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Mother and Kids
by momsgoodboy

Pam Meyers was all woman, 40 years old with two boys Len and Mick 15 and 16 years respectively. Pam, a big, muscular women, towered over her boys, her very, very full figure 48DD-33-46 had a devastating effect on anyone she met, her boys now young teenagers were not immune from her sensual demeanour.

Now Pam wasn't modest when it came to casual home dress, she often paraded around the house in her underwear or baby doll exhibiting her magnificent body, having an abnormal effect on her children. She was tactile and loved hugging and kissing her boys at any excuse. Len loved to be near his mamma especially in the evening when Pam wore casual clothing. Most evening they would watch telly, Pam wearing a short robe hardly covering her magnificent body, her thighs, big and strong showing as her legs were crossed, her huge breasts and cleavage jiggled as she breathed. Len used to shift positions for the best view, her legs he sat opposite, her breasts he sat next to her.

Pam realised that Len was peeping at her so she started to tease him slightly pouting her mouth as he looked on, or slowly rubbing her massive thighs as he tried to hide his obvious erection. Some times Pam stood up while her son was in a hot state and cuddle him tightly and kissing him. One evening as they were watching telly Len peeping on his mamma, Pam crossed her legs showing most of her massive thighs about twice the width of Lens body.

She looked at Len. "Lenny do you like looking at mama?"

Len blushed. Lenny still peeking at his mama, his cock raging hard.

"Lenny, come here," Pam ordered. Lenny stood in front of his mamma while Pam crossed her legs showing her massive thighs, her huge cleavage bulging. "Lenny, you must stop peeking at Mummy, it's wrong looking at me like that," she whispered.

"S..sorry mummy," Lenny stammered.

"You shouldn't stare at mummy's body, and look at that disgusting bulge! Has Mummy done that? has looking at Mummy done that to my boy?"

"Yes Mummy," he whimpered.

"You disgust me Lenny, look at your cock!" Pam rubbing her thighs tantalising her son. "You're extremely naughty, I hope you don't play with yourself thinking about Mummy."

Lenny said nothing.

Pam noticed pre-cum stains seeping through his shorts. Pam lifted her bare foot and slowly rubbed Lenny's leg, making Lenny's cock swell.

"Sit next to Mummy."

Lenny sat down next to his mamma, her massive long legs exposed to her son.

"Mummy can help you relieve yourself by showing more of my body while you wank yourself, because it's wrong if Mummy touched your hard dripping cock."

Lenny, flushed red, his cock quivering.

"Go on baby, wank yourself for Mummy," she whispered in his ear. "Would you like Mummy to talk dirty to her little baby while you toss your big prick?"

Lenny started to rub his erection under his shorts while Pam undid her robe revealing her huge breasts wrapped in a blue nylon baby doll. "Is this want got you hard? Mummy's BIG tits, or was it my large THIGHS?"

"Oh Mummy Mummy..." Lenny said subconsciously.

Pam started to massage her tits in front of Lenny. "Mmm, look at my big TITS Lenny, wank your cock baby, shoot your spunk for Mummy."

Lenny started to masturbate, not caring anymore, the sight of his mother's body and her dirty talk made him horny than ever. "Baby, I want you to wank over Mummy's BIG TITS," Pam pushed her huge globes together. "Come on Lenny, spunk for Mummy." Pam moved her legs near Lenny's rampant erection. "Rub your hard cock on Mummy's big thighs, spunk on me baby, come on shoot your fuck juice on Mummy."

Pam put her arm around Lenny's arm and neck and pulled his head into her pendulous breasts as Lenny rubbed his cock on his Mum's big thigh. "Now baby, come for Mummy," she whispered.

"I'm coming Mum, I'm coming!!" Lenny ejaculated with such force that his cum shot up Pam's big thighs, Lenny never experienced such a climax.

+"Good boy,Mummys good boy" Pam quietly whispered. "My Little boys covered Mummy with spunk" Pam started to rub her boys cream on her legs. Pam kissed her boy on the lips."Mummys feeling horny,my baby's made Mummy hot" "This is our secret Lenny, you must not tell anyone, Ok baby?"

"Yes, Mum," said Lenny still trying to recuperate.

"Do you feel better now baby?"

"Yes Mummy."

"Now come give me a cuddle, baby." Lenny cuddled into Pam as she put her arm around him her baby doll up to her crutch, while her breasts spilling out at Lenny. "Is my baby still excited?"

"A little, Mum," Lenny answered.

Pam stroked her boy's leg. "My, you're getting hard again, Lenny."

"I'm sorry, Mum, it's your bo..."

Pam intervened. "My body, Son? Is Mums big body making my baby hard again?" Pam started rubbing her legs, teasing Lenny. "Do you like Mummy's legs, or is it my BIG TITS you like, Would you like to SUCK MUMMYS TITS, baby?"

Lenny just nodded as Pam pushed her baby doll below her pendulous boobs, her huge nipples jutting invitingly.

"I know this is wrong, but Mummy wants to feel her baby's cock. Can Mummy stroke your hard fuck meat? while baby sucks my big tits?" Pam was hot, real hot - she wanted to eat him. "Baby, Mummy's hot, you've made Mom hot." Pam slipped off her baby doll, naked apart from her pink panties, her magnificent body over shadowing, overpowering her son.

She proceeded to strip her son and laid him on the floor. She lay on her side her beautiful body Amazonian, and offered her son her left breast. "Mummy's pussy's all wet, baby's made Mom horny." She reached out and grabbed her sons cock. "Baby, Mummy's got to hold your hard cock, Mummy wants to wank you, Oh baby I'm wet for you..."

Pam proceeded in jacking her son as Lenny suckled on her huge tit. "That's it baby suck my tittie while Mummy wanks your fuck meat." Pam's large hand sliding up and down Lenny's now hard cock, all the time whispering to him. "My cunt's wet baby, Mummys fanny's wet, suck my tit bite Mummy's nipple." Pam stopped masturbating her son. "Baby Mummy needs to taste your cream. Mummy needs to suck cum out of baby's cock."

Pam was crazed with lust, licking Lenny's body until she reached his genitals. Pam started to suck her sons cock with a suction so powerful Lenny thought she was sucking the life out of him. Pam sucked and licked, licking her sons piss hole, licking his full shaft. "My baby's has a beautiful big cock, Mummy loves sucking baby," she crooned. Pam started to lick her sons balls, sucking and licking them in turn.

"Is baby's balls full of hot cum? Mummy want baby to spunk in Mummy's mouth" Pam continued to suck her son's cock while caressing his body with her hands. Pam stopped sucking and started wanking her son with her huge tits, stroking his piss hole with her large nipples, sliding it up and down his shaft. \

"Mummy, Mummy!" Lenny shouted as he waved his head from side to side in pure ecstasy.

"Mummy's going to make baby spunk with her big juicy tits, Mummy's going to cream her baby boy!"

Pam wanted to finish her boy in style. "Mummy's going to finish baby off by tit rubbing and licking my baby all over, would you like that baby?"

Lenny just panted.

Pam started to rub her pendulous tits all over her son's body, licking as she went a long. Such a sexy sight, this big women, strong and powerful wanking her son with her huge breasts. Pam speeded up her ministrations on her child as Lenny ejaculated.

"Oh Mummy, Mummy!" Lenny screamed.

Pam kept on rubbing herself on him as his semen spouted all over the place. Pam licked him clean devouring her son's semen. "Mmm delicious! My baby's spunk taste good." Pam licked her son dry, lay her huge body on him and whispered, "This is our little secret baby, don't even tell your brother, Ok?"

"Yes Mummy, I won't tell," he replied.

"Good boy, and if baby's cock gets hard again, tell Mummy and she'll kiss baby's Peepee better."

Pam got up from her son, standing, her gargantuan body towering as she proceeded to put on her discarded clothes. Pam came over to Lenny, now dressed and sat next to him.

"I love you, baby," she held him in a tight embrace rubbing his side and kissing his cheek.

Mick, her other son walked in. "Hi folks!!" he shouted.

Pam still holding Lenny answered. "Hi Mickey, I've missed you!"

Mick noticed how his Mamma was dressed and how she was caressing Lenny. Mick had a girl, a sweet little Catholic, very fine features and painfully thin, unlike his big mamma. Pam stood up and walked over to Mick, her huge cleavage jiggling, she stopped next to Mick and hugged him, her breasts pressing on his body, her thighs pressing on his belly, she was about four inches taller than Mick.

Pam went upstairs to change and try on her new yellow bikini. She looked like a goddess, her massive breasts spilling out the top while her huge long muscular thighs would crush any one living. Pam shouted for Mick. "Mickey, come upstairs for a minute please. Mickey ran upstairs and entered his Mums room.

"What do you think Mickey, is it too skimpy for your old Mummy?"

Mickey gazed on his Mothers beautiful big body, his cock growing instantly. "Oh no mother, you look beautiful!"

"Thank you baby!" Pam walked over and tightly hugged her son, his face buried in her huge breasts. "Sorry baby, Mummy forgot how big my tits are!"

Mickey blushed, not used at his mothers language. "How big are your breast's mother?"

"What a naughty boy, asking his mother how big my tits are, close the door Mickey!!"

Mick closed the door slightly puzzled at his Mums request. "Ok mamma" he replied. Pam sat on the bed. "I have got big tits haven't I baby? Go in that top draw and pick out a bra, you know where Mummy's bra's are kept don't you baby?"

Pam had caught her son going through her knickers and Bra's. Mickey picked out a bra wondering at the size. "Read the label baby what does it say?" Mickey read the label.

"Wow Mamma, you're a 48DD!"

"That's correct baby, Mummy's got big breasts."

Again Mickey blushed.

"Would you like to see Mummy's big juicy tits?"

Micky's cock was rampant. Pam stood up and unfastened her bikini top, her huge breasts falling out. Micky just stood looking up at his mum, mouth wide open.

"Oh dear, Mum has made baby excited, has Mummy's body excited my Baby?" Pam walked up to Micky her pendulous breasts and huge thighs having a devastating effect on her son, his cock was now jutting out.

"My my, my baby's cocks gone all hard and wet!" Pam kissed her son and rubbed his throbbing member. Pam proceeded to strip her son naked, then slipped off her bikini bottoms, walked him over to her bed and lay down with her son, wrapping her huge thigh around him. "Mummy wants to suck and fuck baby!" Pam rubbing the tops of her huge thighs. "Suck my tits baby, suck Mum's big udders!"

As Micky sucked his mamma's boobs Pam shouted for Lenny to come upstairs. Lenny walked in, shocked, seeing his mother naked being suckled by his brother.

"Take of your clothes baby and lie next to Mummy." Lenny stripped and lay next to his Mamma. Pam lay on her back with her two boys on either side, both with raging hardons. Pam offered both boys her tits as they started sucking like baby's. She had her arms around each locked in a vice.

"That's it, babies, suck Mummy's tits, lick Mum's big udders." Pam sat up and pushed the two boys together. "Mummy's going to suck both your pricks at the same time!"

With that she put her son's cocks in her mouth and sucked hard. She had decided to fuck her boys. "Lenny, Mummy's going to fuck your cock now." she sat astride of her son while Micky watched, her huge tits bouncing off Lenny's face as she fucked her son.

Pam leaned over and kissed Micky then giving him her huge tits, while fucking Lenny. Pam's body smothered both her boys her body being broad. Lenny screamed as he came. "That's it, Lenny, spunk inside Mummy's cunt, fuck Mummy!"

She turned to Micky. "I'm going to fuck you now, Baby. Would you like Mummy to fuck your big cock?"

Pam fucked Micky hard, he came in seconds. Pam, not fulfilled, proceeded to lick and tit roll her children, like a demented animal she-cat.

"Mummy's tits are hot!" Pam smothered both boys in her massive body, spitting saliva and licking it back off her boys. Pam lay her boys on their back while she straddled a massive thigh over both of them locking them tight, she then put her left arm under both boys her huge tits covering both of her son chests. "You are mama's boys, I'm your only woman, if you are good Mummy will tit roll you, thigh wank and arse lick my baby's, Ok?"


The End (for now)

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