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My Aunt Jenna Pt. III
by SM402

It was all good for the first few days with my aunt and my cousin, that is until my mom decided to visit me. I really dreaded this because she would be constantly on my case and most importantly I wouldn't be able to have fun with my aunt or cousin.

My mom wasn't really very strict, but very conservative. She was the type of mom who would freak at the word sex. She was of course my uncle's sister, so my aunt and her weren't related. She and my aunt for some odd reason got along real well and would always talk for hours.

My mom got to my uncle's house on a Friday afternoon. As usual she was wearing her long conservative skirt and a loose top. She wore very little make up and as I met her she gave me a big hug and told me how I was.

"Oh Steve how have you been, oh thanks a lot Jenna for taking care of him, has he been any trouble," she said as she hugged my uncle, aunt, Amy, and me.

"No he's been great," my aunt said as she winked at Amy.

"Yeah Aunt Marcy, having Steve has been a lot of fun," Amy said as she smiled shyly.

"Don't worry about him Marcy, he's been a real help, especially when I go away, it's great to have a man with these two gals," my uncle said proudly.

My uncle and I helped out my mom with her stuff and we headed home. When we got home my uncle asked me if my mom could stay in my room, and I could sleep in the living room, and I of course agreed. That first night was crappy, as I slept in a little couch, and worst of all didn't get any from my aunt or cousin. My aunt and my mom stayed up real late in the kitchen, which also sucked because the light from the kitchen could clearly be seen in the living room.

"Having fun Steve," Amy whispered as she walked in.

"No, this bites," I whispered back to her.

"I bet my mom and your mom will go out some time so that we can have fun," Amy whispered back as she left for the kitchen. She stayed with my mom and my aunt till about two in the morning when they all finally went to sleep.

As it turned out we would go out everywhere as a big family, and as much as I tried I couldn't have time for myself. It was like this for the whole weekend until my uncle left for another business trip that Tuesday. That day my aunt and my mom went to the airport to drop of my uncle while Amy and I stayed at the house alone, finally.

"Hey Amy we're finally alone," I said as I gently caressed her thighs.

"I think I noticed Steve, but I don't think we should do this right now, I mean what if they get back early and see us," she said trying to wave of my arm.

"They won't be back early, I mean I bet we have at least an hour or two," I said as I tried to convince her that we should do it.

I finally got to her and convinced her that we should go at it. We started of slowly by kissing and touching each other. She would touch my dick, and then I would go and touch her tits or her ass. Then suddenly we heard the door open and there my aunt and my mom stared at us on the sofa on top of each other.

"Oh my, what do you think you are doing Steve, do you know how wrong this is, get of her this instant, I'm so sorry Jenna I didn't know this was happening, oh my, where did I go wrong," my mom said as she pulled me off Amy and tried to explain everything to my aunt.

"Calm down Marcy, I think we need to talk," my aunt said as she sat my mom down on the sofa.

"Marcy this isn't wrong, okay, it's completely normal to have sex, and I don't think you should condemn a young man for sex, even if it is with his own cousin," my aunt said as she tried to explain to my mom what was happening.

"But Jenna this is so wrong, I don't think it's right especially with your own cousin," my mom said, as she tried to clear out everything that was happening.

"It's not wrong Marcy, I mean, haven't you ever fantasized about one of your own relatives," my aunt said, trying to make a point.

"Yeah but it's just a fantasy."

"No Marcy, it's not just a fantasy, it's something that you should do, I mean wouldn't you of loved to fulfill that fantasy, and anyway I don't think that having sex with anyone is wrong, in fact it's beautiful."

This statement of course left my mom kind of shocked and then kind of relieved at the same time.

"Now that we got this out of us, I got to kind of confess something, my fantasy was with umm, with you and Amy," my mom said as she lowered her head and talked to my aunt.

"Well why don't we fulfill that fantasy, and I bet you won't mind if Steve joins in, I mean it was him who started this whole thing," my aunt said as she leaned over towards my mom.

"Uhhh, well okay, but don't tell anyone one, but, ohh, okay, what the heck," my mom said as she started to undress.

To my surprise my mom wasn't half bad, I mean I had always seen her as the type of person who would be unsexy, but she was the total opposite. As she started to undress she revealed a tremendous set of legs and also a nice firm tight ass, and most beautiful of all, a nice shaven pussy which really gave me a hard on. As she took her top off she also unveiled a tight stomach and nice firm tits. As she let her hair down, she looked like a model, I mean my mom was actually fine.

She then went over to my aunt and then started to take off her clothes. She kissed her as she started to undress her and then my aunt would finger my mom's already wet pussy. My mom started by taking my aunt's shirt of then her jeans, she then unstrapped her bra, and then slipped my aunt's panties off, all while the made out. This had to be the most incredible sight. This two people, both in their thirties, were all over each other.

"That's one hell of a sight to see," Amy said as she started to undress and joined the excitement.

"What the heck," I said to myself as I undressed and hoped to join the whole thing.

This was truly one of those things that you truly will probably ever see, especially be involved in. It was incredible, my mom and my aunt made out while my cousin, Amy, ate my mother up. All the while Amy fingered herself and my mom fingered my Aunt Jenna. This was unbelievable, I was watching three beautiful women have sex, and best yet I could join in.

As I moved towards the action, I noticed Amy and she pointed towards my mom's ass. My dick was real hard, so I started by leaning over towards my mom's ass and licking it so that my dick might go in. My mom kind of shook a little but kept on making out with my aunt. I then stood up and opened her cheeks and pushed my dick in her tight little ass hole. She kind of shuddered a little but just went with it. I pumped my dick in and out of her ass as fast as I could. I didn't take long for her to come to an intense orgasm. As she started to orgasm, her tight asshole gripped my dick real tight, which made my load come out in her asshole. As some of it leaked out Amy licked it and then moved to my mom's asshole and licked the my cum out of her asshole. My mom was kind of dumbfounded by the whole thing and exhausted, but my aunt had other ideas.

"Hey Marcy, I think that Steve didn't get enough, how bout we take turn sucking his young hard dick, wouldn't that be fun, I think that I should start since I discovered him first," my aunt said as she kneeled down and started to suck on my dick.

"Wait mom, I think that we should do it together, I bet Aunt Marcy wouldn't mind," Amy said as she kneeled down and started to suck on my balls.

"No I think I have other plans for Steve," my mom said as she laid down and tried to recover from the intense fuck she had gotten.

The dick sucking was incredible, my aunt would suck on my dick, all the while Amy would move around my balls and put them in her mouth. This was so intense that I had to sit down. My aunt was unbelievable, as my aunt and cousin both joined in sucking on my dick, sometimes both of them sucking on my dick while others they met lips while sucking. It only took a few minutes for me to produce a whole new load of cum. This was incredible because both women licked the cum of my dick and as some of the cum got on Amy's tits, my aunt started to suck on her tits.

After a while my mom signaled me to go over to the sofa where she was. She then laid down and told me to get on her stomach. I did as she told and sat on her stomach. She then noticed that my dick wasn't hard and started to play with it, massaging it, this then got my dick hard again. As my dick finally got hard, she got it and stuck it between her tits.

"I always wanted to do this, but your father always said no, now I want you to relax and cum all over your mother's titties," my mom said as she started to massage my dick with her nice tits. As she did this my aunt and Amy fingered each other and made out. I then leaned over and started to fondle and suck on my mom's tits.

"Oh yeah Steve suck on them good."

"Oh cum on mom, faster, don't you want my cum all over you."

My mom then started to squeeze my her tits and rub them faster. My aunt and my cousin all the while fingered each other and made out.

As my mom squeezed harder I let out a huge load of cum, some of it reaching her face, the rest streaming down my mom's tits. She was very satisfied with what she had done, and as the last of my cum came out of my aching dick, she called Amy and my aunt.

"Why don't you two help us get cleaned up," my mom said to Amy and my aunt, which automatically got up and started to lick on my mom's tits. Amy went to my mom's tits and licked all over them, clearing all of my cum and then slurping on my mom's tits. At the same time, my aunt went over to my soft aching dick and sucked on it. This wasn't like any other blowjob, but painful yet very pleasurable. She didn't just lick it, but she literally sucked it, making my dick get a little hard and a making a little cum come out. This was incredible because this gave me an intense orgasm and also dried me off all my cum.

When we had finished we all laid the living room exhausted, sticky, naked, but most importantly of all satisfied.

"So what do you think of having sex with relatives," my aunt said.

"I don't know, I'm too tired to think, all I know is that I feel real tired, but yet very satisfied, thanks Jenna," my mom said.


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