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My Aunt Jenna
by SM402

It was unusual for me to stay at my uncle's house, since my grandma lived in the same town, but this time I had decided to stay because my grandma had gone on vacation, and I hadn't seen my uncle in years. My uncle was a man of about forty and a good man, but what always got my attention was his wife, my Aunt Jenna. She was around thirty five, with brown hair, brown eyes, and pretty good sized tits and ass. Her tits weren't really big, but they weren't small either, to me they seemed perfect.

My uncle picked me up from the bus station on an early Saturday morning. When he picked me up he told me that he had to leave that evening on a business trip and not to worry, because my aunt would be there. When we got to my uncle's house I greeted my aunt which was wearing one of my uncle's t-shirts, without anything underneath. I could clearly see the definition of her tits through the oversized shirt.

"Hi Aunt Jenna, how's it going," I said as went inside the living room.

"Hey you've grown, last time I saw you, you were only thirteen, that was what, ten years ago,'' she said as she gave me a hug and peck on the cheek.

"Yeah I guess so, you don't look bad yourself aunt," I said trying to make some type of interesting conversation.

"Why thank you, why don't you go ahead and put all that luggage in our guestroom upstairs," she said looking at my uncle.

"Oh yeah Steve, let me help you with that stuff," my uncle said picking up on of my suitcases.

My uncle and I placed my stuff in an upstairs bedroom. He told me that breakfast should be ready any minute and that if I wanted to I could take a bath. I took up his offer and went ahead and took a shower, I also had to relieve myself after seeing my aunt. She had had that same effect on me since I was thirteen. I went into the bathroom and undressed and started to masturbate. After I relieved myself, I took a shower and went downstairs to eat breakfast. My aunt had changed to a little skirt and a blouse that showed plenty of her tits.

"Well Jenna I got to get going, you take good care of Steve here," my uncle said as he got up from the breakfast table and got ready to leave.

"Steve don't worry about anything, Jenna will make sure that you are comfortable," said my uncle as he went out the door.

My aunt and I stayed at the table eating after my uncle left the house.

"So how's everything been Steve, any girlfriends," my aunt said trying to engage in the normal aunt-nephew conversation.

"No not really," I said.

"Oh really I would of thought a good looking young man like you would have plenty of girls," Aunt Jenny said.

I just blushed at the comment. We just talked about news, and what had happened in the last ten years for the rest of that morning. It basically went on the same way for lunch and dinner. After dinner my aunt showed me to my room and said that if I needed anything, just to call her.

That night I closed the door and took off my clothes and started masturbating, I just couldn't get over how good my aunt looked. I just imagined how good it would be if I could only see my aunt naked, her beautiful tits and her amazing ass.

Just as I was starting to masturbate, I suddenly heard the door open. I immediately tried to cover myself.

"What were you doing Steve," my aunt said with a devilish smile.

"Um...nothing, I'm really sorry," I said kind of confused and dumbfouded.

"It's okay Steve don't worry about it," she said, "So what were you thinking about if you don't mind,"

"I don't think you'd like to know, I mean it's not right," I said trying to conceal the huge hard on I had from seeing her in the little pair of shorts and the cutoff shirt she had on. I could see part of her tits from where I was sitting.

"You were thinking about me, weren't you," she said.

"Um...well...yeah, sort of," I said, hoping she wouldn't get mad at me.

She then sat beside me on the bed and looked at my hardon, which I had tried to cover with my shirt. She then slowly slid her hand under the shirt and touched my dick, and then withdrew her hand.

"My my, I see you get real excited, thinking about me, I wonder how you would get if you actually had me," she said, still staring at my hard on.

"I guess I would really like that," I said barely being able to speak, not believing what was happening.

"I know you would," she said.

She then stood up and took off her shirt, her tits just bounced out at me, she then slid her shorts off and her nicely trimmed pussy quickly got my attention. Her tits were nice and round, and her pussy was nicely trimmed and it matched her brown hair. She was thirty but she had the body of a young twenty year old. She then slowly sat on my lap and started to kiss me passionately. As she stuck her tongue into my mouth, I slid my hand to her big ass and started to feel it all around.

"Do you like that Steve, how would you like it if your aunt sucked that hard dick of yours," she said eyeing my hard dick.

I just nodded my head yes. She then sat me down on the bed and she kneeled down in front of me. She then took my dick with on hand and started slowly circling the head of my dick. I just trembled and slowly moaned as she licked my dick. She then took my whole dick and started sucking on it. She would take half of it then take all of it, all the time sucking.

"I'm going to to...uhh...cum," I said.

She started sucking harder and then I just felt a whole load come out. She sucked out every last drop of cum, some of it dripping unto her tits. She then got up and then got up on all fours and then pointed to her ass. I knew exactly what she wanted and slowly pushed my dick in between her two big ass checks.

"Uh..yeah Steve, come on, push it in, you know you want to fuck your aunt," she said groaning as she took all of my dick.

"Do you like that, you know you like my dick up your ass."

"Oh yeah fuck me harder, I love your dick, come on Steve, cum in your aunts asshole!"

"Uhh, here I cum, take it aunt, you know you love my cum."

I then cummed into her asshole, I just felt her asshole grip my dick ass, as she came too. We both laid on the bed exhausted. After about five minutes I just felt my aunt lick my dick, that automatically made me get hard again.

"I want you inside my pussy now, Steve, I want you to fuck me like you've ever fucked anyone," she whispered to me.

I then got on top of my aunt and stuck my hard dick into her pussy. I found it to be unusually tight. Every time I pumped in it seemed to grip my dick harder.

"Oh yeah Steve, fuck your aunt, harder Steve, uhhh..... harder."

As I fucked her harder I slowly cupped her tits and made them harder than ever.

"Do you like that aunt, oh yeah, you know you love it, you know you love my dick."

"I love your dick, know fuck me, uhhh...fuck me...oh yeah Steve."


"Oh yeah Steve cum in your aunt, give it all to your aunt."

As I was about to cum I just felt my aunt's pussy grip my dick and I felt all her juices. As she came I just felt my third load of cum, coming up. I cummed in my aunt.

"Steve you are great, I wouldn't mind doing this all the time," my aunt said exhausted.

The next week I moved in with my aunt and every time my uncle leaves, my aunt makes me fell comfortable.


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