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My Assistant
by IndianAsian

Being a manager at a software company usually keeps me in the Vice-President's office, although it seems that currently I was catching more than my usual share of flack for the inadequacies of college interns who had screwed-up, or failed to complete their assignments on time. It's not that the interns were stupid, the problem was they just spent too much time surfing the net in search of some scantily-clad babe with erect nipples and nimble fingers practicing all kinds of twists and turns, deep within the confines of her "Hairy Hoo-Hoo of Love." Well, Friday started out like all the others. A cup of coffee, a look at yesterday's production reports, and finally a quick scan of my e-mail. Today there was something different. At the top of the messages there was an "URGENT" message from the Vice-President. "I need to see you ASAP." "Oh shit," I thought! In 7 years I had never received an urgent message.....

Once in Mr. Velks' office, I sat and listened. "Brian, who in hell is Marty?" I quickly replied, "Marty is the newest intern....sits in cube 3057." There was no reply. I panicked. "The kid just started yesterday so it won't be a problem to terminate the internship." "Bullshit!", he bellowed, "This Marty is a genius! I don't care what it takes, I want an employee contract signed and on my desk by morning!"

My first visit was to personnel, then corporate legal, then off to cube 3057 to visit Marty. Much to my dismay, it was still too early for me to be working so hard, but far too late for my cup of coffee, the steam had stopped a long time ago.

Marty jumped for joy when she heard my offer, and I learned two things that morning. The first thing I learned was that Marty was a beautiful redhead and second that she didn't wear panties. As she jumped up and down while hugging my neck, I cold see where the sweat from here butt cheeks had left their signature on her cheap vinyl seat. Without hesitation she bent over to sign the contract; as she did her skirt raised up unveiling a masterpiece. All I could do was stare at the most perfect ass I had ever seen. My coffee-less erection seemed to have a mind of it's own. So without hesitation I leaned against her as she gently swayed with excitement. It felt so good as she pushed against me. I could feel the warmth of her shoulders against my chest as she suddenly stood erect. " You know sir, my pen doesn't seem to work, perhaps you've got an extra one in your pocket?" Without turning around, her hand found my empty pocket. It seemed as if I was in heaven as I could feel her fingers massaging "Sammy-Schlong". "Ohhh....looks like the pocket is empty....but what have we here? It is much too big and hard to be a pen...Is this my signing bonus?" All I could think about was her sliding up and down against me and the wonderful smell of her wild red hair in my face.

As I looked down I noticed her breasts were bra-lessly free. The sensation of her 24 year-old body wiggling to and fro, and the sight of her nipples rising and falling with each breath made me want to explode! To my surprise, the moisture of her treasure had left it's tender home and was running freely down the inside of her thighs. Each of my hands found a snug hiding place beneath her skirt. The soft folds seemed to open just for me as I stroked and played with her pussy. Soft moans escaped with each gasp of air. Without comment she placed one foot on her desk. Slowly I slipped one..two..three fingers inside of her. The tightness was incredible! She guided my other nectar-coated hand under her blouse, smearing her goo all over her breast, like some avant-garde painter using my hand for the paintbrush. My hand finally came to rest on her nipple. Each time I pinched and pulled the delicate tip she would shudder.

Soon my penis learned of the carnal knowledge that my drenched fingers already knew. With her bent over and her hair hanging down, I found paradise as my "Bear" slid in and out of her red mossy cave. The noise was no longer a factor as she timed each thrust with quartz-accuracy. My concern was the sweet, musty, mouth-watering odor that radiated from her snatch and my glistening wick. With a breast in each hand, I slammed her against me one final time. Her orgasm made her ass-cheeks clinch against me while her vaginal lips vibrated.....releasing me. As I pulled out she finally turned around and placed my penis in her hand. Tasting a drop of our own erotic "Passion Punch", she smiled and said, "Looks like it's lunch time." As she sat down and started rubbing herself, I quickly called Mr. Velks. He was out of the office, so I left a message that Marty had agreed to sign the contract if I took her out to eat.
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