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Megan & the Mystery Man
by RumRunner

I'm a lucky guy because I'm married to a wonderful woman. Her name is Megan, and she is beautiful. Megan stands 5'4" tall and weighs 115 pounds. She has long red hair, full 36c tits, and a gorgeous round ass. She keeps her curly red pussy hair neatly trimmed, except for her cunt lips, which are shaved smooth.

For some time Megan and I have fantasized about adding another man to our sex life. This fantasy has been very exciting, but wasn't coming true. Megan wasn't comfortable with the idea of inviting anyone we know to participate, due to the embarrassment it might cause, and wasn't willing to sleep with a stranger. Eventually, I decided to take matters into my own hands and make this fantasy happen.

A few days before Christmas, I gave my friend Dan a call. I knew Dan was turned on by Megan because he had made comments to me in the past about what nice tits she had. When I asked if he would be willing to join us, he was very, very willing. I secretly set up a meeting for the week after Christmas, and here's how it worked out.

On the appointed night, I left work early and arrived at home before Megan. I lit some candles, opened a nice bottle of wine, laid out a sexy little slip I bought Megan for Christmas and began fixing a nice dinner. When Megan got home, she was very surprised to see me preparing a nice evening for her, although she had no idea what was really in store. Since I had dinner underway, Megan decided to take a hot bubble bath and unwind. Once she was in the tub, I took her a glass of wine.

About an hour later, Megan was finished with her bath and came downstairs for dinner. She was wearing the slip I had laid out earlier. The slip was a short, ver low cut green satin whisper of fabric with thin spaghetti straps barely able to hold it up. She looked fabulous, so she wouldn't feel the desire to cover herself up, I lit a fire in the fireplace to keep the house toasty.

Dinner was excellent and Megan was very thankful, especially after I volunteered to clean up while she relaxed in front of the fireplace. After finishing the cleanup, I joined Megan in front of the fire with two more glasses of wine. We talked for awhile and I told her how sexy she looked and how lucky I was. We began kissing and I suggested that we head to the bedroom. I laid her down on the bed and we kissed and fondled each other a little more.

The romantic dinner, the wine, the relaxing bath, the fireplace and the kissing had Megan very turned on. I asked how she would like to be blindfolded and have her hands tied to the headboard. She was very willing, so I quickly tied a scarf over her eyes and tied her hands with two of my neckties. I told her that we needed some romantic music to complete the scene and she agreed. I slipped out of the room under the pretense of getting a CD from downstairs. I quietly went to the front door and turned the porch light on, Dan's signal that we were ready for him. I opened the door and let Dan in.

Dan and I walked silently up the stairs and I started the CD while Dan waited outside the bedroom door. Once the music started, Dan slipped into the bedroom without a sound. I began massaging Megan's gorgeous body, sliding the tiny slip all around, exposing almost every inch of her to view. I massaged one of her tits and lowered my lips to it, gently sucking and nibbling at it. This turns Megan on beyond belief. She can cum by having her beautiful nipples sucked and massaged. With my other hand, I began lightly rubbing Megan's clit, causing her to release a slight moan. At that moment, Dan began massaging her other tit. At first Megan didn't realize that anything was unusual, must be she wasn't counting how many hands were touching her. But when Dan lowered his mouth to her other tit, so that both of Megan's tits were being sucked, she caught on. Her reaction caused her body to quake and she said "oooh". She squirmed a little but soon relaxed her body and allowed herself to enjoy the surprise.

As Dan and I sucked on Megan's tits, I continued massaging her clit, and Dan slid two fingers into her wet pussy. Megan moaned and squirmed again, and a great smile appeared on her lips. She looked so sexy in her silky slip, being pawed by four hands. I slid down and began to flick my tongue on her pussy. Dan moved up and unzipped his jeans, offering his cock to Megan's ready mouth. She hungrily sucked his hard cock. I got up to take my clothes off and watched for a moment as Megan lay there with her pussy and one tit fully exposed, sucking Dan's tool.

When I returned, I began rubbing my cock against Megan's glistening cunt lips. Slowly, I slid my cock fully into her hot pussy. She moaned again, very loudly this time, and began devouring Dan's cock even more enthusiastically. My gorgeous wife was now servicing two hard cocks at once, what a turn on this was! I could tell that Megan had an orgasm brewing, so I picked up the pace, sliding my cock quickly in and out of her pussy, each time inserting it all the way. Megan came like an earthquake, I could feel her pussy get even wetter than it was before. I quickly joined her, filling her with my hot cum.

After I came, Dan and I traded places. I offered my cock to Megan's hungry mouth and she licked off every drop of cum, mine and hers. As she was sucking my rod, Dan slipped his cock into her messy pussy. Again she moaned in passion, and began sucking me for all she was worth. After about five minutes of being fucked by Dan, Megan's hips began bucking wildly and she started moaning and repeating "oh my God". She was running on pure lust at this point, like an insatiable sexual animal. She came again, even more violently than the first time. Dan filled her pussy with his creamy load and lay on top of her, spent. When he rolled off, I pulled my cock from her mouth and Dan again offered his. Megan licked Dan's cock clean.

Megan lay motionless, except for her heaving chest. The only sound to be heard over the CD was Megan's heavy breathing. Dan dressed quickly and let himself out. When he was gone, I untied Megan's hands and removed the blindfold. She was the most satisfied that she has ever been. We lay there together, soundless for about twenty minutes, just enjoying the afterglow. I got up to get Megan a towel to wipe the cum that was running from her cunt, down her thigh. As I wiped her clean, she began massaging my cock and brought it to an erection again. She had me lay down on my back and she climbed on top of me, lowering herself onto my hard cock. She fucked me long and slow, and I delivered a third load of cum into her fiery cunt. After I came, she rolled off and we both fell asleep.

To this day, she has no idea who the mystery man was, and she doesn't want to. One day, very soon, I will arrange a repeat performance. I'll let you know how it goes!

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