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Mom & Dad's Little Slut Pt. II
by Kip Carson

The following day, Alex slept late, he dreamed hot erotic dreams about his mother and father many times that night. He woke, and his parents were both gone to work. He called his friend Amber, and she came over to visit him. Amber was his closest friend, and he confided in her, about his cross-dressing. "Cool, can I make you up?" she asked.

"Yes, that would be great" Alex replied. Amber worked on Alex for a long time, she applied his make up perfectly. She did some special extra things that Alex hadn't thought of. Amber carefully applied the false eyelashes onto Alex's eyelids, making his eyes quite beautiful. She put the blonde wig on Alex, and styled it with great care. Alex looked into the mirror, and he was Alexandria.

He looked quite beautiful. Amber found herself becoming quite aroused as she looked at Alexandria. "Mmm, girlfriend, you are looking good!" Amber softly purred. Her hand slid between Alexandria's legs, and she felt his hard pulsating cock. "Oh my, you really do like this, don't you?" she said. Amber softly squeezed Alexandria's cock, and he moaned. Amber slid to her knees, and removed Alexandria's boxers. She looked at the magnificent cock as it stood proudly erect. Amber pressed her mouth against the large shaft, and began to slowly lick up and down. Alexandria moaned as Amber took his cock between her lips. "Oh God, Amber" Alexandria moaned. Amber looked up at the "pretty gal" that she had created. It made her pussy so wet, as she took Alexandria's cock deeply into her throat.

Alexandria softly moaned as Amber deepthroated his large cock. Amber had her hand between her legs, and was furiously rubbing her pussy. "Mmm, yes suck me baby" Alexandria moaned. Amber slid her shorts and panties off, and spread her legs widely apart. Alexandria looked at the beautiful blonde bush between Amber's pretty thighs. "Damn, you have a wonderful pussy" he moaned. "Let's go to the bedroom" Alexandria suggested. They walked hand in hand towards Alexandria's bedroom, and Amber jumped onto the bed. She laid on her back and spread her legs widely apart. Alexandria slid between her legs, and licked at her wet pussy. Amber softly moaned, as Alexandria sucked her swollen clit. Alexandria expertly licked her hot pussy, making Amber cum quickly.

"Oh GOD, FUCK ME!" Amber moaned. Alexandria laid on top of Amber, and his cock slid against Amber's wet pink pussy. Amber thrust against him, and his cock slid deeply into her. Amber moaned loudly as she felt all of Alexandria's large thick cock enter her pussy. She looked at Alexandria's pretty face, and pressed her lips against his. Amber slid her tongue into Alexandria's mouth, and they passionately kissed. Alexandria thrust wildly into Amber's pussy, making her cum quickly. "Oh God" Alexandria moaned, as his cum erupted into Amber's hot pussy. Amber came again as she watched the pretty boy fuck her. Alexandria shot a massive amount of cum into Amber's hot pussy, and he sucked on her pretty tits. Amber wrapped her legs tightly around Alexandria's ass, keeping him buried deep inside of her. Alexandria pumped until the last of his cum oozed from his massive cockhead.

Alexandria noticed the clock on the wall, and yelled, "Shit, mom and dad will be home in 10 minutes. Amber quickly dressed, kissed Alexandria, and ran to her car. Alexandria slid the crotchless teddy onto his body, and looked in the mirror. "Looking Good" he said to himself. He heard the front door open, and wasn't sure if it was his mom or dad. He listened for a few minutes, then heard his dad whistling. "Mmmm, partytime" Alexandria said to himself. He slid the black fishnet stockings over his freshly shaved legs, and sprayed some of the perfume that Amber had left, onto his body.

He carefully opened his bedroom door, and tiptoed towards his parent's room. He saw the door slightly ajar, and noticed his dad standing there in his briefs. His cock looked so huge as he stood there. Alexandria made a soft coughing noise, and his dad looked up, and saw his TV son standing there. "Alex, come here" his father yelled. Alexandria quickly entered his parent's room, and his father's eyes bugged as he looked at his pretty son. "I warned you" his father said, looking at his son. Alexandria noticed that his father's cock was growing harder and longer as he stared at him. Alexandria reached for his father's hard cock, and softly gripped it with his hand. He watched as his long red fingernails slid up and down his father's cock. His father pushed Alexandria to the floor, and shoved the head of his large cock between his "son's" pretty mouth. Alexandria quickly accepted the massive member as it slid deeply into his mouth. Alexandria expertly sucked and licked on his father's large cock, making him moan loudly. "Yes, suck me you little bitch" he yelled. He roughly fucked his son's mouth with his enormous cock.

His father reached for the KY jelly on the nightstand, and applied a generous amount to his hand and fingers. He worked the lube onto his son's virgin ass, and soon had 2 fingers inside of Alexandria. Alexandria's cock stiffened as he felt his father's long fingers slide deeply into him. "Mmm, you are so wet, and ready to be fucked" his dad said. He quickly bent Alexandria over the bed, and began rubbing his massive cockhead against Alexandria's virgin asshole. Alexandria grunted as he felt the large cockhead enter him. "Oh Yes" he moaned. His father showed no mercy, and slammed all of his long thick cock into Alexandria's ass. Alexandria jerked himself off frantically as his father fucked his virgin ass.

"Damn, you are a tight little slut," his father said, breathing loudly. "Does Daddy's little slut want me to cum in his ass?" he asked.

"Oh Yes Daddy," Alexandria moaned. His father grunted, and Alexandria moaned as he felt the hot thick cum splash into his ass. His own cock throbbed excitedly, and his cum squirted from the head, as his fist furiously moved up and down. His father grunted, and continued to pump into him, emptying his load into his son's ass. "Oh God, it feels so good!" Alexandria moaned. He continued stroking himself as his father emptied the last of his cum into his ass. His father then removed his cock from Alexandria's ass, and flipped him around, facing him. His father pressed his mouth over his son's and thrust his tongue into his mouth. ALexandria moaned as he passionately kissed his father. His father gripped Alexandria's still hard cock, and began to stroke him. His father continued kissing him, as he stroked his son's hard cock.

"mmmm" Alexandria moaned, and his cock once again came, spurting the white fluid from the purplish head. His father stroked him until the last of his cum oozed from the head. "oh dad" Alexandria moaned. His father then, told Alexandria to go take a shower, and clean up. Alexandria felt his father's hot cum as it seeped from his asshole. He looked at himself in the mirror one more time, then jumped into the shower.

Later at supper, his dad stared at him quite a bit, but nothing was said. After dinner, Alex went to his room to play his playstation, and his dad knocked on his door. "Come in" Alex said. His father entered the room ,and sat beside his son.

"Your mother has to go away to take care of her sick Aunt Peggy" he said. "She's leaving tomorrow, and will be gone about 2 weeks" he added. "I expect Alexandria to be dressed and ready to play each day when I get home" he continued. Alex felt his young cock stir.

"Oh yes, I will be so happy to be Dad's little slut" Alex said. Both smiled at each other, and knew the next couple of weeks would be hot and interesting.

The End


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