The Best Erotic Stories.

My Auntie, Claire:
A Story of Discovery

by James D.

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I was extremely anxious about the short amount of time elapsed since I had finished with her, but all was exactly as it had been on the previous evening and my Auntie seemed completely oblivious. I breathed a heavy sigh of relief. The next day, she made no mention, whatsoever, about that days visit to the doctor or the prescription she may or may not have been given. I resisted the urge to inquire, not wishing to appear at all curious, lest I betray myself through any perceived enthusiasm.

After dinner, she and I watched television together for several hours, until it was rather late. At about her usual bedtime, she got up and went into the bathroom, leaving me in quite a quandary as to her intentions.

She returned to the living room several minutes later, wearing only her bathrobe. "Honey?" She called from the entrance to the living room. "I just wanted to let you know that tonight I’m going to be taking another one of the pills."

"Oh…okay." I stammered.

"Since everything went so well the first two times, I figured I would just take it at bedtime."

I nodded. "Oh, yeah…sure." I stammered.

She smiled sweetly. "I’m sure everything will be just fine, but…if you wouldn’t mind looking in on me before you go to bed…to make sure my light is out and that everything is all right…I’d be very grateful."

I nodded. "Okay…I will." I returned.

With that, she smiled and turned. I watched her walk away down the hallway, her bare feet slapping softly on the hardwood flooring.

"Oh, my God." My mind reeled. She was, not only, going do it again, but this time she was going to be in her bed and, undoubtedly, wearing one of her nightgowns. I swallowed hard, my erection springing to immediate attention at the thought of being with her once again. I tried to concentrate on the program I had been watching, but was almost totally unable to focus my attention there.

After what seemed a long while, but was probably no more than fifteen or twenty minutes, I turned off the television and the lights. I went down the hallway in the dark, guided by the light from beneath her bedroom door. I stopped in front of her door and listened for a long time. Hearing nothing, I knocked lightly.

When I got no response, I opened the door and poked my head through the opening. "Auntie?" I called.

She lay on her back with her head fallen to one side and her reading glasses askew. Her book lay open on her chest where it had fallen from her fingers. I entered her room cautiously, calling her name several times. At her bedside, I removed her book and her reading glasses, placing them together on her night table. The blankets were pulled up over her chest and I could see two, very small, black satin nightgown straps over each shoulder.

I very gently pulled the blanket and sheet down to expose her chest. I moaned softly in open admiration to see her breasts so enticingly revealed beneath the provocatively diaphanous bodice of her nightgown. Black satin straps and black satin and lace across the top of her bodice, gave way to a heavily pleated, very sheer nylon material. Her large bosom was almost completely visible, the darker flesh of her areolae contrasting dramatically with the white flesh of her breasts.

I reached down and gently cupped one of her breasts, squeezing gently, her skin so warm and smooth under the sheer nylon. "Jesus, Auntie." I breathed. "You are so incredibly beautiful."

I took hold of the blanket and sheet and gently pulled them down as far as her knees. Dear god, my heart leapt and literally pounded in my chest to see her, totally naked beneath her nightgown which billowed around her body airily and had risen up well past her mid thighs.

I sat down on the edge of the mattress, my heart trip-hammering in my chest.

"Oh, god." I sighed as I reached out and lightly traced my fingertips over her body. She felt so poignantly smooth and warm beneath the sleek, sheer fabric of her nightgown. Taking the hem of her nightgown gently between my thumb and forefinger, I lifted her nightgown to her chest, exposing her from her breasts down. I bent my head and kissed each of her breasts in turn, cupping them with both hands and lifting the erect nipples to my lips and tracing the outline of her areolas with the tip of my tongue.

I raised up and unbuttoned the fly of my jeans, then stood quickly and removed them as well as my briefs. I sat beside her once again, bending forward to kiss her lightly on the cheek. I cupped her breast once more as I tenderly lay my cheek against hers, the intoxicating scent of her perfume filling my senses.

I raised up, looking down at her astonishingly beautiful body. I let my hand slip slowly from her breast and down over her stomach, watching while my hand glided gently over the soft rise of flesh surrounding her navel and then sloped gently down to the mound of her pubic area. Her hair was so fine and smooth to the touch, I let it play through my fingers lovingly.

I bent my head to her and kissed her stomach and all around her navel, letting my lips move sensuously against her smooth flesh while my hand cupped her pubic mound. I parted her labial lips with the flat of my finger and found her inner lips copiously slick and wet.

I had, on countless many occasions, read about, or listened to others recount their experiences regarding sexual contact with a woman, so I was well versed in the physical knowledge of a woman’s vagina. But no amount of reading or schoolboy, locker room rumors could ever have prepared me for the reality of such an exquisitely sensual sensation. Realizing my finger was at or near the entrance to her vagina, I pressed my fingertip deeper into the slick cleft. I slid inside her, feeling the walls of her vagina close around my finger sensuously. My god, I had never felt anything so astonishingly sensual in my life.

I was delirious with suppressed passion. More than anything in the world at that moment, I wanted to experience the feeling of my penis inside her. But, for as much as my body seemed to cry out for the experience, my conscience would not let me do so.

As ultimately desirable as this woman was, I could not get it out of my mind that she was my Mother’s sister. Even with the issue of incest aside, my Auntie was unconscious. To take advantage of her, or any other woman, in such a vulnerable state would be nothing less than rape. While I felt no tremendous amount of guilt or misgivings about using my Auntie as a focus for my sexual fantasies and masturbation, or, indeed, even physically using her body as a direct means for my physical gratification, as I was doing at that very moment, I knew instinctively that to proceed further would be beyond the bounds of moral and ethical decency.

But, the longer I thought about it, the more the evils of rationalization began to crumble my walls of moral decency. I mean, surely it would not cause the world to end if I were to put my penis inside her just for one brief moment. Just one brief instant. Not as sex, I reasoned, but more a clinical, learning experience.

After several minutes of rationalized deliberation, my lustful curiosity got the better of me and I rose up on my knees. I lifted and then parted her legs, pulling first one and then the other to the side. I gently knelt and insinuated myself between her splayed legs and then took my penis in my hand. I bent it down toward her dark thatch of pubic hair and moved the tip of my penis up and down, parting her lips and making myself slick with her lubrication.

I pressed forward with my hips and found only resistance with the tip of my penis. I pressed again but still couldn’t seem to find the entrance to her vagina that I had found so easily with my finger. I lifted the tip of my penis a little higher and thrust my hips forward a third time.

With a gasp of surprise I felt myself slip effortlessly inside her. My senses exploded with a sudden excruciating sensuality like nothing I had ever experienced before in my life and I immediately began to ejaculate. I lost control completely, my orgasm sweeping me away seemingly before I could move or even form a coherent thought. The physical sensation of her vagina surrounding my penis with such an indescribably overpowering sensuality was just so awesomely overwhelming that I was physically incapable of doing anything other than surrendering to it.

I cried out, unable to move as my penis pulsed inside her and my semen erupted into her. I knew with all my heart that I should pull myself out of her, that I had to pull myself out of her. But I simply could not will my body to do so. I closed my eyes moaned softly as the muscles in my buttocks flexed spasmodically with each ejaculation and pulse of my penis.

I allowed my hips to press forward, feeling my entire length slip inexorably into her and, in the dying moments of my orgasm, I surrendered to the irresistible need to move my hips. I thrust myself into her, evoking such exquisite sensations that I cried aloud in unqualified ecstasy.

With a sigh of resignation, I lay forward on top of her as my orgasm faded and I began to regain some semblance of control. I lay on top of her, gasping for breath as the enormity of my violation left me totally aghast at my own stupidity. Yet, even as I began to castigate myself remorsefully, I was completely unable to stop myself from thrusting one last ejaculatory pulse deep inside her. Despite the feelings of mortification and self-loathing that were beginning to overwhelm me, I continued to rock my hips and move myself inside her. Dear god, her vagina was the most incredibly beautiful thing my penis had ever experienced and I savored each sensual nuance as it held me in it’s slick, erotic grip.

"Oh, Jesus, Auntie…Oh, god." I sighed softly. "I didn’t mean for that to happen…oh, god…I’m so sorry."

But, even as I spoke my heartfelt apology, my body betrayed my feelings by thrusting my penis as deeply as I could inside her, pulling back almost to the brink of falling from her and then plunging myself, once more, to the very limits of my length. It was the most indescribably beautiful feeling I had ever experienced, and I thrust into her again and again.

"God, Auntie…it feels so beautiful inside you." I whispered softly, moving my hips rhythmically. Despite the fear and panic I was beginning to experience, because of my precipitous action, I still managed to find, within myself, the ability to rationalize that, while the unthinkable had happened, pulling myself out of her and wringing my hands in remorse would do nothing to change that fact. And, since I could not take back what had happened, I did no think it would compound the magnitude of my transgression if I were to linger just a little while longer inside her to savor the lushness of her femininity.

I lowered my face to her breast and took her nipple into my mouth. I moved my hands down along her sides and slid them under her buttocks. Gripping the smooth, soft fleshiness of her cheeks tenderly with my hands I pulled her to me, moaning into her breast as I thrust myself into her again and again.

This time I had ample warning of my impending orgasm. I could feel it swell in the pit of my stomach and the tightening of my scrotum. I could have easily stopped and withdrawn from her. I could have, but I did not. Once again, my rationalizations overcame my common sense. With the damage already done and my semen already inside her, surely, I thought, it could not make that much difference if I did it just one more time. Gone were any moral thoughts of incest or rape, my desire to possess her one more time overwhelmed me.

I continued to thrust with urgency, pistoning my penis into her with increased rapidity as I suckled at her nipple. I felt the pleasurable sensations begin to swell and I rammed myself forcefully into her as rapidly as I could to bring it to its inevitable conclusion.

"My god!" My mind seemed to scream, "I’m fucking her…I’m really fucking her…my AUNTIE…I’m fucking my AUNTIE!"

Our bodies slapped together loudly in the quiet of the dimly lit bedroom for several moments until my orgasm took hold and I held myself deep inside her. I moaned softly into her breast with each ejaculation, letting myself go without hesitation.

I lay on top of her long after the last pulse of my penis, until I felt myself grow soft inside her and slip from the delicious confines of her vagina. With a sigh of resignation, I raised up into a kneeling position between her legs.

I had done it; I had really done it. I simply could not believe the incredible turn of events. With a moan of anguish, I cringed to see a large wet stain on the sheet at the base of her buttocks. And, to my horror, I could even see my semen still seeping from her to flow down, over the arc of her buttocks and drip onto the sheet.

Quickly I grabbed a handful of Kleenex and placed it over her vulva to staunch the flow of semen, and then another handful to try to sop up as much as I could from the sheet beneath her. I worked slowly and methodically, knowing that I still had a fair amount of time in order to carry out my ministrations and conceal the evidence of my lecherous debauchery.

It is difficult to explain the depth of my despair and anguish as I did my best to eradicate the evidence of my crime. I could feel the sting of my tears as they clouded my vision and I said a silent prayer to God in hopes that nothing terrible would come from my indiscretion and that my Auntie would not become pregnant.

I sat on the edge of her bed for several minutes, speaking softly from my heart and pouring out my feelings of self-recrimination. But, incredibly, as I spoke my words of contrition, my body betrayed me and I felt a renewed stiffness begin to swell my penis once more. Dear God, I thought, was there no end to my limits of depravity? I knew I had to get out of there, but I just could not seem to turn away from her. Her pale, puffy vulva looked so incredibly slick and inviting and I cursed my carnal lasciviousness as I felt my erection rising once again.

Even as my conscience screamed "NO!", I could not help myself, I knelt once again between my Auntie’s legs and entered her for a second time. I supported my weight with my arms extended on each side of her body and watched as my penis disappeared inside her. I thrust myself deeply into her, once…twice…three times…a fourth…and then, with a cry that was a mixture of pleasure and despair, my orgasm erupted into her for a third time.

Moments later, I withdrew quickly and gently put her legs together. I lowered her nightgown and pulled up the bedclothes around her. Then, I quickly gathered up my clothes and switched off the light.

I lay in my bed, tossing and turning for the remainder of he night, anguished and panicked by my recklessness. My god, I had actually raped my Auntie, it seemed impossible to comprehend. And, not just once, Jesus, I came inside her three times. What on earth was I going to do if she became pregnant? I broke out in a cold sweat, my heart pounding with anxiety as the hours passed.

In the morning, I listened as my Auntie rose from her bed and made her way into the bathroom for her morning shower. I arrived at the breakfast table very much worse for wear. The only sleep I had managed to get at all had been a very short doze just before I heard her alarm clock. My head felt woozy from lack of sleep and my body ached from my exertions of the night before. By contrast, Auntie seemed positively buoyant, her warm smile radiating and brightening her countenance. Over breakfast, she informed me, cheerfully, how wonderfully she slept and remarked how tremendously successful the pill seemed to work for her. I was, at least, able to take some solace in the fact that she seemed completely oblivious of my indiscretions with her.

As she prepared to leave for work, she informed me that she might be a little late getting home from work that evening and for me to fend for myself as far as dinner was concerned. She explained that she had made another doctor’s appointment for late that afternoon.

"I slept so well last night, and things are going so well, I’m sure he’ll want to prescribe the pills." She smiled

All that morning, I kept falling asleep in my classes. I really began to feel awful too. Just after lunch, I met with my guidance counselor and informed her that I was feeling poorly and would be taking the afternoon off.

I returned home about two in the afternoon and flopped myself down on my bed for a much needed rest. I awoke some time later, hearing the front door open and close. "Oh, no." I thought to myself, I must have slept right through the day. I looked at the clock to see that it was only 3:30. Surprised, I got up quickly and quietly, making my way to the door and peering through the crack to look down the hallway.

With quiet some measure of surprise, I saw my Auntie standing there in the kitchen, her back to me. Curious, and not immediately wishing to make my presence known, I watched surreptitiously as she reached up into the cupboard, where she kept her medications and prescriptions, and took down the bottle I immediately recognized as the one containing her sleeping pills. She reached into a small white paper bag and withdrew a small box. She tore it open and took out a small bottle, which she then opened. I watched in confusion as she poured the contents of the bottle into her prescription bottle and then put it into her purse, throwing the empty bottle and the box it came in into the garbage.

Moments later, she grabbed up her purse and left the house, locking the door behind her. Curious, I made my way down the hallway to the kitchen. I opened the lid of the wastebasket and took out the box she had just discarded. It was a small bottle of Bayer baby aspirin. "What the hell?" I thought. "Baby aspirin? It did not make any sense, but I shrugged if off and made my way back to my bedroom to resume my nap.

Auntie arrived home at her usual time, telling me with a smile that she had managed to get an earlier appointment. She opened her purse and took out the small prescription bottle. "I have enough pills to last me over a month now." She smiled, opening the cupboard and placing the bottle inside.

I was confused. Later that evening, as she showered and changed her clothing, I opened the cupboard and took down her prescription bottle. Opening the bottle, I poured some of the contents out into the palm of my hand. They were all the same small, pink tablets that I immediately recognized as baby aspirin. Indeed, each pill had the distinctive "Bayer" imprinted upon it. My mind reeled. She said these were her sleeping pills. Why would she lie to me?

Suddenly, the logic all fell into place and I was astonished. "My god!…Oh, my god!" I gasped aloud and quickly replaced the pills where I had found them. I wobbled on weak knees to the living room and collapsed onto the sofa.

My mind reeled. She KNEW. My god, the stunning certainty of it staggered my imagination. How could it be? What, if anything, did it mean?

Several minutes later, she came into the living room wearing her robe and a towel, wrapped like a turban around her head. She sat on the sofa beside me and picked up the newspaper from the coffee table and began to read. I did my best to appear composed and casual, watching television as I did most evenings.

As it got later, we got up and began to get some dinner together. I helped her in the kitchen and made a salad while she went off to the bathroom to dry her hair. She returned wearing a short, casual pullover dress. We ate our dinner, chatting casually about her day and what I managed to accomplish in school. I was proud of myself for maintaining my casual composure and feigning my ignorance of her deception.

As I thought of it, I began to doubt that which I had been so sure of earlier. It seemed almost incomprehensible to think that my Auntie could be so devious, it wasn’t like her. If she had only pretended to be unconscious, her acting performance would have been world class, academy award material. The more I thought about it, the more absurd it seemed.

But, hours later, as I watched television, she got up from the sofa, went to the kitchen and returned with the bottle of pills that I knew were only baby aspirin. She made rather a production of taking out a pill and washing it down with the last of her wine. She smiled at me.

"Well," She said, "I guess I’m off to bed. Will you look in on me again later?"

Stunned, I nodded absently and watched her walk away, certain now, beyond the shadow of any doubt, that she not only knew of the intimacies I had perpetrated upon her, but also was actively condoning further intimacies and providing me the opportunity.

I switched off the television and sat in the silence. It all seemed so inconceivable. Auntie was waiting for me in her bed and, after the events of the previous evening, she would, more than likely be expecting me to have sex with her again. She was, by continuing her pretense, allowing it to happen all over again.

In all honesty, my predominant emotion at that moment was more embarrassment than anticipation or lust. In all those intimate moments of the past three days, I had pretty much bared my emotional soul to her and it unnerved me tremendously to know that she was completely aware of my feelings. It eased my mind considerably to think that Auntie could seem so casually unconcerned about the possibility of pregnancy, she must, I assumed, be practicing some method of birth control. For several minutes I actually entertained the idea of going to her bedroom and maintaining the charade. But, the more I thought about it, the more I came to the realization that I would not be able to do it.

Finally, I turned off all the lights and went to her bedroom. She lay much the same as she had the night before, pretending to have fallen asleep while reading. I removed her glasses and her book, then walked around her bed to the far side and sat down beside her with my back to the headboard.

She looked so very lovely there in the lamplight. I bent my head and kissed her lightly on her forehead.

"Auntie?" I whispered. "Auntie…I’m sorry to have to say this to you…I really am. This is really embarrassing for me Auntie…but I know…that you aren’t really asleep right now."

She lay completely motionless and silent, with only a single slight tremor in her lower lip to betray her completely believable performance.

I spoke softly and slowly, telling her how I had come home early and accidentally seen how she had poured the bottle of baby aspirin into her prescription bottle. As I spoke, her lower lip began to tremble noticeably. When I finished, she inhaled deeply and pressed her lips together tightly. I could see tears welling between her eyelids. Suddenly she turned away from me and pressed her face into her pillow. Her shoulders began to shake and I could hear her muffled sobs.

"Oh, Auntie." I sighed softly, placing my hand gently on her shoulder. "Auntie…it’s all right.

After a moment, she seemed to relax and her crying stopped. "You must think me a terrible person." She murmured softly, keeping her face averted.

"No, Auntie…not at all." I placated, caressing her bare shoulder tenderly. "I…well…I would think that it would be more the other way around."

She turned her head and looked at me, her eyes wet with her tears. "How can you think that? None of this was your doing."

I turned and took several tissues from the dispenser on her night table and gave them to her. She blotted her eyes and then gently blew her nose. "Thank you." She said quietly.

She sat up and, with the sheet pulled up to her neck; she drew up her knees and wrapped her arms about her legs. She sighed heavily and lay her cheek against her knee, looking at me expectantly. "I suppose…" She began tentatively, "I should, somehow, try to explain."

I nodded. "I was kind of hoping you would."

She laughed lightly and shook her head. "I suppose…it was my foolish pride and vanity that was to blame for most of it." She explained how discovering me with her dress form had given her an all-consuming curiosity to know what or who the focus of my fantasy with it had been.

"I guess, deep down inside, I just really needed to know if you were…imagining yourself with me that day." She said softly, looking directly into my eyes. "And…" She shrugged, I concocted up that whole story about the sleeping pills to see what you would do if you had…an opportunity."

I felt my cheeks begin to burn and she smiled wistfully. "You’re blushing." She said, reaching out to touch my cheek with her fingertips. "I think that’s very sweet."

I looked away, unable to hold her direct look.

"I suppose…" She said, withdrawing her hand, "I found out everything I needed to know that very first night on the sofa…and…I probably should have let that night be the first, last and only time for something like that to ever happen between us."

I nodded, keeping my face averted. "So…why didn’t you?"

She was silent for several moments. "I know this may sound like an awful thing for me to say, honey…but…in all honesty…I liked it. I liked it very much."

I glanced over at her to see she was looking at me intently. I swallowed. "Really?"

She nodded. "Is that so hard to believe?"

I shrugged. "I don’t know."

"It’s been a very long time…since anyone’s looked at me the way you do…or touched me so affectionately. It’s a very…appealing prospect for…a woman my age…to be thought of as attractive and sexy by a handsome young man…even if he is my nephew."

She smiled at me and, again, I had to look away self-consciously.

"Did you really think I never noticed how you looked at me all these years?"

I started, looking at her in surprise to see her smiling winsomely at me.

"I suppose that, as your Auntie, I should have done the responsible thing way back then and said or done something to discourage your obvious attraction for me."

I felt my cheeks burning once more. "Was I…was I that obvious?" I stammered.

She shook her head and smiled. "I wouldn’t say that…I don’t think your Mother ever noticed…but…it was obvious to me."

I looked away in embarrassment. It was hard to believe that I had been seen through so easily.

She reached out and placed her hand on mine. "It’s all right, honey…it really is…I’m not telling you this to make you uncomfortable or embarrassed."

I looked at her and smiled tentatively. I turned my hand and we entwined our fingers affectionately.

"So?" She began softly, bringing her other hand to hold mine in both of hers, "Now that we have no secrets from one another…I suppose we need to talk about what happens now."

I nodded but said nothing.

"I don’t know how you feel about it…but, I think we only have two options." She continued.

I looked at her, listening patiently.

"If you want to…we can try to go back to the way we were…before any of this began. We can try to put all of this behind us…and, somehow, pretend nothing ever happened between us."

I looked at her expectantly and nodded.

"Or…we can both be adult about it…and admit that we seem to have an attraction for one another…and, perhaps…we might reach some sort of understanding."

She looked into my eyes for a response. I swallowed. "What do you want to do?" I asked softly.

She smiled and took a deep breath. "That’s a tough one, honey. I’m really torn between what I should do…and what I want to do. I…was hoping you might help me out a little by telling me what your feelings are."

I felt my cheeks flush. She smiled and squeezed my hand affectionately. "It’s all right, honey." She said softly, "Just tell me exactly what you’re thinking…I need to know how you feel…or, it’ll be impossible for me make any kind of rational decision."

"Well…" I began, tentatively, looking away to avoid the intensity of her gaze, "I think that…if you wanted to…maybe we could…do the adult thing you just mentioned."

She gasped aloud and her hands tightened reflexively on mine. "Oh…Oh, I’m so glad to hear you say that." She said, her voice filled with emotion. "Because…that’s how I feel too."

I could see that she was close to tears and I smiled at her. "I’m glad you feel that way too." I said.

She bent her head close and I turned toward her. She leaned forward and kissed me lightly on my lips. I kissed her back in the same fashion. "Oh, James." She sighed, and then pressed her lips to mine. We kissed very tenderly for a long while, her lips moving sensuously on mine. Then her mouth opened and I felt her tongue touch mine. She moaned softly deep in her throat. She pulled her head back and looked into my eyes.

"You kiss very nicely." She whispered, her voice deep with emotion. She released my hand and slipped her arm about my neck, pulling me close. She kissed me again, pressing her lips warmly against mine. We kissed for a long time, our lips moving sensuously against one another. I lifted my hand and gently cupped her breast as we kissed and she moaned softly once more and I felt her body press against mine. I kneaded her heavy bosom tenderly while we continued to kiss, feeling her nipple become erect against my fingers. Her breathing became noticeably heavy. She placed her hand on my thigh, and a moment later she slid her hand up and rested it over the bulge in the front of my jeans. She stroked the length of my erection gently, and I flinched at the sensuality of her fingers against me.

She broke the kiss, looking into my eyes, her chest rising rapidly. "Why…don’t you…take off your clothes…and…get into bed with me."

I nodded, trying to act casual, but my heart was racing. "My God." I thought as I stood up beside the bed, "My God…it’s really going to happen." I grasped the bottom of my T-shirt and pulled it over my head, very self-conscious as she watched me, her eyes following every move I made. The sheet had fallen away from her chest and her breasts were dramatically highlighted and visible behind he sheer fabric of her nightgown.

I unbuttoned the fly of my jeans and pushed then down over my hips. They fell to the floor and I stepped out of them, wearing only my briefs, which bulged obscenely from the urgency of my erection. I glanced at her to see she was staring directly at the front of my briefs. I hooked my thumbs under the waistband and pushed them down. My erection sprang free and bobbed in front of me.

"Oh, honey." She sighed, smiling at my erection. "You look beautiful."

I smiled back at her self-consciously, feeling my cheeks burning with renewed embarrassment.

She slid across the bed to where I was standing and, sliding her legs off of the mattress, sat up in front of me. She reached out her arms and placed her hands on each side of my hips, smiling up at me.

"The most difficult part of my pretense…" She said softly, "was not being able to touch you." She moved her hands over my stomach, up to my chest and then down over my hips to caress my thighs. "I wanted to touch you so badly."

I reached out and gently ran my fingers through her hair. She smiled up at me and then leaned closer to kiss my stomach. I flinched at the intimacy of her lips on my stomach. She slid her hands up the back of my thighs and cupped my buttocks as she traced her lips down the center of my stomach to my navel. She turned her head and slid her cheek against my penis.

"Oh, honey." She sighed, turning her face to me and kissing the tip of my penis lightly. She slid her hands from my buttocks and gently took hold of my erection, stroking very lightly.

"Oh, Auntie." I sighed, stroking her hair.

She bent her head and kissed the tip of my penis once more while her hands caressed me lightly. I looked down and almost gasped with incredulity to see the tip of her tongue flick out and lightly trace the contour of the tip of my penis. I gasped aloud at the exquisite sensuality of her tongue and watched as her lips closed over the tip and she caressed me with the warmth of a kiss.

Suddenly, her mouth was on me and I could feel the flat of her tongue against the underside of my penis. She moved her head, pulling with her lips as her tongue moved with intense sensuality. She moaned deep in her throat and began to move her head rapidly.

I cried aloud, feeling my orgasm rise to the immediacy of her ministrations. "Auntie!" I gasped, "Auntie…no…I"

She made no effort to stop what she was doing; taking one hand from my penis to grasp my buttocks firmly while the other hand slid down to gently cup my testicles.

I exploded into her mouth, holding my body still while her head bobbed rapidly in front of me. I held her head lightly in my hands as I let myself go.

"Umhmm…umhmm…umhmm." She murmured softly as I ejaculated, taking my semen eagerly.

As my orgasm began to wane, she slowed her movements, pulling her head back and looking up at me with just the tip of my penis in her mouth. She pulled her head back, releasing my penis, a long string of saliva extending from the tip of my penis to her lower lip.

"Oh, honey!" She breathed huskily, "Honey…I need you so badly."

She lay back onto the bed, parting her legs and lifting the hem of her nightgown. "Come here, baby…come on." She said, holding her arms out to me.

Without hesitation, I bent down to her. She raised her head and brought her lips to mine. We kissed passionately as she pulled me to her. Our bodies came together and I thrilled to the sensation of her smooth skin against mine. Her hand reached between us and guided me to her vagina. I pressed forward and slid myself deeply into her. She moaned into my mouth and her arm tightened about my neck. I thrust my hips forward, driving myself deeper inside her with each press of my hips. She tore her lips from mine with a cry and arched her back, lifting her legs and pressing her pelvis up into me as I thrust down into her. She grasped me tightly, her hands grasping my shoulders firmly as she flailed her hips almost frantically against me. I pressed my hips down onto her tightly, trying to hold myself inside her as she writhed with a surprising speed and strength beneath me.

Suddenly she stopped, her fingernails digging painfully into my shoulders. She made a sound deep in her throat, her eyes tightly shut, her mouth wide and her brows arched as if in great pain. She tossed her head from side to side and I felt her body begin to vibrate beneath me.

She cried out and rocked her hips up into me. I felt her vagina flex around me spasmodically. She cried out again and again as her hips pressed up into me rhythmically. I matched her rhythm, thrusting down into her as she lifted up into me.

Then, with a gasp and a shudder, she lay still, breathing heavily. Her hands moved over me tenderly, caressing my back and my buttocks. "Oh, honey…Oh, my sweet angel." She sighed.

I moved my hips slowly, pulling my penis almost completely out of her before plunging it as deeply as I could into her once more. She placed a hand on each side of my head and looked into my eyes. "Oh, James…your cock feels so good inside me."

We kissed again, our lips working so sensuously against each other. She slid her hands over my buttocks and pulled me to her. I felt the swell of another orgasm beginning and began to thrust into her with the urgency of my need.

"Oh, Auntie." I gasped, pulling my lips from hers.

"Oh, yes…Come on, honey…come on baby." She whispered.

I thrust myself into her rapidly, feeling myself beginning to let go.

"Tell me when it comes…honey…tell me when it comes." She urged, pulling my buttocks to her firmly.

"Oh, Auntie!" I cried, feeling myself beginning to lose control.

"My name is Claire, honey…Claire…say my name."

"Claire!" I cried as my first ejaculation jetted into her.

"Yes!" She gasped, holding me tightly to her. "Oh, yes, baby…yes."

"Claire!…Claire!" I cried with each ejaculation.

As I began to slow, my orgasm waning, she began to vibrate beneath me.

"Oh, God, don’t stop!…please, God, don’t stop." She cried, her hands digging with renewed urgency into my shoulders.

Sensing her need, I thrust into her rapidly. She cried aloud and arched her back, tossing her head from side to side as she reached her orgasm. I met the rhythm of her thrusts once more and she cried aloud in her pleasure.

We lay in silence, both gasping for breath, our bodies covered with a sheen of perspiration from the exertions of our lovemaking. I lay on top of her, my face buried into her neck as her fingers played tenderly through my hair.

"Thank you." She whispered softly, "For making me feel so beautiful."

I lifted my head and looked at her. "God, Auntie…I think it’s me that should be thanking you."

She smiled, tracing her fingertips over my cheek. "I’m thanking you, honey…because it’s never ever happened for me like that…while making love."

"I’m glad it did." I said, returning her smile and feeling very good about myself.

She pulled my head down and we kissed, slowly and sensuously. My erection, which had begun to soften, began to renew itself inside her. I moved my hips, luxuriating in the delicious feel of her vagina.

"I’ve never made love to a man with my mouth before either." She breathed, breaking our kiss; our faces intimately close together. "I never ever wanted to before."

"It was…so…beautiful." I said, kissing her lightly, moving my penis inside her.

"It was beautiful." She returned with a brief kiss. "I can still taste you."

We kissed long and sensuously again, my body moving slowly on hers.

"I hope you liked being with me, like this, better than when I was pretending to be asleep." She smiled teasingly.

"God, yes." I said, returning her smile, thrusting myself into her with renewed vigor.

She moaned softly. "God, I love the way your cock feels inside me. I can’t believe you are still so hard."

"I can’t help it." I smiled. "It just feels so good inside you…I almost think I could come again."

She looked directly into my eyes and smiled. "Oh, God…you’re incredible." She said, kissing me tenderly. "If you can do it…you just go right ahead."

She kissed me once more, cradling me in her arms. I slid my hands down her flanks and slipped my hands around her fleshy buttocks. While we kissed, I rammed myself forcefully into her.

"Come on." She gasped, tearing her lips from mine. "Come for me, honey…come on!"

I needed no further words of encouragement; I was too far gone. I exploded into her with a cry of pleasure. She met my hips with hers as I ejaculated, holding me tightly in her embrace.

"You are totally amazing." She whispered, moments later, as I lay quietly in her arms. "You must really, really like my pussy."

I looked up into her eyes and smiled. "I do…Auntie…I really do." I said, kissing her lips once more.

She placed her hands on each side of my head and, with our faces very close together, she looked deeply into my eyes and whispered softly. "You can be with me like this any time you want me, James. Any time…any place…It doesn’t matter where we are or what we’re doing…if you want me or need me…I will give myself to you."

We kissed again, slow and sensuously and then slept for a while, lying in each other’s arms. I was deliriously happy, holding her big beautiful body and pressing myself against her warmth as I drifted off to sleep.

We awoke together sometime in the middle of the night and, without speaking a word to one another, we made love again. It only took a kiss to inflame us both; she straddled me and took me inside her. Lifting my head to her breast, she ground her pelvis down onto me. I came in seconds, blissfully suckling at her nipple, and she erupted in a frantic orgasm moments later. We kissed once more and then drifted back to sleep in each other’s embrace, the entire sexual incident occurring in only a few minutes.

That first night of discovery and lovemaking was just over two years ago. Since that first night, Auntie has honored her promise and commitment to me and has never once denied me her body. She has, as she is fond of calling it, been a complete slut for me and catered to my every whim and fantasy.

Out of the house and in the public eye, we appear, for all the world, as any typical nephew and aunt, with not even the briefest of physical or implied intimacy to betray the reality of our relationship. At home, behind closed doors, we live together, for all intents and purposes, as husband and wife. We are almost always in each other’s arms or caressing affectionately. While we have carefully maintained the integrity of each other’s bedrooms, in the event a house guest or visiting family member might take notice of anything out of the ordinary, we have, since that first night, slept together, in her bed, every night since.

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