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My Aunt Jenna Pt. II
by SM402

I had just moved in to my aunt and uncle's house with the excuse that I wanted to move to the small town where they lived. My intention all along was of course my Aunt Jenna. Ever since that first encounter with her I couldn't possibly go back home and miss all that fun. My mother seemed to question my decision because she thought I would be to much of a hassle and two because she thought I would be an extra cost to my uncle, aunt and their daughter, which was about 20 but had just moved into her parents house after she got divorced from a short term marriage.

When I first brought all my stuff I had to settle in to the basement while my cousin, Amy moved into her old room, the guestroom. Amy had really grown and looked like her mother, my aunt, but in a slender, younger, and more energetic way. She was about 5'7 and had long brunette hair. She had the same great ass as her mother but her tits were a little bigger and much firmer.

My uncle had never suspected about my aunt and I since we seemed to talk normally and just act like nephew and aunt. My uncle hadn't had a business trip in days so my aunt and I hadn't really gotten to do anything since that first time.

On my third night with my aunt and uncle I got my first taste of sex, but not with my aunt, instead I got some from Amy, my cousin. It all started one night while she went into the basement to get some laundry and I was just on my bed laying down and just staring into space.

"Hey Steve, what's up," she said taking the laundry and placing it in the basket.

"Nuthin', just thinking about stuff," I said as I looked at her ass in those little short shorts, while she bent over and placed clothes in the basket.

Damn, she looks good, I thought to myself. She especially looked sexy in those shorts and that tight shirt.

"Hey Steve, can I talk to you about something personal," she said settling next to me in the bed as I got up and sat next to her.

"Sure, go ahead."

"Well, um..., I really got to tell you something, and I don't want you to take it the wrong way, but ever since I saw you I've been having these fantasies, um..., about, um..., you,"

"That is news, wow, I never thought that you would think of me that way, but I really think that I feel the same way.

"Oh what a relief, but still I don't think we should do anything, I mean we might get caught, and anyway it's wrong."

"Yeah, but I don't think it's wrong if nobody finds out, I mean if you want we could you know," I said hoping she would budge.

"Well I think it wouldn't be wrong if nobody found out and anyway your way to handsome to pass up, even if you are my cousin."

Amy then got up and leaned over and gave me a deep passionate kiss, literally darting her tongue into my mouth. As she kissed me I slipped my hands under her shorts and panties and into her ass, when I got there I slowly starting rubbing it.

Amy then slowly got up and starting taking of her shirt then her shorts, which only left her in only a bra and a pair of panties. She then went over to me and slipped of my shorts and took of my shirt.

"Oh my Steve, you sure are excited," Amy said as she slipped my underwear of and started playing around with my extremely hard dick.

"I see you've discovered Steve," my aunt said as she walked down the stairs.

"Oh, mom, it's not what it seems, I'm really sorry, I never meant to do anything," Amy said scared.

"Don't worry Amy, I would of done the same if I were in your place, as a matter of fact I already did it, now Amy just relax, don't worry about a think because I'm pretty sure Steve can handle the two of us.

My Aunt Jenna just went to the bed and started stripping and then took of Amy's lingerie too. They both stood naked there in front of me and devilishly looked at my dick.

"Amy I bet you've never sucked a dick like Steve, why don't you give it a try," my aunt said as she pushed Amy towards me.

Amy slowly got on her knees and grabbed a hold of my dick with her hand and slowly licked the tip and circled the my whole dick. She then took a little bit of it and started sucking on it. She then got more and more and started sucking harder and harder. My aunt then came up behind Amy and starting licking my cousin's asshole.

"Mom, what are you doing, stop it," Amy said as she stopped sucking my dick and looked at my aunt shocked.

"Just keep on sucking on your cousin and I'll make you feel good, we are just getting warmed up for the good part," my aunt said as she started to stick her tongue into Amy's tight asshole.

Amy then just went back to sucking my dick. She took my whole dick into her mouth and then would start pressing on it with her lips then she would slowly suck it and then she would take a little and suck some more.

"Oh yeah Amy, that's what I like, come on Amy," I said as she sucked on my dick.

"Oh, Ummm.., I going to cum," I said as Amy started to suck harder.

My aunt then got up and pushed my cousin back. I was sort of shocked because I had a whole load in my balls and my aunt had pulled my cousin away.

"Okay know it's my turn, Steve, I know you want to fuck me," my aunt said as she laid on the bed and spread her legs apart. I noticed that she had shaved her pussy. I then got on top of her and started fucking her.

"Oh yeah Steve, come on, harder is that all you got."

"Oh aunt your so good, oh yeah you know you like it," I said as I fucked her harder.

"Steve, you so great, ohh, ohhhh, Amy why don't you come over and suck on your mommies titties."

Amy then moved onto the bed and started to play with my aunt's tits while I fucked her as hard as I could. Amy slowly starting licking them but then she started to suck my aunt's tits furiously.

"I'm about to cum."

"Come on Steve let it all out in your aunt."

"Uhhh..., oooohhhhh, there I cum," I said as let out a big load into my aunts pussy.

I then took my dick out of my aunt and laid on my back, I then looked out of the corner of my eye and saw my aunt putting Vaseline in my cousin Amy's asshole.

"Steve I think that Amy deserves some pleasure, and I think you would love it since it is her first time," my aunt said as she put Vaseline around Amy's asshole then licked it.

"Alright honey get on all fours and you cousin will fuck you like you've never gotten fucked before." My aunt said as she pointed to Amy's asshole.

My dick rapidly got hard again, I slowly went up to Amy and slowly started to stick my dick into her tight asshole. I was real tight and Amy kept screaming as I pulled in inch by inch.

"Oh mommy, this hurts so much," Amy said as took my dick deeper into her asshole.

My aunt then told me and Amy to stand up, I left my dick in which was in pain because of the extreme pressure. My aunt then kneeled down and started to suck on Amy's pussy, which was also shaven.

"Oh mom that feels so good, and ohhhh, Steve that is starting to feel so good, come on Steve harder, fuck me like you fucked my mommie, come on mom, eat your daughters pussy, you know you like my pussy," Amy said groaning to being fucked both ways.

"Oh yeah Amy you know you love my dick, come on aunt suck on her pussy."

"Come on Steve harder, uuuuhhhhh, ohhhhh, that feels so good, I think I'm going to cum," Amy said.

"My too I'm about to cum, ohhhhh, your pussy is so tasty," my aunt said as she fingered herself and sucked on Amy's pussy.

I cummed in Amy's tight asshole, all my cum came out and then came out through her asshole, my aunt then cummed on the floor, and Amy's cummed all over my aunt's face.

We all laid on the bed exhausted after this intense encounter with each other. From this experience I knew that moving in was the best thing I had ever done.


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