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My Birthday
by Dr. Bull

For a number of years my birthday presents had gotten lame, ties, cheap tools, and tee shirts. The wife and I recently had started swinging, and for her birthday I had taken her to a nudist camp where she made the most of it with some of the guys there. But as my birthday approached, there had been no discussion of reciprocating or even anything special. We had dinner and cake with my folks and our kids, and I found that the kids were staying with grandma and grandpa that night and we had the house to ourselves. As we rolled in the driveway Karen stuck her tongue in my ear and grabbed my crotch, "I have a special present for you tonight" she whispered. She sent me off to the shower, "but don't waste time putting anything on."

As I dried myself off she came in with a blind fold, and put it on me, but she was still fully clothed, "shhh don't worry"! Was her answer to my question why, she blind folded me and lead me by my penis into the family room seating me in a straight backed kitchen chair, she had placed there. The cold vinyl was sticking to my ass and balls as she tied my hands down lightly to the legs of the chair, I could hear another voice maybe two giggling as she did this. She removed my blindfold, on the couch sat three of her friends, Pam my best friend's wife, Cory a young gal Karen works with, and Scarlet our new neighbor across the alley. "Well girls, he's yours, I'm going to a movie." She stopped at the stairs and looked at me "I love you... enjoy" she mouthed then she was up the stairs and out the door.

"We decided to give you a show... a birthday suit show!" Pam was excited as she spoke; she walked across the room and turned on the stereo. With Billy Joel playing in the background she came to me and kissed me hard on the lips as her hand traced down my chest, to my stomach, her fingers lightly played across my growing member. I first met her the day before she married Mike, she was eighteen and hot, now ten years later, she works as an aerobics instructor and is still hot. Her shoulder length brown hair played across her shoulders as she danced. She wore a black halter-top, no bra, and tight blue jeans, her thin body accented her medium size bust, making her tits look larger than they are. She sat on my lap facing me, dry humping me, her jeans rubbing roughly across my crotch, she peeled her shirt off and smothered my face with her breasts.

She slid off my lap, rubbing her nipples across my chest and on to my lap, a gentle kiss on my pink head and she was dancing again, her tight jeans slipping down her legs. I glanced at the couch the other two were watching closely obviously enjoying the show. Pam wore no panties and as her jeans slipped over her fine tight ass, she turned winked at me, and showed me the moon, her pants were kicked into the corner. Backing towards me her moist pussy was inches from my face; she stepped back burying my nose into her ass, my tongue found her clit, and was licking up her sweet juices. Sliding off my face she settled on my lap, pushing my rock hard cock down, her wet cunt lips sliding over the top of it. My eyes were closed in ecstasy, AC/DC was playing as she moved from me, my eyes opened to see Cory dancing in front of me.

Cory is about 20 and has been working with Karen for 6 months, her blonde hair and blue eyes are enchanting, her button down shirt fell open to show her smallish round breasts. The youngest of the three women her body was tight and white, her skin looked as if it had never seen the sun, making her hard pink nipples draw your attention like a watch in the hands of a hypnotist. Cory dropped her clothes as her fingers slid across her body, she worked her self to a frenzy with the music her right hand massaging her nearly hairless pussy, her left pulled her breasts to her mouth where she sucked on each nipple, turning the pink to a raging red. Her eyes never left mine for the whole performance. It looked to me like she climaxed at least twice, then with her eyes focused on mine she came to my chair; she dropped to her knees and enveloped my rod deeply into her hot mouth. Sucking harder than any woman had sucked it before, giving credit to the old adage "She could Suck Start a Harley". Cory must of had some amazing experiences, her tongue rolled around my shaft, deep into her throat she pulled it. I exploded in her mouth; she pulled off squirting the hot cum across her chest. Then as I finished she sucked the last remnants from the head of my cock and stepped back. Pam moved to her and started licking my cum from Cory's breasts, the two moved to the couch kissing and fondling each other while my third present began to unwrap her self.

My neighbor Scarlet had moved in a couple months ago from Washington State and was one of the few blacks in our small town, she had told us her father was white and her mother black. The combination brought out the best physical attributes of both races. Her eyes are deep brown, and her hair black as night, she was the largest of the three in height and build, full figured. At five nine, her chest had to be 44+ with hips to match a slender waist gave her the hour glass figure I had admired across the fence while she had sun bathed. Often I had seen her lying on her front with her top undone, praying she would roll over.

As the neighborhood "fix it" guy I had been to her house and fixed her hot water heater, now she was fixing to heat me up in return. She wore a loose fitting robe that fastened in the front. She changed the CD to a Bob Seager album and started slow methodical moves to the music slowly she moved the silk material until it fell open exposing her large breasts trying to bust out of the black lace bra she wore. She pulled the nipples out over the top and danced to me dropping her outer covering, then her bra, unrestrained her large breast swayed, her nipples were large the dark circles covered the entire end of her breast. Her nipples protruded an inch beyond her breasts and she enveloped my face with them. As she worked her breast over my face putting first the left and then the right into my mouth, her pelvis grinding against my lap bringing my cock back to full attention trying to push it's way through the small piece of black silk covering her love box.

Scarlet moved away from me letting her panties fall to the floor, her curly hair was glistening from her juices, she turned around and sat down sliding my member deep into her tight pussy sort of an inverted doggy position. The other two girls were putting on quite a show for us, Cory had her face buried deep into Pam's cunt, my friends wife was thrusting hard against the girls face as she came. Scarlet rocked her hips grinding me deeper into her, she reached down and released the bindings my wife had used on my hands. "I think your ready for the full effect" she moaned, my hands immediately found her tits pulling her nipples lightly with my fingers. This was one of her hot spots she ground harder with her pelvis, the muscles inside her pussy working my shaft like a pump, her steady action was bringing me to another climax when suddenly she stood up the cool air stopped the orgasm before it began. "Not yet Baby" she cooed " Pam wants some too."

All three girls stood before me Pam said, "now it's my turn for some of that cock I've wanted for years" she reached her hand out towards me and motioned for me to rise. I rose coming to them, Scarlet on my right, Cory to my left, and Pam was standing center, Pam placed her arms around my neck and pulled herself up wrapping her legs around my waist, spearing herself on my shaft. "Oh yeah" escaped from her lips as she settled down on it. Her cunt still wet and swollen from the tongue lashing Cory had been giving it just moments before. To have three beautiful bodies pressed against me was heaven, Cory slid around behind me working her mouth down the middle of my back, and Scarlet was doing the same to Pam. By the time Cory reached my ass, Scarlet was licking my testicles and Pam's pussy. We came together, Pam's legs clamping hard around my waist, pulling me deeper as I exploded inside her. The four of us collapsed on to the couch, Cory licked the cum from my limp dick, "my favorite lollypop!" she grinned.

They set me back in my chair placing the blind fold back in place, "There's one more surprise" was whispered in my ear. I sat there wondering what could possibly make this birthday better, when I was told to remove the blindfold they started singing. The Quartet now included my wife Karen, the four lovely ladies wearing nothing but a smile and bit of frosting on the top of each breast with a candle lit in the frosting. They sang happy birthday then placed their tits together on top of the cake told me to make a wish and blow out the candles, if I got them all I got to clean up the frosting. Of course I made sure to get the candles out in one breath as I cleaned the frosting off, the girls started getting Karen caught up.

I went to the bathroom to splash a little water in my face and wonder at my fortune, I returned to find the women had moved to our bedroom and the king size bed. Karen was lying in the center, Cory and Scarlet were massaging her torso while each had a nipple in their mouth, Pam was between Karen's legs her face buried in her pussy. I sat down in chair at the end of the bed and watched my wife being pleasured by three ladies their tongues worked magic across her body.

Pam's ass was perfectly positioned over the end of the bed her knees on the floor, she was bent at the middle over the bed with her tongue working my wife's clit it excited me to watch. With the men at the camp I felt a bit of jealousy, but this was different and it was getting me worked up again, her familiar moans and movements told me she was enjoying it. Cory moved around and sat on Karen's face, Scarlet slowly ran her fingers across Karen's body giving her goose flesh and making her nipples hard.

Pam's hot wet pussy wiggling in front of me was to much, I moved in behind her tight ass and slipped my cock in doggy style, she squealed not really expecting the new sensation then she rocked her hips and enveloped me deeper. As our motion increased she moved from Karen's wet bush sitting back on my lap as she came. Scarlet moved into position between Karen's legs, Pam went into a series of multiple orgasms and then collapsed onto the rug on the floor. Having already cum twice this evening it was going to take some doing to get me off a third time but I had hardon and the vision of all these women wouldn't let it go down. I moved to the head of the bed and lifted Cory off Karen's face.

I kissed her tasting Cory's juices on her lips, "I want you inside me... now!" she spoke as she moved away from Scarlet, she pulled me onto the bed and lay me down on my back. She rose up and slid down on to my hardened cock, her familiar warmth and tightness seemed different some how after the others, as she slid up and down my shaft the strokes be came harder and harder as her pussy walls spasmed gripping hard around my shaft. I came with her deep inside her pussy. We collapsed in a heap on the bed the other ladies joined us on the bed a sort of man sandwich with two women on either side of me.


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