asked, coyly.

His breath seemed to explode in a whoosh, as if he'd been holding it, "100 % woman" he said, "The most breathtaking woman I've ever laid eyes on"

"Oh" I said coyly again, "do you think I'm a sexy woman too?"

"Mittens!" he gasped, "I can't, I can't, say that"

"Ooo" I said, poutingly, "You mean I'm not sexy at all?"

"That's not what I meant" he said in a strangled voice.

At that moment I happened to glance down, and it was my turn to gasp as I saw the huge bulge that had appeared in his bathers. His eyes followed mine, and he let out a loud agonized groan, "Oh," I said laughingly, "Now I know what you meant", and I twisted away, took two steps and dove straight into the pool.

When I surfaced I was surprised to find that my bikini top had remained firmly in place, but its wetness clearly outlined my hard swollen nipples, and as I stroked down the pool I enjoyed the sensation of the cold water hardening them still further. I heard the splash as daddy dove in too, and I grinned at the realization that he was probably desperately trying to get rid of his erection. Mmmm that had been some bulge in his bathers, made me think he was quite large. I reached the end of the pool and held on as he swam swiftly up to me, I glanced down and noticed that my nipples were so hard they were lifting the bikini material so you could actually see the sides of the nipples themselves, and as daddy surfaced alongside me, that was the first thing his eyes alighted on, and I heard the slight groan, and when he lifted his face to look at me I grinned and said, "Well, you're not the only one that gets hard when they're turned on"

His gasp was almost lost as I lunged back into the pool, and swam down to the other end and climbed out. I looked back and he was still holding on to the far end, staring down the pool towards me. I deliberately lifted my hands and adjusted the small triangle of material covering my nipples, allowing one to briefly escape, and even at that distance I could see the flare of light in his eyes. Then I stood, hands on hips and grinned at him. "Can't stay there for ever" I called out laughingly, then I turned and walked back to the kitchen door, feeling his eyes on my almost naked ass, burning into me with incredible ferocity, and I allowed it to twitch and sway a little more, before I opened the door and went into the house out of sight.

I quickly headed for the bathroom and grabbed a towel, intending to wrap it around myself and return to the lounge, but something stopped me, some impish sense of devilry perhaps, but I found myself slipping out of my bikini before I wrapped the towel around me. Then I returned to the lounge and perched on the couch waiting for daddy to return. When he did, he seemed to have regained his composure, although he quickly rushed out and got a towel too and wrapped it around himself so I could no longer see if he had a bulge in his bathers, then he made us both a drink and brought it over, and he smiled as he lifted his glass " To a very beautiful woman" he toasted, and I grinned.

"To a very sexy man" I responded

Once again his face turned a bright shade of pink, then he laughed, "Damn, but you have become quite a tease haven't you" he said.

I placed my glass on the side table and rose to my feet and took his glass from him and placed it on the table too, then slid my arms around his neck, "Would a tease do this" I asked, then pressed my lips firmly onto his, and held it there. Once again his hands came up to mine as if to pull them away, and he leaned his body back trying to break the kiss, but I held on firmly, pressing my body even more firmly against his, and once again I felt the tension in his body struggle and struggle and then start to fade as his arms slipped down from mine, over my back and onto my ass cheeks. Then he was returning my kiss hungrily, his tongue darting into my mouth and mine coming to meet it and engage it in a wild dance.

Then his hands were sliding beneath my towel and I felt his groan shudder through him and me as he discovered that there was nothing there but my naked body, and his hands were stroking and caressing my tight ass cheeks, pressing me forward into his body, and I could feel his cock hardening and pressing into me. Then he released the pressure and pulled slightly away and tugged at the towel and it cascaded to the floor, and he gasped as he saw my fully naked breasts for the first time, "Oh god, you are so, so beautiful" he whispered, and one hand came up and caressed one of my breasts, and I thought I would pass out with the sheer joy of it.

"Oh daddy, daddy, please" I whispered hotly, and I found myself fumbling at his towel, and when that cascaded to the floor, at his bathers, finding it hard to pull them over his hips, and finally in desperation clasping my hand over his throbbing cock through the bathers themselves.

"Oh Mittens" he cried, "Oh god, we mustn't", but even as his mind and his voice were saying that, his own hands were pushing down the bathers and allowing his magnificent cock to spring free, and it was magnificent, big and thick and so, so beautiful, and I clamped my hands around it, stroking lightly up and down it's length, reaching beneath to cup and fondle his heavy balls, then stroke back up his cock again, and he was almost whimpering with desire.

He leaned down and his hot mouth clamped over one of my breasts, sucking in the nipple hard and lashing it with his tongue, and my body shook and shook. Then I felt his hand slide between my legs and gently caress my pussy lips and the first magnificent orgasm ripped through me, causing me to pump his cock hard, as I thrust my pelvis against his hand and his body, shuddering and shaking wildly. Oh god, this was even better than I'd ever imagined it, and we'd only just started.

My orgasm seemed to work to calm daddy, and his hands slowed down, now I think he finally accepted what was happening, knew it was what I wanted, and more importantly perhaps, knew it was what he wanted too. He lifted me up into his arms and carried me through to his bedroom and laid me on the bed, then sat beside me, brushing his hands slowly over my body as his eyes drank me in. I lifted my head slightly and stared down at his bobbing, throbbing cock, and reached out and captured it lightly in my hands again, "Oh daddy, you have such a beautiful cock" I said, "and I want it so much"

He was totally calm now as he smiled down at me, "and I want you too, Mittens" he said, "More than I've ever wanted a woman before in my life"

"Is that because I'm your daughter, daddy" I asked quietly

He thought for a moment, then shrugged, "I guess that's part of it" he admitted, "But it's also because you have the most incredibly sexy body I've ever laid eyes on" then he laughed, "You know I've had the hots for you ever since I saw that photo of you at the swimming carnival"

"Really" I said grinning at him, "in those old bathers, bet you liked the new ones better"

"Oh damn yes, I nearly had a stroke when you walked out in those" he laughed

"Speaking of strokes" I said, and began to stroke his hard cock up and down, "don't you think it's about time we did something about this?, because I've had the hots for you for as long as I can remember and I'm getting awfully impatient"

He laughed and took my hands from his cock, and rose to a kneeling position beside me and started to stroke his hands and then his lips up and down the whole of my body, and I started to melt. He touched me so lightly it was like having a feather dusted down my body, and my nipples seemed to swell to a totally new level and become super sensitive, so that when he leaned forward and breathed on them, I nearly had an orgasm on the spot. He did that with the rest of my body too, even my toes became erogenous zones of absolute pleasure, I'd experienced nothing like it, and when his lips and tongue finally landed on my pussy lips I was going wild. Bucking and heaving against his face, as he slipped his tongue inside and played with my throbbing clit, and licked the walls of my pussy so deep, I just started to explode, orgasm after orgasm ripping through me, and all the time his hands and his lips and his tongue were caressing different parts of my body with their feather touch.

Occasionally I'd feel the weight of his hard cock brushing against me, but as soon as I reached out to touch it, he'd pull back, "Oh daddy, Please" I begged, "I want it so much, please", and I almost lifted myself off the bed in my efforts to reach him. Then he shifted position, sliding over between my legs, pressing my knees outwards with his, spreading my pussy lips wide and leaning forward to brush the head of his big cock against my steaming pussy, and I whimpered with desire, "Oh yes, daddy, Please, please" I begged and reached out for him again. This time he didn't draw away, and my hand captured his hard, throbbing cock and rubbed it sensuously up and down the lips of my pussy, teasing myself even more. Then I arched my body, lifting myself, allowing the head of his cock to slip inside, "Oh yes, Oh yes, daddy, fuck me, fuck me good" I cried, and he slammed forward, burying his cock to the hilt inside me and I screamed with absolute bliss as his hot rod seared the walls of my pussy.

Then all control was gone and he was pounding his cock into me and I was shuddering and shaking and arching my body, grabbing at his naked ass cheeks, pulling him deeper and deeper, "Oh yes daddy, oh god, yes"

"Oh Mittens, oh god Mittens" he cried, "So hot, so tight, so beautiful, I want you, I love you, oh god, OH GOD!", and I felt his cock expand and expand until it felt twice its normal size, then it EXPLODED, pouring a stream of hot lava deep into my pussy and he was screaming wildly, "Cumming, Mitten's, Daddy's cuuuuuuuuummmmmmmiiiiiinnnnnggg!!!".

And I was exploding too, screaming equally as wildly, bucking and heaving as his cock thrust and thrust like a spewing piston into me, and I was on an entirely new level of awareness, everything seemed to happen in slow motion as we came and came and came. It was just sooooo unbelievable, all I'd ever dreamed of, fantasized about, and more, much, much more, oh god, I couldn't believe how much I was cumming, how much juice was pouring out of my pussy, bathing his hot pistoning cock, and I was still crying out for more, and he was still giving me more, ramming his big cock into me. Then I knew no more.

I don't know how much later it was that I finally came back to my senses to find daddy worriedly dabbing my head and face with a cool damp cloth, and I grinned up at him, "Mmmm, that was awesome daddy" I said softly and reached up to pull his head down and kissed him on the lips.

He pulled back and looked deep into my eyes, "Are you sure you're ok honey?"

"Mmmmmm, never felt better, daddy, was it good for you too?" I said.

Finally the worry lines disappeared from his face and a huge grin spread across it, "If it had been any better, I'd have had a heart attack" he said, and his eyes flicked down to drink in my naked body again, and a shudder ran through him, "I don't know if I'm going to be able to keep my hands off you for the rest of your visit" he whispered.

"Oh, I hope not" I answered with a laugh "And as for that heart attack, well hang on tight, because we've only just started!" and I reached down and started to stroke his cock into hardness once again, and he groaned, and he reached for me, and bliss began again.


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