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Mom's Big Day
by Jenny C.

It was a beautiful spring morning when I drove over to my parent's house. I was going to help my mother shop for a new dress for her dinner with my father. It was their 20th anniversary, and she wanted to make it special for him. We had the whole day planned out, shopping, a nice lunch and then going home and getting her ready.

My mother is an extremely beautiful woman, often compared to the actress Priscilla Presley. And like Miss Presley, she looks very young for her age. I could not begin to count the number of times people thought she was my sister rather than my mother. Admittedly, she is much prettier than I am. I often felt inadequate in her presence. Her shining auburn hair, deep green eyes and cute little turned up nose turned the head of most any man she passed. She has a nicely toned body for a forty year old woman as well. Her legs and arms are as tight as mine even though she never goes to the gym and I spend hours there each day. Her flat stomach with its ripples has kept me doing crunches and sit-ups all my life to try to match it.

We went to several stores and finally picked out a simple yet stunning black tea length dress with a single spaghetti strap that tied around the neck, leaving her tanned back bare. The front came right up to her neck. My mother's one flaw is her chest. Even after having a child, her breasts never got any bigger than an A-cup. We picked up some heels and a little jewelry for accents.

At that point, she thought we were through. I had other ideas... I took her to Victoria's Secret and we started looking around. She argued at first saying that she was too old for that sort of thing. I countered with, "You'd drive Dad nuts in these." I showed her a pair of French cut silk panties, (I know what you're thinking, why not thongs? I thought about it, but I know she'd never have gone for it.)

"Jennifer, you're crazy! I could never wear something like that!" she whispered.

"It's your anniversary Mom. Be a little crazy! Have some fun!"

We exchanged a sly grin and bought a few other things before going to lunch. We sat and talked over a few glasses of wine. She again (as always) brought the fact that I'm not seeing anyone. I changed the subject as best I could bringing up her big date with my father later that night.

"So, do you think you're going to get lucky tonight?" I asked her with a knowing grin.

"Jenny, stop!" my mother answered in mock anger.

"You'd better, it's your anniversary!"

"I know, but I'm not really interested in sex," she said.

I wanted to ask her when the last time her and my father had 'done it' just out of curiosity, but I knew she would get angry. We finished nearly a whole bottle of wine by the time the check arrived. I paid the bill and we went back to her place.

I told her to try the panties on before she got in shower in case she made need to trim herself up a bit. I could tell she felt awkward hearing me talk like that, but she knew I was right. No man would want to see hair sticking out of such pretty panties.

She went to her bathroom to change. I heard her make a funny noise, one of obvious distaste.

"Oh God Jenny, this looks horrible." She walked out and gave me a quick peek of her overgrown mound of hair sticking out of the sides of the black lace.

"Aren't you glad I mentioned it before you got in the shower?" I asked.

"Well, yes," she replied, "but I just never realized it had gotten so out of control."

"Want me to help you with it Mom?" I asked, feeling a tingle in my pussy.

"I appreciate the offer Jennifer, but I think that's going a little too far," she said rather sternly.

"Why?" I asked. "I used to shave Heather's all the time for her. She said it worked better because I had a better view. I never so much as knicked her Mom." (Heather was my roommate in college. Just the thought of our exploits together was adding to the tingling in my crotch.)

"Well, I'm your mother Jennifer, it's a little different," she said, keeping the stern motherly tone.

"It's up to you Mom, but I'd hate to see you cut yourself on such a big day."

It got very quiet for a minute, then I heard her clear her throat. "You really used to shave Heather down there?" she asked from the bathroom.

I walked over and peeked in the door, speaking as I stuck my head in. "Yeah, its no diff..."

Before I could finish my sentence, I was looking at my mother sitting on the toilet with the lid closed and a pair of scissors, naked from the waist down. She recoiled when she realized I was looking at her. "JENNY! DON'T YOU KNOCK?" she screamed.

"I'm sorry Mom, it was hard to hear from the bedroom!" I replied. I was embarrassed for her. I knew she was self-conscious about her body. (Good old Catholic upbringing.) "I didn't leave the room however. I again offered my services. "Mom, let me do it. It's no different than helping braiding you hair." I knew it was a lame argument, but my mind was reeling and it was the best I could do at the time. My mother thought it was lame herself and asked, "What kind of logic is that?"

"I don't know Mom, just let me help you. I want tonight to be perfect for you. I don't want you to be thinking about something so silly all night. Come here."

Reluctantly, she stood and walked over to me. I told her to sit on the counter and spread her legs. With a sigh, she did as I had asked. "I can't believe I'm doing this," she muttered. "What do I do now?"

"Spread your legs for starters," I said. She slowly opened them a few inches and looked away. "Wider Mom, you know I cant see what I'm doing." I lightly pushed her knees apart and took the scissors from her hand. She allowed me to spread her legs fairly wide open, and I began snipping her pubic hair off in large clumps. "Relax Mom, it's no big deal," I said quietly, trying to comfort her.

"I just feel very awkward having my daughter do this to me," she said. At that point I had all the hair that was going to be cut with scissors removed. I walked over to the medicine cabinet and grabbed my father's shaving cream and razor. My pulse was quickening. I was having flashbacks of shaving Heather's pussy for her before her dates. Immediately after I shaved her (or she shaved me), we would end up on the bed making each other cum with our tongues, fingers or a variety of toys. I didn't care if this was my own mother, I was feeling extremely horny. I don't know how long it had been for her, but I know had hadn't been with anyone, guy or girl, in months and I needed it bad.

"What are you doing Jennifer? You got all the hair."

"You don't want to leave it all stubbly, do you?" I asked as I sprayed the shaving cream on my hand.

"Well .. I ..uh.... Oh god!" My mother's body convulsed as the cool shaving cream touched her. I giggled and rubbed it to her skin.

"A little cold Mom?" I asked snickering because I knew the answer. I rubbed it all over her pubic area, forcing her to open her legs wider for me. "I need you to lean your head back so I can have more light Mom." Her head went back and I bent over. I hadn't been this close to another pussy in years. I was shaking. I was getting a little light headed as I looked at it. "Another perfect part of her body," I thought to myself.

I took the razor and made my first swipe. I realized then how truly shakey my hand was. I braced myself by putting my free hand right above her clit. I knew it would only be a matter of time until I made my attempt at touching it. My second swipe of the razor was much steadier, as was the third. By then I noticed my mother's chest heaving and her breath coming in short, quick gasps. Not even really thinking at that point, I let my thumb push against her clit. It was still hidden by her pussy lips, but the moment I made the contact, my mother sucked in air audibly.

"Ya like that?" I asked as I continued to shave her clean.

"WHAT?" she creamed. "No, of .... of course not" she stammered. "The razor is very cold too."

My thumb flicked back and forth over her clit now. I had finished shaving her. She was trying to fight a moan. I took a damp, warm wash cloth and cleaned her up. That was when I noticed...she was dripping wet. I said nothing, but I kept running the warm cloth over pussy lips. I let a finger slip inside them and tried to act again as it were an accident.

"Oh God!" she moaned. I inserted the finger back in her. This time I let it go in further, feeling the burning flesh of her vagina fight back against the intrusion. My thumb went to her throbbing clit and rolled it. "Jenny! What are you doing? Oh God..Oh God! Jenny...I'm your ... OOOOH!" She was cumming, I was making my mother cum the same way I had done for Heather and countless other girls during my college years. I leaned in and sucked her labia with great vigor. I pushed her upper body back further so I could pull her pussy to me. I pressed my tongue firmly against her opening and ran it from the bottom to the top. From the edge of her asshole to her clit, back and forth. She was trying to push me away physically, but verbally, she was screaming her praises.

"Jesus Jennifer.. That feels so fucking good! Oh my fucking God! I'm cumming again! Eat my cunt!!"

Let me just say this at this point, I have nver heard my mother used any vulgarity my whole life. Now, she was telling her only daughter to 'Eat her cunt'. That drove me wild. I forced another finger in her and curled it back. I was going to hit her g-spot and make her explode. To my further amazement, she was instructing me.

"That's it Jennifer... right there! Oh yes! Oh yes! Faster Jenny! Faster! Harder!! Oh Jenny!!" My mother hands went to her breasts and pulled and tugged at them through her blouse. I had always wanted to see them and told her so.

"Mmmmm.. Let me see your tits Mom. Show them to me while I make you cum."

"You nasty little slut," she hissed. "You want to see your mother's tits? Here!" With that, she ripped her blouse, sending buttons tapping on the floor. She pulled her bra cups down and began to savagely twist and pull her rather long nipples.

I was so turned on by the display of total abandon from a woman I had considered the most conservative in my life that I had an orgasm just by squeezing my thighs together. I lifted her off of the counter and carried her to her bed. I threw her down and tore at my clothes. Her eyes were glassy slits that shot wide open when she saw what I was doing.

"Jenny, we shouldn't do this. I'm your mother, I just got carried away." Her chest was heaving as she fought to catch her breath. I jumped on the bed next to her and drew her head to my nipple. I pushed her back and straddled her as she sucked my breast.

"No one will know Mom, and besides, I need to cum yet!" I pulled her hand to my dripping pussy and ground myself against it. I could tell she was apprehensive and I begged her to give me release. "Please Mom, I need to cum!"

My mother slid a finger inside me and I moaned. I began rubbing her clit again and was greeted by the return of the wanton creature I unleashed in the bathroom. "Oh God Jenny, I can't believe this is happening. What would your father say?" she asked with a little giggle.

"You tell me," I replied while doubling my efforts to make her cum yet again.

"He'd probably fuck the hell out us both. I've seen the way he looks at you." Her fingers were working magic in my cunt and she finally touched my clit as she spoke. I was already reeling from her works about my father wanting me. It gave me a very odd feeling in the pit of my stomach. I had often wondered if I could get him to fuck me. She answered that question for me when she heard me moan.

"Like that idea don't you? Naughty little girl. You want your father's hard cock in you, don't you?

"Yesss!" I was cumming on my mother's hand while admitting to her that I wanted my father to fuck me. "I want his cock Mom. Are you mad?"

"No Jenny, in fact I think we should all get together. Let him fuck you while you eat me like you did in the bathroom."

All this was too much and I came so hard I saw stars. It was by far the most intense orgasm I have ever had. Every time I thought I was coming down from it, another wave would hit my body like the ocean against the rocks. Every muscle in my body tensed up and refused to let go. I blacked out as my mind comprehended the incestuous pleasure. My own mother fingering me, vocalizing my own dark desire to let my father take me, the thoughts of the three of us having sex in every position possible.

I awoke an hour later with my mother licking my nipples and rolling them between her thumbs and fingers. I sat up a little and she locked eyes with me. "Your father will be home soon. Should we get up or just stay here?"

I pulled up her and kissed her passionately. "Its your big day Mom, you decide," I answered as I slid down to tongue her erect nipples.

"Let's stay here," she said with a wink. And we did...


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