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by Xander

As he lay his tired body to rest. His weak and pale body, so drained for energy. So damaged from endless painful years of sickness. He is so tired of the reality of pain. So much he wish he could leave reality to itself. Wish he could escape into his own private world. A world were he would not be sick. A place were his appearance is not regarded as repulsive. A place of love instead of pity.

He tries to turn to his side but his damaged lungs can not conjure the air for him to do so. Even as he settles back onto his back they let out a weak and painful wheeze, making cold sweat break out on his forehead.

He can't help to think: What have I done to deserve this? What part of my life did God hate so much he would put upon me the pains of Job?

As usual there is no answer to be found. There is only more questions to be asked.

He barely notice the nurse entering his room. Even though he knows it's that time of the night. Neither does he notice the needle penetrate his arm. He only knows It is the bringer of peace. He only knows It will bring something better and allow him to escape reality.

As the drugs start to burn his veins, a smile appears on his face. He is on the path. And as he allows himself to dive deep into oblivion, he sets his mind free.

The warm rays of sun caresses his face. He feels free and happy. Nothing comes close to this feeling. Freedom. Being able to do whatever he likes.

This summerday is perfect in every way. Just sitting here on the curb, watching the busy life around him, brings him joy. He doesn't quite know why this day is special. There is just a feeling in his body who tells him that is so.

Well, one can't sit around feeling happy all day, and not do anything about it. So he decides to stroll down to the harbour. On a day like this, there is bound to be something happening there.

He was right. The harbour is busy with life. He likes it a lot, even more the approving looks from the young girl walking around the pier.

Well he guesses they find him attractive, as he does them. He flashes warm smile at them, and even makes some of them blush a little. This only makes him smile even more.

His body demands a cool beverage. This hot summer day brings on his thirst, and he decides to go buy a cold coke. There is a nice little snackbar at the end of the pier. A perfect place to sit and have a drink.

He places himself at an empty table and waves the waitress over. She is a beautiful blond girl with a slim athletic body. And he notice that he is not the only one eyeing her. The girl don't seem to mind the attention though. She just takes orders and smiles at every customer.

While he waits for his drink he lets his eyes wander over the people occupying the other tables. Some young teenagers, others older. But all with a happy and satisfied expression on their faces. He turns his attention to rolling waves admiring the way the blue sea reflect the surrounding world. Become relaxed by watching the everlasting sea.

The waitress brings him his drink and asks if he needs anything else. He could think of a thing or two he would like to explore with her, but politely shakes his head instead.

The beverage slides down his throat, making him close his eyes in enjoyment. Just what he needed.

Suddenly he sees her. A revelation of beauty and perfection. Long red and curly hair falling over her shoulders. Flawless smooth skin with a pale complexion, which matches perfectly with her red hair and dazzling green eyes. Dressed in a cream coloured summerdress which reveals enough of her perfect looking body to start the imagination, but not enough for any kind of disclosure. Her long shapely legs carried her with grace through the tables.

God. Never before had he seen a girl looking so beautiful as her.

A shooting pain in his right arm brings his attention back instantly. In fear he watches his arm crumble into a claw, turning all numb making him twist his face in pain.

The nurse silently curses. "Shit." As she realises that she has pulled the patients drop from his arm. The patient is heavily sedated but he moans in pain anyway.

The nurse quickly replaces the needle in his right arm. God, he is thin. She thinks.

Carefully examining the patient, she looks at his face for the first time. His face is so thin and hollow looking. His eyes has fallen so far back in his skull that he looks more like a decaying skeleton than a man.

She quickly leaves his room trying to shake the sight of him.

The pain subsides and his arm is once again perfectly normal. He flexes his fingers a few times just to make sure they are all working properly.

It was like a reminder of something. The pain brought on a feeling he couldn't quite define. But he didn't like it.

He looks up and right into those dazzling green eyes, belonging to that stunningly beautiful girl. And she asks. "Are you all right?"

She hates her life. Bound to a wheelchair, crippled and ugly.

She had been a promising youth at 16. Beautiful and well liked wherever she went. She actually had to fight off the boys sometimes. Never having any difficulties getting a date.

A car accident changed all that.

One rainy evening she was hit by a car from behind, sending her sprawling through the air like a doll. Crushing her spine to dust.

Three long years in traction and endless surgery couldn't do anything for her. At first she had been paralyzed from the neck down. Unable to control her body, and not even knowing when she had soiled herself. It was degrading and painful.

Today she had gotten the use of her arms back. But the rest of her body remained numb. She had once tried to finger herself but her sex was dead. She had not felt a thing.

Her popularity had died with her body. Her friends stopped calling and the boys never looked her way any more. After a while she started to isolate herself, never going out and never having visitors. Now she was truly alone.

Her only contact with the world was through television and what she could see through her window. A hired help came twice a week with groceries and once every second week to clean. Other than that she was left by herself. Not even family came knocking anymore.

Her only escape was her medication. She still had raging pains in her back, and the doctor prescripted small doses of morphine for her pain.

Today she was addicted to the drug. It send her flying into a world where she could walk. Where she was the beautiful woman she would have become, had fate treated her differently.

The pier looked great, as usual. She strolled casually down the street, letting her long legs gracefully carry her along the way. She let her hair fall down over her shoulders, letting it catch the eyes of the young men.

She loved that feeling and it always made her smile happily. This warm summers day especially. She had that special feeling in her body. There was definitely something going on today. Something good was going to happen to her.

The people walking around her all looked so happy and it made her smile even more. This was a very very good day

The snackbar at the end of the pier, her favourite place, was crammed with people as always. She really liked to sit there and watch people walking by. Sometimes chatting with them as well. It was a nice way to relax and a great way to meet people.

She quickly scanned the tables around the snackbar. Young couples holding hand, business men having a break from the mill and others just like her just enjoying the day.

She moved between the tables feeling the young guys eyes on her. Some of them even while they were holding their girlfriends hands. She didn't mind the attention but the girlfriends might think differently. She didn't care. Why should she, these guys were not her boyfriends.

She noticed a young man sitting alone at one of the tables. He was looking at the ocean while sipping a coke. He looked beautiful. Short dark hair, perfectly trimmed. He had a strong set jaw which made him look like a moviestar. She wondered why he sat there all alone. Everybody else had a partner with them. Or was occupied by something else. This guy didn't seem to have either.

He turned his head and she saw his eyes. Beautiful brown eyes, warm and friendly. She had always had a weakness to eyes. And a pair as his could steal away her attention to the world around her. Only noticing him.

It looked like he had noticed her as well. He was looking her way like no one had looked at her before. She was glad that he'd noticed her. Judging by the look on his face he also thought her beautiful.

Suddenly he buckled over. Obviously in pain. His friendly eyes became hard and shocked. What was the matter, she thought with genuine concern. He looked down on his arm. She couldn't see his arm herself. But whatever he saw added fear to his already painfilled eyes.

Without even thinking about it she walked over to his table. He didn't notice her standing in front of him. He was totally focused on his arm. She couldn't see what was wrong, even standing here in front of him. But no one had to feel that kind of pain on a day like this.

Suddenly it looked like the pain subsided, and he let out a sigh of relief. Still genuinely concerned she asked.

"Are you all right?"

He looked into her eyes and smiled weakly. "Yeah, I'm okay. Thanks for asking." He motioned her to sit down, so she sat.

"You looked really bad there for a minute." Those eyes really had her attention.

"I guess so. But I honestly don't know what it was. I've never felt anything like it before." She nodded. "But you're okay now?" Now he nodded. "Don't worry I'm fine."

They started to chat about wind and weather. Your basic small talk. She introduced herself as Virginia Deluran, and he introduced himself as Zachery Jones. With all the formalities in place, she felt confident and secure. Really really enjoying his company.

He looked like he enjoyed her company as well. Directing his complete attention to her.

He was a good listener and had a way to say all the right things in all the right places. Not like most guys, who just keep talking about themselves. That can be a boring one-sided experience. No this guy was polite, sweet and very beautiful. The more she talked with him, the more she liked him. He had a warmth that really got to her. Just like a flirt. It made her all warm and tinkerly.

She smiled warmly and he returned it with the same heat.

Oh yes. This was turning out to be a very very good day.


The nurse looked puzzled down at the patient. He was smiling like he had no worries in life. The nurse found this a little strange, considering his condition.

Normally patients with his decease always had a troubled sleep pattern. But this guy smiled and was completely calm. Well maybe it was the drugs that finally worked on him.

The nurse just sighed and finished her check. Maybe he has found some kind of peace.

Her house was completely empty. But had anyone been there, they would have seen the happiness spreading over her sleeping face. Maybe even found it strange.

She was sleeping sitting straight up in her wheelchair, like she had done so many times before. But this time she was sleeping deeply and not weakly.

Yes, other people might have found it strange.

He couldn't believe his luck. Here he was, on this perfect day, talking with this perfect girl. Her name was Virginia, which suited her well.

Now when she sat here just across from him he could really she how beautiful she was. And even better, she had a sweet personality to back it up. Usually when he had talked to girls of her extreme beauty, they almost always turned out to be stupid as hell. But not her. She had an intelligence behind her beautiful front. And that made her even more sexy than she already was.

He wanted her. It only took him a minute to realise that. To him Virginia was the kind of girl he had always dreamed about. And he'd be damned if he was about to let this slide away from him.

It didn't seem he had to do much work though. Virginia looked like she was really enjoying herself and that made him very happy.

"Can I get you a drink or something?" She smiled at him and nodded. "A coke would be great." He waved the waitress over and ordered two new drinks.

Her presence made him smile all the time. He could feel the smile coming on and staying there. Normally he would have tried to control the smiling in order not to look like the smiling jackass. But Virginia kept smiling and looking at him with warmth and care. And she definitely didn't seem to mind his smile-control-problem.

Sitting here with her was like falling in love. Which basically was what he was doing. But it didn't numb this wonderful feeling he had inside.

Time went by way too fast. And before Zachery knew of it, dusk were coming and the streetlights lit the night up. Virginia was walking next to him, silently. The two of them had been talking all day down at the pier. Neither of them had noticed the passing of time. Not that any of them had anything special to do this night. And if they had none of them would have given up this time they had, to do something else.

They had both decided to go out and have dinner together. The sexual tension between them kept them together all day. And it still kept them together.

They could both feel it but they haven't talked about it. Like they were both afraid of what might happen next.

The dinner had been perfect. A nice Italian restaurant with an ocean view. Good wine and a well made lasagna. Just a table for two with candle light. The whole nine yards.

It had been Virginias idea that they had dinner together, but she had not expected it to be this romantic candlelight dinner.

She didn't mind though. It had been wonderful.

Zachery was more than happy about the way things had turned out today. And he wanted more. For the first time today they didn't talk to each other. After the dinner it was like there was something in the air. Something both Zachery and Virginia waited for.

Zachery looked down at Virginias hand, and couldn't quite decide if he should take her hand or not. hell with it. He thought. He had everything to win and nothing to loose. He gently took her hand. Virginia looked at him and smiled. She gave his hand a little squeeze. They walked on, hand in hand. Still without uttering a word to each other. To Zachery it felt like his heart was about to beat itself out of his chest. He may look calm and in control for the outsider. But he was by no means in control. Virginia pretty much felt the same way, and had trouble keeping herself from shaking with excitement. Something had to happen tonight, otherwise she would go crazy. That much she knew.

Zachery was just about to explode. A million pro's and con's had been going through his head but it just made it worse. Why the hell not just jump into it.

He stopped and turned towards Virginia. "I...ehhh.." How was he going to proceed? Virginia just looked at him while she tried to disguise her growing lust for him. "I want to kiss you...." Virginia smiled, this time not careering for any sort of disguise. "Why don't you them??" Zachery lacked the ability to reply and decided that action speaks louder than words. So he gently lifted her chin and kissed her soft lips. Virginia accepted the kiss with all her heart. First softly and gently. Then with more passion and lust. Finally the kiss was as deep as it could be. Their tongues passionately playing with each other. Their unspoken passion for each other became a roaring fire in seconds sending them in an unbelievable lust for each other. Virginias fingers traced Zachary's spine through his thin shirt, sending lustful bolts through his body. Zachary's hands held Virginia tightly, feeling the soft curves of her body through her summer dress.

"Oh my God...." Virginia said as their kiss broke. Zachery just looked at her feeling all dizzy. He'd been kissed before. But this definitely rated 1# on the I'll-think-of-about-this-when-I-spank-the-monkey Scale.

He held her tightly and softly kissed her neck. This was too good to be true.

Virginia embraced him, feeling that special heat spreading in her body. Standing so close, she could feel Zachary's growing excitement trying to find freedom in his shorts. She knew they had just meet this afternoon. But right now she wanted him in every way possible.

Zachery was well aware of his growing hard on. And standing as close as they did Virginia was bound to feel it against her stomach. But she just kept pressing herself to him and didn't seem to mind. Being so close just made his erection harder. He could feel every curve in her body, and she was definitely build differently from him.

Excitement and lust roamed through his veins. Making his attraction to her into a craving for her.

He needed her. Badly.

Virginia licked his lips and whispered. "Let's find a place a little more private." Zachery nodded. "Let's. Because this is killing me." Virginia smiled, kissed him and took his hand.

They half ran down the street. Luckily Virginias apartment wasn't far. Usually not that far. But with a lust burning like a Nova it seemed like a hundred miles.

Virginia had trouble hitting the keyhole. She was literally shaking with excitement. Wanting to get Zachery inside as quickly as she could.

Zachery was caressing her body, stroking her breasts, her ass. Everywhere. He to was shaking by now. Wanting and craving. He couldn't wait much longer.

He let his hand gently touch Virginias pussy, and caressed her hot sex through the fabric of her panties. Virginia let out a moan and became frantically busy with the lock.

They literally fell through the door as she finally got it open. She let out a little giggle. "C'mon."

Zachery let her take his hands and lead him towards the bedroom.

Dimmed light from the street below, flowed into the bedroom, giving it a mystical glow. They paused at the end of the bed looking each other in the eyes. Both showing serious lust.

Almost crazy with excitement, Zachery tore his shirt of in one swift move and reached for Virginia.

He had a great body. Not too muscular, but slim and well trimmed. Virginia let her fingers trace the muscles of his stomach as he reached for her. He unzipped the back of her dress with shaking hands and let it drop to the floor. Not wasting any time he began to work on her bra.

Virginia started to work on his pants and his shorts. Sweat was breaking out on his body. She dropped his pants, and grabbed his shorts. His erection made them stand out like a tent and she let her fingers walk over the bulge, feeling his body tense from her touch.

They stood in front of each other as the day they were born. Completely naked. Virginia was even more beautiful than Zachery ever expected. He grabbed her firm breasts, gently massaging them. He could feel the nipples grow hard in his palm. Her pubic hair was perfectly trimmed, leaving only a little just above the mound. He could feel the moisture as his fingers found her clit.

He didn't think he had ever been so excited before. Ever. And this little touching game made the wait all worth while.

Virginia moaned and reached for his Dick, which was standing hard and ready from his body. She could feel the blood pump through it, and she started to gently stroke it. Zachary's breathing became heavy and she felt him moving with her strokes.

Bathed in the light from the streets, they embraced each other, feeling the touch of each others bodies. They lay down on the bed, kissing and touching each other. Both knowing the wait was about to end, and they were about to consummate their craving for each other. Both knowing the love making would be wonderful. How could it be otherwise.

An annoying beeping sound came from some where. And even though Zachery heard it. He couldn't care less about it. Virginia noticed a small cracking sound but her attention was completely Zachary's.

Suddenly Zachery tensed up. "What......????" At the same time that cracking noise became louder and louder in Virginias ears.

Oh no. What now.

He woke up with a violent jerk. A nurse was tapping away on some machine next to his bed. It gave a loud beep every time she touched a key.

The pain came rushing back, full force. Making him moan. The nurse looked down at him. "Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to wake you up." He looked up at her, pain obvious in his face. Well, bitch. He thought. You just picked the worse damned time to do just that.

He settled back trying to control the pain. Making it subside.

It had felt so real. He had felt he touch, and he could almost feel the places on his body, where her fingers had played. He could still taste her from their kisses.

Had she been real??

He noticed he had a big erection. That's funny.

Since he became sick, almost all sexual feelings had left him. But here he lay, in pain and all, with a raging erection.

The image of her flashed for his eyes. The beautiful girl.

Oh God. They had been just about to....... And then this "nurse" woke him.

Frustrated he closed his eyes. The wanting was still in his body. The lust still roamed his veins.

And there was not one fucking thing he could do about it.

(3000 miles due south)

A loud thundercrack brutally tore her from her sleep. She blinked confused. Lightning was lighting up her room.

Another crack of thunder rolled over the house.

She was sweating and shaking, even though the house remained cold as most old houses do.

That dream. She had felt his fingers on her. It had felt real.

She tried to remember. But she couldn't even remember his name. The memory of the dream was disappearing quickly.

They had been about to........

And she had felt it. Felt what she can't feel anymore.

Funny. She had a tinkerling feeling in the lower part of her body. She was not supposed to feel anything. It felt like when a persons leg falls asleep.

She touched her legs. But they remained numb. She lifted the blanket lying over her lap and touched her sex. She was wet.

At first she thought she had soiled herself. But there were far from enough for it to be that.

How was that possible. She was supposed to be all dead down there. But she had a lust in her body. A lust which would never be satisfied. She was wet, and excited. But she couldn't feel her own touch. Horny and unsatisfied.

Frustrated she closed her eyes. Suddenly his image flashed across her eyes .


Where are you when I need you?

Unaware of each others existence they simultaneously decided: It's a Cruel Cruel world.

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