The Best Erotic Stories.

My Aunt Meg
by Chopper

"Oh god Carla you do me so good, yes, yes, yes suck me lick me, it feels so good."

I was into something good. I had my face buried in Laurie's cunt along with two fingers. I wanted to shove my whole face inside her. I felt so fortunate to have this sweet things sex pushing back so hard against me. We had been lovers for two weeks and Laurie is so beautiful. How did I get so lucky to land her? I'm 45. Laurie is only 25. She is the featured dancer in the club I own called The Cave, one of the most popular lesbian clubs in New York. We had become friends immediately and that friendship rapidly turned into a love affair. Laurie is 5'5 with 36B breasts, long blond hair halfway down her back and a great pair of legs. I'm about the same height as she, but the similarity ends there. I have brown hair cut short. My body is just average with 34B breasts. Everyone tells me that I'm beautiful both inside and out. Right now all I know is that I have this delicious pussy at my command.

"Your tongue is magical, you're driving me crazy," Laurie moaned.

"And you taste so good, I love you Laurie." I started concentrating on her clit and had her screaming and bucking all over the bed within seconds. I raised up on my knees and slid my fingers in my own pussy, which was dripping wet.

"I'm cumming Carla, I'm cumming."

I looked up to watch her face as she came. Laurie was pulling on both of her nipples really hard. Her eyes were closed and she had an ecstatic look on her face. She was grinding her cunt into my face and screaming my name.

"Carla, Carla, I'm going to soak your face now. Oh good god here it comes. Ahhhhhhhhh!"

As Laurie was screaming and writhing I flicked my clit with my thumb and plunged my fingers in and out of my cunt and brought myself to a mind-bending orgasm.

"Come up here, Carla."

I slid up the bed and lay on my back.

"Now stick out your tongue."

I stuck out my tongue and Laurie started sucking and licking her juices off of it. She then kissed and licked my face all over.

"I'm quite a gusher aren't I."

"Yes you are and I love every drop of it."

"Could I ask you something Carla?"

"Sure, shoot."

"When are you going to ask me to move in with you?"

"Do you really want to, our age difference doesn't bother you?"

"Our age difference is not important to me Carla. I love you and think you are beautiful."

"OK I'm asking."

We spent the rest of Sunday moving Laurie's things to my apartment. My place is a loft directly over my club. It's one big room with a bathroom that's enclosed that I had custom built and I must say it's luxurious and beautiful.

We finished up a little after eight that evening and we were worn out. I told Laurie I slept in the nude most of the time and she said she did all the time.

"Let's get undressed and snuggle." Laurie's voice sounded tired.

"OK, let's," I said.

After undressing we climbed into the bed and pulled my comforter over us and lay face to face with our breasts touching.

"You know my folks back in Memphis know nothing about my choice of lifestyle. I'm afraid they would disown me if they found out," Laurie told me.

"Laurie, my parents have known about my sexual preferences since I left my no good husband for a woman over twenty years ago. They don't like it but they have accepted it in their own way I guess. I hardly ever see them or talk to them and when I do go home to St. Louis I have to go alone. No girlfriends allowed. Let me tell you about my Aunt Meg. She's 86 years old, lives in Chicago and nobody in the entire family has spoken or had anything to do with her since she was a young girl, except me and I adore her and always have, even before I knew why everyone hated her. She's quite well off and always sends me a generous gift at Christmas and on my birthdays."

"Let me guess, she's a lesbian."

"You got that right. The thing is she was much younger than her lover was and she died when Aunt Meg was still in her sixties. Aunt Meg sold their house and now lives in a nice apartment. She is still sharp as a tack and looks more like sixty-six instead of eighty-six. I'd like for you to meet her and hear her story. I haven't been to see her for a while, what with the club and all. Let's arrange for a couple of days off and go to Chicago."

"Read my lips Carla, I'm not worried about our age difference, but I would like to meet your aunt. So if you can work it out lets go. Now I'm very tired, lets get some sleep. Give me a kiss."

The Cave really looks like a cave with fake stone walls. The bar is horseshoe shaped, located in the back of the room. The stage for my dancing girls is in the front of the club. I have eight dancers, with Laurie being the most popular, especially when she is teamed with Cassandra, a six foot one black girl and they have got a hot act together. It drives the women into frenzy when they start grinding their bodies against one another. It drives me crazy to see them together.

The Cave opens for business at four and the entertainment starts at seven and lasts till two. I normally meet my assistant manager Lucy at noon to get ready for business. Lucy is a little knock-out Puerto Rican. We had been lovers for a while but now we were very good friends and she was an excellent employee.

Monday, Lucy had already arrived when I came downstairs and was getting things ready for the customers. I talked to her about handling the bar for a few days and she had no problem with it.

Monday is usually a fairly slow night and tonight was no exception. When Laurie and Cassandra came on stage I had time to enjoy their erotic dance act and my pussy was soaked when they finished. We closed the club right on time. I told Lucy to close up and I headed for the dressing room to get Laurie.

I grabbed her by the hand and said, "Let's go upstairs."

She was wearing nothing but a short silk robe as I walked behind her I could see most of her ass as we climbed to the loft.

Inside, I cupped her face in my hands and kissed her gently.

"I get so hot and wet watching you and Cassandra together."

Laurie didn't reply, she just slipped her tongue inside my mouth and began kissing me passionately, cupping both of my breasts and squeezing them through my t-shirt. I slipped my hand between her legs and found that she was water logged.

"I have it all set up for our trip to see my aunt."

"Great, when do we leave?"

"Tomorrow at three, I've got us a great room and I plan for us to use it a lot."

"I'm really excited about our trip and meeting your aunt. Now why don't we go take a bath."

"You wait here babe and let me run the water for you."

Laurie disengaged herself and I headed for the bathroom. I lit several candles as I ran her a hot bath. Laurie walked in naked.

"I could look at you forever", I told her. I took her hand and led her to the huge tub.

"Get in and I'll give you a bath."

Laurie slid down into the deep water and moaned about how good it felt. I took off my t-shirt and jeans, and slipped out of my panties and bra. I got down on my knees, got a bar of soap and began lathering Laurie's back. I moved my hands to her breasts and soaped them good, tweaking her nipples.

"Pinch my nipples a little harder, I like a little pain."

"My pleasure," I said and tugged on them hard.

"Oh Carla, that hurts so good."

"Now let me wash your pretty blond bush."

When I had her cunt good and soapy I ran my hand down her slit all the way to her ass hole and just tickled it a bit, then putting two fingers in her cunt pushing them in and out briskly.

"I love it when you're inside me, it feels so fucking good, oh, oh Carla, fuck me, fuck me."

Laurie was pulling on her nipples fiercely as I fucked her hard.

"I'm cumming Carla, I'm cumming, come on baby make my pussy cum. Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh god! Oh! God, ahhhhhhhhh."

Laurie came so hard her head went completely under the water and she came up spitting and coughing and laughing

"I love you Carla."

This little scene had me soaking and I got in the tub standing up with my pussy right in Laurie's face. She didn't have to be told what to do. She reached around me and grabbed my ass cheeks and started kissing my love box. Laurie kissed it gently, sniffed and licked all up and down my slit.

"You're really wet baby."

"I know, eat my pussy please Laurie."

She pushed her tongue in me as far as it would go and fucked me with it hard in the meantime flicking my clit with her finger. I was humping her face frantically, it felt so good.

"Come on baby, cum on my face, cum on my face."

"Laurie, Laurie, oh babe suck my cunt, oh yeah, oh god I'm cumming, I'm gonna cum so hard. Ohhhhhhh babe, it's so good, it's so good." I came so hard I couldn't remain standing, my legs were shaking so bad. I sank down in the tub kissing Laurie, tasting myself on her.

"I'm ready for a road trip," I told Laurie.

"Me too, lets get a good nights rest."

We had a delay getting out of New York and finally arrived at Chicago's O Hare. Picking up our rental car, we were checked in and unpacked at our hotel by eight thirty. Neither of us was hungry so we headed straight for bed. Both of us naked, we cuddled and kissed and caressed each other for a long time. I love kissing and that's all we did for what seemed like hours. I realized that I had tears running down my cheek.

"What's wrong," Laurie asked.

"Laurie I've slept with my share of women. I guess I've

just been in lust for the past twenty years, and now you've come along and I truly do love you. Maybe it was lust at first sight but now it is a wonderful love for you. I just love holding you and doing things for you, and being with you. I don't have the energy I used to have because of the club and remember I'm forty five."

"Carla, I love you too. The sex we have is so good, and with you it's the quality not the quantity. This really is the best sex I've ever had so don't worry about it. Are you tired tonight?"

"Yeah a little."

"Then lets cuddle up and get some sleep."

I awoke early Wednesday morning and just watched Laurie sleep for several minutes. At seven I gave her a shake to wake her up.

"Wake up Laurie."

She pulled me to her and kissed me.

"Did you get rested Carla?"

"Yeah, lets get dressed, have some breakfast and go to Aunt Megs."

We arrived at Aunt Megs at about ten thirty. I had told Laurie that my aunt did not ever dress casually so we shouldn't either. Laurie had on a red blazer with a black dress underneath that came to about her mid thigh. She looked great. I chose a black skirt, knee length with a silk blouse.

I rang the bell and Aunt Meg was right there to answer.

"Aunt Meg, hi, it's so good to see you," and we gave each other a big hug.

"You girls come on inside and make yourselves at home. I took Laurie by the hand and we stepped into the elegant apartment.

"Aunt Meg this is my girlfriend Laurie, the best nude dancer in New York."

My aunt shook Laurie's hand.

""I'm so pleased to meet you, I've don't believe I've met any of Carla's lady friends before. Have a seat and I'll prepare some tea, or would you rather have a drink?"

"Tea is fine for us, it's a little early for a drink."

My aunt left the room and Laurie exclaimed, "I can't believe she eighty six, and she's so regal looking, classy."

"Yes she is, isn't she?"

"Here we go ladies," Aunt Meg returned from the kitchen with a tray.

We made small talk for awhile and then my aunt asked if we were happy.

"Very much so," I replied.

"Oh yes," said Laurie.

"Aunt Meg, tell Laurie about your life."

"Oh child, I don't think she wants to know about me."

"I do, I really do," Laurie told her.

"Well, OK here goes. I was born in 1914. My family was very wealthy and my father managed to retain most of his wealth even through the great depression. I was very sheltered, especially by my father, although he would buy me anything I wanted. I stayed in my room a lot and listened to the radio, I loved to listen to the radio, the music and the programs. My favorite was Amos and Andy, but that was later when I was a teenager. I became a little rebellious about the time I graduated. I wanted to go to college but my father was of the belief that a young lady should find a man and get married.

"I found me a man all right, but not one my father would have picked. He was rather wild, that's what attracted me. His family also had a lot of money and had survived the depression. Don't laugh when I tell you his name, Chip Stevens, that's right he was a Chip. He drove a car called the Cord and it was a sporty thing, something kids today would probably say was awesome. I let him take my virginity when I was eighteen, but I only slept with him two other times.

"After that something very significant happened in my life. My father had a very dear friend who had lost everything. This friend had a daughter, I think she was twenty-six at the time, that worked for us in the home. We became very good friends. Her name was Joy and she spent a lot of time catering to me, things like bringing me breakfast in bed, brushing out my long blonde hair and even washing my hair. I always noticed that Joy would breathe hard when she had contact with any part of me but I didn't think anything about it. One weekend, I can't remember if it was a Saturday or a Sunday. My parents were away and it was just Joy and I in the house. It must have been a Saturday night; I was taking a bath when Joy came in.

"Here, let me wash your back," Joy told me.

"I said ok," and away she went. That was the only part of me that she touched, but she didn't go away. She helped me out of the tub and started drying me off; she did my back and then handed me the towel. Joy left the bathroom like she was in a big hurry and she was breathing really hard. I thought she must have thought of some chore she had to do downstairs, so I finished drying myself off and pulled on a robe and walked into my bedroom. Much to my surprise, Joy was sitting on the side of my bed. I asked her if anything was wrong and she said no. Joy was staying overnight since my parents were away but she had her own room. She asked me if she could sleep in my bed and we could listen to the radio together. I was glad to have the company and said it would be OK. I was a very modest girl, so I got my flannel nightgown and went back to the bathroom to put it on.

"When I came back out Joy was already under the covers. I asked her if she had already put her gown on. Joy told me she would just sleep in her panties and bra. I was a bit shocked but I turned the radio on and found a station playing music and got in bed with Joy. We talked for awhile, mostly about boys and music. The next thing I knew Joy had rolled over and kissed me on the cheek. I asked her what she was doing and she said it was just a goodnight kiss. Joy asked me if I had ever slept with any of my boyfriends. I lied and told her no. She then asked me if I wanted her to teach me how to kiss. I was a little indignant and told her I knew how to kiss. Joy insisted that she could teach me a few things and the next thing I knew she was kissing me on the mouth. I tried to pull back, but she put her hand behind by head and pulled me back to her forcing her tongue into my mouth.

"I resisted for about a minute, but then it started to feel good. Her lips seemed so soft. We kissed and kissed and kissed. Chip had never kissed me this long. Joy placed a hand on my breast and began to play with my nipple and I didn't try to stop her. She took a long time playing with both of my breasts. By this time we were both breathing heavily. I could feel my sex, oh hell you girls know the words, my pussy was getting wet. This felt so right to be what I thought was so wrong. Joy pulled my gown up above my waist and reached between my legs and started playing with my cunt. By this time I was on fire. Joy wrestled my gown the rest of the way off and began to suck and lick my nipples. She was so gentle, continuing to play with my pussy and sucking my nipples.

"She did my breasts for a long time and then started kissing her way down my stomach. Now remember girls this was a long time ago and I had never heard of oral sex. When she placed her mouth on my cunt I said to myself, what the hell? She was licking and sucking and kissing my pussy and I was mortified, but then all of a sudden it was the most delightful experience I had ever had. Joy was bringing me a joy I had never felt before. She stopped long enough to ask if I liked it and I told her yes, and she went back to her licking and sucking. I had the first orgasm of my life that night with Joy between my legs, pardon the pun. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I came screaming her name. Joy didn't quit though; she brought me to two more orgasms. At the end of the third one I was shaking all over. Joy eased back up the bed and lay down on her back on her pillow. She didn't say anything at all. She had brought me so much pleasure I felt like I should return her affections.

"Do you want me to do you?" I asked.

"If you want to." Joy said. I really didn't know what to do. I told her to undress and she did, asking me if I was sure I wanted to do this.

"I think so," I stammered. Joy peeled off her panties and bra and lay back down on her back. I was very tentative as I placed my mouth on one of her nipples and began to suck on it. I didn't stay shy very long as I started switching from one of Joy's breasts to the other. Her nipples became very elongated and she was moaning to my ministrations.

"Finally I started moving down her stomach. Joy had a very thick pubic thatch and I just stared at it for a few seconds and then I dove in, well dove in is not exactly correct, but I did begin licking my way around. It didn't take me long to realize that I liked it, and I liked it very much. I can still remember the taste and smell and the feel of her just like it was yesterday. Joy taught me how to find her clit, pulling back the hood. The longer I did it, the more natural it seemed. Joy was lifting her hips off the bed to meet my mouth and holding my head to keep it on her cunt. I don't know how long I ate her but I remember I didn't want to stop. Joy must have had at least five orgasms that night.

"Joy and I continued to be together whenever we could for the next two years. The affair came to an end in 1934 when my father caught us together one Sunday afternoon. Joy was screwing me with a strap on in our garage when my father walked in. He grabbed Joy by the hair just as I was cumming and threw her against the wall. He then told me to get out of the house and never come back, and he didn't ever want to see me again. I was crushed. I loved my father very much and couldn't believe that he would just kick me out and disown me. I didn't know what I was going to do.

"All of my life, everyone had told me I had movie star looks, so I decided to go to Hollywood and try my luck. Money would not be a problem because my grandfather had left me a tidy sum. I packed a couple of suitcases and got out of St. Louis as fast as I could. I took the train to Hollywood, certain that I was going to be a big star. I'm an old lady now, but in 1934 I was a tall, statuequesk blonde.

"I arrived in Hollywood and since I had plenty of money I found a vacancy at the Piazza Del Sol. The Piazza Del Sol was an apartment house on Sunset and you know I still recall the address, 8439 Sunset.

"Here I was on my own for the very first time yearning to be a movie star, but I didn't know where to start. For the first week I just did some sight seeing.

"I will never forget one particular day and night. It was a rather cool November afternoon and I was standing in front of a beautiful mansion on Sunset. A woman who looked to be about 40 approached me. She had on a Tricorn hat, a highwayman cape and pointed silver buckled shoes. She introduced herself as Mercedes de Acosta. Mercedes said she was a screenwriter among other things. I told her I wanted to be an actress and she said maybe she could help me.

"She asked me if I knew who lived in the palatial mansion I was standing before and I told her no. "That's the home of the Great Russian actress Alla Nazimova, it's called the Garden of Alla.

"I didn't know it at the time, but Nazimova was the first openly gay actress in Hollywood. I found out later that Mercedes was a famous star fucker. Besides sleeping with Nazimova she had bedded the great Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich and Isadora Duncan.

"I was excited thinking de Costa could help me. I asked if she would like to come with me to my apartment for a cup of coffee. She agreed. When we arrived at my apartment, I asked her to make herself comfortable. I went to the kitchen to put coffee on and went back to the living room. Mercedes was still standing. As I entered the room she walked up to me and said, "You are very beautiful. I started to say thank you, but before I could Mercedes wrapped her arms around me and gave me a very deep passionate kiss, which I returned. It was amazing, she had my clothes off and she was naked in just a matter of seconds. She said let's go to your bedroom and I didn't object. Mercedes lay me down and told me she was devoted to giving pleasure and that I wouldn't be disappointed. She wasted no time, going straight to my nipples, kissing, touching, caressing, sucking, biting, it was wonderful. She then kissed and licked down my stomach down to my cunt. She was so good I was already writhing, groaning and moaning. She ran her finger down my slit. I was so wet with pussy goo. Mercedes then put her finger in my mouth and let me taste myself, then she got serious. She placed her mouth back on my cunt and licked, sucked, and kissed with great intensity. I was going crazy, bucking like a wild horse.

"She then swung her body around to where we were in the now famous sixty-nine position with her on top with her dripping cunt in my face. I grabbed her ass cheeks and began tonguing her. Mercedes had her head buried between my legs, sucking like a mad woman. She then pushed two fingers in me, then three as her tongue found my clit. I decided right then and there that I really loved the taste and feel of a woman. After my experience with Joy back in St Louis and the consequences of that affair I had come away a little confused about my sexuality, but now I had no doubts, I loved pussy.

"I ran my tongue as deep as I could into Mercedes and she was screwing me so hard with her fingers in my pussy. By this time we both were thrashing and twisting and turning and screaming. Mercedes said I had the sweetest tasting pussy. I took my face and rubbed all over her pussy, covering my face with her juices. I cried out that I that I was cumming and Mercedes said come on Meg cum on my face, cum on my face. I gave one big final buck and felt my orgasm build from what seemed like from my mouth on her steamy cunt all the way down to my pussy. I was shaking as I came and then Mercedes really began hunching my face and shrieked that she was cumming. We lay with our arms around each other kissing gently.

"Mercedes told me she would help me all she could to get into the movie business and I believed her. She asked me if I would like to go to a party tonight at the Garden of Alla and I said of course.

"Mercedes and her driver picked me up at eight and we drove to the Garden of Alla. Once inside this magnificent palace, I noticed all the people were women. Later I found out that this was a secret gathering place for famous and influential lesbians.

"I was led by the hand by Mercedes to an attractive lady and introduced to the great film star Nazimova. Girls, Alla was a woman ahead of her time. At the height of her career, she had script approval, approval of whom directed and so forth and this was unheard of back then.

"When Mercedes introduced me, she told Alla she had found me outside earlier in the day admiring her home and that she was going to help me get into the movies. Alla quickly cut her eyes to Mercedes and I could read her eyes saying you've already fucked her haven't you.

"Mercedes and Alla were wearing slacks. I had worn my most formal black dress that was rather low cut showing quite a lot of cleavage. Alla was in her mid fifties but certainly didn't look it and she was giving me the once over and then some. Alla asked if I would like to see the rest of her home and I told her sure. She took me on the tour and the whole place was marvelous. Naturally, we wound up in a bedroom, I don't think it was her master bedroom, but that didn't matter.

"Mercedes had you today," Alla said with just a bit of a Russian accent.

"Yes," I told her.

"Take off your clothes, Meg, and let me see you body." I couldn't say no to this woman. I took everything off and stood stark naked in front of Alla.

"You have a lovely body and you have a beautiful face, I can probably help you." This was music to my ears.

"Alla came to me and cradled my face in her hands. She then placed her right hand on the back of my head and pulled me to her, beginning to kiss me gently. I was already hot, wet and ready to have this older woman. I pushed my tongue past her lips and began probing her mouth. We stayed like this for quite some time, kissing deeply. Alla was kneading my breasts with both hands. Alla pulled her tongue from my mouth and dropped to her knees, her face level with my cunt. She lovingly caressed my pussy with her right hand while placing her left hand on my ass and ran it up and down by crack. I could feel my juices running down my thighs. Alla ran her tongue up and down my slit over and over. I was humping her face hard holding her head between my legs.

"Alla had been working my pussy over good for about three minutes when I heard the bedroom door open. I looked around and saw that Mercedes had entered the room.

"Oh Alla, I want to watch you and Meg," she said. Alla got back on her feet and said, "Of course you can watch, take your clothes off and join us."

"Mercedes was out of her clothes in a flash and sat down in a chair right next to the bed. She immediately began rubbing her pussy and pulling on her nipples.

"Alla pushed me down on the bed and said she was going to fuck me now. She pulled down her slacks to reveal a gigantic strap on. It's probably a valuable antique now. The dildo looked monstrous to me and I wasn't sure I could take it all. Alla didn't completely undress, just pulling her slacks down and leaving her shirt on. She told me to get on all fours. I got positioned getting ready for the huge fake cock. Alla didn't rush anything. I felt her fingers rubbing my wet pussy and then she replaced it with her tongue. She tongue fucked me for a long time. I could hear Mercedes making sounds as she fingered herself.

"Finally the time came and I felt the head of the cock touch me. Alla entered me slowly, giving me just a little at a time, stretching me out, and with just a few inches left she gave one final thrust and it was all the way in. It hurt just a little at first but then when Alla started fucking me in earnest it felt so good. Alla certainly knew how to use it. Her hips were like a piston going in and out of me. Mercedes yelled that it looked so good and that she was cumming. I was crying out in ecstasy as Alla kept pumping that huge cock in out of my cunt. "I'm cumming Alla, I'm cumming." I screamed. Alla leaned forward and fingered my clit without missing a beat with the dildo. I came a second time right on top of my first orgasm. Alla slowly pulled out of me and lay down on her back and told me to suck my juices off the cock. I straddled her and licked it clean. Alla said she had to get back to her guests, so we all three dressed and went downstairs.

"The party lasted all night and Mercedes took me home at about six in the morning. She said she would see me later. I crawled into bed and slept all day.

"Mercedes kept her promise to me and took me on the rounds meeting agents. All of the agents talked a good game but most of them wanted to go to bed with me. One afternoon she took me to the Sunset Towers hotel. It's now known as the Argyle Hotel. At the time it was called home by many Hollywood stars like Clark Gable, Errol Flynn, Howard Hughes and even the gangster Bugsy Siegel. She introduced me to Mr. Hughes and he was very taken with me. He signed me to one of his famous contracts, paying for my apartment and telling me to sit tight, he would find something for me. My association with Hughes didn't last to long though, because he would visit my apartment wanting to go to bed with me and I wouldn't. He tore up my contract after a couple of months.

"I met so many stars in California, it was really a wonderful time in my life. I attended a few more parties at the Garden of Alla but I never really got to make love to Nazimova, although Mercedes and I were lovers for a short time.

"I spent a year in the city called the dream factory and nothing happened for me as far as movies were concerned. I was twenty-one and homesick for the Midwest and my family. I called my father and neither he nor my mother would speak to me. It was then I decided to move to Chicago and see if I could find a career, love and happiness. Mercedes died in 1968, and Alla died in 1945. I found out years later that Nazimova was the godmother of Nancy Davis, later, as I am sure you know, Nancy Reagan, wife of the President.

"So at the age of twenty one it was back on the train and a trip to Chicago. Arriving in Chicago I found a place to rent near Wrigley Field, which was great for me because I've always been a big baseball fan. I got that from my father.

"I enrolled at Northwestern University and received my degree in Business Administration.

"I entered Northwestern when I was twenty-two and I met the love of my life and my lifetime partner there. Her name was Ruth Jacobson. Ruth was thirty-six, Jewish with a voluptuous body. Her hair was black and curly and very long. She came from a family with money also and we fell in love immediately.

"Ruth was an artist, a very good artist and she taught art. You might say we seduced each other. It was love and lust at first sight.

"Ruth modeled for the Sears catalog and through her I found employment also. I modeled ladies lingerie mostly for a few years. We both did it for fun mostly as unlike so many others in the country we didn't really need the money. I modeled all the while that I was at Northwestern.

"Ruth and I found a great home in a fashionable part of Chicago and were so happy together. We invested our money wisely and had such great times. I lost Ruth in 1975 when she was seventy-six and I was sixty-two. I still have my memories of her and that gets me through each day, my memories of lovely days and wonderful nights of love with her."

"Aunt Meg, you're looking tired," I interjected at this point.

"God what a fascinating life you've lived," Laurie exclaimed.

Aunt Meg said she was a little tired and it was time for her afternoon nap.

We said our goodbyes and I promised Aunt Meg I would come back soon and spend several days with her.

Laurie and I left the apartment and pushed the button for the elevator to take us down. When the doors slid shut Laurie kissed me. "How fast can we get back to the hotel?" she asked, taking my hand and placing it on her thong bikini panties.

"Jeez, Laurie, you are saturated."

We practically ran to our car and I drove much too fast back to our hotel. I parked it in the parking deck and still with great haste we headed for our room.

The door had hardly shut and Laurie was jerking her clothes off, tossing them here and there on the way to the bed. She flopped down on her back and fingered her pussy.

"Did you bring your strap on?" she wanted to know.

"Yes Laurie, it's like my American Express card, I never leave home without it."

"I want you to fuck me so bad and so hard."

I got out of my clothes and got my favorite strap on. I love the way this one fits and feels. It hits my clit just right when I use it. I strapped it on and lay down on top of Laurie and kissed her. She flipped me over and said she wanted to get on top. She straddled the flesh colored cock and eased herself down. She was so wet and lubricated she slid it all the way in without any trouble.

"It feels so good with you inside me," she said as she started riding me. She was going up and down so frantically the dildo would almost slip out of her pussy on her upward stroke. On the downward stroke she forced the cock to hit my clit.

"Oh fuck me, fuck me. I got so hot hearing about those women in Hollywood fucking and sucking. Yes, Yes, Yes, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, oh it fells soooooo goooood, oh Carla, I love you," and Laurie let out shriek that would wake the dead and collapsed on top of me. She then got on her knees from my side and licked the cock clean.

"I taste so good don't I?"

"Oh yeah Laurie you taste so good."

"Now it's your turn Carla."

She pulled the strap on off and began kissing me lightly all over, starting at my forehead and going all the way to my toes. She then slowly worked her way to my thighs, licking very slowly on each thigh until she reached the core of my being. She kissed my cunt lightly at first.

"I love to taste you."

"And I love the way your tongue feels in my pussy."

Carla plunged her tongue into me and tongue fucked me.

She then teased my clit until I could stand no more.

"Do me Laurie, do me now."

She rubbed her face all over my cunt, covering her face with my juices. Going for my clit with her tongue she rammed three fingers into my pussy. This beautiful young woman knew how to make me feel good. She was finger fucking me savagely while her tongue did magic on my clit. I was bucking up and down so hard she could hardly stay with me.

"Laurie, Laurie, I'm not going to last looooooong, oh god here it comes, oh, oh, oh , I'm cumming, I'm gonna cover your face, oh, oh, with my love juices. Oh god, ohhhhh, ahhhhhh, yes Laurie, yes, yes, oooooooh."

I had wrapped my legs around Laurie's shoulders and had bucked so much we were almost off the bed. We untangled and wrapped our arms around each other, each of us giving the other light kisses.

"Laurie that was so good. I love you."

"I love you too Carla, and yes, it certainly was good. Do you think our love will have a Hollywood ending?"

"Yes Laurie, I think it will."

* * * * *

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