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Marcy's Appliances
by Sparky Kronkite

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

I knew I was moaning, and loudly too but the device in my mouth muted me, it
muffled my cries into nothingness. I'm sure they were audible to those whose
hands stroked my body but not to anyone else outside a distance of a few
feet. But at this point I really didn't care. I wanted to cum. I wanted to
cum big time. And I didn't give a fuck about being gagged or not. I began to
feel pressure within my vagina - and if felt extraordinarily good. I tried
with all my might to cock my head downward - to try and see what was
happening down there. I successfully did this and what I was amazed me - an
entire hand, a male hand, all four fingers and a thumb were invading my love
hole. The pressure, the pleasure was so intense I thought I might explode in
an infinite orgasm. It was painful to look down like this but I was
mesmerized. Slowly the hand worked its way further into me. I rocked my head
back and forth, left to right, up to watch the video in which I was so
enthralled and then down again to see the hand sinking deeper into my wet
pussy - slick with my own fluids.

I then uncontrollably began to buck. Just a little at first and then
compulsively faster. The explosion of my tortured sex was beginning to rack
me. Tingles, millions of tingles started to wave throughout my body. My
hardened nipples ached with pleasure. The center of my chest burned with
pleasure. My thighs, my anus - up to my lips, my neck - hell even my toes
readied for the ultimate sexual explosion. But nothing concentrated my
sexual thoughts and my physical feelings - like my blood gorged pussy. It
was absolutely freaking out. I bucked and bucked. My legs flailing wildly
and my ass humping up into the hand rammed into my cunt. I was cumming and
throwing love juice everywhere. I watched as the hand that was fucking me
became bathed in my fuck juice - slick and glistening - plunging in and out
of me. I came and I came and I came. Even though restrained my ass was
lifting a good foot off the table or bed - whatever the fuck I was laying
on. My stifled groans only echoing within my own head. I could not seem to
stop. I didn't want to stop.

Yet my sexual torture had only just begun.

Finally, with lingering guttural groans of draining ecstasy, my orgasm
subsided. I felt completely used up. Completely limp. Yet "the hands"
continued to stroke my body. At this point of course I didn't care who or
what, they belonged to - it just didn't matter. I suddenly realized but with
little care - that I "in fact," was not in control. Yes, I could kid myself
into believing that "these were my slaves - to do my bidding," but alas they
were not, I was fooling myself - they were here to torture me. But so far,
what a wonderful torture it had been.

As I lay there in my blissful sexual stupor and as the faceless hands
continued to work there now more subtle magic, I became increasingly aware
of what was happening to me. You see my initial stimulation had been quite
cloaked beneath the layers of various stimuli that surrounded and engulfed
me. Maybe I was getting used to it, the stimuli. Maybe some of it was
wearing off. Maybe that first earth shattering orgasm had cleared my
thoughts - I don't know. All I know is that I sensed an increased mental
awareness, an increased sense of my surroundings. I even thought I could see
more, as if there were more light somehow. Maybe it was that my eyes were
growing more accustomed to the darkness. Yes, the video image above my
reclined position was still there but a different scene was now taking
place. Now a young blonde woman, a bound blonde woman, a secured blonde
woman - a woman who I suspected looked very much to be in the exact same
position I now found myself in - was projected before me. Except for the
fact that she was masked and that I could see her torturers, I felt that we
were in very similar secured positions. In her case, she appeared to be in
what looked like a large reclining chair. I had not thought about it until
now but I wondered - was I in such a chair? I couldn't see enough to
establish that fact but I noticed that the hardware - the buckles and straps
that I could see which bound me - the ones around my forearms and wrists -
appeared to be very much like the ones on the video. Yes, I began to think
that maybe I was in that same chair I was seeing on the video before me.
Wow! Holy Shit!

Excitement began once again to build inside of me. Oh the titillation. I
watched fascinated as the masked girl in the sex chair was surrounded my
both men and women - doing things to her. I drank in the feel of my
uncontrollable situation. I watched the video as "the torturers," if that's
what I must call them, broke out a bunch of sex toys of all types and began
using them on the girl all over her body. Wow. That's exactly when I noticed
something, a sound - not in the head phones held fast to my ears and not
loud but - just there. A humming. A buzzing. A vibrator. No, many

I strained my head forward, then from side to side, trying to gain a better
angle so I could see more - but to no avail. All I could see is just what I
had seen before - a little left and right, and down my body from my chin -
the rest, all around me was darkness. I then felt them - I felt the tingle.
I felt it all over - my arms, legs, thighs, tits, stomach - just about
everywhere. I of course wondered if my torturers were mimicking the exact
scenario I was seeing on the projected TV screen above me. It seemed like
that may have been what was happening to me. But what the hell - it looked
good to me - it all looked good to me.

The vibrators and hands were really beginning the work their magic. I began
bubbling back toward some kind of fevered sexual arousal. The "victim"
displayed on the video before me began to writhe, as did I. My pussy began
to overflow. I felt my own wetness ooze out of me, gravity pulling the
lubrication down the crack of my ass. I felt a probing vibrator there -
applying pressure - trying to enter my tight asshole. Another seemingly
bigger and more powerful vibrator began to buzz its way over my now
throbbing clit. I took my eyes away from the TV screen where the beautiful
blonde torture victim was beginning to thrash and moan. And yes, I could see
the operational hands working me over. But they seemed intermingled, male
and female, I could not tell which was which. They were holding and
directing the sex tools, the buzzing dildos, over my major erogenous zones
and that's when I saw it - yes it! The biggest fucking black dildo I'd ever
seen. The hands directed it toward my swollen, overly wet pussy lips. I
watched as the fat head of the black dildo pushed aside my pussy lips and
began to enter me. All the while the two other dildos worked me over - one
now just inside my ass and the other seeming to hammer on my clit. I was too
quickly going over the edge - I groaned through my gag and tears began to
puddle in the corners of my eyes. The fat black dildo was deep inside me now
and moving - back and forth, in and out. I strained for control. But I so I
didn't want to give in too fast, the last orgasm had racked me so quickly
and thoroughly that I felt if I had another - I might pass out. Then just as
I was really fighting for control - it happened.

That's when I felt it - that "certain, satin smoothness of skin," that all
sexy women know by heart - it was that oh so soft skin, surrounding a blood
engorged, hard cock - the cock of a man of course, the cock of a very
horney, very live man. I felt it, casually languishing on the back of my
right hand. Then I felt another cock on the thumb of my left hand. I twisted
my wrists, I wiggled my fingers, trying to grasp this fleshy hard man meat
presenting itself to me - in stereo. Man meat, I now so craved it. Yes, I
did it, or more likely the owners of these stiff proud beasts allowed me to
- to grasp them. Even though my movement was limited - I found that I could
get a good three inch stroke going on each of the cocks. I felt the
slickness of pre-cum on the heads of both. They - the men, the owners of
these flesh appendages, began to fuck my hands - making it easier for me to
feel their entire delicious lengths.

And still - the buzzing dildos continued to do their work on me. The huge
black one still probing it's way into me - deeper still. And the hands,
still managing me, making me tingle all over. The movie too, still
flickering above me. I was lost, given away to the sophisticated rawness of
it all. But - not so lost that I still didn't harbor an ember of control.
They - the faceless and nearly bodiless "they" - they must have sensed this.
I figured that the addition of the two, live, human-born, fleshy dicks was
their first attempt to push me over the edge - to break me - to send me into
orgasm. And they felt wonderful for sure - it, no I - felt sinfully
wonderful. But I wasn't ready to break - no, I wasn't ready to cum - not
yet. I held fast. But I held fast in a dreamy state of plateaued sexual
euphoria - something I had never experienced before, something I didn't know
was possible. Let me tell you, it was great, and no, I didn't want it to
end. But, I also didn't want to give in to the enormous flood and eventual
sexual explosion that I knew awaited me - not yet. I continued - I hold
fast. I was floating.

Then, very suddenly, the large black dildo in my pussy withdrew, it was gone
- I felt empty. I looked down at my crotch but that is all that I saw. My
pussy, my thighs, in the light and darkness beyond. I still had no idea
where I might be. Then out of the darkness between my legs appeared a
familiar contraption - a machine - the ultimate sex machine - it was a
Sybian Saddle. But this one was uniquely configured. I was familiar with
Sybian Saddles Paul and I had owned one for years. But this one was mounted
vertically on what appeared to be an adjustable telescoping poll, and it was
on wheels - it was rolling toward me, rolling toward my pussy! The attached
dildo a spear aimed at my privates. The large rubber phallus was unique too
- double headed - oh yes (!!!!) I thought, anal intrusion. Then I thought,
"oh no," I'll never be able to maintain control with this kind of
stimulation. Never!!! The larger, upper most protrusion began to enter me, a
clear lubricant seemed to drop from the sky onto my pussy, a black rubber
gloved hand smoothed the lubricant around and into me and then began to help
guide the double dildo into my pussy and waiting ass. Slowly, both fleshy
colored rubber dicks disappeared from my strained view. I let my head fall
back with a moan as they entered me and began to fantasize about what might
be next but I knew - "they," whoever they were - would turn on the magic
machine that now was impaled into my glistening sex holes. I knew too that
once they did that - that it was the beginning of the end. The hands
returned. My nirvana-like, sexual mind float, my torture - continued.

Then I felt the first vibrations from the Sybian. Very subtle at first. This
is the way all good Sybian Saddle rides start - slowly. Then hands, now all
clad in black latex gloves and glistening with love lubricant, continued to
work their magic as the speed of the sex machine increased. I began to moan
aloud and move my hips - straining a bit to get more of the Sybian-driven
dildos further into me. The speed of the vibration and the swirl of the
large dildo in my pussy was now very evident. My nipples were hard and
erect, my back was beginning to arch - I was really beginning to loose
myself when I felt one of my wrist straps loosen, then the other one.
"They," were freeing my hands - why? Then no sooner than my hands had sprung
free - I felt my neck harness give way - it seemed like, all of a sudden,
they were freeing me. But why?

I soon found out - as I propped myself up on my elbows the two luscious male
members who I'd held in my hands mere minutes before, moved back into the
light, in toward my body. Hard as rocks they were. I leaned forward a bit
further, essentially sitting, smiling I grabbed both hard cocks, one in each
hand, I bent toward the left one and devoured the entire shaft in one gulp,
moaning as I went down to his pubic hairs. Then up, over and back down on
the other beautiful prick, my saliva flinging in the air with the twist of
my upper body. They continued to stroke my hard nipples with their well
lubricated latex gloves and of course, the Sybian's vibration began to take
me to even higher levels of sexual bliss. I humped at it and sucked at my
two human cocks - I couldn't last much longer. Not like this.

I was now in full, sexually driven, wild beast mode - my moans were turning
raspy and sounded rough - much like a growl. Then, as I was jacking both my
handsome pricks and as I pulled them closer together so I could possibly
attempt to get both of them into my mouth at once - I noticed that the room
lighting was somehow, less dark. It was a slow fade up - to increased
brightness. I really didn't care much - hell no - now having successfully
gotten both hard, live, pricks to my mouth. But as I growled and stammered
something about loving to suck two cocks at once - I began to notice things
- to see things. Things that were in the dark and invisible before - now
becoming visible. I could now see the faces of "my men," my two live dicks -
but they weren't faces at all, because they were masked. Masked in black
latex hoods. Fuck'em I thought and that's just what I hoped they would
eventually do to me. Ahhhhhhh!!!! I was lost.

As the speed of the Sybian monster went into warp overdrive - "it" reaming
my pussy and asshole with blinding vibrations and G-spot swirls - I began to
rove my eyes around the room. There in the dim light I saw others - male and
female - all in various sexual costumes of latex and leather - maybe ten
others in all - all hooded - except one! Paul!!!! My god I could not believe
what I was witnessing. My eyes went wide and the twin dicks fell from my
open mouth.

There was Paul bent forward over some kind of padded high-stool. A woman
with some kind of absolutely beautiful body, with long red hair cascading
out from under a red leather hood, was reaming his ass with a large, shiny
pink, vibrator. Another woman, equally beautiful but dark haired, was
kneeling in front of Paul's face and get this - giving another hunk of a
well endowed male an excellently liquid, saliva laden, blow job. This
literally two inches from Paul's face. And he was loving it!!! He looked
over at me. He smiled, winked and then groaned as the pink vibrator slid
deep into his ass. The red head was now reaching around and stroking his
cock, jacking him off. Man(!) this set me the fuck off.

I hunkered down onto the now super vibrating and spinning Syb. I grabbed my
two big cocks and deep throated each in turn. My eyes glued to Paul and his
escapades across the room. The sexually fevered pitch in that room was
nearing its pinnacle. I heard the big stud in front of Paul, the one getting
the fantastic blow job moan out loud that he was going to cum. Then bang!
Wads of chiz began spraying from the end of his big dick. The hooded dark
beauty aimed that big spraying dick right at my husbands face - hosing it
with fresh sex cream. She then began to lick his face clean. This sent Paul
off - he began to groan and as the beautiful red head jacked hard on his big
cock - Wham!!! He unleashed his seed into her waiting hand. Then she put it
to her mouth and drank the love juice from her red gloved palm.

Me? I hurled over the sexual edge - I exploded and kept on exploding - my
two gorgeous hunk cocks exploded at once. I had love cream all over my face
and tits. My pussy and ass, hammered by the pulsing Sybian, contracted and
expanded, sending jets of my pussy water everywhere. I rocked on my haunches
- cumming and cumming - wave after wave. I sucked my cum glistened cocks as
I came over and over again. I was caught up in the midst of a huge, long,
multiple orgasm - not only driven by the atmosphere in which I now reveled,
but by the never tiring mechanism of the Sybian sex monster buried deep in
my two sex holes.

Eventually, I passed out. I still, to this day, don't know how long my
series of orgasms lasted. It doesn't matter really. Why? Because this was
not the end of my sexual torture, not by the least. Yes, I had lost track of
time, so I can't tell you exactly the relativity what time it actually was,
not here in this part of my story - I only know now, as I knew then - that
this was - just the beginning. The beginning of my sexual torture.

More to cum - Marcy the Squirter.


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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