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Mary and Tom
Pt. III: Gail Decides to Join In
by Patrick

Almost a week had gone by since the party and the get together with Bill, but Tom and I were still feeling its influence. From time to time we'd find ourselves grinning for no apparent reason, and the sex between us was as red hot as when we first met ! I'd been a little surprised that Tom had shown no signs of jealousy or of feeling threatened, even though he'd noticed how different I'd been with Bill, more vocal and more demanding, in fact he seemed to take great joy in the fact that I'd given every indication of loving every minute of the sex with Bill, and had nominated as the highlight of the evening for him the look of utter blissful lust on my face when Bill shot his load in my mouth the very first time ! he reckoned I sucked Bill so hard and so long on that occasion he was afraid I was going to suck Bill's balls out from their socket ! I asked him at one point if he wanted me to be the way I was with Bill with him, and he just laughed and said the way I was with him was everything he could wish for, and the whole idea of being with someone else was to explore different aspects and different feelings.

Now it was the evening we'd invited Bill and Gail to join us for dinner, and there'd been no message to say they weren't coming, so Tom and I were feeling a little nervous and more than a little excited, when the doorbell sounded, we both jumped as if we'd been shot ! We decided to greet them together, so both moved to the door, taking a last minute look at each other and a deep, deep breath. Tom had decided to dress casual, and had on a light green shirt with a dragon motif and pale brown slacks, I'd opted for a silky orange blouse that had just two buttons in the centre, leaving the tops of my unencumbered breasts clearly visible, and a short black skirt. When we opened the door, Bill was standing a little ahead of Gail and moved quickly to give me a light embrace and a quick peck on the cheek, then gave Tom a quick shake of the hands before turning and introducing Gail. I heard Tom's sharp intake of breath and could understand why, Gail looked absolutely stunning ! long black hair cascading to her shoulders, framing a face that wasn't exactly beautiful, yet glowed with beauty, she had on what almost seemed like a miniature poncho ! a glittery multi patterned piece of material in various shades of blue and green that hung down the front and back of her body and was linked by two small straps about level with her breasts that leaving the sides of her body open to view, This topped a pair of shorts that seemed to be molded to the contours of her body. The total effect was incredibly sexy ! she was a few inches shorter than me and slighter in build too, but so well proportioned that she gave every impression of lushness ! poor Tom's eyes seemed to have fallen out of their sockets ! Bill, like Tom, had opted for a cool patterned shirt and slacks, but he seemed quite happy to step back and let Gail make the impression - which she certainly did !

After the brief greetings at the door, we moved to the lounge room and a couple of cooling drinks to overcome the natural awkwardness that was bound to exist in a situation like this, Gail and I complimented each other on our respective outfits and engaged in general girl talk for a few moments while Tom and Bill watched us closely.

I indicated that due to the excessive heat that day I'd prepared a cold dinner, so it didn't matter when we started, Gail's eyes seemed to light up, "Does that mean we can go for a dip before dinner as well as after" she asked "of course" I exclaimed, a little surprised that things were moving so fast. Gail's grin seemed to light up the room "after the day I've had I can't wait to hit the water" she said, "But there's something I need to say first" she looked from Tom to me and back again and seemed to take a huge breath as a flush stole onto her face, she sat on the edge of the couch - the very couch where Bill and I had fucked that morning after the party ! - "I want to thank you for what you shared with Bill last weekend" she blurted out, startling both of us, "I know Bill mentioned that we'd been thinking and talking about sharing with other people and that we hadn't been able to come up with anyone that we were really comfortable about, but that was only part of the problem" she glanced over at Bill and he seemed to nod, so she took another deep breath and went on, "We're also both a little possessive, and although the thought of being with someone else excited us both, we didn't know how we'd cope knowing or seeing each other with someone else.

The way Tom reacted to you with Bill made him think that he could handle that situation too, and when he told me what happened, I didn't get any of the negative feelings I thought I would, I just felt incredibly turned on !" the flush now really burning up her face she looked around from one to the other before dropping her eyes to look at the hands clasped in her lap "Of course, hearing about it, and experiencing it may not be the same, so I guess we're both still a little petrified"

My heart went out to her right then, as I certainly identified with those emotions, I felt incredibly lucky that for me it had just happened out of the blue, if I'd had to wait a few days or a week knowing it was going to happen, I don't know how I would have reacted. But it was Tom who stepped forward, and taking her hands in his, lifted her to her feet, then without a word he slid his hands around her waist, drew her to him and kissed her, gently, tentatively at first, then more deeply and passionately. Her automatic action had been to raise her arms to encircle his neck, but her eyes darted wildly around the room, seeking out Bill and myself in a slightly panicked attempt to see how we were reacting, then as Tom continued and intensified the kiss, her eyes began to close and her body softened and molded more closely to his body. This was my first time seeing Tom kiss another woman in an obviously passionate and sexy way, and there was just a momentary, fleeting jolt to my system before a curious and entirely delicious heat began to build in my body.

My nipples hardened dramatically and my pussy started to weep juices as I watched Tom's hands begin to caress Gail's ass cheeks through the thin material of her skirt, then move upwards to stroke her back and the area of naked skin beneath her arms. I glanced over at Bill and he was standing wide eyed and slack jawed staring at the tableau in front of him, his wife in the arms of another man, not struggling to get loose, but molding herself ever closer, returning his passionate kiss with equal and mounting passion. I could see there was a struggle going on inside him, but I knew it was one he had to fight alone, so I made no move towards him, even when he glanced my way with an almost haunted look in his eyes.

Then Tom pulled back slightly and we both got a clear view of the hot, hungry look on Gail's face and in her eyes, "Lift up your arms" said Tom quietly, and Gail did as he asked, Tom took hold of the hem of her poncho like top and in one movement lifted it over her head and tossed it aside. What had been fairly certain from the start was now confirmed, Gail had not bothered with a bra, and there was a whole chorus of sharp gasps as her pert, exciting naked breasts came into view. Not overly large, but high and firm and perfectly formed and topped with delightful almost ruby red nipples that were clearly swollen with excitement. Tom's gasp was one of instant lust and desire as he feasted her eyes on the breasts before him, and he wasted no time in bringing his hands around to cup them gently. Bill's gasp was a little more agonized, as the sight of his wife being seen and touched by another man for the first time challenged all his thoughts and feelings and even his very masculinity, but it was already clear to me that the battle was already won or lost (depending on how you looked at it) because even as he watched Tom caress and fondle Gay's naked breasts there was a massive bulge in his slacks !! he was incredibly aroused !!

This only increased as Gail reached out and started to undo the belt on Tom's slacks, pull down the zip - which sounded incredibly loud in the almost perfectly quiet room - and allow his slacks to fall to the floor where he stepped out of them. Tom himself quickly slid down his boxer shorts and stepped out of them. When he straightened up his massively erect cock sprang into view, bringing a sharp gasp from Gail also ! she couldn't help herself, her hands reached forward and cupped around his cock and began to stroke him.

My own gasp surprised me most of all, because it was totally unrelated to what Tom was doing to Gail or Gail was doing to Tom, even though I'd had a slight dread of how I would react to the sight of Tom with another woman. I gasped at the magnificent beauty of Gail's breasts ! I was shocked to realise that the sight of them was actually turning me on !! so engrossed was I in this electric realization that I was feeling sexual desire for another woman that I almost missed the fact that Bill was moving forward towards Tom and Gail. I jerked into awareness and took a half step forward myself as if to intervene, but stopped suddenly, knowing this had to be worked out between the three of them, but it was still a surprise when Bill moved round behind Gail and began to unzip her short skirt and ease it down over her hips, as they dropped to the floor and she stepped out of them, she turned her head sideways and lifted it up and Bill's lips plunged down onto hers, kissing her and tonguing her passionately. Then he pulled away and eased her skimpy panties down over her hips also and she stepped out of those, leaving her completely naked, Tom couldn't take his eyes off her - and neither could I ! - she had the most perfect, firm, ripe body I had ever seen, and she set me on fire ! so I had a good idea of how Tom was feeling right then.

Again Gail glanced over her shoulders, a small uncertain smile on her face, and Bill reached out to gently caress her cheek, then looking at Tom he grinned and borrowing a line that Tom had used that previous weekend said "Well Tom, what are you waiting for, I think my wife wants to be fucked !!", Tom grinned back, then looked at Gail, a slightly more serious expression on his face "Do you Gail ? do you want me to fuck you ?", for a moment I could see the fears racing through her and I knew what they were, I'd experienced them the previous weekend, the moment of truth, the crossing of the line from fantasy into reality, the moment you could blow your whole marriage out the window, the moment you had to admit to your husband that you sexually desired another man, that you wanted his cock inside you, that you wanted him to fuck you. Even though he'd helped to undress you for the other man, even though he'd invited the man to have sex with you, the fears were still there. Then I saw her eyes drop to Tom's throbbing cock, and her tongue come out to brush over her dry lips, and I knew the battle was over for her, and I smiled with relief as her whispered words reached me "Yes Tom, I do want you to fuck me !"

As Tom took Gail into his arms and kissed her deeply, Bill moved away from them and crossed the room to me where he immediately drew me into an almost desperate embrace, kissing me hard and thrusting his tongue deep into my mouth, I could feel his body trembling, and I held him as tightly as I could. Finally his trembling eased and we pulled slightly apart, I looked into his eyes with understanding, "It will be OK" I said "You were different with me than with Gail weren't you ?" I asked, he nodded, a little puzzled "and Gail will be different with Tom, so you need to enjoy those differences, not resent them" and I grinned, "That's something Tom taught me after last weekend, because he could see I was wilder with you that I'd ever been with him, and to him that wasn't better or worse, it was just different and that very difference turned him on, do you understand ?" A slow grin came to his face " I think so" he said "you're preparing me for the fact that Gail might not be able to hide that she's enjoying being fucked by Tom !" I laughed, "Well I do, so why wouldn't Gail ? Tom has a fantastic cock and he knows how to use it !" I knew I was really pushing things with that comment, confronting his perception of his own masculinity, but it seemed to work, he grinned widely "Yeah, I noticed you enjoyed it on Friday, and I'm pretty sure Gail's enjoying it now" he said as a loud squeal came from the couch, and we turned in time to see Tom's cock disappearing into Gail's pussy !!

We stood with our arms around each other watching them, watching Tom's lips and tongue teasing and exciting Gail's breasts, watching his hands fondling and caressing her tight ass cheeks and watching his cock slowly disappearing then reappearing from her juicy pussy. Watching Gail's hands stroke and squeeze Tom's ass, urging him deeper and deeper into her pussy. I knew immediately that Tom had decided that the slam, bam thank you mam approach wasn't appropriate on this occasion, he was giving her a slow sensuous fuck, hesitating slightly before each inward thrust, waiting for her body to react, to lift up almost questing for his cock, before plunging deep inside her. Already her head was rolling from side to side, low moans escaping from her mouth as her body arched to meet his downward thrust, and I found myself getting hot from watching, oh we'd watched quite a few porno videos over the years, and occasionally got a little turned on by them, but this was the first time I'd see a couple actually having sex in the flesh, so to speak, and it was quite different, more real, more honest, and god yes, infinitely more arousing ! The fact that it was Tom, my own husband, only seemed to add to the arousal ! no sense of jealousy at all, I found myself wanting it to be the best for both of them ! and I understood just how Tom had felt the previous weekend, I found myself wanting to urge them on, and an electric shock ran through me as I realised that I also found myself wanting to join in !

Gail's voice again broke the silence, "Oh yes, Oh god yes !, that feels so, so good, fuck me, fuck me deep !!" and Tom did, fucking his big cock into her writhing pussy with no hesitations any more and Gail's cries rose to a crescendo, 'Oh god, you're so tight and so hot !" cried Tom, and spreading her legs even wider he almost lifted her off the couch as his cock rammed, and rammed and rammed into her heaving, bucking body. Then I saw her eyes roll back into the back of her head as her body froze in an arched position for a moment, and I knew she was exploding ! then her body shook and shuddered as I heard Tom cry out "I'm coming. I'm godamn coming !!" and he began to spew his juices into her. I could almost feel his cum shooting into me, I was so turned on, and I realised my hand was deep between my legs, finger fucking my own pussy !! I heard a groan coming from beside me and quickly glanced around to see Bill with his slacks around his ankles and his big, beautiful cock being pumped like crazy !! I'd been so busy watching Tom and Gail I hadn't even noticed that we'd moved apart !! He must have sensed the movement of my head because he half turned, a look of raw lust on his face, and we both realised that we wanted more than our own hands in action !! immediately I started to almost rip the clothes from my body, and Bill did the same, and in seconds we were naked ! I cast a quick glance over to the couch and saw that Tom and Gail were just coming to the end of their lovemaking, and a sudden , wild idea flashed into my head, so grabbing Bill by the hand I led him over to the couch and knelt on the floor beside it, almost on a level with Tom and Gail's faces, in fact I was staring deep into Gail's eyes as I said "Yes Bill, take me from behind, fuck your big cock deep in my hot pussy, fuck me like Tom just fucked Gail, fuck me hard, fuck me deep!!", then to everyone's shock I lowered my head and wrapped my lips around Gail's right nipple, sucking it hard into my mouth and making her jump !! I heard Bill's startled gasp, then felt his big cock literally hammer into my juiced up pussy "Yes, suck her hot titties while I fuck your hot pussy !!" he almost yelled out, and slammed his cock harder and deeper !! I'd never so much as touched a woman before, and here I was sucking Gail's nipple and licking her breasts and loving every minute of it !!

After a moment of frozen shock, Gail's body started to respond to my lashing tongue, and Tom began to respond to the sight of it all, his cock stiffening and swelling inside Gail's pussy. Bill's hands were gripping and fondling my breasts as his cock reamed into my pussy like a super hot piston, then I felt one of his hands pushed aside and another hand take it's place - Gail's hand ! and another bolt of electricity ran through me, different and yet incredibly powerful !! Immediately I lifted from her breasts and again looked her directly in her eyes "Mmmm, that feels so good ! so very, very good !" I said, and a huge smile came to her face "Don't stop !" she almost pleaded, "Don't stop !, suck my nipples, lick my titties, you're making me so, so hot !!", so I did as she asked, and went back to her fantastic firm breasts and licked and sucked like crazy as Bill fucked my pussy and Tom fucked Gail's pussy and Gail fondled and squeezed my breasts and nipples ! I don't know who was the first to explode, but it seemed to set off a chain reaction that had all of us howling and screaming as incredible orgasms ripped through us !!

We lay in a tangled heap for quite some time, our hands gently roaming over other bodies, not certain at any given time who we were touching, but it felt just so perfect, that none of us wanted to break it up. Finally, I looked up and Gail and smiled, "didn't you say you wanted a dip before dinner ?" I asked, she returned my smile, "I think I need it even more now" she said with a slight laugh. I untangled myself from Bill and stood up, then reached down and helped Gail untangle herself from Tom, and hand in hand we moved out through the kitchen and out to the pool, diving straight in and stroking to the far end of the pool and back again. When we came together again in the shallow end of the pool, it seemed perfectly natural to embrace, and we did ! then our lips came together in the gentlest of gentle kisses, and I felt the fire again start to rise in my body, and I could sense the same was happening to Gail. As our lips came apart, she flushed slightly " I've never kissed a woman before" she said, I grinned at her, "Neither have I ! but it's turning me on like crazy !" I said, her arms tightened slightly around my waist, "Me too" she whispered, her lips nuzzling my neck, " but do you think they'll mind ?" she asked, gesturing to the house where Tom and Bill were still recovering. "I think it excited them, seeing us touching each other" I said, "but if you're worried ?", she pulled back slightly, lifting her hands and caressing my breasts " I was worried how Bill would cope seeing me with Tom, because he is a little possessive, but he seemed to handle that eventually" ( so she'd been aware of Tom's struggle too, a very perceptive woman ! ) and she giggled, "I know it shook him up a little when I didn't go off the deep end about your threesome and when I admitted that I very much wanted to fuck Tom, and it took him a little time to feel comfortable with that, I guess it will take him some time to get used to this too, because it's definitely going to happen between us, isn't it ?", my own hands were now caressing her breasts, and I leaned forward to brush my lips lightly across hers, "All I know is that for the first time I'm aroused and excited by the sight and the touch and the taste of a woman, and nothing or no one is going to stop me from making love to her except the woman herself !", a shiver ran though her body, "I want that, I want that very much indeed !!", and we kissed deeply once again.

A few minutes later Tom and Bill emerged, cocks once more at full mast, and Gail grinned at me, "That's what I like to see, a big, beautiful cock all ready to go to work, shall we oblige ?" I laughed out loud and reached for the nearest cock, this was going to be one magnificent evening !!


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