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My Brilliant Idea
by Stiff

I was sick of being turned down. I finally decided it was no more Mr. Nice Guy. In the past 12 years my wife and I had been married, although we had been involved in sexy situations, I had never seen her with another guy. All the stories about husbands getting their wives to fuck 1 or 2 or more guys while they watched had always been a turn on for me. I tried everything in subtle ways of course to get my wife interested. On several occasions I had thought I had her interested. There was even a party we were at that I know my wife gave this guy a hand job, but I could never prove it, and she never admitted it. We talked about fantasies from time to time and I was always up front and told her what a turn on it would be for me to see her giving another guy head or being fucked by another guy. She would moan and get off in the process, but she would always hit me with the old "I just don't think I could do that" bit. Plus I think deep down inside her prudish upbringing always holds her back. In short, she just does not experiment much with sex. I practically have to pay her to suck my cock and then it is only for brief periods of time. She told me the idea of swallowing cum is disgusting and she will not even think about me fucking her up her ass. Like I said, I seem to be married to a prude.

This past summer I settled on an idea. There was this guy I worked with that was probably my best buddy at the job. My wife had never met him since we live quite a ways from where I work and we just don't mingle with my job associates. Anyway, he is married we have exchanged photo's of our respective families. Lisa, my wife is about 5'5" tall and she weighs about 130. She has small tits, 34-b cup and she has spare room in the cup. That is good though, cause she has outstanding nipples. They are like giant pencil erasers and they rest on puffy areolas. I literally love her tits. On extremely rare occasions I have gotten her to go braless, usually after a few shots of tequila. Her nipples are a definite turn on. Lisa has dark brown hair and she keeps herself in good physical shape. She is in her late 30's and I am 43. Frank, the buddy of mine from work says he is 49, but I know he is 51. His wife is a fine looking woman too. Frank is black and so is his wife. In our regular conversations at lunchtime we eventually bullshitted about various aspects of sex. I eventually got around to telling Frank about my goal of watching Lisa get fucked or sucking someone while I watched. Early on, Frank volunteered to help me out. As I recall, it was about the time I showed Frank the photo of Lisa. I told Frank he should see Lisa naked and he would really go bonkers. Anyway, this kind of talk went on regularly and it actually got to be a joke. Frank would say that Lisa would go crazy riding his black stallion and stuff like that. Although I have never verified it, Frank brags that he has a 9-inch cock and it is 6 and a half inches around. He also brags that the head of his cock is unusually large he says it is a good 8 inches around and it pops when he pulls it out of his wife's ass. Then he makes the popping noise with his finger in his mouth. That has become our private joke. He will ask me if Lisa is ready and then he will pop his finger in his mouth.

Anyway, on with my plan. I read an article in a magazine that gave me the idea. One day at lunch I laid it on Frank. For the longest time he thought I was joking, then he realized I was serious. The deal was that I would get Lisa kinda liquored up, and then take her out for a movie. We would end up going to an X rated theatre. Frank would be there and when we got settled in an obscure portion of the theatre he would come and sit beside us. I would act intimidated by Frank because he is in reality a big guy. He is much bigger than I am and this would also be a way to insure Lisa's and my safety. She would obviously want to move or leave and I told Frank that no matter what I would tell her to sit still and not make any trouble cause I would not want to have to fight this giant black guy next to her. Then I told Frank to go at it with her and see how far he could get her to go. I promised him that I would never let Lisa call the police or report this in anyway and if necessary I would tell her he had said he would kill me or some such thing. I assured Frank that Lisa would never do anything to harm me and if she knew that I was serious about wanting to get out of this predicament as painlessly as possible that she would realize the only thing to do would be to keep quiet and get him (Frank) off as quickly as possible so we could make a get away.

Needless to say, this was not an easy thing to convince Frank to do. On one hand he was horny as hell for Lisa and on the other hand he did not want to end up being charged with any crime in some sleazy X rated theatre. Eventually I won out and we set our plan in motion. I selected an X rated movie house that was in a somewhat nicer part of town and Frank and I agreed on the date and time. He would hang in the lobby until he saw us come in. Then he would join us after we had sat down.

The week leading up to the Friday night Frank and I had settled on I was extremely nice to Lisa. I did not want to get into an argument and spoil the whole plan. To insure she would go along with the X rated movie idea I avoided having sex with her that week. I did tell her that I thought a movie that Friday appealed to me and she agreed. On that Friday I called her to remind her about our plans for a movie and told her to dress sexy. I said this night I wanted to show her off. She was in a good mood and promised she would look especially hot for me when I got home. ("So far, so good" I thought to myself.) I caught up with Frank at lunch. "I think Lisa will be ready for ya big guy," I said as I made the popping noise with my finger in my mouth. I laughed and Frank actually seemed nervous. "Are you sure about this?" Frank asked. I assured him I was very certain and I again told him to go for the gusto. "I don't want you to chicken shit out on me tonight damnit," I said. "I have been waiting for a chance like this for years," I told Frank again. "Hey, I ain't about to chicken out," he said with obvious nervousness in his voice. "Just don't go letting her call the cops on my black ass or I will fucking kick your white one," he said.

I got home in record time and immediately poured Lisa and I a drink. I walked into the bedroom yelling for her to come out. I noticed a drink on the dresser. "Hmmmm, this is working out fine," I thought, as I smelled it was tequila in her glass. She came out of the bathroom wearing a super sexy dress that came down to about mid thigh on her. Damn her legs went all the way up to her hot ass I thought to myself. "Wow baby!" I said. "You like?," she said as she swung around in front of me. The dress buttoned all the way down the front and was a flimsy kind of material that hung off her body and accentuated all the nice areas perfectly. I handed her the fresh drink I had poured and made a toast to her sexy loveliness. She giggled and drank two or three gulps. I was giddy thinking about how well this was going. I reached over and flipped her dress up making some comment about how I was going to have to be careful no one stole her away from me that night. Then I asked her how much she loved me. "Tons baby," was her response. "Enough to leave your bra home tonight," I asked? She saw my pleading eyes and took pity on me. "You horny thing you," she laughed as she went back in the bathroom. Moments later she came out and I nearly fell off the bed. The dress literally hung off her pointed nipples and I am swearing it was beyond hot. "I have to get pictures of that," I said as I grabbed our Polaroid. She was laughing all the way out to the car. I must have taken the whole roll and her nipples were rock hard the entire time.

"What movie are we going to?" Lisa asked. "Its a surprise," I replied. The theatre was a long way from where we lived which I thought was a good idea. I had brought along my flask filled with tequila and I passed it to her as we chatted. I was glad to see she took a couple of drinks. "Insurance" I thought to myself. We parked close to the theatre and as we were walking in the direction of it, Lisa mentioned that she thought this was an X rated theatre. I chuckled and told her that it could be and that I thought we owed ourselves a break from the routine. "Oh, you naughty boy," she chuckled. I paid the admission and we both walked in.

I spotted Frank the minute we entered. He spotted me too. At least I thought he had. Lisa leaned over and mumbled that the big black guy was staring at her. I laughed and noticed her nipples were rock hard. We went in and stood just inside the darkened theatre to let our eyes adjust. I almost got knocked over by the door swinging open behind me. Frank mumbled, "oh, excuse me." It was all I could keep from laughing. I thought I had noticed a swelling in Frank's pants the minute he spotted Lisa and now I was certain I saw one. Lisa pulled me toward a fairly isolated area. There were only about 15 to 20 people in the theatre. I could not tell if there were any other girls in there or not. I slid in next to Lisa just as a white girl was sucking two black cocks on the screen. "Are you sure about this?" Lisa said in disbelief. "Relax babe," I said, "enjoy the show." "Good grief look at that," Lisa said, just as the white girl was deep throating one of the black cocks. "Take lessons baby," I joked, only to feel her elbow in my ribs. "Shame on you," she chuckled.

About this time Frank said, "excuse me" and I moved my knees sideways so he could move in front of me. He had his ass towards me, but when he got to Lisa he turned around and said, "excuse me" and he moved in front of her facing her. In the light from the screen and now that our eyes had adjusted I could clearly see he had a hardon. Then he sat right beside Lisa and laid his windbreaker across his lap. No sooner had he sat down than Lisa leaned over and whispered in my ear that she thought we should move. "Are you shitting me?" I whispered nervously back at her. "The last thing I want to do is piss that dude off." "If we move, he is liable to make some kind of scene calling us racist or some thing." "Just sit still and don't do anything foolish," I said. "Shit, I am scared," Lisa said. "He is here for the movie, I am sure, just act normal," I told her. Lisa was gripping the armrests with a vise like grip and she was sitting like a statue. After a short while Lisa leaned over and said, "I think he just unzipped his pants." I peered around her and saw his windbreaker was still on his lap. "How the fuck can you tell that?" I asked. "I heard it," she replied. "Shhhhh, just wait, don't piss him off," I said. I was watching Lisa out of the corner of my eye and I saw her repeatedly glancing over toward Frank. She was trying to do it without moving her head, but I could see her slight movement and I knew full well what she was doing. "Now what do I do?" I heard Lisa's quivering voice ask as she told me that the black guy had his hand on her knee. "Fuck, I don't know," I said back to her in my best scared voice. "Maybe he will just jack off and leave, don't make any trouble," I admonished her. "I am scared she said he is trying to get me to part my legs," she whispered. "Damn, just ride it out baby he will cum soon and then he should leave." I said. I was now staring at what was going on. Lisa sat there with her head facing forward and her eyes looking over at Frank's hand moving under his coat. Then she would look down at his black hand rubbing higher and higher on her leg. Each time he moved his hand up, he would push the dress higher. Lisa visibly jumped when I saw Frank's middle finger touch her cunt on the outside of her panties. By now she had parted her legs, but only slightly. She had a death grip on both armrests. Then Frank pulled his windbreaker off his lap and I nearly gasped as loud as Lisa did. "Get me the hell out of her," Lisa whispered more loudly than I liked in my ear. "He has his cock out," she said. "Shit, I don't know what to do dammit," I said. "I don't want that asshole coming down on me," "Please baby, just don't make a scene, I am sure when he cums he will leave us alone, just ride it out, please," I implored her.

Frank had his right hand buried in Lisa crotch, which he had finally succeeded in gaining more access to. He had worked her panties over and I could clearly see he was starting to slip his finger up inside of her cunt. In it went, a little ways, then out. Then back in it would go a little further each time. After a few deeper strokes, I noticed his finger glistening when he withdrew it. "Damn", I thought to myself, "she is getting wet." Then Frank took Lisa hand closest to him and with his left hand he pried her death grip loose and he pulled her had over to his cock. He released her hand to readjust his grip on her hand and she slammed it back on the armrest. Again he pried it loose and this time he succeeded in wrapping her fingers around his cock. He had his hand over her hand and he was jacking himself off with Lisa's hand. Then he leaned over toward her and told her in a voice I could hear to "keep jacking it baby." He released her hand and she pulled it quickly back to the armrest. He quickly grabbed her hand again and jerked it back to his cock. "Pump it, I said!" he told her. I watched as she began slowly jacking his cock. He reached over with that hand then and began unbuttoning her dress. "Please Lisa," I whispered to her, "hang in there baby, he will leave us alone soon." Once Frank had Lisa's dress unbuttoned all the way down he began squeezing her tits. "Mmmmmmmm baby, nice nipples," he said. "I told you to pump it baby," Frank said in a stern voice that kinda scared me. Lisa had stopped jacking him off when he was finger fucking her more forcefully and was squeezing her nipples. I looked over and saw she began stroking his cock again. I saw that his cock was glistening from the volume of precum he was leaking all over Lisa's hand and I also saw that his fingers were dripping wet when he would pull them from Lisa's cunt. I had a hardon that would not quit. Lisa's other hand was still in a death grip on the other armrest and I toyed with the idea of pulling that hand over to jack me off. I decided that I should wait for another time. I was supposed to be scared and I was afraid she would really lose it if I tried to join in. I kept whispering to her to hang in there and go with it so we could get him off and avoid trouble. I kept telling her we did not want any trouble. Over and over I whispered this to her. Lisa was pumping on Franks cock full bore now and he was ramming his fingers up her juicy cunt all the way. The smacking noise from wet pussy was heaven to my ears. Lisa's nipples were clearly visible and extended rock hard. Both of her tits were totally exposed. Her dress was laying off her and aside from her panties that were pushed aside, she was naked. Then I heard a rip and looked down to see Frank had ripped Lisa's bikini panties off.

I was totally shocked when Frank lifted Lisa up like she was a toy and lifted her over on top of him. After a brief pause I heard Lisa make a uumpf noise as Frank slammed his cock into Lisa's cunt. Then as he clutched her by her sides he began bouncing her up and down on his lap. I knew his cock was buried in her. I was not sure if he had it in her cunt or her asshole. I assumed it was her cunt, but I knew I would have to wait to find out later. Frank kept this up for what seemed like 20 minutes, although in reality it was probably only 5 minutes. Then he lifted her off his cock. I looked and it was all dripping from her pussy and I could not tell if he had cum inside of her or not. He quickly spun her around like she did not weigh anything. When she was standing in front of him he reached up and with a big black hand on each of her shoulders I saw him force her to her knees in front of his spread legs. The he placed his hands behind her head and I watched as he pulled her forward and thrust his dripping wet cock into her mouth. I had leaned over to where I was right beside her looking and could see he was forcing his entire cock deep in her mouth. I knew at least 4 inches had to be lodged in her throat. Franks hand gripped Lisa's hair on each side and he literally was using her mouth to jack off into. Then he began raising out of his seat and was humping himself into her face. Suddenly he stopped. His ass was a foot or two out of his chair and his cock was buried deep inside Lisa's mouth. Frank began to jerk spasmodically and I knew he was pumping cum into her mouth. He let up and Lisa jerked her mouth off just as he shot more cum into her mouth. He pulled her mouth back onto his cock and held her head there. I saw Lisa gulping once, twice, three times, four times. Shit is he ever gonna quit. Then just as suddenly, he released his hold on her and she slumped down in between Frank's legs. Her face fell forward and laid right on top of Frank's rapidly shrinking cock. He gently picked her up and deposited her back in her seat. She looked exquisite in her beauty with her dress laying wide open and her tits and pussy completely exposed. Frank did up his pants, and standing up he winked at me as he moved past me to leave.

I buttoned up Lisa and told her it was safe now and we could leave. She told me she wanted to relax a bit, then we would. I found out later from Frank that she had climaxed. He told me he could feel her pussy pouring. He also said her cunt was dripping wet even before he put a finger inside her. He also said he has never had a girl manage to swallow all of his cum and he said he felt her actually sucking to get more several times.

We have agreed to try this again. Next time he may have to wear a fake beard or something. Or perhaps bring along a friend. Anyway, Lisa seems to be loosening up a lot since this incident. I will keep you posted.
Another quality story by Stiff.

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