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Mary and Tom
Pt. II: The Morning After
by Patrick

After a late night party most people need a little pick me up to get them going for the day, on this particular morning my pick me up was not so little ! and came in the form of Bill's gorgeous hard cock !

After the fantastic, and totally unexpected threesome with Tom and Bill the night before, I woke up surprisingly early, about 9 o'clock, and slipped from the bed leaving the two of them stretched out fast asleep. I grabbed a languid shower then wrapped myself in a short satin robe and headed for the kitchen to make myself some coffee and something to eat - sex had a habit of making me hungry, and I was sure feeling hungry now ! I had barely boiled the kettle when I heard the sound of the shower, so knew that one of them was up and about, somehow I doubted it was Tom as normally after a party he didn't surface until almost lunchtime, and that was confirmed a few moments later when a slightly wet looking Bill walked into the kitchen with a towel wrapped around his waist.

I didn't feel any awkwardness, but I wasn't sure if he would, so I smiled brightly and said "Good morning, sleep well ?", he didn't answer, but a large grin lit his face as he moved across the kitchen, and as he reached me he slid his arms around my waist and lowered his lips to mine in a deep, passionate kiss that seemed to go on for ever ! then he pulled away, allowing his hands to remain resting on my hips, and he let his hot eyes run up and down my satin clad body, our kiss and embrace had served to disturb the robe and it gaped slightly at the front, giving him a teasing view of my ripe breasts. "You are as ravishing in the daylight as you were in the moonlight" he said, and I felt the pleasure run through me and my nipples harden, poking through the thin satin material. I was literally melting under his gaze, but I didn't want him to feel that he had the upper hand completely, so I allowed my eyes to roam up and down his body, "You haven't scrubbed up too bad yourself' I said laughingly.

He laughed along with me, then his face became serious, "If Gail isn't prepared to entertain the idea of us sharing with you, you realise I couldn't go against her wishes, and this might be our one and only time together ?" I nodded "I understand, but I hope it wont be like that, but if I can offer some advice it would be to set it out for her and then leave her to make her own decision, forcing the issue in any way would definitely be counter productive" "I know that" he sighed, "but it's going to be awful hard not to push for something I want so much - namely you !! - but that's for much. much later, right now, just in case this is the one and only time, I want to fuck you one on one !! I think we both need to find out how we react !!"

I gasped loudly, shocked by his words and even a little by the suggestion itself, but then I realised he was right ! last night had been fantastic but, or perhaps even, because Tom had been right there beside me approving and participating, if I was really considering swapping partners - with Bill and Gail or with anyone else - I'd have to face the situation of being one on one with a man and I really didn't know if I could do that, if I was ready for that. Bill was watching me very carefully, almost as if he was following my train of thought, then he stepped back and loosened the towel around his waist and let it drop to the floor to stand there completely naked with his big, beautiful and rock hard cock pointing straight at me ! my mind might well have been debating the issues, but my body was reacting powerfully, remembering how good that big cock felt inside me, and almost of their own volition my hands came up and untied the cord holding my robe together and allowed it to cascade to the floor and I was standing naked in front of him, naked, and I had to admit to myself, unbelievably horny !!

"Mrs Jenkins" he said teasingly, emphasizing the 'Mrs', " are you always so impetuous ?" I felt myself blushing, "I didn't think so" I said quietly, then gave a half laugh "maybe there's something about you that brings out the impetuous side of me" and I reached out and ran my hand over his throbbing cock, causing him to react with a jerk and a shudder "I wonder what it could be ?". With a laugh he stepped forward and slipped one hand behind my knees and the other at the middle of my back and lifted me into his arms, momentarily burying his face in my ripe breasts. Then he lifted his head and I could clearly see the hot lust in his eyes, and that sent a shiver through me, "You have the most fantastic sexy body I've ever seen" he said "I just love these ripe, firm tits and your tight, sexy ass, but most of all I love your hot, juicy pussy, and I can't wait to ram my hard dick into it !!" Fire raced through me and I squirmed in his arms, and I continued to squirm as he carried me into the lounge room and laid me on the couch. Last night I had noticed how quickly he'd tuned in to the verbal sexual jousting that Tom and I enjoyed so much, and he continued that now as he trailed his lips over my breasts and my swollen nipples and trailed his fingers over the lips of my already super wet pussy, then pulled back slightly and said "Does Mrs Jenkins want to be fucked by her horny neighbor ?"

He knew intuitively that calling me Mrs Jenkins instead of Mary, as he'd done last night, was reinforcing the taboo nature of what we were doing, reinforcing the fact that I was a married woman technically 'cheating' on her husband, daring me to pull back or face the deepest realizations of my own sexual desires. And as he allowed his words to play their games with my mine, his hands and his lips were playing games with my body, touching me, stroking me, licking me and sucking me and lifting my body to levels of pleasure that just seemed to get higher and higher, then he stopped again, and drew back slightly a hot, tantalizing smile on his face, "Well, Mrs Jenkins, do you want me to stop ?". My body was arching upwards, trying to reach his hands or his lips, but he kept them just out of reach, I shook my head from side to side "That's not fair" I whimpered "You know I'm on fire, you know I want you". His grin widened, "That's true" he said "but that's just your body talking, I want to hear it from your mind, I want you to say it !" Once again I arched up trying to reach him, and once again he moved away, and I couldn't hold back any more, almost glaring at him I whispered harshly "Yes, damn you, I want you, I want your big cock to fuck my hot pussy" he shook his head slightly and I knew he wanted more, he wanted me to go further, he wanted me to lay it completely on the line, and I groaned, but I knew I would do it, I knew by then I wanted him that badly, but maybe, just maybe I could turn the tables a little after all this was the sort of game that John and I excelled in playing, this pseudo dominance, so I glared up at him again "Yes ! Mrs Jenkins wants to be fucked ! but it's Mrs Jenkins' horny neighbor's husband that she wants to fuck her, to lick her hot tits, to suck her hot nipples and to ram his huge dick deep into her hot pussy and fill her with his hot cum juice !" immediately I saw the quick dilation of his eyes that told me my little 'husband' barb had struck home, and I grinned inside. Then without another word he lunged forward and speared his cock into my waiting pussy, almost impaling me on the couch, and began to fuck me deep and hard, and I rose to meet him, answering every thrust and lunge with a thrust and lunge of my own, this wasn't going to be a one sided affair, we were both determined to fuck the other !!

Then just as I thought we were about to reach the point of mutual orgasm he pulled out ! for a moment I didn't grasp what was happening, then he whispered hoarsely in my ear "Turn over, turn over, I want to fuck you from behind, I want to play with your magnificent tits as I fuck your hot pussy !!", I didn't hesitate, I was hungry for his dick to fill me again, I quickly turned and lifted to my knees, my tight ass waving and shaking in front of his eyes and he lunged forward again, thrusting his hard cock deeper than before, and I cried out in sheer ecstasy ! his hands came around to grip and squeeze my breasts, rolling my swollen super sensitive nipples between his fingers, sending shivers and shudders of pleasure through my body, and his big hard cock continued to piston into my overheated pussy "Oh yes, oh god yes" I cried out "Fuck me, fuck me harder, fuck me faster, oh god I love your dick in me, so big, so hard, so hot, fuck me, fuck me fuck meeeee !" then I came, a huge explosion rocking my body, and I felt him come too, shooting his hot juices deep into my threshing pussy, and the explosion seemed to go on and on and on !

I guess all good things must come to an end, and his cock finally stopped spurting cum juice into my pussy and softened enough to slide out with a faint plop, and he slid from the couch to the floor, his breathing heavy and ragged. I just lay there in a semi stupor, my pussy still registering the sensation of his big cock, my breasts still tingling from the manipulation of his hands. A slightly silly grin on my face, and I knew I'd just passed a huge test in my own sexual development, even allowing for the fact that last night had paved the way, I now knew that not only could I fuck a man other than Tom - but I could enjoy it totally !! That didn't mean I was going to rush out and fuck every man that took my fancy and it didn't mean I loved Tom any less, it just meant that I had opened myself to more options in my sex life, and I think as far as Tom and I were concerned, more sexual options in out marriage !!

Then Bill pulled himself to a sitting position and lightly brushed his hand over my body "Thanks" he said, with a surprising amount of feeling in his voice " I think I really needed that, and I want you to know that whatever happens in the future, last night and today - and especially today - will always be very special to me, you are one of the most beautiful , exciting, sexy and giving women I've ever met !!" I reached out and lightly touched his cheek and smiled, "You were right back in the kitchen, we both needed to discover something about ourselves, and I did, so I'm thanking you too ! and as far as the future is concerned, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that Gail will want to share too" then I gave him a hot grin, "But only my fingers will be crossed, my legs will always be wide open for your rampant cock !!" Gosh, I couldn't believe I'd said that, and Bill looked a bit stunned too, I'd virtually told him he could fuck me any time he wanted to ! but more shocking still was the realization within me that I meant it !! It was Bill's turn to get that flushed silly grin on his face, and it was still there after he'd taken a quick shower, dressed, and was walking out of the front door with just a modest light peck on the cheek as a farewell !! But as he was leaving an inspirational thought hit me "Oh, Bill " I called out "perhaps it would make it easier if there was something definite to enable you to raise the issue with Gail, so why don't I invite you and Gail to join us for dinner next Friday evening, and if it's warm we can spend some time in the pool !" I saw his eyes light up as the memory of what happened the last time we used the pool flashed through his mind, "it also means that if you ring and cancel the dinner we'll know things didn't work out with Gail and we wont be waiting and wondering, and it wont be an embarrassment for you to broach the subject to us, after all, we're only inviting you to dinner !!" and I grinned hotly. "I think that's a great idea" he said, "Thanks" and waved goodbye.

When Tom finally emerged in time for lunch I admitted to him that something had happened between Bill and I that morning, and he insisted on hearing every last detail of what happened and how I felt and what I thought, I finished the story in bed with Tom's big cock filling my screaming pussy with what seemed like a gallon of hot cum juice. The whole story had aroused and excited him, but what tipped him over the edge was my statement to Bill that my legs would always be wide open for him ! from Tom's reactions I knew that he didn't have to be there in order to get pleasure from me getting fucked, as long as I openly shared it with him later, and that the thought of me opening my legs to Bill again and again really pleased and excited him.

Then I asked how he really felt about the possibility that Gail might join in, but he didn't need to put it into words ! his cock said it all ! it was immediately stiff and thick and hard and ready for action - so I sucked it ! just to keep it in good trim for Gail of course, at least I hoped so, I suddenly wanted desperately to see Tom's huge dick thrusting into another woman's pussy !!

I guess we'll just have to wait and see !

To Be Continued...


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