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Mary & Tom Pt. V
by Patrick

Things had been working out so well between Tom and I and Bill and Gail, that when Bill once again mentioned the cabin at the lake that they sometimes went to for a weekend we had no hesitation in agreeing that a weekend there sounded just fantastic. So Bill booked the cabin and we all made plans for what promised to be a fun weekend. The cabin itself was situated in amongst a heavily wooded area with a small private sandy cove close by, and the nearest neighboring cabin almost a mile distant, so there was plenty of privacy, something we put to use immediately on arrival late on the Friday evening by stripping off completely and going skinny dipping in the lake.

Bill and Gail had done this many times on their visits to the cabin, but for Tom and I it was our first time going completely naked outside the privacy of our own home, so it was incredibly exciting. Even though we were assured that the privacy was total, there was that element in our minds that either assumed we could be seen or expected someone to suddenly pop out of the woods and catch us in this naked state, and that seemed to heighten our feelings of nakedness, and our awareness of the nakedness of the others, so even before anything sexual started to happen, there was that feeling of sexual tension, and I noticed that despite the coolness of the lake water, Tom was already sporting an erection, a fact which all three of us teased him about, but he didn't seem to mind, "Just getting ready early" he quipped.

Then Tom and Bill started to indulge in the water splashing that they'd engaged in that first time in our Pool, and Gail and I squealed and dashed from the water. I don't know which one shouted "They're getting away", but I glanced around and saw both men surging after us, with another series of squeals, Gail and I reached the sand then dashed in slightly different directions into the woods. Within a matter of a few moments, the lake was out of sight, and when I stopped for a breath all I could see were trees and bushes, and I realised with a feeling of slight panic that I didn't know which way was back to the cabin. Then I heard a crashing behind me and turned in time to see this figure lurching from the trees. I screamed and froze, then realised that the figure coming towards me with a huge grin on his face was Tom. I fell into his arms, almost in tears, and he held me tight and soothed my momentary panic, then he loosened his hold and began to stroke his hands up and down my back and over my ass cheeks, and I began to shiver with something a little more acceptable than fear.

Then he leaned his head back and looked down at me, "Wow, Mary, you looked so incredibly sexy in the water, I couldn't help but get excited, like a ravishing water nymph, and now in the woods with the trees all around you look like a ravishing woodland nymph, Mmm, you turn me on so much, or maybe it's being outdoors, do you remember the time we went for a dip in the pool in the moonlight and then fucked on the lawn? god that was such a turn on! imagine what it's going to be like here, out in the woods when it's still daylight"

"You mean you want to fuck me here and now? but what if Bill and Gail come along?"

He laughed, "I have a feeling that Bill and Gail are going to be doing exactly the same thing" and one of his hands slid round from my ass cheeks and slipped between my legs to rub over my pussy, "Mmm, you're so wet already, you're every bit as turned on as me, you can't wait to have my cock inside you. You can't wait to be fucked"

I grinned at him and started to edge backwards, "Of course I'm wet, we've just been in the water, can't you even wait until we've unpacked and got everything organised?"

He was moving with me as I edged backwards, until I suddenly felt my back against a tree and couldn't move any further, and he pressed against me, his hands leaving my ass to take hold of the tree each side of me, then he was kissing me, his tongue darting in between my lips and causing me to gasp slightly, but the gasp quickly turned to a moan as the kiss deepened, and his naked body rubbed against me, his hard cock captured firmly between us, and I felt the hard bark of the tree pressing into me from behind. It was a curious feeling, not hurting exactly, in fact the roughness seemed to be actually turning me on. If I hadn't been aroused before, I certainly was now, and I responded to his urgent, hungry kisses, alternately ramming my pussy forward against his swollen cock and rubbing my ass cheeks against the hard bark of the tree, I was suddenly like a cat in heat marking it's territory. I felt an unaccustomed wildness welling up inside me.

"Oh no, that's not water wetness, that's pussy juice wetness, you're hot and horny and dying to be fucked, and I'm going to fuck you right now, fuck you standing up against this tree, because you want it don't you Mary?, you want me to fuck you, you want my hard dick in your pussy, don't you?"

"Oh yes Tom, oh god yes, fuck me, fuck me right here and now" and I lifted one leg and moved it outwards to give him room, and with a quick dip and a sharp upward thrust he buried his hard cock deep into my pussy, and I squealed loudly. Then he began to pound his cock into me, ramming me hard against the tree, and our lips and tongues were going wild. Then his hands were on my breasts, squeezing and rubbing, pinching my rock hard nipples, and I was on fire! This was amazing, usually so gentle even in the throes of passion, we were now behaving like two rutting animals and I didn't care that the tree was probably marking or bruising my back, all I wanted was his beautiful big cock to keep on ramming into me. And then he pulled out, and I cried out with disappointment, but he quickly spun me around and shifted back slightly before pressing his hand into the middle of my back to bend me forward, then I was holding on to the tree with my hands and he was ramming into me from behind, and crying out.

"Yes, Yes, take my cock, take it hard, such a tight juicy pussy, such a tight sexy ass, such a horny little nymph! I'm going to fill you, fill you to the brim, I'm cumming, I'm CUUUMMIIING!!"

Then I felt his hot juices shooting deep into my pussy and I was screaming out unintelligible words as a gigantic explosion rocked my whole body, and I was shuddering and shuddering as his juices kept on spurting and spurting into me, until finally my legs gave way and I collapsed onto the ground with Tom still imbedded in my pussy.

I don't know how long we lay like that, it must have been quite some time, because Bill and Gail had to come looking for us as the light began to fade. They laughingly raised us to our feet and commented that we'd now discovered the special magic of fucking in the wild - or wild fucking, whichever we preferred, and we quickly joined in with the laughter, realising that was exactly what we had experienced, we'd never known anything wilder, we even looked at each other with a slight sense of embarrassment that we'd let ourselves go so completely, but that didn't last long, it wasn't allowed to, Bill and Gail were determined to make this a weekend to remember, so even before we were back at the cabin, there was a certain amount of stroking and touching going on between all four of us.

Supper was short and light, and we soon settled down in the main room with the log fire going - although it was so warm we didn't really need it - and began the serious business of turning each other on, which didn't take long, and doing something about it, which took considerably longer! Needless to say since Tom and I had already fucked up a storm out in the woods, and we assumed that Bill and Gail had done the same, we began by swapping partners straight away, so I was soon lying to one side of the fire kissing and caressing Bill, while Tom did the same with Gail on the other side, and I noticed straight away, that even with Bill there was a different texture about our lovemaking, a wilder energy, it was as if coming out into the wild had brought that wildness out in us, I was much more vocal and demanding and Bill was stronger and more forceful in his responses, so it led to some pretty hot fucking, hotter than ever before.

Even so, I still don't know how it happened, one moment there was just the two of us, then the four of us had sort of rolled together in the middle of the room and there was arms and legs and cocks and tits everywhere, then I had my tongue deep in Gail's pussy and I could feel Gail's in mine, but I could still hear Tom moaning, "Yes, yes, oh god, suck me, suck me". For a moment it simply didn't register, but when it did I jerked my face away from Gail's pussy and glanced around, and my jaw dropped and my eyes popped as I sighted Bill vociferously sucking Tom's cock!

My sudden departure from her pussy alerted Gail that something was happening, so her tongue left my pussy and she rolled over to look as well, and gasped out loud at what she saw. I don't even know if Tom was aware that it was Bill sucking his cock - he vowed later that he thought it was one of us - but he was clearly thoroughly enjoying it, and close to cumming by the sound of his cries, and once the initial shock had passed I found the sight incredibly horny and stimulating, and I found my pussy getting hotter and hotter. I glanced at Gail and saw the hotness in her face and the tongue sliding over the lips as if in empathy with Bill' tongue on Tom's cock, and knew that she was reacting the same way as me, so I reached out and stroked her across the breasts, then sidled up beside her and we fondled each other as we watched Bill and Tom. Then I whispered in her ear, and she grinned and nodded quickly, and we moved apart, Gail to perch her pussy over Tom's mouth and me to wrap my lips around Bill's extremely thick and hard cock. That seemed to spur Bill on even more and he sucked Tom harder and harder, then Tom was cumming, shooting his load into Bill's mouth, and that seemed to have a trigger effect on Bill himself, because he was soon shooting his load into my mouth.

Watching all this from her perch over Tom's face and feeling the added energy of Tom's tongue on her pussy, soon brought Gail to a screaming orgasm too, which just left me, so I finger fucked myself very quickly until an orgasm ripped through me too, then we all collapsed in a heap.

It was a very surprised Tom who realised that he'd been given what even he had to admit was a fantastic blow job by another man, and a very contrite Bill who admitted that sucking a man's cock was something he'd fantasized about for a while, but once they both realised that we'd found it as incredibly sexy and arousing as they always seemed to find us having sex together, they both seemed to accept what had happened without any problems, but I was still taken by surprise when Tom reached over and started stroking Bill's cock, saying "Well, if we're going to be wild, we might as well be totally wild", and leaned down and started to suck it.

We didn't stay surprised for long and were soon joining in , this time making sure that we formed a complete daisy chain so no one had to finger themselves to completion. Wow, such a hot, horny night, a promise of much more to come.

But the promise evaporated early the next morning when Bill got a call to say that his mother had been taken very ill and would they please return at once. Tom and I offered to return with them, but Bill insisted that we stay and enjoy the weekend break and they would catch up with us when we got back. So they packed up their stuff and departed just before 9 am. Tom and I felt very flat for a while and prepared a leisurely breakfast before deciding that s swim might make us feel better, so grabbing just a couple of towels, and not bothering with any clothes, we walked hand in hand down through the woods to the small cove. Placing our towels on the sand, Tom suddenly jerked upright and stared down the beach, "What is it?" I asked

"I thought I saw a flash of material down at the end there, I think we'd better take a look" so we walked casually down the beach to the trees at the far end, as we got closer we heard a low moaning which stopped us in our tracks. "is that an animal?" I asked nervously, looking around in every direction,

"No, it sounds human" said Tom, "I think we should investigate, someone may be hurt". The moaning came even louder now, and turned into a sharp squeal, and we both jumped, then moved quickly forward into the first line of trees. After the second line of trees we broke into a large clearing and stopped with a gasp, there was a tent in the clearing, and in front of the tent was the source of the moaning and squealing - two very naked young people, fucking like crazy! the girl, who was stunningly beautiful with blonde, almost white hair cascading below her shoulders was on her hands and knees, and kneeling behind her and pounding his cock into her was an equally amazingly beautiful man with shoulder length blonde hair. They both looked up as we crashed through the undergrowth into the clearing, but they didn't stop, they were just too far gone, they just gave us a brief smile and kept fucking.

I'm sure common sense and decency would have required us to retreat as quickly as we had arrived, but the sight was so unexpected that we just froze there looking at them, and by the time we'd got over the shock it was too late for us too, we were hooked. Oh yes, I'd watched Tom fuck Gail and Bill fuck Gail, but they were close to me, friends and husband, these were different, complete strangers, and watching them fuck was turning me on like crazy! and as I glanced briefly sideways, I could see that it was having the same effect on Tom, his cock had jumped to attention very quickly! so we stood there and watched, and got more and more turned on. Finally, the girl gave out one more wail and scream and shuddered into a series of orgasms, then collapsed onto the ground, and the man slipped from her pussy. I sucked in my breath sharply, his cock was still rock hard, glistening with her pussy juices and looked oh so big and beautiful! at a quick estimation he had a half inch or an inch on Tom in length, but didn't look to be as thick, but my mouth watered just looking at it, and I knew I just had to feel it inside me.

After a few moments on his haunches, bringing his breathing under control, the man stood up and smiling at us, moved across to where we were standing, and I had one hell of a job keeping my eyes off his cock, which looked even bigger and more magnificent as it stuck out in front of him and bobbed and weaved as he walked. "Hi" he said, glancing at Tom and nodding, then returning his eyes to me, "I'm Adam, and I always thought that angels were a figment of the imagination until I laid eyes on you" he said, holding out his hand to me. I lifted mine to his, assuming we were going to shake hands, instead, he drew me forward as he moved backwards, and without any hesitation, I followed, I mean what woman could possibly resist an introductory line like that!

When we came to where the girl was now sitting, she lifted her hand in greeting and smiled widely, "Hi, I'm Wendy, and I think I'd better fetch your man before he starts feeling left out" and she rose to her feet and moved from my sight, but not before I noted again what a stunning body she had, absolutely awesome breasts! but then my attention was brought back to Adam, as he let go my hand and lifted his hand to trail his fingers over my breasts, "Mmm, such exciting breasts, and such succulent nipples" he said as he rolled each nipple gently between thumb and fore finger, and a shiver ran through me, "And such a hot juicy pussy too" he added as his other hand slid between my legs and brushed up and down my pussy lips, sending a huge shudder coursing through me.

This was crazy, totally crazy, I was letting a man I'd only just met and didn't even know stroke my breasts and play with my pussy, and not only wasn't I objecting, I found myself eager for more! I even found myself reaching out to cup his big cock in my hands and slowly start to stroke it, and I finally returned his smile, "I'm Mary and that's my husband Tom" I said, gesturing towards where Tom had been.

"Well Mary, Tom's a lucky man to have a wife as beautiful and sexy as you, but at the moment Wendy's keeping him occupied, so why don't we get to know each other better, much, much better" and he started to lower me to the blanket that only a few moments ago he'd been fucking Wendy on, and I went without a murmur. Part of my mind was telling me how crazy this was, that the words being spoken were like the script of a B grade movie, but it didn't seem to matter, all that mattered was his hand on my breasts, and his fingers in my pussy.

Then he was kissing me, not forcefully, just a teasing brush of his lips over and over again, then just the hint of his tongue peeping between my lips, and the heat really started to grow within me. Then his lips moved down and began to dance lightly over my breasts, and I began to moan, the feelings were just so intense, my nipples were so swollen I thought they'd burst, especially when he took them into his moth one by one and sucked gently while flicking them with his tongue. For someone so young, Adam sure knew how to arouse and excite a woman, so I just let myself relax into it as his lips moved ever lower until they brushed over my incredibly sensitive pussy lips, and I almost jumped off the ground! then his tongue was inside me, lapping at my juices and circling my swollen clitoris, still super sensitive from the sex last night, and my body was jerking and jumping around as small orgasms began to ripple through me.

Then his tongue was moving back up to my breasts again, and he shifted slightly and I felt the tip of his rock hard cock first brush and then press against the lips of my pussy, and I shifted my body too, spreading my legs and lifting my knees to open the way for his cock, and then he was inside me, but just the head of his cock, and I moaned as my body arched to impale more of his cock in my pussy, but he held back, teasing me some more. Then he moved forward, slowly, ever so slowly, almost too slowly for my eager pussy, "Oh yes, yes, Please fill me, fill me with your gorgeous cock" I whispered, and he moved even deeper. I was amazed at his control, most men by this time would be ramming away like crazy, but he was just moving tantalizingly slowly, and I realised that in doing so he was turning me on even more, so again I relaxed and just gave myself over to the incredible sensations his cock was causing.

Then, through the haze of my own mounting passion I heard Tom cry out, "Oh Wendy you are so tight, so hot and tight, I never knew it would be like this" and I turned my head and looked across to see Wendy again on her knees with Tom thrusting in from behind, but they were side on to me and I could see clearly just where Tom was thrusting his cock, deep into Wendy's ass! there was a momentary flash of jealousy as I realised that I wouldn't be his first ass fuck - even though I still hadn't decided if I wanted that yet - but then there was such a joyous expression on his face that I couldn't help but smile over at him, he was fulfilling yet another of his sexual fantasies.

But then all thoughts of Tom went out of my mind as Adam started to increase the pace of his thrusting cock, pushing harder and deeper and faster, and I was lifting to meet his thrusts, calling out encouragement, "Yes Adam, Fuck me, fuck me good! so big, so hard, oh yes, I want it so much, fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeee!!" and a massive orgasm raced through me, and it didn't have time to fade away before his plunging cock lifted me to another one, and another one, and yet another one, and by this time I was screaming out for more, begging him to fuck me harder, determined to make him cum with me. I tightened the walls of my pussy around his thrusting cock and started to milk him as he stroked in and out, and I saw the look of surprise in his eyes as he felt himself being squeezed and stroked by the inside of my pussy, and he pounded harder and harder.

And then he was crying out "Oh god yes, yes, make me cum, make me cum! god I'm CUUUMMMIIING!!", and I felt his cock stretch and thicken and then explode, shooting his cum juice deep into my steaming pussy like a fire hose! and I milked him and milked him as orgasm after orgasm shook and shuddered through me. Somewhere in the distance I could here Tom screaming out his explosion into Wendy's ass, and Wendy's screams too, and I'm sure if anyone was close by they'd have been forgive for thinking that mass murder was being committed, and perhaps it was! because for the next half hour none of us was able to move an inch!

When we finally did re-gather our senses, and Adam fished a few cold drinks out of the tent, we learned that Adam and Wendy had both just turned 22 and were actually on their honeymoon! they'd decided on something a little different, a little wilder than the traditional honeymoons, so had borrowed a tent from a friend and just got in the car and drove. Late last night, sighting the lake through the trees they'd parked their car just off the road and found this clearing to pitch their tent in, not realising it was private property. I looked at Tom and he looked at me, and a silent signal seemed to pass between us, "Well" said Tom, "you're welcome to camp here for the weekend if you want, but if you fancy something a little more comfortable, you're welcome to join us in the cabin, the friends that came with us have had to return home because of a family illness, so there's plenty of room"

Adam and Wendy looked at each other and grinned, but it was Wendy who spoke, "One night camping was wild enough for me, I think I'd like some creature comforts, and anyway, I think it's going to be even wilder inside than out, don't you?", Adam's face became a huge grin "Well we did say our honeymoon was going to be something different, and sharing it with a beautiful horny couple like Mary and Tom would certainly make it that!" and they both laughed. I shook my head and grinned at Tom "It took us ten years to wake up to the joys and pleasures of sharing our sex lives with others, and they're doing it on their honeymoon! what a life they've got ahead of them!"

Tom leaned over and kissed me deeply, his hand coming up to fondle my breasts, "We've got quite a life ahead of us too, starting with this weekend! because we're going to help Wendy and Adam have a honeymoon they will never forget!"

I grinned at Tom and then at Wendy and Adam, "Oh I agree, a totally unforgettable honeymoon!" and reaching over, I pulled Wendy's head gently down to mine and kissed her deeply. My hand immediately coming up to cup and fondle her fantastic breasts, and I heard the sharp intake of breath from Adam, and when I released Wendy and resumed my seat, her face was flushed and her eyes bright, and she stared hotly at me, "Oh yes" she murmured, "A totally unforgettable honeymoon!" and she reached over and twirled one of my nipples around between her fingers, and we understood each other completely - and so did Tom and Adam! nothing was going to be taboo this weekend! nothing at all!! and by the look of their rock hard cocks that suited them just fine!

WOW, didn't we have a story to tell Bill and Gail when we got back!


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