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Mom & Dad's Little Slut Pt. I
by Kip Carson

for holly girl

Alex anxiously waited for his parents to leave for work. As soon as he heard their cars leave the driveway, he headed for their bedroom. His hands shook nervously as he fumbled through his mother's drawers. He found a pair of pink silky panties, and a pink lacie bra. He grabbed her makeup case and headed for the bathroom. Alex knew the routine well. He began applying his mother's makeup expertly. Moments later, Alex, was now Alexandria. He pulled his mother's silk panties on. The silky material felt so nice against his large cock. As he slid the panties against his cock, it began to grow hard.

"Not now:" he thought to himself, wanting to stroke off into the panties. He put the pink bra on, and put the fake rubber pads beneath the cups. He looked at himself in the mirror. He fluffed his long blonde hair and he looked very feminine. "No one would ever recognize me" he thought to himself. He found one of his mother's skirts, and a pair of her black fishnet stockings. He slowly transformed himself into quite a beautiful young lady.

He pranced around the bathroom admiring himself. He had the radio on quite loudly, and was sexily dancing to the music. He never heard his mother enter the house. Suddenly the bathroom door flew open, and there stood his mother. "What the hell are you doing?" she yelled at him. Alex stood there, speechless. His mother looked at her son/daughter standing there dressed in her clothing. She couldn't believe how much he actually looked like a woman. She was angry with him, but yet somehow found it quite erotic. Alex began sobbing, and his mother pulled him to her, and held him.

"I'm sorry that I got so upset with you" she said. "But, I never ever expected to come home and find this" she added. "Your father forgot his briefcase.... oh shit, your father is downstairs" she said.

Suddenly his father entered the bathroom. "Well, what in the hell is going on here?" he asked. His wife looked at him, and whispered something in his ear. He left the bathroom.

"God, I bet Dad is really mad, huh?" Alex asked his mother.

"Well, he is just sort of confused at the moment" she said.

"Why don't we go talk to him, and maybe he will understand" his mother continued. She led her son to her bedroom. Alex saw his father sitting on the king sized bed, just kind of staring into space. "Sit down, Alex, she told her son. Alex sat on the bed beside his father. His mother sat down beside him. Alex was startled as his mother began rubbing his thigh. Her hand stroked the black fishnet stocking on her son's freshly shaved legs. Alex's cock began to stir.

Alex's father watched as his wife slowly slid their son's skirt upward. He noticed the very large bulge against the pink satin panties. Alex shuddered as his mother's hand lightly stroked his hard cock thru the pink panties. His father stared motionless. Suddenly, she instructed her husband to call work and tell them he was sick. He picked up the cordless phone and quickly dialed his office. He told them he was sick, and hung up. "Now, take off all of your clothes" she told her husband. Alex watched as his father began to undress.

He removed his dress slacks and briefs together with one firm tug. Alex watched as his father's large cock flopped freely. It was semi erect and was close to 9 inches long. She told Alex to watch closely. Alex watched as his mother ran her wet pink tongue across the head of his father's big cock. His dad's cock immediately grew another 2 inches. As her tongue flicked up and down the length of his cock it became fully erect. It was the largest cock that Alex had ever seen. His mother now took the huge swollen cockhead into her mouth. Alex's own cock became fully erect and throbbed intensely beneath the pink panties.

"Come here, Alex" she ordered her son. Alex obeyed and was next to his mother with is mouth only inches above his father's large hard cock. "If you're gonna look like a slut, you better learn how to behave like one" she said. She held her husband's large hard cock in her hand, and told her son to suck it. Alex took his father's enormous erection into his mouth. He could see the lipstick smeared across the head as he bobbed up and down on it.

"Take it deeper" his mother instructed him. Alex began to take his dad's cock deeply inside of his mouth. He slowly slid the large throbbing cock into his mouth until it disappeared. His father moaned, as Alex expertly sucked his large cock. Alex's mother, began to lick Alex's erection through the satin panties. Alex could feel her wet lips as they moved up and down his hard shaft. He began to fuck his dad's hard cock with his hot wet mouth. His father moaned. Alex could taste the sweet precum as it oozed from the purple head.

Alex's mother jerked the panties downward from her son, exposing his pulsating 8 inch cock. She began to deepthroat his cock easily. Alex grunted as his mother gave him the best blowjob he had ever received. He increased the tempo on his father's large cock. His dad held him by his long, blonde hair. He roughly thrust his cock deeply into his son's throat. Alex could feel his father's cock as it pulsated wildly. His dad moaned loudly, and he felt the first drop of the hot sweet cum as it exploded into his mouth.

Alex loved the taste of cum. He greedily swallowed all of his father's tasty hot cum as it squirted into his mouth. His father thrusted his cock with great force, hitting the back of Alex's throat with his large cockhead. Alex cupped his dad's large balls. He gently squeezed them as his hot cum continued spraying into his hungry mouth. His father's cock began to grow soft in his mouth. Alex removed it from his mouth. His mother continued sucking his cock. Alex moaned and held his mother by her gorgeous red hair as her pretty mouth moved up and down his large young cock.

"Oh, mom, it feels so good" he moaned. "Cum for her, fill her mouth with your hot cum" his father yelled. Alex watched his father, who was now jerking himself off. His large cock was fully hard again. Alex grunted, and his cum erupted. "Ooh, mom here it cums" he screamed. His mother removed the cock from her hot mouth and jerked him off rapidly with her soft hand. Alex's cum sprayed wildly. Jets of cum squirted all over her face. She excitedly jerked his large cock with her hand, milking the cum from her son. Her face was fully covered with his cum.

She rubbed her son's large cockhead all over her face, smearing the hot cum across her face. She licked the cum from his hot pulsating cockhead. Alex moaned. Suddenly his father began to strip the clothing from his mother. Alex looked at his mother's large creamy breasts as his father tore her bra from her. "Look at them titties" his father exclaimed. "Pretty aren't they?" he added. Alex looked at the beautiful breasts with their pert pink nipples fully erect. "Suck them" he told his son. Alex began to take his mother's nipples into his mouth. He hungrily nibbled and sucked on the sweet firm nipples.

She moaned as her son suckled her breasts. Her husband was now tearing her panties from her. Her fiery red bush fully exposed. Her husband lowered his face between her legs and began to lick at her very moist pussylips. She moaned as her husband's tongue found her swollen clit. Her son continued to suck her breasts as her husband ate her pussy. Alex watched his father as he ate his mother.

His cock was fully erect. He began to stroke himself as he bit on his mom's hard nipples. She moaned and held him against her large breasts. Alex's father told his son to taste his mother's pussy. Alex dove between his mom's spread legs, and quickly thrust his tongue into her hot wet pussy. She grunted as he began fucking her sweet pussy with his plunging tongue. "Yes, eat mommy's pussy" she moaned. Her husband was greasing her asshole with ky jelly. She moaned as he inserted a finger into her tight ass. "Ooh, daddy's gonna get nasty" she said. Her husband loosened her ass hole with a couple of fingers. He moved his fingers around inside of her asshole.

"Oh, yes fuck my hot ass" she moaned to her husband. Her husband rolled onto his back and she slid her ass onto his large cock. Alex watched with great fascination as his father's large cock disappeared into his mom's tight ass hole. "Mmm, dear god" she moaned. "Now, put your cock in her pussy, fuck your mommy" his father ordered him. Alex guided his very hard cock against the spread pussy lips of his mom. She grunted as his large cock head disappeared between the pink pussy lips. She thrust forward, taking him all the way into her hot tight pussy. "Oh, yes, fuck mommy hard" she yelled. Her husband was pounding away inside of her tight ass hole, as her son thrust in and out of her tight, pretty pussy.

"Mmm, you feel so tight, honey" her husband moaned. She could feel his very large cock pulsate excitedly. Alex could feel it too. He could actually feel the heat from his father's large cock thru the thin latex like skin that separated her asshole and her hot pussy. "God, yes" she moaned as her husband came. She felt his hot cum splatter inside of her tight asshole. As he came, her son moaned and his hot cum exploded into her aching pussy. As her son, and husband began filling both of her holes with their hot cum, she climaxed fiercely.

"Oh, fuck yes" she moaned. Both of her men were thrusting wildly into her hot holes filling them with their hot, sticky cum. Her pussy juices were gushing all over the place. "Oh, dear Lord" she moaned. Her husband withdrew his cock from her tight asshole. Cum poured from the stretched hole. Alex removed his cock from his mother's hot pussy. He watched as cum poured from both of her holes. She lay there moaning. "Next time you dress like a girl, your father is gonna do that to your ass instead of mine" she told Alex. Alex knew she said this to scare him off, but the thought kind of intrigued him. He wondered if it would make him feel as good as it did his mother.

"Ok, I will remember that" he told her. His father was now in the shower. Alex's mother kissed him on the lips, and told him to go take off his makeup, and put on some of his own clothing. Alex obeyed his mother. He went to his bathroom and began taking his makeup off. He continued wondering what it would be like to be fucked by his father's large cock. After he was finished removing all of the make up, he put on a pair of his boxers. He went to his bedroom and laid on his bed. He fell asleep thinking about what he had just experienced with his parents. Alex knew he would have to let them catch him again, just to see...

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