The Best Erotic Stories.

by Alex de Kok

This is a work of fiction, written for enjoyment and amusement; hopefully yours as well as mine. It originally formed part of what was to be a trilogy, recounting the same events from the point of view of each of the participants. Sadly, it didn't work, so I've taken Meg's part, tidied it up and present it here, hopefully for your enjoyment.

* * * * *

I met Mike at a party. Actually, he rescued me. The football jock I went with got too interested in the booze that was available and tried to get too fresh, too crudely, too soon. It was only the first time we went out together and I told him forcefully that it was the last, then slapped him as hard as I could.

"Why, you cheap bitch..." he'd started and lifted his hand. I think he meant to hit me, but I'll never know for sure because his arm was stopped in its downward flow by the interception of another.

"No, Jimmy. You don't hit ladies."

"Ladies!" Jimmy said, "This bitch is no lady!"

That was as much as he said, when his face went white and sweat appeared on his face. I looked curiously at my knight-errant. Tall, well-built without any excess, sandy hair, blue eyes. Quite tasty, actually. I knew his name, Mike Henderson, and that he was an engineering student, but that was all I knew. He seemed to have a hell of a grip, because Jimmy couldn't break it.

"Apologise, Jimmy," he said, "then fade. The lady doesn't want your attention."

"It's all right," I said. "Any apology would just be lip service. I'd rather he just got out of my life."

"You heard the lady, Jimmy, now blow." Mike let Jimmy go and he scuttled away, invective trailing behind him. I was totally pissed off. My choice in men seemed lousy, as always. Mom had married Dad when she was seventeen and they had been madly in love until the day he was killed in a car crash. I had managed no such luck in men so far in my eighteen years of living.

"Thanks," I said. "That was getting nasty."

"Thank Jack," he said, indicating our host, apparently busy inviting Jimmy and his friends to remove themselves, forthwith. "He had his eye on your friend and asked me to keep a look out." He grinned. "I'm Mike Henderson. And you are?"

"Megan Davies. Meg." I stuck my hand out and he shook it courteously.

"Pleased to meet you, Megan Davies." He smiled, the smile lighting up his whole face and I couldn't help smiling back at him. "That's better," he said, "you've been far too solemn ever since you got here."

I grimaced. "I suppose I had doubts about Jimmy." I shrugged. "Oh, well."

"Is there anything I can get you?" asked Mike.

"Yeah, a taxi home. It's too far to walk and I don't see Jimmy taking me."

"Do you need to go?" he asked.

"Not really, but the evening's spoiled for me now. I think I'd rather just go home."

"I'd be honoured to give you a lift, if you like. I promise to behave." He grinned lopsidedly.

"I'd be grateful."

"I'll get your jacket." He even knew without my telling him which one.

He drove me home in his pickup. I smiled at that. Macho male transport, but it was clean and unlike the others he hadn't rigged the exhaust so that it sounded like a race car. I had to give him directions to our house and he was obviously impressed.

"Mom and Dad built it themselves, when I was little. We love it," I told him.

"They must be proud of it."

"Mom is. Dad was. He was killed in a car crash."

"I'm sorry. I didn't know."

"No reason why you should. OK, thanks for the lift, Mike. Goodnight."

He held up his hand. "Wait just a moment, please, Meg. Do you like French cinema?"

"Usually, yes," I replied, curious now.

"And Italian cooking?" he asked, eyebrows raised.

"Definitely yes. Why?" I asked.

"Would you like to see the rerun of 'Nikita' tomorrow night, then call in at Toni's?"

"With you?"

"With me. Yes. Just the two of us."

I didn't hesitate. "Yes, I would."

"Good. A woman who knows her mind. I'll call for you at seven. Dress comfortable. Goodnight, Megan Davies."

"Goodnight, Michael Henderson. And thank you."

That was the start. Mike was wonderful company, witty, funny, fun to be with. He didn't even try to kiss me until our third date. It was worth waiting for. The boys I'd been out with before nearly always tried to grope me. I guess it's because I've got big tits. 36B, but they look bigger because my back is narrow. A magnet for male hands. Mike was different. He kissed them.

We'd been going out together about five weeks. It was summer and warm. We'd been to watch the college football team get beaten. Again. Mike was driving me home. We have quite a piece of land and half way along our drive, approach road or whatever you want to call it, there's a pull-off. For some reason I wanted to stop.

"Mike, pull over. There, between the trees."

"OK, Meg." He pulled over and switched off the engine, and the lights. It wasn't quite full dark, so there was enough light to see each other. That night I was wearing denim cut-offs and a halter top. The top was cotton and quite thin, and there was no way I could wear a bra with it, which didn't really matter as it gave me good support anyhow.

Mike put his arm around me and I snuggled against him. He kissed me and I kissed him back with keen appreciation of his technique and a lot of affection. His hands were warm on my shoulders. He broke the kiss gently and smiled at me, then began to kiss my neck, my throat. His lips moved down and he kissed the upper slopes of my breasts, bared by the halter top, tiny kisses, light, unhurried. I leaned back contentedly. I think I expected what was coming and I was sure I was going to enjoy it.

His lips trailed down my breasts, over my halter top. I was getting excited by his gentle touch and I could feel my nipples hardening. My nipples are very sensitive and it was a keen shock to my system when his lips closed over my cloth-covered bud and sucked gently. Suddenly I wanted more, and stopped him with my hand.

"Sorry, Meg. I thought you were enjoying it."

"Hush. I am. Sit up a second." He straightened and I reached behind me in that double-jointed fashion we women have, unfastened my halter and with a shrug of my shoulders was suddenly bare to the waist. I put my arms around his neck and kissed his nose, then leaned back.

"Carry on, Mike. I'm sure they'll taste nicer without the cloth."

"Meg, you are so beautiful," Mike whispered, then let his lips do the talking.

I think I came, but I'm not certain. It was an hour later before we finally carried on towards the house and I was tingling when I got into bed. I rubbed my clit before I fell asleep. I definitely came that time! I fell asleep wondering about the swelling I had felt pressing against me from the region of Mike's groin.

We started to use the pull-in for our necking whenever Mike took me home. I'd loved his lips on my tits, and I raised no objection when he caressed me there. I took care to wear front- fastening shirts and blouses, and Mom bought me some new bras. Front fastening, of course.

That was just after Mom really surprised me. We were sitting, just the two of us, after supper.

"Meg, sweet," she said.

"Yes, Mom?"

"You like Mike, don't you?"

I looked at her, curious, then nodded. "Yeah, Mom, I do, a lot."

"Sweetheart," she said, "don't think this is a license, but I think it would be a good idea if we had you on the pill."

I was well and truly dumbfounded and opened my mouth, although goodness knows what I was going to say, because I had no idea, but Mom held up her hand to stop me.

"Hush a moment, hon. I was only your age when I got pregnant with you." There was a wry look on her face. "Believe it or not my sweet, but it was the very first time your father and I had ever gone all the way."

God, what was she going to say next! "I did read the dates, Mom. I was born five months after your wedding." I loved Mom, I had loved my Dad and I hastened to reassure her. "I never thought bad of you, you know, 'cause you and Daddy were so obviously happy together."

"I never tried to hide it from you, sweetheart. That would have been stupid, with your birth and our wedding a matter of record." Mom was very far away for a moment.

"I could have been premature," I said, smiling.

"Not at eight pounds four ounces!"

I laughed, then turned the conversation back to Mom's thunderbolt. "You think I should be on the pill? Why?" My mind was a turmoil, although I shouldn't really have been surprised; Mom had always answered my questions on sex and birth and whatever fully and frankly.

"Apart from the obvious reason, I've seen the way you are with Mike. I don't intend to ask you what the two of you have done," she said, looking at me with interest as I felt myself reddening, "but I don't want you to take the same risk I did." She smiled at me. "I'm too young to be a grandmother!"

I laughed, then frowned. "I don't know how it will go with Mike, Mom. I like him, I like him a heck of a lot. I like necking with him." Suddenly I wanted Mom to be aware of how I felt. I looked up at her, almost defying her. "I like him to touch me, too."

She smiled. "Feel good?" she asked gently.


"Well, then?"

"You're right, Mom, perhaps I should be on the pill."

"I thought you'd agree. You have an appointment with Doctor Bianchi at ten tomorrow."

I laughed, then saluted."Yessir, ma'am, ten tomorrow. Can I use the car?"

"If you want, but I don't have to work tomorrow, so I thought we'd have lunch at The Lodge and do some shopping. You need some new bras, your old ones are getting too tight!"

That was when I got the front-fastening bras. Mom gave me a thoughtful look when I picked them, especially the half-cup black one, but she didn't say anything.

Things went on the way they were for a couple of weeks. I was aware - I could hardly miss it! - of Mike's erection. I was pleased that I could arouse him in that way, but I was scared of going any further. I didn't want to hurt him, but I wasn't ready to fuck. Not yet.

It was Mike that brought matters to a head, in his gentle way. We were kissing and petting, not in his truck but on a blanket on the moonlit grass. It was Saturday night, and I got Mom to let me stay out till midnight. She knew I was with Mike, she'd met him several times and liked him, so she'd raised no real objection. We'd parked at eleven-ten and it was probably about eleven-thirty now. My button-front minidress and bra were open and Mike was kissing my breasts. I loved him to do that and I know he enjoyed it, too. Because we were on a blanket rather than in his truck the position we were in was different and I could feel his erection pressing against me. I think, looking back, that Mike had pushed it up against me to see what I would do. If I had objected, I think he would have backed off. I didn't want him to back off. I wanted to clarify the situation, sort of, so I pressed back against him, then gently touched his bulge with my hand.

I heard his intake of breath, then he kissed my ear and whispered, "Do you know what you're doing, Meg Davies."

I answered honestly. "No Mike, I don't. I'm not ready to fuck, not yet, but I'm not a tease. I like you kissing my tits and I don't think it's fair to you to make you suffer."

Mike laughed. "I only suffer 'til I get home, Meg, then Mother Thumb and her four daughters help me."

I couldn't help it, I giggled, then I whispered to him."Mike, I want to touch you."

He groaned. "Oh, Meg, please!" he kissed me passionately, then put his hand on my leg, just below the hem of my minidress. "Meg, sweetheart," his voice was hoarse, "will you let me touch you."

I had no hesitation. "Please, Mike, I'd like that," I whispered.

He didn't say anything else, just kissed me, but it seemed like no time at all and I found myself virtually naked on the blanket, my dress open all the way and my panties off, Mike beside me, just as naked, and this enormous thing pointing at me!

I had never seen a real live erection before. God, I was like a rabbit with a snake, fascinated and terrified. Oh, I'd seen pictures, and Caroline Nilssen and I had watched a porno movie she'd filched from her older brother's bedroom while he was away for the weekend, but this was real!

Mike was holding me tightly, warm against me, his fingers gently caressing my tits. Slowly, gently, his fingers wandered down until he was stroking my thigh. I took a deep breath and spread my legs apart. Mike squeezed me gently, then ever so slowly, his hand moved down until his fingers were rubbing gently at my cunt, his thumb gently stroking my clit. I nearly fainted from the sensation of someone else's hands on my most private parts, then surrendered myself to the sensations. I came in nothing flat, shuddering to climax in Mike's arms.

He kissed my ear. "You are a very sensuous lady, Megan Davies."

"And you have a hell of a touch, Michael Henderson." I stretched back and kissed him. "Your turn now."

I took a deep breath and reached out tentatively to his prick, standing proud in the moonlight. It was rock-hard, with a velvety softness about it, too. And hot! Mike sucked in his breath.

"What do I do, Mike?"

"Wrap your hand around it, just below the head. There, that's right. Now start pumping it gently, up and down. God, yes! Just like that, Meg. Just like that."

I pumped gently at his prick, fascinated with it, with the way it felt. Mike's breathing was getting hoarse. Hell, so was mine.

"Meg, sweetheart, you are going to make me come!"

"When, Mike?" I asked, eager to know what happened.

"Any moment at all! Oh, Jesus, now!" And his prick jerked in my hand, semen flying from the end and over my leg.

"God, Mike! That's incredible!"

He took a deep breath, his prick still pulsing in my hand, the gush slowing to a trickle and wetting my fingers. His prick started to soften and I gently released him, wiping my fingers on the grass. Mike leaned over and kissed me.

"Thank you, Meg. That was terrific."

"Did I do it right?"

His grin was wry. "You certainly did." He glanced at his watch. "Ten to twelve, Meg. Time for Cinderella to go home." We dressed in companionable silence.

"Sunday tomorrow, Meg. I promised my Uncle Bob I'd help him with the stocktaking, so I won't be able to see you before Tuesday."

"That's OK, Mike. Gives me time to get my breath back!" And time to talk to Caroline. I knew she'd fucked. I wanted to hear what she thought of it!

Caroline was enthusiastic. "Meg, it was incredible! I didn't know anything could feel like that!"

"Weren't you scared? I mean, is Charlie's dick big? Sorry, that's none of my business."

"No sweat. About average, I guess." Caroline giggled. "Not that I have any basis for judgement. For all I know, he might be a monster!" She grinned companionably, then continued, "but from everything I've read, he's average. Anyway, it's not the size of the tool, but the skill of the craftsman." She laughed. "I read that somewhere!"

We were sitting on the grass under one of the big old oaks at school. Caroline looked around casually, then leaned conspiratorially towards me. "I sucked his dick as well."

I couldn't breathe for a moment. Mike had asked me if I'd suck his, but hadn't pressed me when I said I wasn't ready for that. He seemed to enjoy my hand jobs. I had to ask Caroline.

"I don't know if I could do that," I said thoughtfully. "What was it like?"

Caroline grimaced. "Hard to say. I haven't got the biggest mouth in the world - and get that look off your face, Megan Davies - so he really filled it, but he was warm, and velvety, and, I don't know, he just tasted good!"

"Did he come in your mouth?" I asked her, totally fascinated.

"Yeah!" She grinned vividly. "I thought I would choke!"

"What was it like?"

"Hot and salty and sticky. It was great!"

She certainly gave me food for thought, did Caroline.

So did Mike. We had stopped at our pull-in one evening and kissed for a while, Mike's lips, as usual, spending at least half of the time on my tits. We had gotten into the habit of undressing, although it was usually dark, or nearly dark, so we still hadn't properly seen each other naked We had established a sort of routine. We kissed for a while, then Mike would get me off, then I would give him a hand job.

It was becoming increasingly frustrating and I think we both knew that something else, some extra stage in our relationship, was increasingly likely.

This time, Mike encouraged me to get him off first. I didn't mind, possibly because my power over his prick fascinated me. I always felt myself getting wetter and wetter when I rubbed him off, and once or twice when Mom had wanted to chat when I came in, I found myself hoping she couldn't smell me.

Mike had a mutually satisfying climax and we lay for a while recovering our equilibrium, then Mike began to stroke me in his gentle, stimulating way. As usual, he kissed his way around my tits, making my nipples ache and bringing me to the brink of coming, then kissed his way down to my belly. His hand was usually stroking my cunt by now, but this time he took me by surprise. He kept on kissing his way down and suddenly I could feel his lips on my mound. God, what was he doing! Was he going to suck me off? Suddenly I desperately wanted his mouth on my twat. Mike had never done this before and I didn't know how to respond. Hah! All of two seconds later his lips brushed my clit and I went into orbit! I could feel my belly rippling as Mike licked my clit and sucked my labia. I clutched his head in my hands and thought desperately of anything non-sexual that I could, while Mike sucked my cunt, then nibbled the inside of my thigh, then licked my clit. His rhythm was erratic and I could feel myself on the brink of exploding when suddenly he took a deep lick at the depths of my cunt then fastened his lips on my clit and sucked hard.

That was it! I came. Boy, did I come. If there was anyone within a mile radius, they probably heard me! I almost passed out, so intense was my climax. I kissed Mike fiercely when I came down to earth and told him that if he planned to do that again in the future to let me know please and I would take something in advance to calm myself.

That Saturday Mike and I went out as usual, but this time we parked at Rayner's Crest. There were a few other cars there, but we paid them little attention, because we were concentrating on each other. I confess that Mike's hand was inside my blouse, in fact my blouse and bra were wide open.

Mike dropped his hand to my thigh, and normally I would have welcomed his touch but I had my monthly miseries, so I stopped him gently.

"No, Mike," I said regretfully, "it's the wrong time of the month for me." I kissed him. "It's only for a couple of days. Be patient, sweetheart. It'll be worth it." I dropped my hand to his groin and stroked his prick through his jeans, then slid his zipper down and carefully eased him out. I almost surprised myself, but I had made up my mind that when opportunity coincided with inclination, I was going to suck Mike's dick. I began pumping him gently, then slid down in the seat and took him into my mouth. I heard his sudden intake of breath. I licked and sucked at him. I didn't really know what I was doing, but Mike seemed to be enjoying it, judging by the way his breathing changed. Even so, I had to know.

"Am I doing this right, Mike?" I asked him. "I've never done it before."

"Angel, you're doing great," he murmured. "And if you keep on the way you're going, you're going to make me come. Is that what you want?" he asked quietly.

"Yes, Mike. I want to taste you!" And I did, desperately, want to taste him. I had to know for myself.

"I'm close, baby, very close," he whispered. I managed to nod without stopping what I was doing and I made my tongue get even busier.

Mike gripped my head. "I'm coming, Meg, I'm coming! I'm nearly there, so very close! Oh, sweetheart, oh. Meg! Ohmigod! I'm co-o-o-m-m-i-n-g!" And he came. I didn't know what to expect and this hot jet hit the back of my throat, almost making me gag. I found myself swallowing frantically as Mike came, licking his prick gently as he slowed , then licking around the head of his prick as he stopped. I sat up and snuggled into him.

"That was fantastic, Meg," he whispered. "Thank you."

"I thought I was going to choke for a moment, Mike. I'm glad I did it, you tasted great!" I grinned at him. "I wish I hadn't waited so long."

He kissed my nose. "Well worth waiting for, Megan Davies," he said, kissing me gently.

I sat up and looked out, rubbing a little at the steamed-up window. There were one or two other cars there, their windows also steamed up.

"Is Caroline still going out with Charlie?" Mike asked.

I glanced out. Yes, Charlie's car was there. "Yeah. Seven months now." I smiled at Mike. "It was Caroline who told me how good sucking cock was. She was right."

Mike kissed me gently. I snuggled against him as he caressed my breast, the nipple hardening against his hand. I sighed happily and pressed his hand against me. I had made up my mind.

"Mike?" I murmured.

"Yeah, baby?"

"Caroline told me how good it was to fuck, too. Next time, I won't stop you."

His cock twitched. "You sure, sweetheart?"

"Certain, Mike. Mom goes out with the girls on a Friday. Come round then, and we'll see how we fit." I giggled, then reached down and squeezed his prick, beginning to stiffen again at thoughts of fucking me, I hope. "Don't jerk off," I said, "I'll take everything you offer!"

He pulled me up and kissed me, our tongues working together. We were both panting when we separated.

"Wow, Mike! Kiss me like that again!" I said, diving back at him.

Friday took forever to arrive. The more I thought about actually fucking Mike, the more excited I got, so that my cunt seemed permanently wet. On the Friday, about half an hour before Mike was due - we'd arranged that he'd come around at eight, just when Mom was due to go out - I decided to take a swim. I went up to my room and got out my newest bikini, a flimsy confection that seemed to be mostly made of string. There was a tiny scrap of cloth to cover my mons, two other tiny pieces to cover my tits - or at least, my nipples - and the rest was the ribbons to hold it in place. Mom gave me a very peculiar look when I put it on, but she didn't say anything. I went out and dived into the pool and swam around for a few minutes, before Mom came out.

"I'm off now, honey," she said. I swam over and climbed out of the pool. Being careful not to get her wet, I kissed her.

"Okay, Mom. Will you leave the front door open. Mike's coming over for a swim, should be here any minute."

"Will do. See you about ten."

"OK, Mom. 'Bye."

Mom went into the house on her way out. I heard an engine and guessed it was Mike's pickup, so instead of going back into the water I stretched out on a sun lounger, the better for him to see me.

Mike came out of the house, blinking in the sunlight. I grinned at him. "Hi, Mike. Gonna swim?"

He didn't say anything, just unfastened his jeans and pushed them down, stepped out of his sneakers and jeans together and stripped off his tee-shirt.

"I swim," he said, bowing, then he took a running dive off the side of the pool and into the water.

I was right behind him. We swam around for a while, playing about, but there were other thoughts on our minds and I led the way indoors. We began to dry off together. I took a deep breath and with an air of unconcern stripped off my bikini as I towelled myself, dropping it on the floor. I smiled at Mike, then adopted a pose I had seen in a girly magazine. My chest felt tight and I could scarcely breathe.

"You like?" I asked. It was the first time I had been naked with Mike in bright lighting. Before it had been in his pickup in dark parking places, or in the woods, on a blanket. Mike just looked at me, smiling gently. I nodded. "You like!" I said in satisfaction.

"I like," said Mike, stripping off his swim shorts and drying his prick and balls. I leaned against the wall just looking at him and his prick started to stiffen. I watched very carefully. I'd never actually watched Mike's erection come up before, but within moments he seemed to be rock hard. I was almost in a trance, but I gathered my scattered wits and took his hand, leading him through into the living room, grabbing a towel as we went. There was a thick sheepskin on the floor and I sat down on it and pulled Mike down beside me, kissing him fiercely, breathing heavily.

"Oh, Mike! Eat me, lover, please! Eat me, get me ready!" I wanted him badly, now that I had made up my mind.

He kissed his way down my throat, licking my neck, kissing my ears, then nibbled his way to my nipple, sucking gently, then licked and kissed his way down one breast and up the other, sucking the other nipple when he reached it. He licked down my belly, pushing his tongue into my navel, making me giggle, then nibbled gently down towards my cleft. I'm careful with my cunt area, keeping my pubic hair trimmed neatly to my bikini line, only a few curly wisps of blonde on my mons. I threw my legs apart, excited and wet. Mike gently lapped the full length of my cleft from my anus to my clit, hidden in its hood. I was trembling as he began to lap at my cunt. My stomach muscles were tightening spasmodically. I gripped his head as he sucked and licked at me, moaning as I came closer to orgasm. My head began to toss from side to side, my eyes tightly closed. My belly muscles were rippling as I came closer, then suddenly my thighs clamped tight against his ears and I screamed as I came, shuddering.

Gradually my trembling slowed and he moved up and took me in his arms, kissing me gently. We smiled at each other, grinning like fools. At least I was.

"That was a big one, Mike." I kissed his nose. We kissed and touched for a while. I played with his prick which stood proud and felt as hard as rock. I bent quickly and kissed the head of his prick then reached out and took the towel, moving it so that it was beneath my ass.

"I'm virgin, Mike, I might bleed, but now I want you. Fuck me, Mike. Put your lovely prick into my cunt and fuck me," I whispered. I lay on my back, spreading my legs wide. I smiled at Mike.

"Mom put me on the pill last month. I think she thought this might happen. We don't need a rubber, Mike."

He knelt between my legs, then lowered himself so that his prick just entered my cunt. Gods, he felt enormous! He only pushed it in an inch or so, very gently, then pulled out and spread my juices over my cunt with his prick, before pushing gently back into me. He had his hand flat between us, his thumb rubbing tiny circles on my clitoris. He moved back and forth with tiny movements, slowly getting deeper into me. He felt huge inside and I was beginning to panic when I remembered Doctor Bianchi's words. 'Don't worry, Meg, if a baby can get out, a penis can get in'. She was right.

I began to moan gently, my arms tight around him, my heels in the small of his back, urging him on.

"Oh, fuck me, lover, fuck me, fuck me. Fill me with your come, I want to feel you come in me." I was close to orgasm and I feel sure that Mike knew it, for he began to move further into me. My trembling increased, then I began to pant. God, like a bitch in heat.

"I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm c-o-o-m-m-i-i-n-g!" I moaned, then my orgasm took me and my hips began to buck. He pushed hard into me, breaking through, but I never felt my hymen go, I was so gone in my passion. He was getting very close himself by now, gritting his teeth and fucking me hard, giving me enormous satisfaction with the feel of his prick moving in and out of my streaming pussy, but I think the feel of my cunt throbbing around his prick was too much.

"Meg! Oh, Meg, baby, I'm coming!" he managed to say, before he erupted into me, driving into me, spilling his seed deep within my cunt.

We lay clasped for what seemed ages, but could only have been a minute or two, then Mike began to gently withdraw. I stopped him and kissed his nose.

"Can we do that again, please?" I asked.


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