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Meg and I
by Wayne

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

Both women were content for the moment. They stretched, snuggled tight and settled down to sleep. I guess I should have been content but my hardened member just wouldn't settle down. I tried to meditate, do multiplication tables in my head, remember lyrics to old songs, anything to keep me focused away from sex, but nothing was working. I laid there on my back breathing slowly and deeply when a hand reached over and grabbed me. Meg whispered to me - "come with me", and off we went.

Slowly easing out of bed to keep from waking Alice, we made our way into the living room. Meg couldn't believe I was still hard. "Fuck me well" and she pulled me onto the couch. I knelt down and kissed her ankle, figuring to work my was up. Meg's response was to pull my hand to her pussy to show that she was indeed very wet. Then she pulled me up and guided me into her waiting vaginal entry. As I entered, a soft sigh escaped her. We began a long, slow, wet kiss that actually didn't stop until our passions were spent. I had to wait once the head of my member entered. The warm moistness was exquisite. Then slowly I continued penetration. Meg's arms were wrapped around me, her nails lightly scrapping my back - and we made very slow, intimate and very passionate love. I began using the ancient Japanese method of three shallow, then three deep strokes. Meg wasn't sure how to deal with this and I had to slow her gyrations by holding her hips tightly. Then she began to catch on. We continued this for quite a while. We both were slowly building towards a mutual and intense orgasm. We continued onward, both so involved with our lovemaking that neither noticed the light getting brighter in the window. We were breathing harder and harder, neither hearing the alarm - both of us moving onwards towards the wind and the rain. The rake from her nails grew more intense, my back arched, and jointly we climaxed. There are many kinds of a climax, ranging from a draining of the glands to damn near a painful experience. This was near the top of the list for both. I collapsed onto her, our kiss never breaking. Finally, breaking the kiss, we looked at each other and smiled.

"That was a great show, guy - what do you do for an encore?

We giggled and looked at Alice. "What did you have in mind"?

Well, both women called in sick for the day. After napping, we decided to attempt reinventing sexual bliss. It was knees and elbows, each trying to outdo the other. Alice did want to see what

that long, wet passionate kiss was like - and if we could make it last for a day. That was something that I always wanted to prove (or disprove), at least for the intimacy and closeness it brings to those lucky enough to succeed. She would have to wait for a day when Meg wasn't here though. I just couldn't ignore Meg for any extended period of time. In the end, Meg was content from our lovemaking. Alice worked her way up and sat on my face. I sucked her clit, drawing it slowly into my lips and then letting it ease back into her labia. This continued while Meg gave me another of her dynamite blow jobs. Finally, all satiated, we settled in for a great nap, only waking for sustenance. Blissful sleep again came upon us until, happily, we finally rose near evening. For the first time since the three of us had been together, no one seemed to want to make love. I guess our bodies were finally content enough and needed to recharge.

The night went quickly and without incident. The following morning both of my lovely's went off to work as usual and I attacked my pile of matters with abandon. I hadn't had the time to practice any of my many Kata's because of the intensity of our lovemaking. I took frequent breaks from my work to execute the ritual movements to assure my body would maintain the flexibility I had developed over the years. It actually helps in intensifying the attack upon whatever I am doing. I worked up a good sweat from these and grabbed a quick shower before my sweethearts came home. Time moved on and I finally heard a car. It was Meg.

"Sorry, honey, I had to work a bit to make up for yesterday. By the way, Alice won't be hear for a couple of days, she has to take care of her apartment".

I wasn't daunted at all by this surprise. Now, I could pay lots of attention just to Meg.

We began another of those long, deep, wet, slow kisses, one that I wish I could make last for three days, and Meg's hands began wandering over my body. I was fighting with her cloths (today she was in a silk pantsuit, one that must have had a thousand tight buttons all over it). It was very unfair. I was in just a robe. Meg sensed my frustrations and started helping with the buttons - and all the while, she held the kiss. We refused to break that kiss. How we managed to get into the bedroom, I'll never know. Meg finally pulled away with a gleam in her eye. "I've got something for you, lover", she said and turned and bent over the water bed. Her beautiful ass was in the air, pointed at me - right at cock height. I was amazed and thrilled. I bent over to lick her ass, spending lots of time pushing my tongue into her tight little hole. She moaned and moaned.

Her pussy was dripping. I stood and leaned forward, my dick aimed at her labia. As the head reached her, I stopped and rubbed it up and down her pussy lips, getting the head very wet and slippery. I Pulled out and her hand darted around and grabbed me, pulling me straight to her anal orifice. I slowly leaned forward and paused as the head came to rest against the sphincter. There was no pushing or pumping. Just an easy pressure. Unless one has had patience with this, he never felt the wondrous sensation of the slow relaxation of the anal muscles. There is no way to describe this, other than a tight, slow easy penetration. As far as I am concerned, it feels incredible. Then, I was in just past the head and I eased up on the pressure. Meg was going nuts. I kept holding her hips to keep her still. Gently I eased out until I was just touching, then began pressing in. When I got just past the depth of before, I paused and began pulling out. This

continued until Meg managed to get my hands off of her hips and she pressed back hard. I went in to the pelvic bone. She was joyous. Meg began bucking and humping like a wild person. She turned and grinned when she felt me grow harder and begin to com. "Yea, go babe, fill my ass up all the way". I convulsed, every muscle tightened and I came in big squirts. Meg just pressed back into me and waited for me to regain some blood flow above the belt. I withdrew and leaned against the bed. Meg jumped up and went into the bathroom for a washcloth. She returned and carefully washed me down. "You better not be finished for the night, I want lots more of that thing everywhere I can get it tonight".

I smiled and said "after a bit of food, we can screw all night if you want, it is just you and I and you will get all of my attention".

"I'm glad, I don't mind sharing with Alice, but eventually, I need lots of my own attention, lover". With that, she gave me a quick lick on the neck and proceeded to see just how willing I was to lavish her with lots of loving attention. Her hands were everywhere - her lips darting to and fro in such a random way that I had no idea what was to happen next. Her teasing was exquisite. I would reach and stroke but she kept me at bay, wishing to work herself - and me at the same time. Much time passed and my dick was straining for release. My balls were beginning to ache. I shook both from pleasure and anger. Then her lips settled on my glans. I wanted to just shove my dick down her throat until I came. She, however, had other ideas. Very gently, she worked down the shaft. She could take me until I felt her lips on my balls. This woman was so very talented. She stopped until the convulsions calmed and began again, working me ever closer to climax. Each time, as the end would near, she paused.

Sometimes, I would be halfway to her appendix, other times, just barely in her mouth, and onward she continued, yet always pausing to ease me from the brink. Finally, sensing the urgency in me, and perhaps from my fingers rubbing and toying with her clit, she began moving swifter. Her motions fully displaying the intent of causing my climax, she attended the ministrations with even more vigor. The more I tensed, the more she moved. Being somewhat vengeful from the teasing, I was attempting to hold back. I felt her grin and one of her hands went between her legs. She covered her fingers with her fluids and reached for my ass. She pressed against the butthole, sliding from her juices to the second knuckle and began massaging my prostate. That was all it took. I unleashed load after load deep into her mouth. I could feel the muscles of her throat working to milk all the cum there was from deep within my balls. Then she stopped and waited. I don't know how she could breathe, but she would wait until there were no more twitches left in my dick and then slowly lifted her way free of me. To my surprise and hers, I remained hard. This woman had that kind of effect on me. She was definitely the find of a lifetime.

Rather pleased at her results and not yet satisfied, she climbed up my body and sat hard on my face. Not being on to be left out, I attended her delicious pussy. I worked my way up and down its full lips, pausing at the bottom to toy with her ass, and plunged deeply into her depths. After working my tongue from side to side, I worked upwards to her clit. I treated her bud the same way she treated my dick, moving up and down its length, drawing it into my lips, rolling it between lip and teeth gently, then sucking it as far into my mouth as I could. She was going delirious with pleasure. Finally, I could feel her vagina convulsing with her climax. I continued mercilessly. She flooded the bed with her juices and finally grabbed my head to stop me. Pulling me to her lips, she kissed me deeply. Her lips and tongue were very cold from all the blood flow to her vaginal area. Then I began teasing her with my hardness. She responded with thrusts, trying to force my penetrations. Giving in, I allowed her the thrusts of my dick. Meg responded with joyous abandon. We slowed and made gently and deliberate love, both slowly and gradually working towards a mutual orgasm. Our workings moved us ever closer until each was ready to achieve the pinnacle of the clouds and the rain.

Meg and I spent the remainder of the night (after a rather meager portion of food) satisfying that part of her needs. Then, I needed a sex vacation (even if it was only allowed to last for a day).

The time went by quickly, until Meg arrived home and announced that she had to go out of town for a three week seminar. I was distressed. It was beginning to be agony when I was stuck without her near. Life is full of these events to keep our interest up. None the less, it was going to be a boring three weeks. I knew that Alice would be around - she and Meg seemed to take great joy in sharing me, not that I am objecting. The sex between the three of us was the best I ever had (with one exception). It did look as if I would finally get that needed sex vacation (one or two days would be good, not fifteen...).

I helped Meg pack and took her to the Airport. We had two hours to waist, so it was to the lounge. I ordered food for us and Meg had wine. We spent most of the time in silence. You would have thought there was either a death in the family or we were never to see one another again. The time dragged on and passed in agony. Finally, I paid the check and walked her to the jetway. We were still a bit early. I pulled Meg into my arms and hugged her tight. I could feel her shaking in my arms. She was not very happy about the separation either. I bent to her lips and gave her one of those long, deep, wet kisses that drive her wild and saw her to the walkway. I would be returning to the lounge for another drink or two. Life was not very good at the moment. I was beginning to learn of despair.

I decided that the alcohol was not helping and caught a cab home. The apartment was dark and lonely. The next three weeks would indeed be a drag. I had a couple of beers, showered and went to bed. Ah, sweet bliss. Sleep is like a baby brother to death. We tend to be oblivious to most occurrences when we sleep. Just a curtain, a black oblivion overtakes us until finally, we awake. I tossed and turned after the alarm, trying to ignore the brightness streaming into the windows. Eventually, I gave up and stumbled into the bathroom. The morning ritual is not necessarily fun. I've been cursed with a very tough beard and tender skin. Shaving is a necessary evil. The hair grows quick and I can't stand much on my neck. The best thing I've found for dealing with this is shaving soap, a lather brush and a straight razor. I was all lathered and had stropped the blade. There is a moment of truth when that straight, very sharp edge touches the throat. I stroked long and smooth and rinsed the edge. The hot water was running and steam was filling the bathroom. I touched my throat again and my dick was stroked. I nearly opened myself to the spine. Blood ran down my chest and Alice freaked. I grabbed the septic stick and stopped the blood flow, then turned to problem # two. Alice was near hysterical. I hugged and stroked and smoothed her until she realized that I was OK. Then, I returned to finish shaving. Once that was complete, I brushed my teeth and stepped into the shower. Ah, the hot water felt marvelous! At times, hot pounding water can be the highlight of the day. Then I felt the curtain

move. Alice had decided to join me. She soaped my back and shoulders, then her hands wandered around to my chest. Her fingers were doing a kind of magic on me. My body was responding to her caresses and the misery of the night before was vanishing. Perhaps, the next three weeks would not be that bad after all (I couldn't admit to Alice that I missed Meg that much - you know, a guy thing). We embraced and renewed our explorations and passions. Both of these women were awesome. They could wake the dead and give them a hard on without working up much of a sweat. I tried to drop to my knees, but was stopped. I was not to be allowed to do, but to be done to. Today, that would work fine. Any of what was to be offered would be fantastic, for Alice had shown her skills many times before. She slid down to her knees and guided me into her waiting mouth. It had been several days since I had made love. Meg was shook up about the trip and was miserable with cramps (it was that time). I knew I wouldn't last very long. Alice was not going easy. She was determined to make me blow my load quick. She continued the attack with an epic vigor.

My legs began shaking, my cock pulsed, my breath was coming in large, long gasps and my entire body broke into a spasm. The first pump was joyous, the second fine, the third, miserable and the fourth agony. Alice's eyes grew larger and larger as she worked at containing the cum I had pumped into her luscious mouth. Yet, she continued. I thought I was going to collapse. Her lips just kept working on me. So adept was she that I remained hard. Alice stood and turned and took me again into her hands, guiding me into her waiting pussy as she bent over. I was throbbing with excitement. The view was killer, a very tight heart shaped ass was dancing at me. The two moons of her cheeks slightly spread to accommodate my dick. She was like a dragon devouring my maleness. Those beautiful buns were moving, trying for all they could to draw what sperm was left in the balls slapping against them. I stroked her tits and hips and felt the orgasm begin. It was like a large wave beginning at my mouth and moving its way slowly downwards. I was about to have another monumental climax. I pulsed and pumped into her waiting pussy and sagged against the shower wall. My legs would no longer hold me up. The adrenaline was cursing throughout me and I was week from it. Alice turned and began giving me another deep kiss. The morning was to be banner. Ah, life could be grand!

We petted and kissed for a while, lathering each other. There we were, full of soap and toying with one another. Then I noticed the hot water , or should I say the lack of it. Both of us started laughing and tried in vain to rinse before the hot water was totally gone. We finished in the cold and toweled the other down, rubbing heat back into the limbs, and returned to the kiss. We both pulled and tugged the other into the bedroom. I think the race was who would get whom into the bed first. I don't know why we didn't just stop and go for the bed (other than being caught up in the heat of the moment). SO finally, we fell upon the bed. The kissing slowed and turned into snuggles. Both of us fell to sleep.

There is nothing like being in the arms of or having a beautiful woman in your arms as you sleep. We slept for a few hours and I was the first to wake. I lay there against her back with my arms around her. My hands were cupping her full breasts and my dick was against her ass. I guess the heat and closeness was too much. I began growing hard. My cock slowly pressed between her ass cheeks. I was in misery. I moved my hips back and felt Alice thrust back, keeping my dick against her sphincter. I pushed gently forward and Alice moved with me, keeping pressure against her butt hole, and then pressed back hard. I eased back again and held her hips to ease her haste. I was just laying there against her. I could feel her sphincter beginning to relax around my dick, but I didn't rush the moment. We lay there enjoying the closeness and enjoyed the slow entry as she adjusted to accommodate my maleness . We began moving slowly. Each pump and grind buried me all the deeper into her buns. There was no haste in our loving this time. It was more like a slow climb.

We continued, each thrust moving each closer and closer to the orgasm we sought. We stayed on our sides throughout the lovemaking. We stroked and caressed each other as we could, moving still ever forward towards that climax. Our pumping grew erratic, as did our breathing. The wind and the rain was nearing. Yet still we moved, striving onward. Finally, together, we climaxed. It was kind of a beautiful thing. I could feel her body gripping me in her orgasm. She would grip me as I pulsed, time and time again. It was a thing to behold, truly an occurrence of rare beauty. Again, we lay there. Alice turned and hugged me. We lay there in each others arms, unmoving, and began kissing. I stirred. Alice said "you can have my ass again if you would like". I kissed and my dick pressed against her with more authority. She turned onto her back and pulled me on top. "I want to feel your weight". With that, she reached down and took my dick into her hands. We kissed onwards as she guided me to her waiting ass. I could feel myself entering her. When I was half way into her, I started pumping. We made love again. I moved deeper and deeper into her ass and pumped more forcefully. This time, I was the one in a hurry for the release. I was surprised at her thrusts. She met me with each one, matching the vigor and intensity of my movements. We moved quickly towards the impending orgasm. Every movement as if choreographed, both moving as if every stroke was pre-ordained. Then, with loud screams, we came. The orgasm was one of much intensity. We lay there in each others arms again, stroking and hugging, wasted of energy, until we again fell into a deep and dreamless asleep.

It was fortunate for us that it was a Friday night. We slept well into the day and finally were awakened by the phone. Very groggily, I reached for the annoying sound. More a mumbling than speech, I announced: "Hello....".

"Good morning. I see that Alice found you. Has she managed to ware you out, or have the pair of us finally found the depths of your endurance?

A silence greeted Meg. I was still too tired to be of much good to anyone. The telephone dropped to the floor. The thump brought me halfway back to life. Quickly I grabbed the receiver and attempted to act alive.

"I think you better go back to sleep. I'll call later, lover."

Somehow, the damn noisy thing found it's way back to the cradle. I had no way of knowing how much time had passed.. I woke with the warm, wet, wild, wonderful sensation of two fabulous lips working on my erection. As a dawning of understanding washed over me, I realized that my hips were moving to the rhythm established by those great lips. I was growing very close to squirting - not wanting it to go too quickly, I reached for Alice's head. Holding her tenderly, I slowed the pace. She was putting a suction on me that would have kick started a jet. She was determined and I could find no means of dissuasion. I could feel the adrenalin rushing. Wave

after wave rocked me as Alice took me into the depths of her throat. The feeling of her throat closing and swallowing against me was too much. Eruption followed eruption as I emptied the contents of my balls into her eager mouth. It felt as if I were half way to her stomach, yet she moved on. Finally, with my dick drained and the jumping ended, yet maintaining the hard on, she released me. Her eyes were sparkling with a devilish glint. She jumped on top and, holding me in her hand, stroked my tool against her vaginal lips. They were very well lubricated. She continued with the tease, sometimes keeping me against her pussy, other times against her ass. My dick was harder than ever. Most of the blood in my body was now below my waist. I didn't care what happened, as long as I started fucking. Alice must have taken pity. I had been grunting, whooping and hollering. The sensations were growing in intensity and she must have noticed me leaking. I thrust upwards hoping for any penetration. I was rewarded. Just as I pressed upwards, Alice dropped on my hardness. Before either knew it, I was 4 inches in her ass. Alice proceeded like a woman possessed. As my balls began emptying I realized that Alice and Meg were definitely out of the same mold. They didn't care where they got the dick, as long as they got it. I came without much ado. Sometimes, a climax is nothing more than a draining of glands. After I came, she hurried into the bathroom, returning with a warm washcloth.

After a cleanup, she climbed back into the bed. It was my turn. I took the still warm washcloth and began wiping her pussy and ass. With much loving care, gently I stroked her objects of love. The labia was carefully wiped, removing every trace of lubricant. I slid down between the sheets and gave her a quick lick, just above the hair line. I kissed all about her pubic hair, teasing. Every now and then, I would throw in a lick or a nibble. My hands were not idle. I reached behind her and held her buns in my hands. The licks grew ever closer to her pussy. Her ass was still well lubricated. One of my fingers found it's was into her ass. A loud moan filled the room. Finally, I kissed her fully on her pussy lips. She grabbed my head with a violent crispness, pulling me in towards her swollen clit. Two fingers were now stroking her ass. She pulled me ever harder. Her thighs, those wondrous thighs, were like a vise around my head. Her breath was in gasps. Now there were three fingers probing in her ass. I sucked her clitoris into my mouth. Alice let out a loud scream. I could feel her rectum convulsing, as well as her vagina. Her thighs held my head in a grip that would have been very difficult to break (although I can't imagine anyone wanting to). I felt her cum with such a ferocity that I was in awe. I continued without mercy (for after all, turn-about was fair play).



This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

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