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Miss Boyd, My Obsession
by Sterling

Hello everyone that reads this, My name is Scott. I live the life of a normal everyday teenager of 18 years, except for one thing. I know true unending, painful lust. This lust that controls my every moment when I walk into my 4th hour Chemistry class, with Miss Boyd. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm a pretty good looking guy for high school, I'm a big guy at 6'4 and 230 pounds. I play hockey, and could care less about school except for... You guessed it, Miss Boyd. This woman has been crafted by the hands of a god. She is about, 5'6 and with a set of average b-cup breasts, and an ass that would make you kneel down and beg for buttermilk.

"Afternoon class, how are we today?", Miss Boyd asks cheerfully.

The inaudible rabble that comes from the class makes you know its a bleak, dreary Monday.

"God, Miss Boyd... I just want to feel the ass in my hands.. I want to fuck you soo bad." I mumble, almost a whisper.

"Did you say something Scotty?", Miss Boyd inquires.

"Huh?.. ", I quickly retort.

"Now class, Today we are going to discuss and learn about the pH and pOH levels of acids and bases... now pay attention..", She begins to drone

My, my, I bet my white cock would look great sliding in and out of her olive skinned body... Mm... Miss Boyd... I would like to just .. bend you over..

"Scott?... Scott?", Miss Boyd questions

"Huh? .. W-What?", I stutter hoping I wasn't thinking out loud.

"What is the answer?", She crossly asks again

"Oh.. Umm... 7", I say.

"Wow, Correct... I guess you were paying attention.", she says as she continues her lesson.

Mm... Miss Boyd.. You look soo good today.. Is it just me or are your nipples standing up? .. wow..

"Hmm.. Its kinda chilly in here isn't it class?", Miss Boyd shyly states.

"No Miss Boyd.. Its just right in here.", I splurt out as quickly as possible.

Oh my god, She isn't wearing a bra, they are hard as rocks, big nipples on those small pert breasts..


"Oh that's the bell, if anyone needs extra help Ill be here after school!", She shouts over the racket of 28 kids packing up.

Ill be here Miss Boyd, to see your great ass and braless tits, I think to myself

The rest of the day was a blur, I can't remember anything except having to walk around with my folder in front of my pants. I had a hardon all day, All I could think about was her. She was controlling me.. That damn woman.. I can't stand that firm 25 year old body and sweet voice... it... controls me... I MUST HAVE HER.

I thought to myself, How.. How could I pull it off? .. I can't live without getting this woman..

The extra help session went by in a flash, and all I could do was stare at her body. I've had an erection for 3 hours straight and my balls feel like they have been through a meat grinder.

It was now or never, I thought to myself.

"Goodnight Miss Boyd.", I said as I left and headed for the parking lot.

I'm gonna do this, I pulled my 2000 Sierra Pick-Up next to her Car and Unlocked the Bed-Cover, and hid behind the front of the truck. I waited for what seemed like an eternity until...

*click* *click *click* her healed feet treaded across the ground. I held my breath... and got ready..

*jingle* her keys hit the ground.

"Shit!", She exclaimed and bent over to pick them up.

That's when I went in for the kill, I unloaded a right hand into the back of her skull. All she saw was black and crumbled to the ground. I looked around and hefted her over my shoulder and dropped her into the bed of my truck. With three deft moves I had her tied up and gagged with hockey socks.

Then, I started up the truck, put it in drive and took off for my family's Cabin. They knew id be there all week, because its spring break.

"I can't believe what I just did," I said out loud to myself.

"It had to be done!" I answered confidently.

After a short trip up the High-Way, I made it to my family's cabin. One whole week with Miss Boyd... I can't believe it. She'll either love me or hate me at the end of the week.

"Now, lets see what the Catch of the Day is!" I almost shouted.

I opened the top and saw that she was still out-cold.

"Almost an hour now.. I better make sure she is ok and wake her up," I said hopefully.

I laid her down in the master bedroom and tied her hands to the bedposts with some scarves. After about 10 minutes she woke up.

"What the fuck!? Where am I?! ... SOMEONE HELP ME!" She screamed as she struggled with her bonds.

"It's ok Miss Boyd.. I'm here." I said.

"Scott.. What? ... Why? ... Let me GO!" She shrieked at me

"PLEASE SCOTT.. Just let me go and Ill forgot about everything!", she cried hopefully.

"I'm sorry hon, I can't let that happen... Not until I've had you anyway..." I said softly.

"Had me? .. Noo!... Scott... ... Please..." she sobbed uncontrollably.

"Aww...It'll be great," I said and kissed her on the forehead.

"Lets see what we got under our Gift Wrap.", I said... trying to act sexy

I slid my hands over her breasts and tweaked their nipples. Then I grabbed at the neck and ripped the shirt off down the middle.

"As I suspected!... No bra.. You little temptress you," I scolded.

"oh god," she cried.

"Stop crying hon.. You'll enjoy it if you stop crying and loosen up," I said as my hand rubbed along her skin-tight pant covered pussy.

With that I pulled her shoes and pants off, and gazed down upon my goddess, wearing only a black lace thong. I started kissing her lips and down her neck, then across her shoulders and down her chest. Until, I flicked my tongue across her right nipple and sucked it into my mouth. My fingers rubbed across her panty-clad pussy, as I sucked like a hungry baby. A soft moan escaped her lips.

"You like that Hon?", I inquired.

"Nooo.. I mean.. Yes.. but.. Noo!", she pleaded.

"I bet you'll like this even more!" I said happily.

I pulled my shirt, shorts and boxers off in damn near record time. Releasing my 8 and a half inch member from his prison cell. She began to cry again as I grabbed two sides of her panties and tore them off with a vengeance.

"My God... It's Bare!" I said as my cock twitched.

Her pussy was barren to all hair. I quickly pulled her legs open and climbed between them, positioning my cock at her entrance. I rubbed her clit with my thumb, as I placed my cock-head against her pussy hole... and began to sink it in.. inch at a time.

"Oh god baby, Your soo tight..." I moaned.

Inaudible sounds and Ugghs were flowing like a river from her mouth. I finally buried myself in her pussy with my balls laying across her ass. I looked down into her eyes and began to hammer my cock in her velvety-tight void. I started to kiss her and her mouth opened up and my tongue shot into her mouth as I fucked her pussy without abandon! I had one arm holding me up, and my other hand was furiously rubbing her clit... and then it happened!

"uggghh... OH GOD... FUCK ME YOU BASTARD... FUCK ME GOOD... UGGH... FILL ME WITH YOUR COCK!... MAKE ME CUM... PLEASE PLEASE.. DON'T STOP!...", She screamed at me with all her vocal power.

"Oh god baby... Your soo tight... soo... good..." I groaned.

"YES!... IMMMMMM... CUMMMMMINNGGG... FUCCCKKKKK MEEEEEEE!!!" she shrieked like a ghoul.

I could feel her silken-glove grab my cock and try to milk the cum from it, I could feel my balls tighten, and the pressure build in my cock.

"Oh god... that was a great cum ..." she panted.

"Why only one... when here comes another!" I said.

"nono.. Scott.. Don't cum in me... I'm fertile right now.. and I'm not protected... please... You can keep fucking me all you want... but don't cum in me... You'll get me pregnant!" she protested.

"Oh baby.. Feel this...Here I cum!" I announced.

And it happened... I erupted, with gobs of sperm flooded her like the Mississippi on farmland. Filling her up with my cum.

"Oh Miss Boyd.. that was.. spectacular," I remarked and laid down next to her.

She sobbed, "I'm only 25... you probably got me pregnant..."

"If I didn't... we got all week..." I said smartly.

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