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by David

My name is David. I'm a 35 year old investment broker. I've been pretty straight-laced all of my life-doing the right things, knowing the right people. I've had my share of relationships and even almost got married a couple of times. Every once in a while the rat race gets to me. For this particular break in the action I decided to seek refuge on a beach in Mexico. Actually, I rented a little cottage near the beach and spent most of the time drenching myself in sunscreen and lying in the sand. Late in the afternoon on my last full day there, while sunning myself and dreading having to go back to work the following week, I was awakened from my light slumber by a noise.

I rose up off my back on to my elbows and looked in the direction of the noise just in time to see a pretty young Mexican girl settling on to the sand a few feet away, digging her little toes into the moist granules. She was in a worn white dress, her sandals perched near her bare feet. I bade her good day with "Hola," one of the few words of Spanish that I knew.

She slowly looked towards me and managed a smile on a sad-looking face, mouthing the word back. She had the face of a street urchin, but her sexiness was undeniable. Digging out my Spanish translation, I managed to make something of a conversation with her. I found out her name-Maria Hernandez, that she was 21 years old-although considering her youthful appearance I was certain that she was lying about that, and that she had come to the city in the hope of finding a new life away from the poverty of her village. But her dreams had turned to dust and all she was hoping for now was to somehow get enough money so that she could just get back to her village.

I could see her eyeing a half-eaten sandwich that I had bought for myself, now dumped into the sand next to me. I told her that I was growing hungry and asked her if she would like to get something to eat-my treat. She smiled and nodded. We went to a small diner near the beach. The girl ate as if she were starving. As she finished I grew a little awkward, not knowing how to proceed or even if I should. Using my translator, I simply asked if she would like to come back to my place to get out of the heat. To my surprise, she agreed.

We entered my place-nothing more than a studio with a bathroom. The bed was unmade, but it was too late to straighten up. I turned on the radio and tuned in a local station. That seemed the relax her a bit and we sat on a small sofa in the room. As we talked, me in very broken Spanish, she related how hard life had been for her for the last few months. I asked her when she had last slept indoors and she said she couldn't remember.

Finally noticing that she was physical dirty, I suggested that she take a shower. She looked at me suspiciously, but after sufficient coaxing she went into the bathroom, locking the door behind her. I heard the water run and she emerged a several minutes later. She was drying her shoulder-length hair with a towel as she exited. She looked like an advertisement for smoldering sexuality. She sat back on the sofa, smiled and said "Gracias."

Something overcame me at that point. I don't know what. I immediately moved next to her placed my hand on her knee, rubbing her soft skin. She closed her eyes and shook for a moment. I cupped her face in my hands and she opened her eyes and smiled slightly. Then to my shock she rose, stood in front of me and began disrobing. Perhaps she thought that this would somehow get her back home. She undid her dress and let it drop to the floor. She was then clad in a pair of worn white panties and an equally worn bra. I gasped at how beautiful her body was. She was about 5'6" and 120 pounds, with soft curves and a very large chest that strained against a bra that was obviously way too small.

I rose to my feet as she unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor, her huge beautiful breasts spilling out of the cups. They sagged only slightly, and it was a natural sag from their weight. She had dark, well-formed nipples that were slightly larger than a quarter. I immediately took her in my arms, kissing her mouth deeply-my tongue overpowering hers, then exploring the depths of her mouth. Then I moved down and ravaged her neck with my mouth and tongue. She tossed her head slowly from side to side. I put my hands into her panties and rubbed her soft butt cheeks. I pulled the panties down slightly and they too fell to the floor. There she was, a gorgeous Mexican girl in my arms for the taking. And I resolved that I would take her in every way possible.

I kissed and licked down her neck, then chest, and began devouring her huge breasts. She had to have been a size 38 or 40 with a D-cup. I sucked hard on her nipples as she moaned softly-tasting them, making them hard. I quickly stripped out of my clothes, having a nine inch hard-on standing straight out. I sucked and squeezed the soft flesh of her tits for a few more moments, then lifted her off her dainty feet and laid her in bed. I was immediately all over her. I squeezed her tits and cupped her pussy as I kissed her mouth and neck passionately. Never had I been overcome with such pure animal lust. She was wet. It took everything to overcome the urge to simply slam into her.

I stopped kissing and groping her for a moment and stared at her beauty. She was already breathing heavily and seemed a little overwhelmed. I caught my breath and straddled her chest. Her eyes opened wide when she saw the size of my cock. They opened even wider when I placed my throbbing meat between her tits and then mashed her soft flesh around it. I pumped in and out between her tits madly, my cock head barely protruding with each thrust-then grabbed her hands and made her push her mounds together. She obliged and I continued my rampage between her soft, beautiful breasts for several minutes-stopping only as I felt the cum rising to the top of my cock shaft.

I moved even farther up and quickly placed the purple head against her lips. Pressing slightly, she opened wide and allowed the massive head and about three inches of the shaft to enter her mouth. I was immediately overwhelmed by the softness and warmth of her mouth. I shuddered, threw my head back, and roared loudly as I shot a thick stream of my warm, salty sperm into her mouth. I heard her gag and it made me convulse. I placed a hand on the top of her head and began venting furiously into her mouth. I heard her gag repeatedly as she struggled to keep up with the flow. She swallowed the creamy load, not knowing what else to do. I shot, and shot, and shot until my balls felt emptied. Finally, my orgasm subsided. I moved back down to her huge breasts and slowly tit-fucked her again for about a minute-gasping for air as I did.

I laid next to her and drifted off to sleep. A couple of hours later I awoke with her still next to me and fast asleep. It was dark now and the room was dimly lit by a small lamp in the corner. I again had a raging hard-on and my sexual demons took over. I rolled Maria on to her stomach, then moved my face down to her beautiful, soft, round butt. I immediately slid my fingers between her butt cheeks and spread her cheeks as far apart as they would go. Even in the dimly lit room I could see her butthole. She gasped as I began to tongue and kiss her asshole. I spent several minutes savoring the dull taste of her shitter.

Then I stuck my tongue inside her butt and moved it in and out slowly. She very softly moaned as I did it. I paused for a moment, reached into my carryon bag on the floor next to the bed and removed a small tube of Vaseline. I coated her butthole, then my cock. I think she knew what was coming by the way she trembled slightly as I coated her. I then slid a finger inside, all the way to the third knuckle, and met little resistance. After a minute of sliding it in and out, I inserted two fingers-meeting slightly more resistance. A few minutes later, I slowly slid three fingers in and out and listened to Maria as she breathed heavily.

Finally, she was ready-or so I thought. I moved her up to her hands and knees and got behind her. Grabbing my cock, I moved it up and down her butt crack, the head sliding up and down between her cheeks. Then I slowly positioned the head against her entrance. I pushed slightly, then moderately, but there was no give in her butthole. I grabbed her hips with both hands and applied forceful pressure. Finally, after several seconds, the head slowly popped inside. Maria let out a little yelp, "Aye!" as it did.

For the next thirty minutes I slowly worked my slab of meat into a hole that was clearly not designed to take such a large object-nor one that had ever likely been visited by any cock at all before. My efforts paid off. After the half hour had passed, I looked down and saw that my cock had disappeared from sight. I couldn't believe that this little Mexican gal had taken my entire log into her butt. I closed my eyes and savored the warmth. God, she was so tight! I made my first thrust a slow one, pulling out slowly, then slowly sliding it back in. Maria moaned very loudly as I reinserted. I was almost in a trance. From there I went to slow strokes, and after a couple minutes, I was royally banging her ass. My hips slapped hard against her butt cheeks, my big balls slapping against her pussy as well.

Her tits swayed as I pumped and she was moaning constantly by now. I leaned over her, reached around, grabbed her big tits and squeezed them as I pumped. Maria moaned even louder and shouted a couple of things in Spanish that I did not understand. Her speaking a foreign tongue immediately got my balls boiling. My cock grew as hard as a rock and my cum went straight up the shaft again. I pumped one last time, and froze with my cock inserted as deeply as possible. As my eyes rolled back into my head, I squeezed her tits very hard and screamed, signaling the start of a tremendous orgasm deep inside her butt. She threw her head back and yelled in unison with me as she felt her butthole grow warm from my gift. I squeezed, squirted, and screamed for the next thirty seconds or so-emptying myself completely into her butt. Maria could feel wave after wave of my cum filling her anus.

Again, my orgasm subsided, with both of us breathing heavily this time. I slowly rolled us both on to our sides, with my cock still buried in her butt. I gently moved aside her jet black hair and kissed the back of her neck. My cock grew soft and I eventually slipped it out of her and watched it come to rest against her smooth butt cheeks. Again we drifted off to sleep.

I awoke a few hours later and it was still dark, although it was apparent that the sun would be coming up soon. I couldn't believe it, but my cock was stiff again. I simply couldn't get enough of this girl. There was only one hole left for me, and I was determined to have it.

Maria was already laying on her back. I began to passionately suck her big tits as I rubbed her pussy furiously. She immediately awoke from her slumber and began moaning once again. I kissed her mouth and neck as she did, then moved back down to her fabulous chest. I spent several minutes sucking her nipples and breast flesh-squeezing them again as I did, then slowly kissed my way down to her pussy. I parted her legs and began immediately devouring her pussy. She pressed her head back into the pillow, closed her eyes, and began making a succession of "ah, ah, ah, ah" cries. She tasted so good. I shoved my tongue deep into her fiery little cavern, savoring her juices and swallowing them, making them my own. I sucked on her clit and she quivered and immediately came. I knew she was ready.

I moved my hips between her thighs, positioned the head of my twitching cock against her pussy lips and shoved. The head and a couple of inches slid into her. "Oh my God!" I yelled. I couldn't believe how tight she was. I placed more weight on my hips and began sliding the rest of my dick into her sacred channel. She moaned "ohhhhh, ohhh, ohhhh," as I did. I could tell that she was in some pain, but I just couldn't stop. I met some serious resistance at about seven inches, but I was determined to bury my entire manhood in her. I grabbed both her legs, pushed her knees so that they were at the sides of her massive tits, slid my cock halfway out, then shoved hard, plunging the entire length into her.

Her eyes opened wide and she cried out loudly "AYYYYYEEE!!!" then shouted some more things in Spanish. I laid on top of her, with her legs still pinned back, buried my face into the side of her neck, and began to pump furiously in and out of her tight pussy. Maria continued to cry out, but made no effort to stop me. Her soft, wet sponge began to instinctively massage and milk my cock. I knew it wouldn't take long for me to dump my load into her. I moved my hips in a circle, stirring her now gooey pussy. Then I pumped in from different angles-from the left, then the right, then straight in again.

After a few minutes I rolled us both over while staying inside of her. I wanted to see her ride me! I gently grabbed her wrists, pulling her forward and had her grab the top of the bed's headboard. I slid my hands under her butt, rubbed her soft cheeks for a moment, then began lifting her slightly and pushing her back down. Maria immediately got the message and began to ride slowly. I could hear the sloshing sound of her pussy repeatedly enveloping my cock. I grabbed her hips and moved her faster. Eventually, she was riding furiously, the soft bouncing of her big tits replaced by both of them flopping up and down as she powerfully rose and fell on to my shaft. I was in heaven as I watched her tits flop up and down. We both moaned and groaned together, with the bed adding its applause by squeaking. After a couple minutes of Maria's passionate humping, I felt my cock grow stiff and numb again. It was time.

I quickly rolled her onto her back, pushed her knees back alongside her tits once again, slid my cock all the way into her, placed my mouth against her ear, and exploded inside of my senorita. I cried out, moaning, groaning, grunting as I never had before. With my mouth against her ear, I am convinced Maria heard the most primal, the most animalistic sounds ever to come from a human mouth. I had entertained for a moment the idea of pulling out of her pussy-for obviously reasons. That passed in an instant. I wasn't going to waste this load-and to hell with the risks. I came for what must have been close to forty-five seconds. Never had I ever shot a load like the one I put deep inside of her. I simply flooded her and had no regrets in doing so. I felt each stream of cum passing through the my shaft and cockhead vividly.

Maria moaned loudly with each squirt she felt my cock expel into her beautiful body. And she kept the entire length of my cock buried in her-with its head nestled in her womb. Her pussy milked me without mercy, taking every drop of sperm that I could possibly give. Finally, slowly, it ended. I rested my entire weight on top of her, mashing her big breasts against her. I gasped for a couple of minutes and tried to regain my composure. I released her legs and she let them go flat on the bed on either side of me. I finally realized that she was struggling to breath under my weight. I rolled off of her, with my cock making a loud sucking sound as it slid from her pussy. Maria moaned softly as I exited her. We both laid on our backs and continued to breath heavily.

After recovering our wits and taking a shower together-during which I lovingly soaped her body, especially those tits of hers-we went back to the cafe for an early morning breakfast. I took out my translation book again and calmly explained to her that I had to return home later that morning. She looked sad, but said that she understood. I gave her a couple hundred dollars to get her back home and her spirits brightened. She asked me to give her my address so she could write me. I was reluctant at first, but when I saw her grow sad again I relented-which brought a smile to her face. I wrote my address down on a napkin and gave it to her. After eating, I drove her to the local bus station. We kissed deeply one final time and I waved goodbye to her as the bus left the station.

I didn't actually think I would hear from her again, but I did last week-almost a year to the day after our encounter. In her letter, she shocked me in telling her that I had gotten her pregnant and that she had our baby (a daughter) three months ago. Enclosed with the letter was a picture with her smiling proudly, holding our cute baby in her arms. Maria looked as beautiful as ever. She also shocked me by telling me that she is only 19 (making her 18 at the time I bedded her).

She told me that she loves me, wants to move here to be with me, and assured me that she would make a loving wife and mother. She practically begged me to come get her. I admit that I am in shock and am still trying to decide what to do. As beautiful as she is, I don't know if I could deal with having a 19 year old girlfriend at my age, to say nothing of a wife that young. Still, I have memories of our incredible night together and the idea of bedding her that way night after night is a powerful lure. I suppose I'll figure it over the next couple of days. I'll probably end up going to get her and bringing her here-on a trial basis, to see how it works out.


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