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Milkman Christmas
by Dr. Bull

As a Milkman delivering before most people get up you often time find people in their most interesting... shall we say attire. You are there when the least expect you, and seldom notice your presence. At Christmas time each year, people are often generous with gifts for the milkman, tips, cookies, cakes, even gloves or maybe a nit hat. As a senior in High School I had been running the milk route for 2 years, and it was my 3rd Christmas, and I had gotten to know most of my customers quite well.

As the week progressed I gathered the usual items, then Christmas came and went, then the Monday after Christmas as I neared the end of my route the door suddenly opened as I bent to put the milk in the box. "Oh! Mick! " came the startled remark "You scared me"

"Sorry Mrs. D... " I replied as I picked the milk up to hand it to my vice principals wife, I saw her standing in a short robe and a Santa hat, (not looking startled at all).

"I forgot your Christmas present this year Mick, but it's still here, come in I'll give it to you." I entered with some reservation, her husband and I did not always see eye to eye at school (nothing he could prove, but I was probably guilty). She was blonde about 5'6" full figured like the Hollywood stars of old, Marilynn Monroe, Betty Page, you know those fabulous fifty's pinup girls who still looked like women and in great shape for her 30 to 35 years and the two kids. She had me follow her into the living room, where the tree still flickered its Christmas cheer. As she bent to pick through the gifts her robe slid up revealing a beautiful ass covered only by a small black bikini bottom, her legs placed apart just enough to allow a view of the pussy line beneath the scant fabric. I looked down the hall nervously, her husband recently discharged from the Marines, was 6'6" and 250 lbs. of BIG GUY, and this scene was all he would need to rip my head off. She dug through the toys and ties torturing me with her ass and the whiplash I was getting looking down the hall.

After what seemed an eternity, I'm sure no more than a minute, squealing "Here it is!" too loud for a sleeping house at 5: AM, she straightened up and turned toward me with nothing but the belt her robe in her hands. As her robe fell open she shrugged her shoulders letting it fall to the floor, my eyes couldn't believe this woman standing in front of me wearing a tiny black bikini barley covering her 38 - 30 - 38 figure. WOW! I took a step backwards, rubber necking the hall and the bed room door, knowing I was either in heaven or about to die in some sort of High School Hell.

Mrs. D... giggled "its OK Larry took the kids skiing for three days." Her blonde hair hung loosely about her shoulders, the red Santa hat and the black bikini and she had my full attention. "I'm sorry I missed you before, but let me unwrap it for you". She reached behind her back releasing the catch, then to her neck leaving the strings over her shoulders as she came toward me she shimmied her chest like a professional stripper and away fell the top. She came to me her melon size breasts swaying ever so slightly her pink nipples hard "You look cold, let me warm your cheeks" she reached up and gently pulled my face into her breasts warming my cold cheeks and nose. "Now how do you like your Christmas tip?"

I kissed her nipples and told her it was the best this year, "You haven't seen anything yet" she purred into my ear. I started to peal out of my clothing when she stooped me, "Let me do it" slowly at a rate designed to drive this teenager wild she slid my clothing off my nubile young body, nibbling as she went. When at last I stood wearing nothing but my shorts and a smile Mrs. D... stepped back and admired her work my shorts were being push to their limit by my hard cock. She reached down giving it a squeeze then lead me, dick in her hand to an easy chair where she had me sit down. She stepped toward the tree again stopping at the stereo. "This song always turns me on" as Sinatra crooned White Christmas she danced slowly dropping her final article of clothing. As she pulled the black cloth from her blonde patch glistened in the flickering lights she came to the chair pulling me to a standing position and pulled my shorts off.

She took me in her mouth, sliding my eager penis down her throat, where it immediately exploded, she took my thrusts and swallowed the full load. I tried to apologize, but she stopped me and said, " I expected that, now we can have some real fun". At an age when most guy's wanted only to get a piece of ass, I loved to eat pussy, and was beginning to get a rep amongst the girls for doing so. Mrs. D... moaned with delight as my long tongue slid down her thighs and across her clit, her wet pussy tasted like a dream. As I licked deeper she clamped her thighs around my head pulling my face farther in as she came all over my face.

She collapsed on the floor, spent for a minute and I heard a rumble in the back ground... my delivery truck I had left it running and parked on the street. I jumped up and started to get dressed when I heard "where are you going so fast?" "Sorry Mrs.... I got to finish my route!" I said as I pulled on my pants. She got up and slipped her robe back on, "can you come back later?" I assured her I would if I could. She saw me to the door and turned me kissing me full on the lips and said "one more thing before you go." To this day I'm not sure how she did it but in one swift motion she grabbed my pants pulled them to my knees and slid my cock into her mouth bringing it to immediate attention. She slipped off it sucked my balls into her mouth, then slid her tongue up the underside of my penis. Then pulled my pants back over it "Now I'm sure you'll come back" and out the door she pushed me. I climbed into the old milk truck and looked back at the living room window, she stood wearing nothing but the Santa hat and a smile, knowing that I would be back. But that is another story.

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