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My Balcony Adventure
by Keiko

It has been over a year now since first coming to Hawaii. During the early months I lived in Waikiki across the famous beach. This is where I learned of my passion to reveal myself to men I have not yet met. I now have my own apartment in the suburbs, but I occasionally enjoy to return to the same hotel for a weekend and have an adventure. This is only one of these times.

It is always exciting for me to expose myself with the chance of being seen by a stranger. The more I reveal of my body the more it excites me. I am staying again at the hotel in Waikiki this weekend and I have a wonderful view of the beach across the street. The men across the street also have a very good view of my 4th floor balcony. I am always trying to find new exciting ways for me to be "caught" in stages of undress. Today as I am sunbathing on my balcony and I see large decorative hooks on the ceiling of the balcony. Perhaps they are for the plants?? Then I remembered a Japanese movie where a woman was captured and held prisoner. Her captors had her standing with her arms spread apart and tied to a beam above her. They then proceeded to tear her dress off as they had her submit to them. This image always excited me and stayed in my mind and I remembered it often in wonder.

I am now thinking of an exciting way to have men to see me. The next morning I am awake before the sun rises and prepare for my adventure. It is still a little dark and I stand on a chair so that I am able to tie a silk stocking to each of the two hooks I am to use. They are approximately three feet apart and the silk stockings now hang low enough for me to easily play with.

I am wanting to perform well this morning, so I put on my make up and brush my hair to look very sexy. I am only wearing a long red and very see through silk nightgown that has the ties on the shoulder to support it and nothing else under it. I also wear red thigh high stockings my red high heels as to make my legs look also sexy.

In a few minutes the sun will rise and I already am able to see people walking on the sidewalk across the street. As I look down the street I see a group of about six Japanese men walking this way. I enjoy to tease Japanese men because of how rudely they treat women in Japan. So, I quickly stand in place on the balcony and I tie my left hand with the silk stocking, I then pull the tie on my left shoulder of my nightgown, allowing that side of the nightgown to open and exposing my left shoulder and part of my breasts. I now pull the tie on the right side only slightly, so that only a slight movement will cause it to come apart. I then grasp the other silk stocking with my right hand and wrap it around my wrist as if to be tied in that position.

The sky is now becoming lighted and I see the men walking and they are almost across of me now. One of the men sees me in my red nightgown and stops to look, he points me out to the others who now also stop to look at me which causes an exciting feeling within me. My heart is beating loudly and again my body is tingling with pleasure.

I pretend not to see them and pretend to be struggling to untie myself. As I do this the movement of my large breasts bouncing from side to side causes the last tie on my nightgown to start to undo itself. I stop moving as if surprised that I may be losing my clothing and I feel my nightgown become loose. The nightgown is now free and slowly slides down with only my large breasts slowing it from falling fully. I move slightly and I feel my nightgown slipping down fully exposing my soft breasts and nipples then finally falling to the floor. I am now standing there in front of several men, in public, completely naked except for my stockings and heels with my arms tied above me.

With my nightgown now on the floor, I slowly step out of it and spread my legs apart. I am almost completely naked with my soft breasts and hairless pussy exposed for all to see in the morning light. I can fell the mens eyes all over my naked body and I pretend to be struggling with the silk stockings holding me. I spread my legs even wider apart and I thrust my hips toward the balcony railings and the men are able to see clearly my naked pussy through the railings of the balcony. With my legs spread wide apart I squirm as if trying to free myself. As I do this I am able to feel my pussy lips part with each movement. I am hoping the men are able to have a good view of my open and now wet pussy. I move from side to side causing my breasts to bounce wildly. I am getting so excited as they watch me. I finally pretend that I have loosened the stocking on my right hand and then untie my left hand.

I am now standing on the balcony completely naked and I have several men admiring me. I pretend not to be looking at them and as I face towards them, close my eyes and caress and massage my soft breasts. I lift my right leg on the lounge chair and I run my hands down my naked body. I put my left hand onto the railing and lean over causing my breasts to rest on the railings for all to see. I run my fingers along my pussy lips that are now very wet and insert my finger into my pussy. My finger explores my hot, wet pussy as the men below me watch me masturbate myself with my eyes closed. I imagine if this was later in the morning when there would be hundreds of men on the streets and looking at my naked body. I continue to do this for several minutes until my body shivers with excitement and my legs will no longer support me. I then lay on the lounge chair to rest. I listen and I hear my audience applaud my performance as they stroll away. This is so much fun for me! I am already anxious for my next time I reveal myself to a man.

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