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Mentum, Corpus, e Espiritus
by StraightRazor

It starts with a glance. A simple sparkle in her eyes. That silent glimmer that invites me. Her usually round, inquisitive eyes narrow, and a passion floods in. I know that look well, and have come to love it. I've come to crave it. In the time that I've known her, I've come to both welcome it, and be enchanted by that silent lust-drenched stare.

Mi amor con el galaxia en su ojos.

I am undeniably drawn to her. My hands make the first contact, and my heart flushes. My lips press to hers, and our mouths dance. I can feel the warmth of her skin against mine, and a hunger takes over. An insatiable need to be closer. My hands begin to explore, feeling the hot surface of the skin under her clothes. Entreating entrance where I can, I feel for those smooth surfaces of her body. Her smooth back, her soft breasts, her delectable flesh. I stare into her face, and even with her eyes closed in passion, I feel like she can see the same passion on my face. I can't control myself as I feel the carnal greed set in. I peel away the clothing that binds her beautiful body. Her shirt comes off to reveal smooth, round, unbearably perfect breasts. Her pants cover her amazing legs. From firm, muscular calf to soft, delicate thigh; I explore. Running my lips and tongue over every welcoming contour. I take a moment and look at my Beautiful Angel...and see perfection. Her hour-glass shape...Curving forever. Sweeping down the lines of her body. I kiss her. Everywhere. Greedy, yet gentle. Firmly, yet with care and love. I lay her down, waiting to feast upon the sexy platter of her body. Lips, breasts, legs, stomach...I'm in love.

Mi amora, con quien soy completa.

"Chris", she whispers, sending a wave of eros dilecti through my mind, body, and soul.

Little sighs escape her parted lips as I trace her amazing lines with my mouth. From the crease of her collar to the fold of her labia, I take in every delicious taste. She waters my mouth, and drives me wild. I cannot stop kissing her, wanting with every kiss to capture her beauty and bring it as close as I dare. I venture around her body, looking for hidden treasures. I turn her over, and see a whole new terrain to explore. The soft line of her spine. The perfect swell as her soft ass rises from her lower back. The dark crevice where I can see the beginnings of her sweet labium. I can feel my excitement apex as I kiss her skin. The sensitive flesh along her sides. The understimulated flesh above her buttocks. The softness of her back. The firmness of her shoulders, the amazing depth of the nape of her neck. Her body writhes with arousal as I reach around and caress her hardened clitoris.

My mind blurs as I anticipate the feel of it in my lips. I can't help but run my tongue from the backs of her knees to the nape of her neck. I never lose sight of my Beautiful Treasure. She is the only entity that matters in that moment. I live to watch her body curl as I drive her toward euphoria. I can no longer wait, I roll her onto her back, and prepare to push her beautiful body into a beautiful ecstasy. Slowly, I trace her hard nipples. Gently, I take them into my mouth. Playfully, I roll them between my teeth. I continue to roll my tongue between her two perfect breasts until her body sends me lower.

Mi amora, quien sedame Razon.

I cannot think of anything else as my mouth draws closer to her nectarous pubis. The aromatic essence of her excitement pulls me closer, hungry, greedy, feral. I exist only to consume that essence and pleasure her. My lips wrap around her excited clitoris, rolling it in my lips, toying with it with my tongue, massaging it with every bit of my mouth. Her entire body shudders as I indulge myself through her. I feel my heart race as she whispers my name, encouraging me with uncontrolled moans and a breathy 'yes'. She moans, and my hands run up her soft stomach toward her perfect breasts. I playfully massage her firm nipples. And she slithers under my touch.

Mi luz, mi vida, mi paz, mi regalo...Mi Amor Eternal.

My fingers grow greedy, and soon I feel the desire to explore deeper. My hands play at the entrance of her sweetest treasure. I run my finger tips along her labia, waiting for the undeniable invitation to explore her deeply. I slowly, gently, lovingly begin to penetrate her. Carefully, and purposely, I press my hand deep inside of her, surveying the softest flesh I've ever felt in my life. Velvety, smooth, slick with desire, I can feel her inner-most muscles massage my finger. I drive it deeper, encouraged by the tension that builds inside of her. I can feel her quake with desire. I can feel her shake with lust. I can feel her tremble with pleasure. And soon it reaches heights of pure Desire. Euphoria, Ecstasy, Intensity. She vibrates as the pleasure shatters her. She finds unity in that rapture. She is truly Whole as her Mind races, her Body reels, and her Spirit blooms.

This is my heaven. She is my Angel. We are a blessed union. Hacemos amor con mente, cuerpo, y espirita....con palabras, manos, y ojos.


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