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My Blowjob Technique
by hullo_nurse

Welllllll, I have so much fun giving blow jobs. I start by licking your lips & kissing you softly. Then I kiss your neck & ear, trailing a line with my tongue down to your nipples. You love it when I kiss, lick & suck on your nipples, don't you? So I do just that, starting on the left then moving to the right. I nip it with my teeth & suck on it like i'm giving you a hickey & then lick it feather light.

All this gets you really hard & the precum starts to ooze. I LOVE the taste of precum. If you tell me there is precum for me I will drop your pants then & there to lick it up. So I lick the precum off the tip of your dick & savor it. Then I start teasing you by licking your shaft up & down & all over, but avoid the head. I lick under the ridge of the head, but do not take the head in my mouth. Then I lick all the way down to the base of your shaft & take your balls in my mouth, one at a time & suck on them softly. I take both in my mouth & teabag you. I'm willing to bet I get more precum as a reward. Right? So, of course, I have to lick up the precum.

Next I engulf you in your entirety into my mouth, deep-throating you all at once. I stay just like that, your whole shaft inside my mouth, tip at the back of my throat for a minute or so, just letting you feel the wetness & warmth of my mouth. You moan, I'm sure, as it is sheer ecstasy to be buried to the hilt in my mouth. I slowly start to lick the head while it is still in my mouth, ringing around the ridge, flickering at the pee hole. Then I start to move towards the top & suck gently until I let almost all of you out of my mouth. You like to watch, don't you? So I put on a little show for you. I slowly move your thick cock in & out of my mouth in long strokes, sucking softly & in the spots you like it best. I do this until I feel you growing bigger in my mouth. Then the teasing starts again. I don't let you cum at first. I build up the climax for you, making you beg for release.

I start to lick the head again, probing your pee hole with my tongue in a sensual way that really turns you on, licking your shaft, cupping your balls in my free hand. I take all of you in my mouth again & concentrate on the top of your dick. I move slowly at first then quicken the speed, using my hand at the base of your shaft. It is wet with all the saliva that has dripped down your cock & from my constant licking & sucking, making you good & wet. I start to move my hand up & down in pace with my mouth, giving you a hand job & blow job at the same time, exciting you even more.

You start to ooze cum & I ask if you want me to milk you dry or to let you blow your wad. You see, I am holding the base of your dick & have the control over this. If I continue to hold it firmly you will just ooze cum, but if I let it lose you can have a mind shattering orgasm. Some days I prolong the orgasm by milking you dry, slowly letting little bits of cum squirt over a few minutes, having your orgasm last up to five minutes & other days I make you cum so hard you sees stars.

This day I want to drink your cum so I let lose & you shoot your wad all at once. It is a jism shake for me!!! I love to tease you after you cum, too, licking & sucking on your sensitive head, making you jump in the bed & practically hit the ceiling until you beg me to stop. I give you a little break & then we start all over again.

So, that's my blow job technique, plus or minus some secrets I refuse to like?


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