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Me & The Wife Swap Partners
by TopGun115

I, probably like many other sexually rampant men have fantasised about seeing my wife involved in a threesome or us both in a foursome many times over the last few years. We have been married now for 12 years, my name is Chris, I am 35, and my wife Helen is 33. She is a very sexy lady, 5ft 8in tall, long legs, nice slim figure, blonde shoulder length hair and has a pair of 34B tits with ultra sensitive nipples. She knows that I like her to wear sexy revealing clothes as often as possible and she doesn't disappoint me.

Sexually, between the two of us there is not a lot we haven't tried, and often when having sex we would indulge into fantasy's, she pretending that I was a stranger or a family friend etc. Several times I brought up the subject of getting another guy or couple involved but she wasn't interested saying she enjoyed our fantasy's but in real life she was happy enough the way things were and she had heard of couples whose marriages had broken up by getting into the swinging scene.

As much as I tried I couldn't get the thought from my mind, it had become an obsession, I had to think of a way to get her to change her mind.

One night we were getting ready to go up to bed, we had a couple of drinks that evening, Helen was in a bubbly / sexy mood, we had been fooling around and had watched a porn video, I said to her "Helen, I dare you to strip off in the bathroom, then walk into our bedroom, turn on the main light, slowly walk over to the window and then very slowly draw the curtains".

We live in a very busy street, there was a good chance that there would be someone walking or driving past.

"What if a neighbour saw me?" she said, I said it would be no big deal, they would only see her tits and she went topless when we went to the beach anyway. "OK, she said, I'll do it".

I went up and lay on the bed in darkness, she did just what I dared her to do, if anything she spent more time at the window than I thought she would, then she stretched up, pushing her tits out, took hold of the curtains and slowly drew them. "Well" I asked, "did you anyone see you?" she said there was a man out with his dog who stopped and looked up, that was why she had stayed at the window for so long. She got into bed and as I fucked her I thought of her being looked at by that guy, wondering what he had thought when he had seen her, picturing her in my mind being fucked by me and another.

A couple of days later I dared her again, this time she had to answer the door to the milkman wearing a loose robe - nothing else, then to drop some money so that when she picked it up her robe would open to reveal her tits, she accepted my dare and afterwards returned to me in the kitchen telling me the milkman couldn't keep his eyes off her and that when she had picked the money off the floor her robe almost fell open and that she had to quickly retie the belt. She seemed to be enjoying the dares I had set her; I decided to make my dares more daring.

I arranged for a package to be picked up, her dare this time was to walk downstairs wearing only a towel as if she had just got out of the shower, then to walk into the lounge seemingly not knowing he would be in there with me, she was all for it. When the young guy arrived I told him I was wrapping the package and to wait in the lounge, I took him the package and as he was writing out the receipt, right on cue in walked Helen.

Her hair was wet, the towel was only just big enough to cover her tits and barely came down low enough to hide her pussy, "Oh, I didn't know you had company" she said, then as she turned to make a quick exit the towel fell and for a second we saw her naked, then she was gone. I made nothing of it, took the receipt from the guy and showed him out. I went upstairs, Helen was lying on the bed, she had her legs wide open and was playing with her cunt, what she had done downstairs must have turned her on.

"Come here and fuck me," she ordered, the role play game between had started,

"But I have only come to pick up a package" I replied, "where is your husband?"

"Don't worry about him," she said, "he won't be back for hours, now come over here and fuck me hard and deep". We spent the next two hours in bed, she was really hot and throughout she kept up the pretence of me being the delivery guy. After we had showered and dressed I again brought up the subject of getting others involved with us, she still refused, she accepted that she had enjoyed the dares but the thought of having sex with a stranger worried her.

I tried a different approach, "what about us having sex somewhere where there might be someone around who might see us?"

She thought about my suggestion for a moment and agreed, "I wouldn't mind that" she said, "I think that could be fun".

I had heard of a place where swingers were reputed to meet, it was supposedly at the car park of a beach about 10 miles away, today was Friday, "Ok" I said, "then that will be the dare, we will drive somewhere tomorrow night and see what happens", I didn't tell her where I had in mind, I took out my wallet and gave Helen some money, "tomorrow I want you to get your hair done, then I want you to buy the most sexiest outfit you see, something really revealing and daring". The next day after lunch Helen went into town, she returned about 6 o'clock carrying two bags, her hair looked nice, the way she had it styled made her look even more sexy than before, I told her so.

I suggested we skip our evening meal and pick up a takeaway on the way home - after our drive out.

Helen said she was going to have a long, hot soak in the bath and for me not to disturb her or try to see her until she was dressed and ready for our evening out.

About 8 o'clock she came down, "what do you think?" she said, doing a spin, "does this look sexy enough for you?" In all the years I had known Helen I have never seen her look as sexy as she did now, the white top she wore only just covered her nipples, the rest of her tits visible because of the see through material, it was very tight fitting, her mini skirt so short the tops of her black stockings could be seen and a pair of black high heeled shoes completed the outfit. Her make up expertly applied, just the right amount and dark red lipstick.

I told her she looked fantastic and walked towards her, "No, don't touch me" she said, "You are just going to have to wait till later".

We got in the car and set off, she asked where we were going and I said we would drive out of town and see where we ended up. I saw the sign to the beach and said we could park up there and watch the sunset. There was one other car in the car park, I parked my car about twenty feet away from it and noticed the driver was alone - a guy about 45 / 50. It was still fairly light, about half an hour to sunset.

We got out and sat in the rear seats, I put my arm around Helen and noticed the guy looking in our direction; he must have seen the way Helen looked as she got out on his side. We kissed, my hand went to her tits then between her legs, she was not wearing pants and when I got to her pussy I found she had shaved it smooth, we were still kissing as I finger fucked her, her cunt was very wet. Helen had unzipped my pants and was playing with my prick, it was then I saw him; he was standing close to our car, just watching.

I told Helen, "I know" she said, she continued to wank my prick as I fingered her cunt, I pulled her top down, exposing her tits and started to suck on her hard nipples. When I looked again he was up close to our car, looking right in through the window, I saw he had his prick out and he was wanking on it, I told Helen, again she told me that she too had had seen him. I told Helen I wanted to fuck her, she straddled me and facing the rear window lowered herself down onto my hard prick, she pushed her tits into my face and I sucked on her hard nipples, she started to bounce up and down on me.

The guy now had his face practically pressed up against the side window, I asked Helen if she would let him feel her tits as I fucked her, she said that would be ok but she definitely would not do anything else. I pressed the switch and wound down the window, I told him he could feel her tits if he wanted, he quickly darted a hand in and mauled at her tits, still wanking himself with his other hand, Helen started to moan loudly and I knew she was about to come, she bounced on me harder, impaling herself on my prick then she screamed out with pleasure as she came, I shot my spunk deep inside her then as I looked I saw the other guy, his hand still playing with Helens tits shoot his load over the side of the car, some actually splattered inside and caught Helen on the side of her face. Helen got off me, sat next to me and lowered her face to my prick sucking the last drops of spunk from my throbbing prick. The other guy said thanks and returned to his car and drove off. We got tidied up and returned home, stopping off on the way for our takeaway - we both were starving!

That night in bed we talked about what had happened, Helen agreed she had enjoyed it, more than she thought she would, I again brought up how much I would like to see her get fucked by another guy, to get involved in a threesome or a foursome, I expected the same answer as normal but this time she said "we'll see, let me think about it". I went to sleep a very happy man!

The next day during breakfast Helen asked me if I was serious about what I had said last night, I told her I was, I told her I loved her very much and nothing would ever come between us and that if we did have sex with other people it would just be for the fun and excitement, nothing more. I think that was what she wanted to hear me say, she looked at me and said, " Alright then, how do we go about it? how do we meet another couple?" I told her that there was a guy at work I knew, he was called Gary and his wife's name was Karen.

Sometimes I had a drink with him after work, he had once told me that he and his Karen had an 'open marriage', when I had asked him what he meant he told me that he and Karen would occasionally get together with another couple they knew and swap partners. Helen seemed to be intrigued, " ok, why don't you invite them over for dinner one night, I am not going to promise you anything, and if I don't feel comfortable I want you to promise me that you will not try to make me do anything that I don't want to do"

I told her I wouldn't and kissed her, "I love you" I said.

On Monday I invited Gary for a drink after work, I asked again about him and Karen, I came right out with it - were they still into swapping partners, Gary told me they were but hadn't done anything for about 6 months. I told him that me and Helen were thinking about finding another couple to have 'a bit of fun' and would he and Karen be interested, his face lit up, we had both briefly met each others wives at an office party, I remember Karen as being a very sexy looking lady. He was all for it and assured me Karen would be as well, I invited him to dinner at our house the following Saturday.

When I got home I told Helen what I had done, she was still a little apprehensive but agreed to 'see what happened on the night with no promises'. The week dragged by, I was like a kid waiting for Christmas. At last Saturday came, Helen went to a lot of trouble preparing the dinner and arranging the table etc, I didn't have much to do apart from picking up the wine, we both showered and I got dressed leaving Helen upstairs, she told me not to disturb her till she was ready. I don't know if I was nervous or excited - a little of both I guess, when the doorbell went I had butterflies in my stomach, I gulped down my drink and went to open the door, Helen was still upstairs.

I invited Gary and Karen in, seeing Karen made my prick start to go hard, she was wearing a thin white cocktail dress, very low cut and very short, the dress was split from hem to mid thigh showing the lacy top to her black stockings, she did not wear a bra and her nipples jutted out from the thin material. Gary introduced us, I took her hand commenting on how lovely she looked, she thanked me and told me that Gary's description of me didn't do me justice and that she now remembered me from the office party. I took them into the lounge, gave them drinks and told them Helen would soon be joining us. Karen and Gary sat next to each other on the three-seater sofa; I sat opposite on the two seater.

Helen came in, she looked stunning, she wore a dress I had never seen - it must be new. It was black, split open down the front to just below her belly button, the two strips of material only just covered her nipples, it was floor length but similar to Karen's being split up the side to her hip. Gary stood up and shook her hand as I introduced her to him and Karen, his eyes fixed on her tits. I got Helen a drink; she sat next to me, as she sat down the split at the side of her dress opened revealing her black stockings.

We made small talk till Helen and Karen served dinner, during dinner the conversation slowly took on a sexual theme and it wasn't long before we were discussing 'wife swapping', Helen wanted to know if Karen was comfortable about it, how it started between them, did it affect how they felt between each other. Karen gave her the answers she wanted to hear and from then on Helen seemed to be more relaxed and if anything she started to act and talk in an open and sexy way.

Dinner over we went back into the lounge, I refilled the drinks and sat next to Helen, as I sat down I put my arm around her neck with my hand coming to rest over her tit, it wasn't long before I had pulled the strip of material to one side exposing her tit and now I openly played with it, we continued chatting and saw Gary place his hand on Karen's thigh, start to squeeze and rub it, Karen had opened her legs a little and Gary moved his hand up under her skirt and it looked like he was fingering her cunt.

Helen thought it would be a good idea if we put on some music and have a dance, Karen agreed so I did as she asked, "Come on Gary, dance with me" she said, Gary didn't need to be asked twice and soon Gary and Helen were smooching to a slow number, I danced with Karen, she pressed herself close to me, I saw Gary kiss Helen, he had his hand inside her dress playing with her tit, she had her arms around his neck, as I danced with Karen we too kissed, our tongues going deep into each others mouths, my hands dropped to her ass and I raised her dress up towards her waist and cupped her bare ass with my hands.

The record stopped, Gary sat down next to Helen and I next to Karen, for the next half hour we all got to know each other better, we talked of fantasy's, turn ons, likes and dislikes, as we talked Gary played with Helen's tits and pussy and I did the same with Karen. Karen stood up and took off her dress; now naked except for her stockings and suspender belt, 5 minutes later we had all stripped off. Both girls sat on the sofa, legs open wide, Gary knelt in front of Helen licking and fingering her cunt and I did the same to Karen, then it was our turn and they sucked on our pricks, Karen took my prick deep down her throat with no problem, it was a big turn on for me to see Helen suck Gary's prick.

I asked Karen to get onto her hands and knees on the floor, positioned myself behind her, slid my prick into her wet cunt and fucked her hard and deep. Helen had lowered herself onto Gary's prick and was bouncing up and down on his hard shaft. I heard Gary tell Helen he was near to coming, she got off him and asked him to come over her tits, she knelt in front of him and I saw him shoot his spunk, she took hold of his prick and rubbed it across her spunky nipples then she lowered her head and sucked and licked him clean.

Gary was still fucking Karen hard and she screamed out loud as she orgasmed, I was ready and told her, I pulled out of her wet cunt, she turned to face me, then kneeling in front of me she took my prick into her mouth and sucked as I shot my spunk down her throat, she swallowed most of it and continued to gently suck my throbbing prick.

We all ended up on the floor, I cuddled up to Karen and Helen with Gary, kissing and caressing each other. Half an hour later we dressed, all of us saying how much we had enjoyed the experience and that we all would like to get together again, we said our good nights to them and went up to bed. Helen said she was looking forward to our next meeting with them, she told me that when she and Karen were in the Kitchen Karen had told her that she enjoyed having sex with another woman and asked how Helen felt about it, she told me that Karen kissed her full on the lips and that it felt good. She asked me if I would like to see her and Karen having sex - I told her I couldn't wait!

We have arranged to visit them in three weeks time, by all accounts I will have to build my energy up, I could be in for one helluva night.

This is a true account of how my wife and I got into the swapping scene, we do not want to sleep around with casual 'friends' and now that we have found a couple we like and get on with it would be nice if we could continue to see them in the future.

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