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Mary and Tom
Pt. I: Two's Company, But Three's More Fun!
by Patrick

It was just after midnight on a warm summer night and I was poised at the end of our backyard pool, about to dive in to the cool water, nothing particularly startling about that you might say, but it was a defining moment in my life - or at least in my married life! Because I was totally naked, and almost directly beneath me in the pool was my husband, Tom, and our next door neighbour, Bill! It was a very clear, brightly lit by the moon and I was completely visible to both of them as I stood there for a few moments allowing their eyes to devour me, before diving into the cooling water.

My name's Mary, and just like my husband, Tom, I'm 34 years old. Pretty tall for a woman with a fairly lush figure that I kept in condition with regular exercise. Never having had any children, my breasts are ripe and very firm, and from the time they developed at age 15, have always drawn men's eyes, even though I've always been careful to dress discretely and wear a bra. Tom and I met at age 15 and were married at age 18 and have been happy together ever since. Tom was my first and only love, and I had been the same for him, so even though we have always had a fantastic sex life, I guess it was inevitable as time went by that we would both have thoughts and fantasies about what it might be like to have sex with other people! indeed, we had often used these thoughts and fantasies to stimulate our sex life with a certain amount of game playing, but over the last 12 months this aspect of our sex life seemed to grow stronger and stronger, and we even began to mutually fantasise about bringing someone else into our relationship in a threesome or perhaps with some swapping. We were quite open and honest about it, as we'd always been throughout our married life, and it didn't seem to create any problems, we had even one night sat down with pen and paper in hand and gone through our list of friends to try and work out who we would like to swap with or have in our bed, but invariably found as far as swapping was concerned that one or either of the couple rubbed one of us up the wrong way, although it was quite an eye opener for each of us to find out which of our friends we found sexy and which we didn't ! We eventually decided that as our experiences had shown in other areas of our lives, when we tried to plan things carefully, something always turned up to ruin the plans ! that we would just let things happen if they were ever meant to !

Tonight, that 'thing' had happened, or at least was in the process of happening! We'd had a small party at our house of some friends from our respective work places and a few neighbours, but because of the excessive heat of the day, things had fizzled out fairly early, and when we came to clearing up, only our next door neighbour, Bill had stopped back to help. He'd only moved in a few months ago, so we didn't know him all that well, but in the expectation that the party music might get a bit loud we'd invited him over. He was fairly tall, somewhere in his mid twenties with a shock of blonde hair, quite a contrast to Tom who had jet black hair, and I guess most women would consider him to be quite good looking and as the evening had progressed I had certainly found myself drawn to him, but it was surprisingly Tom who set things in motion. As we sat together at the dining room table enjoying a final cool drink after clearing up the usual party mess, Tom said how amazingly after a full day's work and a hectic party when we should be feeling totally washed out, we invariably felt so much on a high that we knew we'd never be able to get to sleep unless we did something to specifically calm ourselves down! Both Bill and I laughingly agreed.

Tom then glanced at me, a small smile twisting the side of his mouth in the way I loved so much and said, "Well, it's still incredibly warm, why don't we go skinny dipping in the pool."

Immediately my eyes darted to Bill, and I saw the surprise widen his eyes, then a faint flush sweep across his cheeks, and as I quickly lowered my eyes, I saw his eyes dart over to look at me and his throat move in a slight gulping motion, and I knew that the idea excited him. Suddenly, in a fraction of a second, I was mentally confronted with all our talks and thoughts and fantasizing about having someone else in our sex lives, because I had no doubt that if things started tonight we'd all had enough to drink to remove any inhibitions, so anything was likely to happen. I glanced across at Tom and saw the slightly fearful, yet eager look in his eyes and knew that he too was thinking of those fantasies, one of the most powerful of which had been a desire to see me with another man!

All this took place in just a fraction of a second, then I found myself smiling at Tom and saying, "That sounds absolutely fantastic, as long as it wouldn't embarrass Bill!"

We both then turned to look at Bill who gulped more openly this time, but managed to whisper hoarsely, "I think that would be a great idea too!" and probably without even knowing it, his eyes dropped to my thrusting breasts. I felt the heat immediately start to rise in me!

"Ok," I said, grinning at the two of them. "Why don't you two go and jump in the pool and I'll go fetch us some towels?" Then, rising from my seat, I hurried off to the bedroom where I quickly divested myself of my clothes and for a moment stood looking at my naked body in the mirror. Sudden fear rushed through me, my God, I was actually going to let another man see me totally naked, would he like me, how would I feel, how would Tom react? But the excitement seemed to start at my toes and run in waves right up my body, washing out every last vestige of fear, and I wrapped one of the towels around my body, grabbed two more and headed off to join them at the Pool. I heard them splashing and laughing as I came out of the back door and looked over and saw that they were standing in the shallow end playing a boyish game of thrashing the water at each other, but they stopped when they heard the back door, and both looked over at me. The first thing that hit me was how bright the moonlight was!

I guess I'd expected it to be quite dark where you'd only be able to see anything clearly if you were really close, but in this light everything was almost as clear as day! Then Tom called out, "Come on in the water's fine, cool and very stimulating!" his voice highlighted the last word and I knew he was verbally setting the scene for something to happen. So taking one last, deep breath I tossed the towels onto the pool lounger and reached up and unhooked my own towel and let it drop to the floor, immediately moving forward to the edge of the pool. Neither man could help the gasp that came from their lips as my nakedness was revealed, Bill because he'd never seen it before, and Tom because he was finally realising at least part of a fantasy with me exposing myself to another man!!

So there I was, standing naked at the edge of the pool, legs slightly apart, hands at my side letting my next door neighbour feast his eyes on my breasts and my pussy and every other part of my body! Again I probably only stood there a few moments, but time seemed to stand still or at least move in slow motion, and I could literally feel Bill's eyes caressing my naked body, and it felt good! Incredibly good! I could even see Tom glancing at Bill to gauge the effect my nakedness was having and then turning back to me with a hot smile slowly building on his face. Then, I bent at the waist and thrust myself forward, diving over their heads into the water. The coolness of the water was quite a shock to my overheated body and quickly rid me of the clammy heat of the evening, but not the heat that was building inside! Even as I stroked down the pool I was still seeing the hot lust in Bill's eyes as he'd looked at me a moment ago, a look that I'd only ever seen in Tom's eyes before, a look that was always guaranteed to set me on fire!!

I stroked back down the pool to find Tom and Bill still standing where I'd dived over them, both looking a little stunned, but Tom quickly recovered, as I stood up and once again revealed my naked breasts to their eyes Tom said, "Well, was it as cool and stimulating as I said?"

I grinned at him mischievously. "It was certainly cool," I said, then looking directly at Bill, added, "but I think I need quite a different sort of stimulation tonight, the sort that only two horny men can provide!" Bill's eyes flew so wide, and his jaw dropped so far that I thought for a minute that I'd given him a heart attack! Tom's half gasp half groan told me that my unexpected boldness had pushed the right buttons with him, so I concentrated on Bill, moving forwards and taking hold of his hands and lifting them to my breasts, and I felt him trembling with a combination of nervousness and suppressed desire. Then I turned my head and glanced at Tom and said, "You know there's never been any other man in my life in the 16 years we've been married, or even before that, does it shock you that I want Bill to see me and touch me?"

It was Tom's turn to gulp, and his tongue came out to brush over his suddenly dry lips "Yes," he whispered hoarsely. "It shocks me, but it excites me as well!" I felt the jerk of surprise run through Bill's hands which by this time were stroking and fondling my ripe breasts of their own accord.

I allowed my eyes to move from one to the other. "As I'm sure Tom will confirm, I've always been something of a flirt," I said, and Tom nodded vigorously. "But I've never been a tease," I added, and again Tom nodded. Now I looked deep into Bill's eyes. "If you want to walk away now, I'll understand, but I always like to finish what I start, so I want this to go all the way, I want you to make love to me tonight." Then I glance from one to the other again, "I want to make love with both of you together!"

Bill's shock was even greater this time, but his eyes still burned with hot lust and I reached out under the water and found what I already knew was there - one very rampant cock! And I began to stroke it! Bill's eyes immediately darted over to Tom, and Tom just shrugged, a huge grin on his face, because my other hand had been stroking his equally rampant cock virtually since I'd swum back down the pool! "I don't know about you, but the cool water seems to have lost it's ability to calm me down, so why don't we go to the bedroom and see if Mary can do it better?" he said, then moved away and clambered from the pool, his massive erection coming clearly into view.

I grinned. "Now that's what I like to see, a compliment to my beauty!"

"And to your horniness," he responded with a laugh.

I turned to Bill. "And how about you Bill? Do you think I'm beautiful and horny?"

"God yes!" he groaned.

"And are you horny too?" I asked teasingly.

"God, yes!!" he groaned again.

"And what do you want to do about it?" I asked huskily.

His head swiveled around looking everywhere but at me, but then he blurted out loudly, "God, I want to Fuck you!"

Fire shot through me and I could see Tom's cock take a massive jump as excitement raced through him also, and taking Bill's hands off my breasts I led him to the steps of the pool and drew him out, my eyes immediately dropping to that rampant cock I'd been fondling in the water, my first sight of a man's erect cock other than Tom's, and I loved it! almost the same size as Tom's, but a completely different shape probably because he was uncircumcised.

I reached my hand out and ran my fingers the whole length of it in clear view of Tom, knowing intuitively that this would excite him even more "Oh yes Bill, you certainly are going to fuck me with this big, beautiful cock!" Then I looked over at Tom and grinned. "And as Bill is fucking his big cock into my hot pussy, I'm going to be sucking your big, beautiful cock like it's never been sucked before!" I saw the jerk of excitement rush through Tom and felt it rush through Bill and I knew that whatever I wanted tonight I was going to get!

Amazingly, as soon as I said I was going to suck Tom as I fucked Bill, all nervousness and uncertainty seemed to leave both men, and they were both grinning like Cheshire cats as I led the way to the bedroom! Their hands stroking their hard cocks as they bobbed in front of them! Nothing in our talking or fantasising had prepared me for the feelings that were running through me now, I was like a volcano ready to explode, and when we got onto the bed, Tom one side and Bill on the other and they both began to stroke me and run their lips and tongues over my breasts and nipples it was like being in heaven! Occasionally my hands would brush against their swollen cocks, but mostly I just left it to them. Tom seemed content to work on my breasts, my neck and my lips as Bill quickly moved from my breasts down to my pussy, oh God, the first touch of his lips on my pussy nearly brought me to orgasm, the first time another man had touched me there!

Tom immediately tuned in to my thoughts and feelings and leaned down to nuzzle the side of my neck as he whispered into my ear "You're really enjoying this, aren't you?"

For a moment I hesitated. Could I really admit to the husband that I loved showing myself naked to Bill, seeing him naked, seeing his big, hard cock, feeling his hands and lips on my body and now feeling his tongue in my pussy made me feel hotter than I'd ever felt before, and I just couldn't wait to feel Bill's cock thrusting into me? But I knew I couldn't lie. "God yes," I groaned. "I'm absolutely loving every bit of it and I can't wait for him to fuck me!"

I held my breath, still not totally sure how Tom was really reacting to all this, then he leaned down to my ear again. "I'm so glad," he said. "I've wanted this for so long and it's exciting me more than I ever thought it would, I just can't wait to follow Bill into your hot, juicy pussy!"

His words both relaxed me and aroused me at the same time, and I'm not sure if Bill had heard any of our whispered conversation, but he picked that moment to thrust his big hard cock deep into my pussy! My body almost jumped off the bed with the unexpectedness of it, but God it felt soooo good! Then he was fucking me! Long, hard, deep strokes that bounced my body around, and I was crying out, "Yes, oh yes, Bill, fuck me, fuck me hard, ram your big hard cock into me, deeper, deeper, fuck me, of God, fuck meeeeee!" Then I came, and as my body shook and shuddered I could feel Bill coming too, his thrusting cock exploding hot juices into my already overheated pussy, and I just kept on coming and coming!

Eventually the mutual orgasm subsided and Bill's shrinking cock slipped from my pussy and he rolled aside, and immediately Tom went down between my legs and his tongue slipped in between my pussy lips and came out coated with a mixture of my juices and Bill's cum, and he looked up and me grinning. "I just wanted to taste Bill's cum juice inside you," he said.

A shiver of absolute delight ran through my body, "Then why don't you lick it all up?" I said hotly. "Lick me clean, then fuck me dirty!" and that's what he proceeded to do, lick as much of Bill's cum from my pussy as he could, then rammed his own eager cock deep inside and fucked me harder and more wildly than he'd ever done before! Needless to say, Bill recovered quite quickly from his initial action and began playing with my breasts, lashing my swollen nipples with his rough tongue then sucking them deeply into his mouth, adding to the pleasure and excitement that Tom's fucking was giving me, then I was coming again, loudly and long as Tom exploded his juices into my super sensitive pussy!

When Tom slipped from my pussy and moved to my side to rest, he looked up at me and grinned "God this has been amazing, much better than I ever thought, I almost wish we'd tried it earlier."

I knew exactly what he meant, I was feeling a little that way myself and part of my mind was already wondering how I'd feel if the third party was another woman? Or if it was a full swapping situation? I'd certainly discovered that I loved having another man's cock in me! But I shrugged and said, "I guess it had to be the right time, and the right person," then looked over at Bill and smiled, letting my eyes trail up and down his body, noting that he already had another huge erection. "Tonight was certainly the right time and Bill is certainly the right person, I thought I'd be petrified allowing another man to see me naked, but the look in Bill's eyes made me feel beautiful, and the sight of his rock hard cock made me feel desired. Yes, I'm glad it was Bill, it felt right when we started and it certainly felt right when he plunged his cock into me!! So much so that I just can't wait to feel that hot cock inside me again !"

Tom threw his head back and laughed "Well, Bill, what are you waiting for, my wife would like to be fucked!!"

Bill's grin was as wide as Tom's as he moved over me and rammed his hard cock deep into my pussy, then looking from one to the other he said "I think I understand now what's been happening, my wife and I used to talk sometimes about sharing or swapping, but we never found anyone we felt comfortable enough with either."

I saw the light flash on in Tom's eyes and wasn't at all surprised when he said "Do you think she'd understand if you told her about tonight?"

Bill nodded thoughtfully - still not missing a beat with his stroking cock. "I think she would, but you can never be quite sure can you? Perhaps it's a pity she had to visit with her mother this weekend otherwise she would have come too." Then he chuckled. "But I guess if she had, this might not have happened at all, and I'd hate that." He looked deep into my eyes as his cock stroke got faster. "Because you are one beautiful, sexy lady and I do love fucking you!" Saying that, his cock exploded his juices into me, causing me to shake and shudder through another exquisite orgasm.

When we were both reasonably back to normal Tom said, "Well, perhaps we can invite you and Gail (Bill's wife) over for an intimate dinner one evening?"

Bill grinned from ear to ear "I'd like that very much, but I guess it will depend on how Gail reacts to this!"

"You intend to tell her then ?" asked Tom.

Bill shrugged "I couldn't not tell her, like you we have a pretty open, but very honest relationship."

I liked him even more for saying that! Then he looked down at me and smiled. "And I can't lie to either of you, I want more of this beautiful, sexy lady and that's only going to happen if everyone's in agreement because she isn't the type to go behind your back and cheat on you however much she might have enjoyed the sex with me!" At that moment he won Tom as the firmest of firm friends and me as the firmest of firm friends too, and I found myself hoping desperately that Gail was eager to explore too.

With Gail away there was no rush to leave that night and I was glad of that as I got to suck his beautiful cock and taste his hot cum juice as Tom fucked my pussy, then they changed around and Bill fucked me as I sucked Tom to another explosion. Then all three of us fell asleep in the big bed. As I said at the beginning, last night had been a defining moment in my life, and when I awoke the following morning I knew that I was more complete and more in tune with my own body and my own feelings than I'd ever been. I couldn't wait to see what happened next !!

To Be Continued...


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