The Best Erotic Stories.

by Carol Marie

I had called her at work, hoping to get her instead of the others. She had played with me on the phone for minutes of every day that I had called and I toyed with the idea of making love with her for some time now. I knew she had been in a loveless marriage and that they (she and her husband) had talked of the separation, but it was just going to be a matter of time.

Her kids were visiting their grandparents the weekend I flew into Kansas City. And there I was, once again, in the produce section of the city asking for directions to the office. She couldn't believe I was there, that I had come all this way to see her. It might have been the first time she actually blushed. I could hear it in her voice and that excited me endlessly. She told me the other was out of the office, but I told her I would rather take her from there than stay and let the rumors fly. She agreed to meet me 1 block away. I told the driver where we going and asked that he stop at a florist along the way.

He took me to a shopping center and then to a florist where I bought the most gorgeous bouquet of talisman roses with babys' breath and some fern fronds, and a simple card that said Thank You. While at the mall, I stopped into a market and returned with a magnum of Perrier-Jouet and two plastic goblets.

Then I had the driver insert the CD of Ravels' Bolero into the deck and we waited.

She arrived shortly after we had and for a fleeting moment I saw hesitation in her eyes. I decided then, that she would call the shots. I would never force her to do anything.

I opened the car door and got out and handed her the roses. She did blush and said thank you to me and gave me a hug. I smelled the scent of her perfume and nuzzled my face into her shoulders for just a moment. I could feel the excited rise and fall of her chest against mine. It felt like I had hugged her for many minutes, when she broke free of me and asked what else did I bring for her.

I smiled and said we would have to see. I led her into the limousine and bade the driver to drive away. The sultry tones of the first movement were faintly being heard.

She sat across from me, still with a smile plastered across her face. I pulled out a wrapped package and handed it to her. She looked at me and then at the package as she tore the paper from it. And slowly she opened the box, and her eyes lit up so bright when she saw the elegant necklace. She asked me if I would put it on her and I said yes, and she turned away for me to place it around her neck.

When I had it clasped she asked me if this meant that I would expect sex from her in exchange for the gift. And I laughed and said no, I had already expected sex. She laughed and I felt it pour into me.

She was beautiful...more than I had remembered.

I closed the partition between us and the driver. I picked up the intercom phone and asked the driver to take us to Lake Jacomo. Then I moved a little closer to Michelle and asked her if she would care for some champagne. She smiled and I took that for a yes. I poured the glasses half way and watched the tiny stream of bubbles create a mist above the stemware. And I handed her a goblet, watching as she slowly brought it to her mouth and sipped. When she was thru drinking I leaned in closer to taste the bubbles from her lips. At first she just sort of sat there in a statue like pose, but as soon as my lips brushed hers, I felt her move into me. I closed my eyes and felt the headiness of lust overtaking me. My lips pressing harder, opening her mouth, letting me in to explore. Her hands strapped around my neck, I felt her kissing me back.

And then I pushed a button and the seat we were sitting on extended itself into a full bed. I took the champagne glasses and placed them overhead. When I turned to look at her, I noticed that she had already taken off her blouse and was undoing her bra.

I smiled big at her and she returned it. I told her how lovely she was and she blushed again. I felt fire surge thru me.

I undid my slacks and pulled them from me, then my panties. I caught her looking at me. I watched as she slowly removed her pants...then her panties. She caught me staring. I knelt before her, parting her legs....I could hear her breath becoming shallowed....mine matching hers.

She laid back on the bed bringing her knees in together and laughing and telling me I would have to work for what I desired.

I gave a quick laugh and ran my tongue across my lips.

I started kissing her feet, little trailing kisses that tickled her. I heard her laugh. It was sweet the way it echoed into me. She raised each foot ran her big toe around my face touching my lips and nose and brow.

I tried to bite her, just messing around...each time my fingers crept nearer to her heaven and then I would pull back...just teasing.

I ran my tongue from her ankle to her knee trailing little mewing kisses. I could tell that it tickled her the way she would suddenly jerk. Id pause for a moment and then resume. Slowly she opened her legs again, and I could see the faint glimpse of wet just under her shirt that hung low to obscure my view.

She was smiling in an invitingly wicked pose. I darted quickly and stole a perfect kiss from her perfect lips. I heard her gasp and her innocence made me quiver inside.

I handed her the champagne once again and toasted the beauty of the lake around us. I felt her hand touch my thigh as I sat close to her. I watched her eyes and she moved her fingers nearer to my dark pocket. I felt myself gush a spurt of sweet hot wet. I too, gasped. She leaned closer to me and kissed me fully on my lips, her tongue pushing its way inside. I bit her bottom lips gingerly and explored the cavity of her mouth. My tongue raked across her teeth and dove in and wrestled with her own. She tasted cool and sweet and I longed to make her sing. I found myself laying her down with my body, practically laying atop of her. My bush touched hers, my wet stuck to hers, my thighs laid on breasts touched hers. And in that moment I felt her give unto me. She whispered in my ear that she had been waiting for me. I smiled and kissed her, running my tongue along her chin and down to her collarbone where I sucked hard on her neck, leaving a small welt. I ran my tongue down between her breasts and then up to each nipple. Taking each one in my mouth and rolling it between my tongue and teeth. Feeling as it mounded into hard peaks. I heard her call my name and I moved my body further down, sliding my wet as I went. I sucked on her hips leaving bright reddened welts and then moved to her mons and tickled her furry patch with my tongue and chin. I could feel her legs opening wide around me, catching me in her slickness. My hands held her thighs, caressing your soft skin as my tongue parted her lips slowly.

And then I touched her for the very first time. My tongue grazed the tip of her clit and I felt her arch into me. I ran my tongue from the base of her sex to her hole and then clear down to her ass. Pushing it inside until she moaned and then running back up to her hole where I quickly darted inside. This time she moaned louder and sort of bucked into my face. I felt myself gush again. Her hands were tugging on my ears and my head when I ran my tongue back up to her clit and mounted it fully, pumping up my mouth with air to hold it loosely. And then stroking it softly back and forth with ever increasing flicks, harder and faster until she rolled her hips from side to side and bucked into my face hard a few times. I heard joy bubble from her and I lapped away at her arduous flooding. I heard her scream my name a few times and it made me smile as I thrust into her with my fingers, slipping in the eruption of liquid.

And then I turned my body around so that she faced my wet. She started to say something and pulled me close to her, burying her face in me. It was more than I could handle, my body rocked hard and I think I started to drown her when I heard her choking. But I couldn't stop, my body was jerking on its own...Rivers were pouring from me....I was content in my endeavor, she had tasted like I had dreamt she would. She had been the beauty I knew she was. She was wet and spent laying next to me, her legs wrapped around my neck. There was a smile on her face and her hands played with my fur...she said a soft Thank You, when I handed her the warm champagne and I rose to kiss her. She said she thought she tasted pretty good on my lips but then added she liked me more.

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