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Mr. Billy Joe Cabot
by Softly

Joann Snyder did not blush as she removed her bra and panties. In fact, she stood erect, poised and confident. At age forty two, she had a pedigree of being married to a Vice President, just laid off, of a major tobacco company, past woman's President of the "Burning Palm" country club, owner of two Mercedes, and a four hundred thousand home. She had graduated from Wellsley, and had sex with forty three men during the last twenty seven years. Her physical assets were pleasant to behold also. She stood 5'11", weight 143, had long well shaped legs and B cup breasts.

What interests us today is that she has just agreed to have sex with Billy Joe Cabot, who turned thirty, three days ago. Not just once, but twenty times in the next two years. Each time they meet, she is to do anything he wants, except pain, for a period of six hours. She met Billy Joe exactly eighteen minutes ago.

Billy Joe slowly walks around her. He carefully examined her breasts with his hand. He gently puts his finger up her vagina and then smells it to determine if she cleaned herself before coming. Nodding in approval, he removes his clothes and pulls from the large closet a specially made chair for use in his interviews of the woman that come to him for sex like Joann is. Joann notes that he is very well hung, though not yet erect as he removes his clothes. Billy motions to Joann to kneel and take his cock into her mouth, which she does. With a full erection of nine inches, and a thickness of three inches, he sits in the chair and instructs Joann to sit on his member, facing him with her legs over his legs on each side of him. A back rest is raised behind Joann, so that they now sit facing each other, comfortably with her breasts eight inches from his chest.

Billy Joe, slides a lie detector out and hooks the attachments to Joann. "Please do not waste our time lying to me. If you lie twice, I will send you home, and there will be no deal. Do you understand?" Joann's poise and confidence crumble as she realizes that she is boxed into a situation for which she has no preparation and can not "bullshit" her way out. Billy begins:

B. Your name?

J. Joann Snyder

B. Is it your idea to ask for my help, knowing my conditions?

J. Yes

B. How many men have you had sex with?

J. 43

B. How many men the last year?

J. Four

B. Does your husband know?

J. No

B. How many times have you had sex with more then one man at once?

J. Three.

B. How old were you?

J. 19, 42, and 42.

B. Biggest cock?

J. You.

B. Size of husband's cock?

J. 5 1/2 inches.

B. Who gave you the best sex you have ever had?

J. Joe Daniel's

B. When?

J. Prom night of my senior year in High school.

B. Had sex with him since?

J. About three times a year.

During this interview, Billy caressed her breasts, which swelled and became pink as the blood flowed into them. Her vagina, which had surrounded his cock all this time reacted as he used his muscles to make his cock jump inside her, ever so slightly. As the probes were removed, Joann brought them together and undulated her hips to increase the pleasure building within her. Billy pushed a button that started a vibration in his chair that had the effect of making his cock and pubic bone a huge vibrating "dong" in Joann. Joann pulled her head off his shoulder. She looked into his eyes. Her mouth opened, panting.

Billy placed two vibrating sticky cups on her breasts, and a vibrating plug up her fanny. He held her tightly as the orgasm took over her body causing her to sweat, tense and shudder. Her moans in his ear was the music that brought his dick to begin throbbing. Her smell, the mixture of perfume, her sweat, vaginal seepage filled his nostrils. As she begin to come down off that moment, her picked her up and placed her on the nearby mat. It was his first time of the evening, and he would not be denied as he grabbed the ass of this woman that had walked in here in control, but now was a willing partner in this lustful passion.

For you to understand who Billy Joe Cabot is and how he became the interesting character that he is, we must return to the year 1985, when he was a freshman in High School. His father owned a company that made devices for surveillance of phones, voice or picture, with the capability to transmit and record the information. He had caught Billy's mother having sex with another man, and had divorced her. Billy worked in the factory part time. He lived with his mom in a brand new development. Billy's was the third home built out of 180 now completed. As a prank, he hot wired cameras, voice and phone transmitters in forty of the homes then under construction.

By pure chance, several of the more attractive girls in his class moved into the "wired" dwellings. What an education he got? In addition to the live pictures of the girls naked, masturbating, and having sex with their boy friends, he heard the girls discuss every boy at school. who they had sex with, and who they wanted to have sex with. What really hit Billy hard, was the callous way a girl would drop one guy to go with another because of some material thing like his car.

Quickly, he identified the wives in the area that were enjoying sex with men other then their husbands. He used all this information sparingly. Once in a while, he would tip a friend that he had heard that a certain girl was interested in having sex with him. Other then watch the tapes, he did not know what to do with the information about the wives. The most important lasting effects on him was twofold: he knew that he wanted lots of sex, and he was very wary of marriage.

Billy's life changed one year after his graduation from MIT. He invented a device that read a driver's heartbeat so as to identify if this was an approved driver for this car, and by the same heartbeat, was the driver sober and drug free. He presented his invention to the car manufacturers, but they rejected it because it would add twenty seven dollars to the cost of the car. Never mind that the person's car insurance would be reduced by ninety dollars. Georgia's senator Billings had lost a brother to a drunk driver. Billy Joe saw him and the good senator slipped an addition to a spending bill requiring the device. Bingo! When the dust settled, he had sold his invention to the American Automobile Manufactures for a sum of $327 million dollars, payable over twenty years.

After examining the financial conditions of over one hundred cities, Billy moved to the bedroom community of "Sweetwater", South of Richmond. There were eighteen thousand people living there. The lowest priced home cost $215 thousand. Ninety percent of the residence had worked for the Zeller Tobacco company that went bankrupt four months ago. Most of the wage earners were now badly under employed.

Billy set up a company called: "Great South Loans". He traveled to Chicago to interview a woman advertising executive that had made a bad decision about a client, loosing same, and now was blacklisted in the industry. Sally was very classy, smart as a whip, and knew that she had few choices for employment at the level she was. She jumped at Billy's job offer. Her duties were to run the office, which would take a hour a day, and be Billy's solicitor.

This is the way it would work. Sally would join as many organizations as she could in and near "Sweetwater". When she learned that an attractive woman was in financial stress, she was to approach that woman with advice as to how to secure money to pay her debts. The wording of the advice was very precise. "She, Sally, had herself had financial problems. She had called Billy Joe Cabot at home and had requested to see him for financial help. When she arrived, they had discussed the amount needed. She had signed a contract with very firm repossession conditions. She had then taken off her clothes and ask Billy Joe to have sex with her, any way he wanted, except pain, for the next six hours. The monthly statement of the loan, when she received it, showed that a payment of $500.00 had been made on the day she was having sex with Mr.Cabot. Each time she has a meeting, another $500.00 showed as being paid. Thus, if a woman needs $10,000, she will have twenty meeting with Billy over five years. Sally then tells the woman that Billy is good looking, and a very good lover."

She ends her talk by presenting the woman with several of Billy's cards with the business and his home phone on them. Billy correctly reasoned that a woman would go through three stages before calling him. Her first stage was to reject the idea. The second stage is to think of the thrill of meeting with a rich good-looking man for sex, while at the same time doing what is necessary to preserve her families assets. Lastly, she would rationalize how easy it all will be. The cards, which are never thrown away, are then used to call Billy, and the fun begins. Billy pays Sally a salary of thirty five thousand, plus a bonus of five thousand for each woman who agrees to a "contract."

When a year had passed since the night of Joann's initiation, Billy now had fourteen of "Sweetwaters" most attractive woman under contract for once a month or quarterly visits, depending on the woman's home conditions. A new source of referrals developed - the woman themselves. Billy still gave Sally the agreed bonus, because he was very happy with her efforts, plus she was handy for sex, herself. Five woman were signed up this way in a four month period.

Penny Black was a textbook case of a rich person "wannabe." Everything was for show. Her pedigree was bologna. She came from a small coal town in West Virginia, not Boston. Most of all, her every move was designed to marry her daughter, Debby, into the Van Klimmer family of Richmond. The wedding was to be in two months. That was why she made her deal with Billy and had seen him three times. Before Mr. Black was laid off, statements were made about Debby bringing to the marriage $100,000 as her part in buying a home and his and hers Mercedes.

Billy Joe was reading the paper when the phone rang. He listened intently as Debby Black said; " Mr. Cabot, this is Debby Black. I would like to arrange a loan of $100,000.00, payable over fifteen years. You know, 13 or 14 meetings a year. I need the money as soon as it is convenient." Thinking quickly, Billy remembered that Debby was twenty years old, stood about 5'3", dark brown hair, and he thought small C cup breasts. With a weight of about 135, she would have all the nice woman's curves.

He remembered, also, that he was going to travel to the Washington, DC area this Saturday to attend a bachelors party that would run from Saturday at 3 PM until Sunday at noon. "Debby, I will give you a loan, if you will be available for a three payment time period of eighteen hours this Saturday and Sunday." Debby agreed.

Debby was more then Billy expected. Her weight was less, and her breasts were very well shaped. With the side windows tinted, and the partition up in the Limo, he enjoyed her. Not wanting to loosen her pussy before his friends had her, he taught her the fine points of a good blowjob. During his interview, he determined that she had first had sex when she was seventeen. Twice. Then another guy for about twenty times as a freshman in College. Another forty times with the drip she was marrying. No cock longer then 6 1/2 inches. "I am going to enjoy watching this show", Billy thought.

The estate of three hundred acres was located near Front Royal, Virginia. Very private.

Debby thought that she was going to spend the weekend with only Billy. She thought to herself, "How often can he get it up? Less then six times for $1500.00." Debby had been in the huge den, naked, watching TV and eating chicken wings for an hour when she heard some noise upstairs. She had relaxed from the whiskey sours and was even a little brassy about giving Billy, "a good fuck."

More noise and then into the room walks her mother and three other woman, all naked! Debby's mouth dropped as she glimpsed the parade of naked men that were following. Twenty one, twenty two, twenty three, twenty four, twenty five. There were five men for every woman. Mattress were brought from the storage room, and Billy's woman found themselves with mouths on each breast and their vagina. Butt plugs were lubricated and slid into fannies, which produced some mild complaints.

Billy changed his mind, and pushed aside the man who was busy enjoying Debby's pussy lips and fondling her fresh beautiful tits. Billy slid between her legs, forcing them to the side, and slid his warm, beet red cock into her very tight pussy. Least we forget he is three inches thick, Debby let everybody know that this was more then she expected, or knew to exist.

"Oh, God, Oh, slow, please go slow, Oh, Oh. You are sooo big!" All that and Billy was only in four inches.

"Wow, she is tight. My cup runnith over", Billy thought as he gave a full thrust and buried himself into her. Debby hung on to his chest trying to stop his movement while moaning; "Oh, oohhh. oh, ooohhhhh, oh, Oooohhhaaa." That open mouth was too inviting, so another guy filled it with half his fat cock. Billy has a motion that is part thrust and part sliding. The effect is that his cock base hits a woman's pubic bone and forces the end of his cock to sweep rearward displacing a woman's vagina wall and bumping her uterus. To the woman, it is like a hand has her cervix and is shaking it, causing all her insides to be stimulated in a manner never before enjoyed by the average woman. Once a woman has been brought to the level of orgasm, so induced, she will crave it thereafter, and will go to great lengths to have it. Debby's screams filled the whole house as she came unglued in her orgasm. Billy cum at the same time. Woman open their legs when they cum, so as Billy rolled off to clean himself, Debby's vagina was exposed and unprotected for the next man.

John Gilbert was the left tackle for his college team, and at two hundred and eighty five pounds of rock hard muscle was a mountain of a man. When you are big, often you are big all over. He had thirteen thick inches. Billy had spoken to him and suggested that he give Debby, " a real good fucking, to break her in right." Debby was just opening her eyes from her last orgasm as the body of John enveloped her. Two huge hands spread the lips of her vagina. The head of John's penis was pushed into her tunnel four inches. Her legs were lifted by others to expose her womanhood for total penetration. In the background, the others stopped to watch. Penny Black, Debby's mother could be heard saying, " Ooohhhh nooooo."

John had consumed six martinis. In his head a "gun" went off. It was a combination of a forty yard rush for the quarterback, one hundred yard dashes in practice, and fighting in the "Golden Gloves." That massive ass came down and thirteen inches of penis disappeared into Debby Black. Twenty four men said in unison, "Yea, c'mon big John, give the lady a ride." Ride he did. This fuck became an athletic event. Raw, breeding sex. Joan Burton, one of the other woman, was transfixed at the pure sex act unfolding before her. Though she had just been fucked twice, her vagina pulsed and she flushed, wishing that it was she being totally serviced by this sex machine. She vowed to get his phone number and meet with him later.

Debby, whose pussy was now used enough tonight to have lubricated and stretched, found suddenly that she was taking all of him and it was like his penis was attached to all her organs, from her neck to her ass. The moan of orgasm started deep in her throat, and built to a scream that pulsed in rhythm to Johns penis traveling its foot long path into her womb. On and on they thrashed, both covered in sweat. grunting and moaning until at last John's ass cheeks tightened and he roared; Aahh, Aahh, aaaahhhhhhhhhh! Cum was spraying out around his cock as it made its final plunges into her. A hush filed the room. Everyone knew that they would never see a sight like that again.

The third act of the "Sweetwater" play has now unfolded. As the word of easy access to large sums of money spread throughout the city, some of the husbands have called on Sally to learn is it is true. After seeing the wife's picture, Sally lets them know just enough to confirm their information. Several newly married couples, wanting a larger home, have met with Billy Joe Cabot. The husband leaves in just a few minutes, but the wife stays for six hours.

Billy Joe is content. He has no plans to marry. His schedule, which extents until the year 2018, has him with a different lovely woman for six hours, four times a week.

That is enough for now. Any more would interfere with his golf and football. A man has to have a life, you know?


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