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Merry Christmas
by BV17

It was last year when this happened to me. Christmas Eve and it was definitely a white Christmas. There was a huge blizzard, which had just come in. Me, my girl friend Mandy, my best friend Jack and his girl friend Hope had all been headed toward my parents house. But just about 20 miles away we were hit by large amounts of snow. We were driving in the country and so when the weather got to bad to drive in we were at least ten miles away from the nearest building. So we thought.

I was driving. Within minutes there was large amounts of snow all over the road. We made a decision to pull over and wait for it to pass. However on the radio we heard that the storm would last three days. I was looking everywhere for a house we could stop off at and when I found one it wasn't exactly a comfortable looking home. The house was around three to four stories tall and looked as if no one lived in it.

We pulled into the driveway and we all ran to the front porch. We knocked just to make sure no one lived in it, which of course no one did, so we just went in. When we walked into the house Mandy stepped on a floorboard which snapped and caused her to fall on her head. When carried her into one of the rooms and lied her down on the floor.

The house was completely quite except for us. "Jesus, your all right Mandy?" I asked. She was unconscious. "Fuck, what if she is hurt bad?"

"Hey Jack one of us has to go get help. She may need medical attention."

"Well I could watch Mandy while you two went for help." Hope said, but as she did we heard a door slam upstairs. "Ok never mind one of you is staying her with us."

Jack and me argued for a few minutes. The roads were no longer safe to drive on so whoever went would have to walk. We decided that Jack would go considering that I was Mandy's boyfriend and it was my duty to watch over her. When Jack left me and Hope stayed with Mandy waiting for her to come to.

I got up and walked to the doorway. "Where you going? Don't leave me alone in this room." Hope quickly jumped to her feet and walked over to me.

"Jeez Hope I was only going to look around the house. If you want to come than fine."

"What about Mandy?"

"She will be all right for now." We started to go upstairs.

All the rooms on the second and third floors were empty just like downstairs on the first. But when we walked into the 4th floor we saw that it was just one big room. I looked around. There was a huge pile of feather in the corner next to the balcony. Hope walked outside onto the balcony and watched the storm. "Look at the ground." She said as she bent over the balcony. I looked all right but not at the ground.

Hope was wearing a short skirt so when she bent over I was able to see the bottom of her white panties. She was definitely a very sexy woman. She turned around quickly and saw me looking at her ass. "Shame on you, Mandy gets knocked out for a little while and you start looking up other girls skirts." She said this in kind of a flirty way. "Well white is my favorite color I couldn't help but look." When I said this she quickly realized I could see her panties. She blushed, "Well today is your lucky day then cause usually I don't wear panties at all. Then you wouldn't have been able to see my white panties."

I had had casual flirting before with Hope but this was getting a bit heavy. "Yea imagine that. I would have only seen you ass, but hey that happens to be my favorite part on your body so I would have made do."

Hope smiled and walked back into the room of the balcony. She walked slowly passed me kind of swaying her hips as she did. "Well the cold must be taking its effect on you either that or your enjoying the eyeful that you got." She said as she gestured to my crotch. She walked to the corner of the room I was not far behind. "I'm getting a bit cold." She said this as she wrapped her arms around my neck. She pressed her lips against mine and began to probe my mouth with her tongue. I was quick to kiss back and our tongues rubbed against each other's. I placed my hands on her ass and gave it a nice squeeze. She moaned softly when I did this and flinched a little.

We broke and she looked straight into my eyes. "I don't think we should do this Hope." When I said this she ran her fingers threw my hair and pressed her crotch against mine extremely hard. My cock was now at full attention.

"We can stop if you want." She said this as she started to kiss up and down my neck. "Well I was raised never to start something I couldn't finish." I said as my hands started to rub up and down Hope's ass. She again began to let out soft moans.

I pushed her against the wall and picked her up. She wrapped her legs around me when I did this. We were now kissing over and over, quick fast kisses. She nibbled on my ear and whispered, "Are you going to stand there and kiss me or are we going to finish before Mandy wakes up?" I now laid her into the pile of feathers, which was in the corner. I leaned back and unbuttoned my pants. Hope grabbed my hands and pulled them off my jeans.

She then took over by unzipping my fly slowly. She pulled my jeans open and stuck her hand threw the slit of my boxers. She didn't pull my cock out yet, she simple grabbed hold of it while it was still in my boxers. I looked into her eyes while she held on to my member. She looked straight back at me and smiled. She then licked her lips slowly as I leaned forward to kiss her.

When I felt her tongue enter my mouth again I also felt her begin to pump my cock. When we broke this time lowered her head down to only an inch or so above my soldier. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes. Stoke after stroke she never missed one. Then she stopped and I felt her pulling my penis out of my boxers. I looked forward just in time to see her roll her around the head of my dick. While she was licking up and down my head she started to stroke me again. I placed my hand on her back and rubbed her while she did this. Then stopped stroking and licked the entire length of my rod. When she got to the bottom she leaned back and pushed my pole down her throat.

I placed my hand on her head and didn't really guide her, for she was at the perfect speed, but just followed her head as it bobbed up and down my shaft. She slowly began to increase the speed, which she sucked me off at.

Instead of the long slow bob's which she was doing she was now going around medium speed. I got up on my knees and began to fuck her face. I figured going to fast would wear her out so I took over. I now held her head still with my right head while I plunged my cock in and out of her mouth. All the while she kept her eyes fixated on mine. This drove me absolutely crazy.

She looked so sexy. When I neared my peak she pulled me out of her mouth and stroked me off. I grunted as I began to spout cum all over her tiny little hand. When I had emptied myself over her hand she let go of my rod and licked me clean. Then she slurped what was on her hand. I laid back into the white feathers.

Hope was far from done. She pulled her sweater over off and exposed her chest, which was not covered by a bra. Her nipples were pointing out like rocks. She took one breast into each hand and brought the nipple to her mouth. She then alternated kissing on each nipple. I found my cock was now returning to it upright and locked position. Hope now stood up. I laid on my back and watched as she swayed back and forth as if she was dancing. Her hands slid from her breasts to the top of her skirt. She put a hand on each side of the skirt and slowly and very erotically began to slide her skirt down. All the while she was swaying back and forth. When the top of the skirt was sliding down her ass she leaned forward and turned around. I now was treated to watching her skirt slide down her ass and to her ankles. She stepped out of her skirt and I watched, as it lay scrunched up in a ball on the floor.

Now she turned around and Began to grip her crotch threw her white panties.

She continued to sway back and forth as she now slid her hands from her crotch up her stomach to her breasts. She squeezed each breast and then slid her hands back to her panties. She walked to me. I was now sitting up enjoying the show. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face into her moist crotch. She moaned when my head became buried in the wetness between her legs. She was pulling on my hair causing me slight pain however making me even more aroused. I quickly found my hands exploring her ass once more. Squeezing on each cheek. She grabbed my hands and placed one on each side of her panties. I knew what to do. I slowly pulled her wet panties down to the floor.

Now she once again forced my face into her shaved cunt. She let out a loud moan when my tongue began to explore her. But she was now excited. She pushed me away from her and pulled my shirt off. I stood up while she got on her knees and pulled my blue jeans off of my legs. My boxers quickly followed and before I knew it was naked. She stood up and placed one hand on each of my pecks. She slowly moved her hands down to my abdomens. She then pushed me to the floor and straddled me.

She laid on top of me and slowly climbed up my body till my cock was directly below her clit. She took my shaft with one hand and guided it into her anxiously awaiting lips. When I felt myself enter her I was amazed at how wet she was. She lowered herself on to my pole until the entire thing disappeared inside of her. She let out a loud moan of pleasure. Then she began to raise herself, and lower herself repeatedly on my cock. At first she took it slow, causing her loud moans but as she increased the speed she became a wild one. "Fuck me baby, I want to feel you cum in me." She let out louder screams now. Begging me to fuck her pussy. And to cum in her.

"Oh god I need you." I lay on my back watching as she bounced on my rod.

Eventually she placed her hands on her breasts and began to fondle herself.

Before I blew my loud she decided to change to momentum. She rolled over into the feathers and pulled me on top of her.

I began to thrust into her. Stride after stride causing her to scream each time that I rammed into her. She wrapped her legs around me and began to grab handfuls of the feathers. She then ran her hands threw my hair with feathers in them. I was now pumping with such force that when I rammed her she would come have to lift her ass off the ground a good inch to keep from sliding backwards. She began to buck her hips to meet each stride. "Oh god, Jesus fuck me baby. Cum, god cum." I rolled her over and buried her head into the feathers. I then returned to ramming my meat into her cunt.

She now had her arms fully extended above her gripping the white feathers and trying desperately to keep her screams down. But she was out of control. Every time I thrust into her she would let out a cry of joy. I plunged one last time and began to erupt cum into her needy cunt. When this happened she screamed again holding her note for the duration of the time I blew my load.

When I pulled out of her she just laid on her belly panting. I rolled over onto my back and into the feathers. Hope had feathers stuck to all parts of her body. Her body was so wet from sweat that the feathers were everywhere.

After only a few seconds I looked up and saw a figure in the corner. I also heard moans. I looked closely and saw that Mandy was in the corner with her hand in her panties. I wondered how long she had been watching. I jumped to my feet. I almost collapsed for I was out of energy but I ran towards her. I was trying to apologize when it hit me that her hand was down her pants. My girl friend was getting of to me fucking her best friend.

Mandy stood still when I approached. She opened her mouth to speak but I was going to see if she was mad or not. I spun her around and flung her against the wall. My cock was now back at attention. I didn't want foreplay this time, I ripped her panties from her body and from behind her I rammed my rod into her wet bush. Mandy wasn't shaved like Hope despite all the times I had begged her to do it. Mandy placed her hands against the wall to brace herself as I began to pound her pussy like a mad man. I was fucking her with long powerful thrusts. She almost lost her balance each time my cock went into her. Mandy began to scream at the top of her lunges. Up until then I don't think Hope knew where I had went. She probably thought I was getting dressed to hurry off downstairs but when Mandy cried from pleasure she saw. I looked over my shoulder and saw her watching us smiling. I then returned to my work.

Mandy pulled me out of her and jumped into my arms. She wrapped her legs around me and lowered herself onto my cock. Apparently she couldn't hold herself up anymore so I had to do it. I pushed her back against the wall and began to thrust in her once more. She had her arms wrapped around me, and she was probing my mouth with her tongue. But every so often she had to stop kissing me and scream. This constant bombardment went on for about ten minutes before I ejaculated inside Mandy.

The three of us held each other to stay warm the entire night. That night I must have doubled the amount of time I have been laid. We never told Jack and to this day we still have these little adventures. Jack wonders why Hope is always going over to me and Mandy's house, to "Talk", with Mandy.

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