The Best Erotic Stories.

Mary and Tom
Pt. IV: Gail and Mary Get It On
by Patrick

When I reached for the nearest cock, it just happened to be Tom's, but I didn't mind, I suggested he sat on the edge of the pool and began to run my tongue up and down it's generous length ( on the previous weekend I'd jokingly measured both Tom and Bill and found they were both a little over 8 inches in length ! ). Tom immediately let out a sigh of deep satisfaction, as he absolutely loved having his cock sucked. I glanced sideways and saw that Gail had Bill in an identical position and was lovingly running her tongue over his swollen cock too, then occasionally taking its head into her mouth. Still working on Tom, I kept watching Gail, enjoying the sight of her tongue teasing and arousing Bill's cock and drawing loud groans from him, then I had a sudden inspiration, and I lifted from Tom's cock and said "Gail ! why don't we constantly rotate and see which of these randy men can hold out the longest !!" Gail laughed loudly, "Oh yes, I love that idea ! two different lips and two different tongues, I don't think they'll last very long at all !!"

We immediately switched position and I began working on Bill's cock and Gail on Tom's, then a few minutes later we switched back again ! this went on for about five minutes, and I was quite surprised that both men were holding out ! although they were squirming and groaning like crazy ! then when Gail was back working on Bill I heard him gasp "Oh sweetie, this is driving me absolutely wild ! ! Gail looked up at him and grinned "You mean watching me suck your cock or watching me suck Tom's ?" she asked teasingly. Bill groaned "Both" he said hoarsely. "But especially me sucking Tom, isn't it ?" Gail whispered, really pushing at Bill's buttons, he groaned again, deeper and louder this time, and his voice became quite husky, "Yes, damn it, sucking Tom's cock, I can't wait to see him shoot his load down your hot, hungry throat !!". Tom's cock jumped so hard it almost dislodged from my mouth, and I knew Bill's words had excited him, so Gail and I quickly changed round and her mouth descended on Tom's cock almost to the hilt ! I was stroking Bill's throbbing cock and occasionally lashing it with my tongue while trying to look at Gail and Tom in action and watch Bill's expression at the same time, His eyes were now riveted to Gail's bobbing head as like a sword swallower she took Tom's cock completely into her mouth, then lifted up until only the very tip was between her lips. I knew that I'd never sucked Tom that deep or that hard and he was having a real struggle holding on ! I decided to add my little contribution to proceedings as Gail plunged down once more, and lifting my mouth from Bill's cock I said " I know that look, he's about to come, he's about to shoot his load into your wife's eager mouth, is that what you want Bill ? you want my husband to spray his hot cum into your wife's mouth and down her hot throat ?, do you Bill ?, do you ?"

I saw his face screw up with a look of anguished lust. "Yes! Yes! Blow your stack Tom ! blow your stack !!" immediately I plunged my mouth down on to his throbbing, pulsating cock as deeply as I possibly could and sucked real hard, I heard a strangled groan/scream from Tom and knew that he was shooting his load into Gail's mouth and I turned slightly to look at them from the corner of my eye. Gail was holding Tom's cock in both hands, the tip just in between her lips, and her throat was swallowing furiously, trying to accommodate his spurting cum juice, but already some of it was spilling from her mouth and dribbling down onto her breasts. Even if I hadn't heard Tom's cry or seen what was happening from the corner of my eye I would have known that Tom had come simply from Bill's immediate reaction ! his cock swelled to almost twice its side then seemed to burst apart and flooded my mouth and throat with his hot juices, and I had no more time to worry about Tom and Gail, I was too busy sucking and swallowing Bill's tasty cum and loving every minute of it !!

When Bill finally stopped pumping juice into me and began to soften, I lifted up and straightened up and turned to look at Gail, she was standing too, a silly grin on her face and cum juice still trickling from the corner of her mouth, without even thinking, I moved over and pressed my lips to hers, licking Tom's juice from her lips and chin, and she did the same for me ! "Mmm" I finally said "I do like the taste of Tom's cum in your mouth !" she giggled, "Me too, but I can't wait to taste Bill's cum from your pussy !!!" That electric feeling ran through me again, as I looked deep into her eyes and saw the desire lurking there, "Me too, but I think we all need the sustenance of some food, don't forget you were invited for dinner !!" all four of us laughed, then after a quick swim down the pool and back to rid ourselves of the stickiness we'd gathered in our cock sucking, we made our way indoors to have a beautiful candle lit meal. I guess to anyone looking in it may have been a strange sight, four people enjoying an elaborate meal without one stitch of clothing between them ! but to us it was just right !

We didn't rush over the meal, but we didn't spend a lot of time on it either, and things were very, very comfortable between all four of us, we discussed quite openly all the fears we'd had and Bill was quite surprised to hear that Gail had been uncertain how she would react t actually seeing Bill and I together, being told about it was one thing, but seeing it pressed different buttons ! I admitted that I felt the same way ( which even surprised Tom a little ! ), and of course we were all aware of the struggle that Bill had gone through in regard to Gail, but he laughingly admitted that it was the hottest, most exciting feeling he'd ever known !, then Tom impishly asked if the thought of two women together excited him, and whether he'd ever fantasized about it, Bill somewhat sheepishly admitted that it was a powerful fantasy for him. Gail and I looked across at each other and grinned, we both knew we'd just been given the go ahead, and I silently thanked Tom for his perceptiveness and his uncanny manipulation !!

When we moved into the lounge room Tom and Bill claimed to be still too exhausted from our ministrations at the pool to feel like dancing, so Gail and I got up and danced together, at first to fairly lively songs that had our asses twirling and out tits bouncing - much to the enjoyment of the men ! - then to slower, more sensual music during which we moved closer and closer together, until we were sanding face to face, holding hands, our nipples brushing against each other as we gently swayed back and forth. I have to admit that by this time Tom and Bill had ceased to exist for me, I was totally engrossed in this gorgeous. Incredibly sexy woman in front of me ! the long black hair cascading down to the upper slopes of her breasts, the breasts themselves, so high and firm, those delicious ruby red nipples standing so stiff and tall, her slim waist and sexy hips, and that incredible tight shapely ass that seemed to sit so perfectly and move so sensuously on her gorgeous legs. I'd never looked at a woman so closely before from a perspective of love and desire rather than competition, and totally new feelings and sensations were flowing through my body, it was lust, I knew that, almost the same lust I'd felt the first time I'd see Bill's gorgeous cock and knew I was going to have it inside me, but this lust created much softer, more diffused energies, like my whole body was being bathed by a hot sun. A couple of records went by as we stood swaying like this, before I let go her hands and reached out to lightly grip the tops of her hips, and her hands took up the same position on my body, then as if a silent signal passed between us we each drew forward, our breasts pressing together, our hard nipples almost burning holes in each other, then our I felt my pussy brush against hers and the most enormous bolt of electricity seemed to pass between us, causing us both to draw in a sharp breath. We held that position for a moment, allowing this incredible exchange of energy to take place, like both being zapped by static electricity at the same time, then my hands slid around to cup the taut cheeks of her ass, and hers did the same, and we pressed our pussies together, moving our hips slightly to create a rubbing motion between out pussies, we were both incredibly wet !!

Then our lips came together, gently, ever so gently, little more than a light caress, backwards and forwards, and I could feel the hunger growing in me ! this was just so, so different ! none of the hard muscularity of a man, none of the roughness of the face, it was all almost surreal ! then I pressed harder and I heard the slight moan come from her as my tongue slipped forward to prise her lips apart and touch her own, it was if I had suddenly unlocked a caged tiger ! her tongue danced and wrested with mine and our bodies mashed hungrily together as all the pent up desire seemed to surface in our tongues. It was the deepest, hottest kiss I had ever experienced !!, it was like I was trying to climb into her skin and she was trying to climb into mine ! my hands were everywhere on her body, her back, her ass cheeks, the tops of her legs, the back of her head, even at one point when I managed to turn slightly on her fantastic ripe breasts ! and needless to say her hands were similarly engaged ! there wasn't any music any more there wasn't any men any more, there wasn't even a room any more ! there was only her body and my awareness and reaction to her body, my desire and my lust ! I don't even know how we got down onto the floor, or who put the cushions there that we ended up lying on ( practical Tom, I suspect ! ), but next moment we had pulled apart and I was running my lips and tongue over her incredible breasts, so different, so incredibly different, and she was crying out "Yes, oh yes, suck me, suck !" and I was ! taking her turgid nipple into my mouth and sucking hard, then lashing her breasts with my tongue ! Then suddenly I was on my back and her lips were devouring my breasts, and it was my turn to cry out "Oh yes, Oh god yes, suck me, suck me hard !" and she did !!

And as her lips and tongue were busy on my breasts, her hand slid between my legs and started to rub softly against my pussy, and my body was on fire ! it wasn't as if I'd never had my breasts sucked before, or my pussy played with, I'd enjoyed it immensely with both Tom and Bill, but the feelings now were so extraordinarily different ! I know I had never done anything like this before, and I was pretty sure Gail hadn't either, but we seemed to know intuitively what to do next, and with out any awkwardness at all we shifted around until our heads were in line with each other's pussies. God, my first sight of Gail's pussy close up sends shivers of delight through me, neatly trimmed, short black hair perfectly framed her pussy lips which looked like a slightly swollen version of the lips I'd been kissing earlier ! I reached out and lightly ran one finger down one side of her pussy lips and up the other, and her body jerked off the floor, I was so close I could see a little spot of juice seep from between her lips, and without hesitation I leaned forward and flicked it up with my tongue and savoured it's taste in my mouth, it was beautiful ! and I wanted more !!

Then Gail's tongue touched my pussy and my whole body shuddered ! and kept on shuddering as she slowly lapped back and forth across my pussy lips before darting fleetingly inside, then I felt her fingers slowly draw back the lips of my pussy and her tongue slide in to brush against my swollen clitoris, and it was my turn to jerk off the ground ! I decided two could play at that game and spread her pussy lips apart and slid my tongue forward to flick her clitoris ! I both heard and felt her quick squeal as her body jumped against my tongue, and that drove me on to even more, taking her clitoris in between my lips and sucking hard, sending her body into spasms of ecstasy ! then she did the same to me !! with the same result ! Then my tongue was everywhere and her tongue was everywhere, our hands were one moment holding pussy lips aside for our darting tongues and the next caressing and squeezing ass cheeks, the rest of our bodies were rubbing together, our breasts and hard, incredibly sensitive nipples almost using the other persons body to make love to themselves, and the fire inside was getting hotter and hotter ! By now we were both crying out, urging each other on, begging to be licked, begging to be sucked, and then my body just seemed to come apart at the seams !! it was unlike any orgasm I'd had before, not bigger or better, just totally different ! it was like I just melted into her mouth !! and if my juice flow was anything like Gail's then it was a wonder I had any liquid left in my body ! because when Gail screamed out her orgasm, her juices just poured down into my waiting mouth and I sucked and sucked and sucked, and swallowed and swallowed and swallowed !! I couldn't seem to get enough and she couldn't seem to give enough ! and I felt that my body was doing the same to her - something she confirmed later !

When our bodies had finally stooped jerking and jumping and we'd sucked the last ounce of juices from each other's pussies, we automatically moved around until we were face to face again, and we molded together in a deep passionate kiss of thanks for everything we'd shared, and when we pulled apart we grinned at each other, then burst into laughter as I said "is that me I'm tasting ?". There was a sudden loud whoosh of noise from Tom and Bill, as if they'd been holding their breath for the entire time we'd been making love, and perhaps they had, because when we turned to look, their faces where bright red ! then our eyes dropped downwards and we saw their magnificent cocks almost bursting and we knew that the red faces were from pure lust ! and I looked at Gail and grinned, she nodded back grinning also, and it was as if that was a silent signal, because Tom and Bill lurched off the couch and slid round behind us, we both arched backwards slightly and lifted one foot up to the other knee and they slid their hot cocks deep into our still steaming pussies !! as Gail and I kissed and played with each other's breasts - at times competing for the same space with the hands of the hot and horny men - Tom and Bill fucked their big cocks into us ! oh God, this was bliss ! pure bliss !! and I think all four of us knew it !!

I have just a slight feeling that we may share a few more dinners ! in fact Bill has already mentioned a little cabin up by the lake that they go to for weekends now and again ! but that's too far ahead !, right now Tom and Bill are doing the rotating, and Gail is making noises about wanting one of them in her pussy and one in her mouth ! and me ? well I'm silently deciding if I'm ready to have my ass cherry popped yet ! and if so, which one is going to do it ! I know it's something Tom has often fantasized about, I wonder if Gail and Bill have ever done it ? must ask her later ! but right now, oh god Bill's just shot his load all over my breasts, and Tom and Gail are frantically trying to outdo each other in licking it off !!

What a swell party this is !!!!!!!!


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