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My Best Friend's Wife
by BV17

When I graduated from school my two best friends were dating. Jason (as we will call him) and Mandy (as we will call her). Everyone knew they would be married shortly. And everyone was right. Now after five or six years I was out of contact with the two of them. Then one day on a business trip to New York I ran into Mandy.

We talked and caught up on old times, and eventually she invited me over for dinner that night. She and Jason were still together, but as I learned there marriage was a bit shaky. Threw out dinner both of them talked to me but I picked up on body language which suggested that they were angry with each other.

After about 2 hours of dinner and just talking, they got into a fight and I excused myself. Mandy was exactly how I remembered her, a sweet Beautiful girl. Now Jason was apparently under a lot of stress from his job. Or at least that was what I figured. He was a contractor, and from what Mandy told me worked unbelievable hours. He had changed, he no longer had a since of humor and was uptight. Well I left back to my home in Florida, but still kept in touch with Mandy.

Over the next few business trips I saw Mandy a lot. Jason was never around and so I guess she latched on to me. One day around midnight she called me in my hotel. She seemed upset and so I went over. Jason and her had had a big fight so I acted like a shoulder for her to cry on.

She told me that Jason had stormed out and would probably be gone for hours. She discussed her problems and after about an hour she was leaning on my shoulder. Then she looked up at me and there was one of those awkward pauses. I got up and went into her kitchen to grab a beer. When I opened the fridge I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and she kissed me.

It was a passionate kiss. I held her while we kissed for more than a few minutes. Then I reached down and placed one hand behind each of her knees.

I lifted her up and laid her down on the table. By this time she was kissing up and down my neck. I pulled my tie off while she unbuttoned my shirt. I leaned forward again and started to kiss her. Her tongue began to probe my mouth, while my hands found there way to her blouse.

I fumbled around with the buttons till I had it open. Mandy wrapped her legs around me while I stared at her breasts. She wasn't wearing a bra so it saved me some maneuvering. Her nipples pointed into the air hard as rocks. She reached up and grabbed my hair. Mandy guided me to her breasts.

I began to lick and kiss each nipple being very thorough. As I did this I heard her moaning softly.

Suddenly, she pushed my head back and said, "Fuck me." I stood up as she leaned forward to undo my belt. As her hands fumbled with the buckle I was in trance. This was the first time a woman had said, "Fuck me", to me.

Usually its take me or something but this was extremely arousing. While I was in this trance I heard a zipping sound. I looked down and saw her pulling my cock out of my boxers. She sat up and kissed the tip of my cock, then laid back and pulled her skirt up. I ripped her white cotton panties off and stuck the tip of my cock in her.

She was extremely wet. I taunted her few a few seconds just sticking the head of my cock in her. Then I guess she couldn't take it anymore she sat up and quickly lifted herself onto my cock. She was light so I was able to hold her in the air till I got to a wall and placed her back against it. I rammed my cock in and out of her. She was screaming at the top of her lounges. Constantly saying, "Fuck me, and I'm going to cum baby." I later learned she had three or four orgasms during this time. I told her I was about to cum, and this sent her threw the roof. She began to bounce up and down on my shaft faster and harder with each second, till I blew my load deep inside her. I lowered her down and we both collapsed. We were breathing heavily for about five seconds before I felt her hand stroking me off. In a matter of seconds my cock was at attention. I looked down as her small hands cradled my shaft. I rolled over on top of her and rammed my Soldier into her. She pushed me off her and pulled my boxers down completely instead of just letting my cock out. Then she yanked me inside her again. This time her hands were squeezing my ass pushing me in as deep as possible.

The neighbors were banging on the wall for her to be quite. But this didn't matter to her. She screamed, "Oh god yes, fuck me, come on baby", over and over. I licked at her nipples as my cock slid in and out of her. After a minute or two she grabbed the back of my head and yanked real hard. The pain was making me more horny.

She rolls us over and straddled me. For a few moments she just sat on top of my cock rubbing my chest. Then she began to bounce up and down. Slow bounces at first and then faster ones. Her skirt was draped over my cock now. "Cum in me baby. OOOOOOOOO, Yes". I was in a state of complete pleasure.

She hopped off of me, just seconds before I blew my load. She then laid on her belly, with her ass in the air. I got behind her and began to rub her ass. I then rammed my cock back into her tight cunt. She was grabbing the rug moaning and screaming, as I began to pump in and out of her. Needless to say i was throbbing. I was actually picking her off the floor slightly with every pump now. I then plunged one more time and blew the biggest load of my life.

I pulled my cock out of her and laid back. She laid up against me for a little while. But she wasn't done with me yet.

After about 15 minutes she began to kiss on my cock. She rubbed it until it was hard once more. Now I have never been a Stallion. I have been known to be a two-pump jump. But tonight I was on fire. She was jerking me off while she kissed on my head. At first I was laying back with my eyes rolled into the back of my head until I looked down and watched those little hands again. She was jerking me off with her right hand so her wedding band was touching my cock. Now she stopped jerking and took me into her mouth. I watched as her head bob up and down. She was in perfect motion, just the perfect speed. Her eyes stayed focused on me as she devoured my cock.

About 5 pumps from me blowing my load she started to stroke my cock again.

I came all over her hand. I watched as the white fluid poured over her wedding ring. Then she stopped pumping me and licked my cock dry. She was slurping on the head of my cock when Jason walked in.

I can only imagine what he thought when he saw his sexy little wife sucking me dry, in the middle of his own house. I saw him first. He was standing in the door just looking at Mandy. Mandy finished before she turned and saw him. A little bit of my semen was still on her lip when she saw him. She and I both jumped to our feet. Jason lunged forward. Mandy buried her head into my chest as we watched her husband charge at me. About ten feet from us her collapsed, He must have been amazingly drunk. Mandy packed all her close up and some of her personal things. I guess she saw this as the perfect time to leave him.

She left with me that night and I told her she could come to Florida with me. We are about to celebrate our second year of marriage. Despite her adultery she got most everything in the divorce. He had apparently beaten her, several times.

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