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Mommy's Boy
by Beteye

"Mom, where's Dad?" Johnny said, entering his mom's room and nudging her short satin baby-doll, with ruffles.

"Johnny. Your father had to work late last night... Said he was staying the night with your Uncle Sam." Replies Ann, to her only son. Still feeling the sensations of her 18- year- old son's suttee hand shaking just the right place, corner of her thick dark pubic hair, above the covers. "Now please Johnny go back to bed." She said in a near bellow. Watching him dragging his bare feet across the high rise plush carpet, to the room adjacent hers.

Salivating the thought of seducing the young man she had sent away to rest his weary head and wonder what she was missing out on that made her toss and turn under the warm flower printed sheet set. Then adjusting the alarm clock to glance a few more times later that night.

"Shit, 3:00 in the damn morning." She mutters, glancing over to the half ajar passageway of her son's bedroom. Wiping her eyes as she rose up on her elbows and took another look-see as the big hand was on the 4 and little hand was barely on the 30. Ann sat on the edge of her bed and stared out the door as though were in some sort of trance.

"Damn he so damn handsome. Just like his rebellious father." She said softly to herself.

Johnny's soft music was still playing by his bed when Ann staggers in after staying up late to watch an x rated movie and nursing a few glasses of Southern Comfort until 11:00 p.m. before retreating to the slushy water bed. Ann was amazed of how large her son's penis was when she entered the dark room, with the only source of light being, were the broad moon beams shining through the two open windows, with a slight breeze.

"God he so pure and innocent." She said, gazing down onto his spaceship-of-love. Smothered in array of almond shade filament.

Ann scooted her bare feet across the freshly pasted shag carpet and stood before his nude carcass as she unconsciously raises her black transparent hems with two fingers and rubs her nudeness until she was wet and sexually aroused by such an obese tool that was much larger than the one that she was accustom of seeing, belonging to the man in her life. But the more she stares the more she begins to appreciate, thirst for, such a neat and organized specimen. Limp, resting comfortably between his limbs.

Music she heard in the back of her mind was setting the tone for an evening of romance. Hunger for sex.

"Oh god, forgive me for what I am about to endure." Saying softly, as she turns loose the braids in her long brown hair and presses one knee in the soft mattress. Thinking about what she wanted to do first as she slung the other leg over her son's erect knees that were close together. Then lifts up his limp shaft to feel its heaviness that had never been touched nor fondled by a member of the opposite genre.

"Umm!" Ann sighs with a thought in mind. Raising up her curvy tan thighs just high enough for it to reach the material, of her outer garment. Then slowly she watches as it grows, raising both brows simultaneously to the length of her son's shaft that she measures in her head as being that of much greater than 10 inches.

Massaging her wire pussy hair with its tip. Concentrating much harder as she leans over to softly kiss her son's sleeping lips and gradually work him inside, between her moist pussy lips, and gasp once he was deeper within.... Ann chews her lower lip as soon as he was up in her. Soon feeling the magnitude of his mighty sword, weapon so plentiful, But enjoyable to screw. And to study her son's penis standing tall in the wide wet saddle as she brushes her harden nipples against his and moves back and forth while delicately swaying, her narrow hips, in all directions to gain the feeling she had never before felt as she pumps lightly her thigh muscles, cautious of not waking him up, as she let out a gasping moan when she took him all the way inside her deep dark cavity. Yearning to kiss his neck and slide her tongue down his throat. But realizing the embarrassment they both would share if he were to awaken and discover his mom making-love to his virgin body. So Ann decides not to, but instead, imagines what it would feel like, with her eyes shut and mouth widening as she climaxes down his warm straight thighs.

"God! That was good." She said, after leaving him fulfilled. Straightening up her hip high baby-doll outfit before returning totally satisfied to her cozy waterbed.

(Hour later) Johnny woke up in a cold sweat, wandering and staggering to the bathroom to retrieve a glass of water. Feeling his mouth dry. And wondering why his shaft was sticky and fully extended.

After returning back to his room he sees a pair of his mother's bikini panties lying at his bedside, draped over the edge.

"Hmm." He mutters, then realizes as he scratches his head, his own mother had taken advantage of him.

"Damn mom." He said much softer. Wearing a perky smile as more hormones surfaces his own hideous and incredible imagination that wanders, too, to his mothers room and watches her sleeping in an awkward pose. Lying atop the sheets at an angle while her bare foot was against her inner thigh, like forming the letter P.

Johnny felt a lump in his throat, as well as this hard shaft going limp. Taking it in his hand as he stares intimately into his mom's charming eyes that were fasten together. Then stroking it roughly against his mother's hard knee, knowing she was a heavy sleeper. Then studies her massive love nest he grew envy of the more this dream of indulging such a pasture of lust becoming more real when he plants one knee in the slushy liquid and moves carefully the hiked-up leg to one side. Where she now lies straight as any arrow.

"Oh god, forgive me for what I am about to do to my flesh and blood." He said, just before leaning over and softly, as not to disturb her, gently caresses Ann's inner thigh while kissing up the right leg until he could smell the aroma of a woman's hot juices. Then carefully he licks the tips of his mother's wiry thatch, parting a good portion with his breath, and gradually piercing the gap with his strong tongue until it was halfway in.

Suddenly the young lad felt weak, but stimulated, listening to an unconscious moan from up above. He stops for a second, than proceeds as he masturbates along the satin covering in tiny circles until he was certain he would cum if continuing this practice. Lured slowly by two unconscious hands, tugging harder his hair, shoving him deeper inside her oval hole, and moans much faster as her son begins to draw out more of her dampness from his heated womb.

"Umm! Oh yeah Hank. Lick it all over. Oh yes, up and down my crease until I climax all over your face." She said in her sleep. Head tilted slightly to one side, eyes shut tightly.

Johnny felt the tension. Reaching up under her slick garment to tenderize his mom's teats like he had seen his father do once or twice. Squeezing softly both simultaneously while his palms drug slightly the tips of both small nipples. Listening to her pant heavily. Watching her body language was more than what he had bargained for.

"Oh Hank darling. Do fuck me now!" She shouts. While Johnny's face was still buried between her legs. Combing her hair's with his cheeks as his soothing fingers were still at large, forming a perfect V of where his face remains. Then falls back into a near coma as Johnny stops for a brief sigh of relief. Raising up until he could see the entire picture unfolding before his weary eyes.

"I'm horny mom." He says in a soft, but desperate tone.

Guiding his obese cock closer to her opening as he enters slowly, watching closely his reckless entrance. Feeling ill the more he sees his hair's clashing with hers, thinking the worse as he shuts his eyes and thrusts carefully his mother's pussy as he felt his stomach churning and balls against bottom of her damp pussy. Realizing his dick was much larger than this hole he was screwing as he slips it in and out until the butterflies came and he had squirted a stream inside his mom as a token of his affection towards her.

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